Ferrari Reveal Exactly How Much Faster They Think They Are

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Ferrari have been going through one of their worse spells in recent history and they were expected to vehemently oppose the freeze on engine development after this year up until 2025. However, in what was a surprise to many, Ferrari were one of the first teams to actually get on board with this idea. This led to some suggesting that Ferrari may have solved their performance issues with their 2021 engine. Enrico Gualtieri, power unit director at Scuderia Ferrari has now given an update on the exact performance gain they were able to achieve with their latest engine.
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0:00 - Have Ferrari Solved Their Performance Problems?
1:51 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Have Ferrari Solved Their Performance Problems?
Gualtieri started off by explaining their approach
“In our sport, you have to be continuously aware of the areas where you can improve, the points that you can improve. You have to continuously think about your lessons and experience, learn from your defeats. And then you work hard, with humility”
He then elaborated on the positives of such an approach
“This awareness, along with our passion and skills and the skills of our technical partners is what created the power unit 065/6. Along with the chassis engineers we have worked considerably on the layout of the power unit, trying to make the overall project for the car as efficient as possible”
He then revealed the amount of time per lap they estimate to have recovered with their new car
“We continuously worked on the internal combustion engine aiming to increase its thermal efficiency, which has led to an advantage estimated at over one-tenth of a second per lap”
He signed off by divulging the details of those parts of the car that are still a work in progress
“The turbo-compressor has been revised, to meet the needs of the engine and at the same time, we have planned to increase efficiency in the recovery of exhaust fumes. We’re also working on the hybrid system, on the electronic part, trying to revise all its components and optimizing them”

Fast Feed
Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel has pointed out that F1 races are “such a big event with lots of people and lots of waste”
As such “people want to drink something and this is often given in plastic bottles or cups” which Vettel feels “has to stop” and F1 needs “to find an alternative”
Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko feels that they “don't need to take any legal steps to prevent Mercedes from luring Verstappen away from” them
They “just have to give Max a car he can win with, and compete for the world title with” added Marko
He also suggested that the “improvement in” their “engine should ensure that” they “are on the level of Mercedes”
Marko, however, hopes that Mercedes’ “leap is not so big now that their engine is already in its eighth year. That development curve has to start levelling off somewhere”
Marko further feels that their new signing Sergio Perez’s “experience in dealing with tyres is very important. If you have him alongside young Max, you might have the best driver duo”
Former F1 driver Nico Hulkenberg is of the opinion that sprint races are “rubbish. It sounds to” him “like something artificial to create excitement”
Former F1 driver Christian Klien supported this notion by suggesting that “If Hamilton and Verstappen finish first and second in the sprint, they will probably also finish first and second on Sunday”
He also feels that if Sebastian Vettel “doesn't get [Lance] Stroll under control, his career could be over pretty quickly”
He further pointed out that “Sebastian always had psychological problems when his teammate was very strong, like with Daniel Ricciardo or Charles Leclerc”
Haas team principal Guenther Steiner thinks that Ferrari “has made a big step” and even though he hasn't “seen any data yet, there seems to be a big step forward this year”
He is, therefore, hopeful that they “can turn” this into good “results”
Steiner further added that “there’s a lot of excitement but obviously”, they “know it will not be” their “strongest year”
Helmut Marko has reiterated that “Alexander Albon was unfortunately not consistent enough here, hence the driver change”
Williams’ CEO Jost Capito has stated that “It’s a huge opportunity working with new owners to get team back where it has been in the past”

Will Ferrari’s engine be competitive again this season?

Formula World
Formula World 17 dager siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgz0OY_3gIjxkzvLYZB4AaABCQ 0:00 - Have Ferrari Solved Their Performance Problems? 1:51 - Fast Feed
Lewis Rackham
Lewis Rackham 17 dager siden
Would it be a good idea to put the previous poll's results at the end of each video?
Daniel Uccheddu
Daniel Uccheddu 10 dager siden
Go back to NA engines and they will rule again.
Reydianno Augustave
Reydianno Augustave 11 dager siden
Daniel Souza
Daniel Souza 14 dager siden
Seems like they did lol
Alexander Power
Alexander Power 15 dager siden
Ferrari lost 5 tenths from 2019-2020. Now they gain 1 tenth from 2020-2021. Still 4 tenth loss since 2019.....
GTAguidesIta 16 dager siden
Hmmm the 0.1 sec is only from shell...
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong 16 dager siden
Vettel has gone green now he's wearing green. He should stop pretending to be an eco-warrior and just get on with driving and not being spanked by Stroll.
CalgarGTX 16 dager siden
Must be nice to be head of engine developpement under a developpement freeze rule lol
Ottavio Saldarini
Ottavio Saldarini 16 dager siden
When Gualtieri is talking about the 0.1sec per lap, he refers to the gain made by Shell, not by the extra power gain by the pu.
B 16 dager siden
They were right
swag josif
swag josif 16 dager siden
Redbull going to be so cocky if they win in bahrain
Andrea Casari
Andrea Casari 16 dager siden
0.1 seconds ONLY for the fuel. Not with the new engin. The title of this video is wrong
Amin 16 dager siden
Yes Nico. Straight up Fax.. Sprint races is absolute rubbish.
The Professor
The Professor 16 dager siden
Christian Klein is right to a certain extent but then it would discredit anything he did achieve up till now. Mark Weber isn't the greatest driver out there but he was still a strong teammate. Added to that ignoring the weird 2014 Red Bull, Seb did really well at Ferrari until the favorite Leclerc joined. I think what really changed was the stress he was under to perfom but not given the support required
Mike Pod
Mike Pod 16 dager siden
vettek is smart as hell jesus
C S 16 dager siden
Sebastian is right, the waste of plastic cup etc has to stop , beyond the grid as well - we’ll we ever stop wasting so much plastic ?
giuseppe mostini
giuseppe mostini 16 dager siden
tomorrow 27 march 2021 ferrari will put an end to the false and mafia domination mercedes-fia...pity for only the 2 tokens granted by the mafiosi of the fia that will force ferrari to compete with the nose that causes at least 6-7 tenths to be lost, saving the other teams from being humiliated by dubbing .. tomorrow ful power !!! long live the beauty of the ferrari that can forever be the true thieves of sport and fake champions
giuseppe mostini
giuseppe mostini 16 dager siden
ps:at least that the mafiosi of the fia will allow the mercedes and red bull thieves to run for cover
Will Lucas
Will Lucas 16 dager siden
Ya because no other engines have made any improvements for 21.... Ferrari needs to do better than that to have a chance.... a lot better
Rudd Grand Prix - Speedrun Racing
Rudd Grand Prix - Speedrun Racing 16 dager siden
2:52 Something we all agree on. We don't need another BTCC Clone. Look at NASCAR with the stage racing system. It was alienating to some. And as for F1. Sprint and Feature race is not needed. let alone Stage Racing system.
Ivan 16 dager siden
1:53 oh,give me a this guy another "world saviour"
Rohit 17 dager siden
Seems like they have made quite an improvement after watching today's practice sessions.
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan 17 dager siden
1 tenth a lap? Gamesmanship!
Dan Bradley
Dan Bradley 17 dager siden
Doesn't seem to me that reducing 0.1 seconds per lap will make that much difference when they're 1 second behind. Am I missing something?
Andrea Casari
Andrea Casari 16 dager siden
0.1 seconds only by the new fuel
MAGRA DRIFT 17 dager siden
Wasn't it suggested by somebody that Ferrari were running at 70% capacity after their secret deal with the FIA last year??? They should be back at full power this year so a leap will be seen!
Valerie Rodger
Valerie Rodger 17 dager siden
Define "a leap". After first and second practice, I remain unimpressed.
geonerd 17 dager siden
Your Fast Feed must be the most brain numbing material on the internet.
Gunners Lok
Gunners Lok 17 dager siden
One-tenth of a second per lap? Remind me again, how far behind Ferrari is in qualifying generally in 2020?
Kucing Kejeblos
Kucing Kejeblos 17 dager siden
At least maybe they could top the midfield
Scott Hoang
Scott Hoang 17 dager siden
RedBull "The perfect Duo". Perez starts sweating
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 17 dager siden
I read 0.000 faster 3:00 just facts from Klien and Hulk
dtals auto studio
dtals auto studio 17 dager siden
gobbledygook bs... FERRARI: we sucked, we know where we suck, there's still areas where we suck, there's areas where we still have no clue... saved you 10 mins
John La Monte
John La Monte 17 dager siden
penusliski 17 dager siden
1 tenth of a second gain? That's nothing considering how painfully slow they were last year. If they manage to finish 5th that would be a success with that 'gain'
Ian Blair
Ian Blair 17 dager siden
If it were not for Charles and Carlos, I would pay to see this team burn
William Stephens
William Stephens 17 dager siden
Gilles Kaske
Gilles Kaske 17 dager siden
Should of split the turbine & compressor years ago. Get the heat away from intake charge. Shorter route for incoming charge ,Much better throttle response and drive ability. They started hybrid with am over weight and underpowered Engine. Clearly last year engine was 50 HP + down. Lock at Honda . Knocking on Mercs door.
LockPickingMechanic LPM
LockPickingMechanic LPM 17 dager siden
I agree with Nico if it ant broke don’t fix it.
Jim 17 dager siden
Missed the consistent uploads, looking forward to the new season!
Formula One Fan
Formula One Fan 17 dager siden
Please words other than ‘divulged’ & ‘elaborated’ all the time.
ff turbo
ff turbo 17 dager siden
Ferrari is always lying so why believe them
Troy Mclore
Troy Mclore 17 dager siden
Ferrari never had a problem, the agreement was to run restricters reducing the engine power for 1 year for fooling the fueling sensor in 2019. Now they have full power again plus some inprovments hence the gain.
OTHOUD 17 dager siden
0.100 seconds gained per lap ,its nearly nothing gained on the engine , they will still be a midfield team for 2021 confirmed
rolf ski
rolf ski 17 dager siden
Only one-tenth improvement, am I reading this right? That won't even get them on the level of last year's Mercedes.
Snepai 17 dager siden
"We just need to make the best car" -Helmut Marko
tayhutt 17 dager siden
Get in there Dillon.
Aztec 17 dager siden
Ferrari, el cruz azul de la formula uno. 😑
Arul Venkateshwaran
Arul Venkateshwaran 17 dager siden
You guys are my go to NOpost channel for all things F1. Truly love and appreciate your efforts. 🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌
Moron Gamer
Moron Gamer 17 dager siden
Indian F1 fans are rare man Even am an indian
monjessenstein 17 dager siden
IIRC the 1 tenth a second per lap was originally quoted as coming from fuel improvements, not the actual engine
Νίκος Ποιμενίδης
Νίκος Ποιμενίδης 17 dager siden
people dont seem to get that simple point
Ryel Banfield
Ryel Banfield 17 dager siden
Lemme know when another team has more than 10 championships.. then lemme know when they have 15..then maybe they have a chance of having more than Ferrari
Kayla Fingerhut
Kayla Fingerhut 17 dager siden
A lot of people want a good lifestyle, but the way they spend cant see them get that lifestyle anytime soon, the rich invests more and spends less.
Chris Blake
Chris Blake 17 dager siden
I'm very glad I stumbled on this today. Writing to him now. Really hope he can help me too🙏
Tony Paul
Tony Paul 17 dager siden
Too many people gonna kick them selves later for not trading on crypto or stock now ...hahaha😅
Michael Clems
Michael Clems 17 dager siden
@Francisco Joao My wife recommended him to me after investing £3000 and she has helped us financially without even knowing since the beginning of pandemic crises.
Francisco Joao
Francisco Joao 17 dager siden
I am delighted to see a beneficiaries of Mr Smith McKenzie. I thought he wasnt known. he's awesome.
Jonas Aische
Jonas Aische 17 dager siden
Wow. I am delighted to see a beneficiary of Mr Smith McKenzie. I thought he wasn't known. he's awesome.
Barry Peers
Barry Peers 17 dager siden
faaaaaaaast feeeeeed this is someone elses opinion why are you repeating it
Artificial ORIGIN
Artificial ORIGIN 17 dager siden
I think Max has a better chance to win the championship this year. If ferrari couldn't get 3rd place this season, Binotto is definitely going to get fired. Since he mentioned it's their minimum target this year.
Atial 17 dager siden
It's pretty funky to see 55 instead of 5 on the ferrari.
Ben Edwards
Ben Edwards 17 dager siden
Ferrari’s issues began in 2019 when they change their aero concept to low drag low downforce.
Ben Edwards
Ben Edwards 13 dager siden
@AGVancouver I’m not sure closely you followed the season, but Ferrari’s problems were clear from the very first race. They were only competitive at circuits with long straight and minimal corners (Bahrain, Canada, Baku, Spa and Monza). It was only until their updated front wing at Singapore that they could compete at most circuits. It was only a few races later that the technical directive sealed their fate. From memory races at Spain, Hungry, France, Australia and Monaco Ferrari finished some 30-40 seconds behind the Mercedes. All tracks that require high downforce setups. The engine only covered up their shortcomings.
AGVancouver 13 dager siden
It changed when everyone called them out on cheating
EVOLUTIONEURO 17 dager siden
I remember Leclerc complaining on the radio how difficult it was to handle his car during one of the races
Arsh X
Arsh X 17 dager siden
No sprint race, please!
gatch67 17 dager siden
Thank you! this channel is one of the best for F1 news!
Nicola Fox
Nicola Fox 17 dager siden
Hi and thanks Dillon 😊 I think Ferrari will have improved 😀i agree with Hulk about the sprint races
kartik angira
kartik angira 17 dager siden
It's grand prix weeeeekkennnndddddddddddddddd
Bowynn Noanoa
Bowynn Noanoa 17 dager siden
I reckon if you buy tickets and go to the event they should give out stainless cups they you can keep reusing and keep that would sort out the plastic problem
Michael 17 dager siden
Ferrari 4th Alpine 3rd
Christopher Ortiz
Christopher Ortiz 17 dager siden
Steiner: "I saw nothing, but I saw enough to see that Ferrari seem better, it seems."
Moritz Stuffer
Moritz Stuffer 16 dager siden
anydaynow 17 dager siden
Perfect quote!
Mako Two Four
Mako Two Four 17 dager siden
We’ll see the truth in a few hours
Akshansh Sharma
Akshansh Sharma 17 dager siden
True man
Chaitanya Ranade
Chaitanya Ranade 17 dager siden
Welcome to formula World.... This words give extreme hapiness
banana 17 dager siden
Only one tenth a lap doesn't sound like much...
banana 17 dager siden
@Kha' Zix thank god
Kha' Zix
Kha' Zix 17 dager siden
The one tenth comes only from thermal efficiency. They are not talking about the whole package.
Ar - 2
Ar - 2 17 dager siden
It isn't much
COSMOS TREK 17 dager siden
if the engine is the same as last year. the top people in ferrari are gone. they cannot left the same people produce another bad car with the new regs.
Aditya Pandey
Aditya Pandey 17 dager siden
I don't know what you got against ferrari Dillion, but Gualtieri meant that the 'new shell fuel alone gave them a tenth per lap'. Don't sell half truths you manipulative roach.
Akshansh Sharma
Akshansh Sharma 17 dager siden
True man ppl are so depressed bcz of Ferrari performance - thats why they try to sell other ppl's hopes.
Aditya Pandey
Aditya Pandey 17 dager siden
@Metro yeah, just got angry. This is the 3rd time I've seen him manipulate people's views by modifying official statements. What a fucker
Metro 17 dager siden
Are you ok?
M L 17 dager siden
Ferrari's punishment is over so they are allowed to use just as much fuel as the others again.
Metro 17 dager siden
What tf are you talking about?
Dyas Ranu
Dyas Ranu 17 dager siden
i'm just hoping at least we constantly get some points, finish below 11th is no different then finish last
user12122342423422344 17 dager siden
The performance issues are constant for ferrari owners - according to their wives.
Robbo 17 dager siden
The 2021 Honda has caught up to the 2020 Mercedes engine spec. The 2021 Merc has reportedly added 20-25BHP with the ability to run "party mode" for the entire race. People need to differentiate between something not being a weakness & something being a strength.
Bro Shido
Bro Shido 16 dager siden
@A not so sexy sax man Yes, you are right with the gear ratios, it seems that at the end of the day nobody knows who has the “fastest” engine, i guess we will have to wait a few hours more to find out which team looks the best
A not so sexy sax man
A not so sexy sax man 16 dager siden
@Bro Shido I completely agree that car set up makes a big difference, but it's generally well known the sort of drag levels each team tends to run. Mercedes and Mclaren are known for running low drag levels, and they are both quick in a straight line as usual. Red Bull and Alpha Tauri have very high-rake cars with relatively high drag levels, and yet they are still towards the front. Unfortunately Alpine (Renault) are absolutely nowhere even though they are the lowest drag concept of them all, and Ferrari are Ferrari. The thing with acceleration is that it's highly dependent on Gear ratios. The teams aren't allowed to change ratios during the season so they could be running longer/shorter gears. Either way i can't seem to find accurate 0-250kph times for each car. Nonetheless I agree with you.
Bro Shido
Bro Shido 16 dager siden
@A not so sexy sax man Speed traps mean nothing because car setups make bigger differences than hp, however acceleration does and 0-250kmh honda was neck and neck last year with mercedes after the party mod ban, this year honda has potential to be even faster but my guess is they are gonna be pretty similar
Bugsy Malone
Bugsy Malone 16 dager siden
@Robbo Sorry, my Spanish isn't what it used to be, but I believe you
Robbo 17 dager siden
@Bugsy Malone Sure - search "Mercedes: è di Sassi la combustione del motore 2021" into google. Motorsport is the source.
Purple Planet
Purple Planet 17 dager siden
only 1 tenth, oof
Sanok Maynik
Sanok Maynik 17 dager siden
a fight for 1st between red bull and mercedes and a fight for 3rd between mclaren, aston martin, alpine and ferrari? this is gonna be good
Yash Nayak
Yash Nayak 10 dager siden
Alpine and Aston Martin can barely score points, judging by their pace lmao.
Jordan 17 dager siden
I really hope we have a fight for the lead but I just don’t think that’s going to happen
Metro 17 dager siden
A fight for p1. I like your optimism
s ss
s ss 17 dager siden
Depending on how much slower the cars are due to the changes this could be big
Federico Luzzi
Federico Luzzi 17 dager siden
@s ss Will be awesome to see quali, with cars and drivers both on the limit.
s ss
s ss 17 dager siden
@Federico Luzzi What interested me the most about this fp1 was some cars were 3s slower (Ham) while others just 1s slower (Ver). Leclerc was 1.5s slower.
s ss
s ss 17 dager siden
@Federico Luzzi If we compare fp1 to fp1 yeah. We'll see about the sand, the track looked fine.
Federico Luzzi
Federico Luzzi 17 dager siden
@s ss Bahrain has sand and stuff tho. And really, are we using FP1 to judge a car's speed?
s ss
s ss 17 dager siden
@Federico Luzzi yet according to Bahrain fp1 the cars look at least 2s slower
Sbinnala 17 dager siden
*Ferrari are gonna have to quote old top gear * “Well thats not gone well”
richboy900 16 dager siden
Ambitious but rubbish
Con Eleftheriou
Con Eleftheriou 17 dager siden
Now ferrari really need a stig's cousin
Dennis Saputra
Dennis Saputra 17 dager siden
Mercedes: We decided to help, by leaving
M Δ 17 dager siden
Still, could be worse.
naufal thirafi
naufal thirafi 17 dager siden
And on that bombshell..
Varun Varma
Varun Varma 17 dager siden
Just hope ferrari is right with their analysis for once....had sleepless nights last year with their s*itbox...
Wakanda Foreva
Wakanda Foreva 17 dager siden
1 tenth per lap, when they were 1.5 seconds behind. They are going to be trash again.
Ro Rey
Ro Rey 17 dager siden
Ferrari always think they are faster pre season, and they never are Merc always think they are slower pre season, and the never are
Jake M
Jake M 14 dager siden
This didn’t age well. Qualified 4th, and seem very close to McLaren on race pace. They’re not right at the front, but this is a definite jump from last year!
Piotr Łopata
Piotr Łopata 16 dager siden
Seems like this years is an exception
johndough247 16 dager siden
@Valerie Rodger Exactly...instead of people hating on Mercedes all day long, the other teams to step up their game. It's not like Merc have a patent on physics; hire smarter people and build a better's that simple LOL
Valerie Rodger
Valerie Rodger 17 dager siden
It's that very mindset that makes Mercedes dominant: they are perfectionists, hypercritical of their own performance, never satisfied, always looking for what they have done wrong or could do better even after they've completely dominated in a race.
MegaSturrup 17 dager siden
That 2018 car is so pretty from Ferrari
Eduardo Freitas
Eduardo Freitas 17 dager siden
True. 2019 is my absolute favorite.
Hectow 17 dager siden
imagine Ferrari wins the season opener lmao
Alec Hinshaw
Alec Hinshaw 16 dager siden
While that would be nice to see, at the same time I will also be really angry because I’ll feel really sorry for Sebastian.
Megawave79 17 dager siden
@Ray Zhang true
Michael Nthodi
Michael Nthodi 17 dager siden
I strongly believe it will happen. This is Ferrari after all. If not Binotto would be fired by now
Janardan S
Janardan S 17 dager siden
Heatler 17 dager siden
@X32 22A yes
Chompette 17 dager siden
wow a whole tenth of a second per lap, only about 1.5 seconds to go until they catch up to the black and blue cars....
Zaki Nur
Zaki Nur 17 dager siden
I think hes not completed enrico statement that shell fuel alone can give tenth of a second. So its not engine overall
s ss
s ss 17 dager siden
Don't forget the cars are slower this year
Kostya Morozov
Kostya Morozov 17 dager siden
Hey Dillon, missed your stuff man! F1 is truly about to be back
Irgendein Name
Irgendein Name 17 dager siden
Good morning lads
The Unknown
The Unknown 17 dager siden
Don't do that don't give me hope
RF1 Platinum
RF1 Platinum 17 dager siden
Ohhhhhhhhh god it’s happening. I didn’t want to believe that they might actually have a good season because any time anything looks good for Ferrari it goes to shit 😂’s...not looking bad, maybe 5th or 4th fingers crossed...
orio_ 17 dager siden
@Prev0k they've been 2nd and 3rd many many times in the past 10 years. Last year after testing they came out and said that they were extremely slow. So keep making bs up or look at actual history.
Prev0k 17 dager siden
@xFade they still ridiculously overhyped themselves, they can be lucky that they have had so many drivers that had the bizarre dream of heaping this team of idiots onto the first place. when you waste kimi alonso and vettel and still can't get shit done with these drivers maybe, just maybe they should shut their mouth about having the "best car", which is never really the case anyways, and appreciate the drivers that didn't let them fall into a battle with williams and haas yet. because that is certainly not the cars fault.
xFade 17 dager siden
@Prev0k ferrari finished 6th only last year, 2019-18-17-15 they were 2nd
2jzandy s
2jzandy s 17 dager siden
Still, for Ferrari 4th or 5th is a garbage result.
Prev0k 17 dager siden
benz is sandbagging for years while testing and every time ferrari baboons think they will be the fastest, then in the end they end up fifth or some shit lmao
Marco Imanuel
Marco Imanuel 17 dager siden
The ferrari engine has already gone down so much since 2020 that small upgrades like new cylinder heads and revised turbo just won't cut it
Gilles Kaske
Gilles Kaske 17 dager siden
They had a little more going on than just cheating the fuel flow. They will be down 30hp + . The cars a dog . To many Italian engineers.
Cole VanOphem
Cole VanOphem 17 dager siden
Love this channel. Concise, interesting, and informative.
星野ミライ 17 dager siden
Don't. Don't give me hope.
Aviral Aryal
Aviral Aryal 17 dager siden
14 seconds ago? Am I the 1st one here?
MK Ganya
MK Ganya 17 dager siden
That's what she (Mercedes) said...
Formula World
Formula World 17 dager siden
Yes, you are.
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