Stroll Plays Down Expectations of Vettel

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Lance Stroll will be partnered by four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin in 2021. Many F1 fans are eagerly waiting to see how this partnership plays out as Vettel is the more experienced and accomplished driver while Stroll’s father owns the team. Stroll has given his thought on his new teammate among other things while speaking to AutoHebdo
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0:00 - Stroll Plays Down Vettel’s Credentials
1:14 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Stroll Plays Down Vettel’s Credentials
Stroll began by responding to the suggestions that he is in F1 just because of his father
“I have never felt that I have taken someone's place away. I believe there is only one way to respond to all the criticism and that is with a good performance on the track. Criticism has never affected me negatively and I will always work in the same way”
He then spoke about the team’s DNA not changing with the change in name and increase in resources
“The fact that we now have more resources as a team and now go through life as Aston Martin, will not change the DNA of this team. We won't become a top team in one stop. Step one is collecting everything you need and then you have to do something with it”
He signed off by giving his opinion on Vettel
“He is experienced and he knows what a team needs to be successful. Personally, I don't expect anything special from him”

Fast Feed
Honda F1 boss Toyoharu Tanabe admits that they “are still behind Mercedes. The gap is smaller than before, but that gap is still there”
He added that “it is not easy to make that step, because every part of the engine has to be improved”
He further confirmed that they “are doing” their “best to close the gap to the top and” that is why they have “decided to introduce the new engine for that reason”
Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas feels that “whatever you do, there will always be negativity” but “it's an enormous motivation to prove people wrong”
He added that he doesn’t “understand why there is this kind of criticism. There must be a reason for it, but” he doesn't “know it” as he has “no idea what is going on in the heads of those people”
He further thinks that “the people who really understand the sport and look at the details do understand”
However, “there are - as in every sport - a lot of people who just shout from their couch and underestimate things”
He also pointed out how his teammate Lewis Hamilton “is the most successful driver in the history of F1, and” he has “to go up against him every weekend”
He accepts that “it's not very easy. But it really motivates” him, “and the goal for” him “remains to try and beat” Lewis
Honda Motorsports General Manager Masashi Yamamoto has expounded that they haven’t achieved their “goal of becoming world champions yet”
“That is why” they “have brought the 2022 engine forward from 2021, because people are getting motivated to increase the performance”
He added that they “will work hard for the start of the 2021 season: The last season for Honda in Formula 1”
F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has revealed that they “are in talks with other manufacturers. They remain silent now, but there are many companies and organizations interested in Formula 1”
He also admits that “in the past, the mistake was made to give the technology the highest priority for the new engine, which is why the Formula One engine now costs so much”
Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto pointed out that one of their “senior technical persons like Simone Resta has moved into the Haas organization in an important and significant role”
He added that Resta “is not the only one who will move into the Haas organization. A few other technicians will move, reducing” their “organization which is required for the budget cap”
He also stated that if they “have to reduce” their organization, he’s “certainly more happy to know that those guys are joining Haas and reinforcing their team instead of being simply on the market or available to whatever other teams”

Are you expecting something special from Vettel this season?

Formula World
Formula World 2 måneder siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgyELH2lDYYzbGIhZ5V4AaABCQ 0:00 - Stroll Plays Down Vettel’s Credentials 1:14 - Fast Feed
Dayle Ashley Nolasco
Dayle Ashley Nolasco 2 måneder siden
S. Domenicalli should do whatever to lure Toyota or Ford back in F1.
areton senner
areton senner 2 måneder siden
Hold GME 💎💎
THE SUPERNOOB 2 måneder siden
C´mon´re better than this.
andy Vettel
andy Vettel 2 måneder siden
@Ethical Hacking Tutorials yup a day has passed, no apology no correction,wth is he thinking
David OSullivan
David OSullivan 2 måneder siden
@Soham thanks for that. the author's clearly misunderstood (negligence), or has wilfully misrepresented.
ciyhilu Måned siden
I think stroll will hold his own tbh
Anthony Nassif
Anthony Nassif 2 måneder siden
Vettel will be better in aston Martin but no special
Aaron Machado
Aaron Machado 2 måneder siden
“Vettel is very experienced and knows what a team needs to win. Personally, I can't wait for our collaboration to start, although I don't have any specific expectations. I have my own issues to worry about” is a direct quote from the source. It isn’t meant to downplay his expectations but more so acknowledge that complacency with focusing on “expectations” look at Renault in 2019 after being the the best of the rest in 2018, ferrari in 2020 after being proven race winners. Plus not only that but while he’s thankful to have Vettel as a teammate, he has his own career to worry about. Even in your wording it sounded MAJORLY altered which I’ll give benefit of the doubt was probably second hand information
Jayde R
Jayde R 2 måneder siden
"because vettel is the more experienced, better, more accomplished driver, while stroll's father owns the team" xD yep. that sums up their advantages pretty well.
Timothy Provost
Timothy Provost 2 måneder siden
So HAAS becoming a junior Ferrari team basically.
Infiniti Chico
Infiniti Chico 2 måneder siden
Stroll is complete garbage only reason he even races is because of his rich daddy!!!
lol shit
lol shit Måned siden
Daddy brought him his pole position in horrible conditions too?
Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman 2 måneder siden
“Someone LIKE Resta”. What the hell does that mean? Either it is him, or someone else, and just name them or the position. The more I hear of the back room dealings, the I’m disappointed and will just tune in this March
Tony Jedi Of The Forest
Tony Jedi Of The Forest 2 måneder siden
Vettel is obviously the better driver and a great personality. I hope he does well this year.
Johnny2Times 2 måneder siden
As for Bottas, getting soundly shown up by Russell (great performance) didn’t inspire team’s confidence in his ability to lead the team, let alone beat Lewis.
Johnny2Times 2 måneder siden
Lance is being misquoted. But Seb has a lot to prove this year. Personally I think the team would have been better served keeping Sergio, then sign Seb as teammate.. 2 race winners on the team. Imagine.
mariolis1000 2 måneder siden
This initially made me angry But not because i hate Stroll or I am biased against him It angered me ... because I think he is probably right... Vettel is past his prime and I think he will keep struggling ... he is no longer "Something special"
David Ej
David Ej 2 måneder siden
Not sure what Bottas is crapping on about when he couldn’t even keep up with a rookie as his partner!!!!
michael mccashin
michael mccashin 2 måneder siden
Your views are shit, unsubscribed Dillon.
phenixpolar 2 måneder siden
He doesn’t think he has taken any ones spot and he would be in f1 even if his dad didn’t own the team LOL
Anne Rud
Anne Rud 2 måneder siden
Stroll always sounds like a pussy. No joke. Everytime he says weird stuff that delegates others. He needs to step up on his respect for others. Maybe when he shows respect he will get it. I guess it takes longer for billionaires to actually realize the real world.
Andrew Geier
Andrew Geier 2 måneder siden
Bottas: *loses convincingly to Russell* "But I'm racing against Hamilton, give me a break!" ... Mate no
E 2 måneder siden
Then, a good driver to make a good car, and a good car must be driven by a good driver, so nothing wrong right? Peace
Nelum Skywalker
Nelum Skywalker 2 måneder siden
Future F1 Champ Lance Strol
Josiah Petz
Josiah Petz 2 måneder siden
I think Bottas gets a lot more criticism now that Ferrari are no longer capable of winning races and the Red Bull even in the hands of Verstappen can't consistently challenge Mercedes. There's so much more spotlight on Bottas now that he's the only one that has a car capable of challenging Hamilton which is the same car.
Ema Tomanová
Ema Tomanová 2 måneder siden
Please take the video down, it is just a mistranslation. Thank you.
CharlesG 2 måneder siden
Aston Martin won’t be a top team with stroll in it and lol talk about performance review your preview season. Also, vettel is nothing special? You’re just a paid driver and vettel is a 4 times world champion think about it.
TSR_Tomsoft 2 måneder siden
I feel like Strolls statement there was ripped out of context, massively out of context. In fact, it wasn't really what he said, it was a spanish translation of a french interview, translated back to english. This is basically what happens when you put your english text in google translate and translate it like 3 times. The sentences and words become completely different.
Kalyan PM
Kalyan PM 2 måneder siden
Taken out of context. These clickbait-y NOpostrs do anything for views. Stroll's quote was nothing similar to what was presented here.
David OSullivan
David OSullivan 2 måneder siden
Well done with the Stroll mistranslation Formula World. Languages are typically not a strength with english speaking people. and in your case, neither is properly representing the truth. Total crap....
JLM PC 2 måneder siden
"i have never felt that i have taken someone's place away" seems like stroll has no feelings
andrew hopwood
andrew hopwood 2 måneder siden
The quote was taken from a mistranslation of a french interview
Paul Wood
Paul Wood 2 måneder siden
RB have brought their engine forward a year? RB are screwed for 2021, it looks like they've sacrificed this year to get a headstart on developing their own engine.
chris lim
chris lim 2 måneder siden
he forgot that how perez pushed him to make mistake and claimed RP's first P1. i just hope nikita mazepin comes in and do dumb things faster. this lastroll trolling is getting old
Sam Gumedze
Sam Gumedze 2 måneder siden
SugoiRyan 2 måneder siden
Stroll needs to take a stroll
Hussain Mithi
Hussain Mithi 2 måneder siden
This is fake.
KentGoSuzuki 2 måneder siden
I don’t think any other driver has given as much free real estate in his mind to the haters as Bottas. It seems like every comment he makes is defending himself. Very Kevin Durant like
Aron 2 måneder siden
Not expecting anything special for vettel. However the only special thing about vettel will be how he will dominate Stroll
con georgiou
con georgiou 2 måneder siden
Ferrari team principal Matea Binotto said that he fired his hairdresser and we should see less boof in 2021
Cata V
Cata V 2 måneder siden
Stroll thinks he didn't take anyone's place?! Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha
ABDUL MUHEETH 2 måneder siden
This is a misunderstanding due to translation probs! He is already getting a lot of hate now, is this necessary now formula world?
Vic's Garage
Vic's Garage 2 måneder siden
literally complete lie as the title, disliked.
El Pennywise
El Pennywise 2 måneder siden
"Criticism has never affected me negatively.." No shit, he has not had to perform properly to keep his seat, his place has always been relatively safe.
GT Chucker86
GT Chucker86 2 måneder siden
Oi Dillan, that quote is terribly translated and is far from what Lance meant.
Aiden1872 2 måneder siden
Yeah I’ll never understand people who criticise bottas 2nd best driver on the grid I guess just people caught up in the Russel hype...
Worlds Worst Musician
Worlds Worst Musician 2 måneder siden
Stroll is about to get his arse kicked...again...
Lucas Coelho
Lucas Coelho 2 måneder siden
I swear vettel fans get triggered so easily
SIXITHS 2 måneder siden
Wow this is pretty much just a clickbait video, and I really expected better from this channel.
First Last
First Last 2 måneder siden
If Stroll beats Vettel, then they will say Stroll is as good as a 4 times world champ. If he doesn't, then they will say... Well Vettel is a 4 champ. Haha
Robert Thornton
Robert Thornton 2 måneder siden
Vettel is not only experienced, he is the third most successful F1 driver in history.
BMW M2 2 måneder siden
A wise person would drop Lance and keep Perez but Daddy's money rules.
Jacob de Jongh
Jacob de Jongh 2 måneder siden
at the time of the decision stroll had more points than sergio. ik he had covid for 2 races, but stroll also missed a race and the point difference was huge. without strolls dads funding it would have still been a reasonable decision with the information at the time
Arshman Hassan
Arshman Hassan 2 måneder siden
Vettel will be in top 5 guaranteed, this new team is going to do everything for Vettel, they are going to setup the car the way Vettel likes it ( lots of downforce on the rear ) and they will put less pressure on him than Ferrari which phytologically benefits.
Nick C
Nick C 2 måneder siden
Says “hasn’t taken any seat from anyone” what about his teammate who has given everything for the team and was kicked out cuz they wouldn’t kick lance off. Imagine if Sergio and seb were a team.
Jacob de Jongh
Jacob de Jongh 2 måneder siden
at the time of the decision stroll had more points than sergio. ik he had covid for 2 races, but stroll also missed a race and the point difference was huge. without strolls dads funding it would have still been a reasonable decision with the information at the time
Taufick Imanuddin
Taufick Imanuddin 2 måneder siden
Bottas : "The goal remains to try and beat Lewis" Yoda :. "Do or do not, there is no try"
RJ 2 måneder siden
piggy auto
piggy auto 2 måneder siden
It's a mistranslaiton but I think stroll will push vettel, vettel has never done good against a quick young teammate, stroll is no riccairdo or leclerc but vettel has lost alot since then so I think it will be close but vettel will come out on top
Statix SC
Statix SC 2 måneder siden
I like vetted but I think he's had it. The greats can put cars well above where they should be. Fettle seemed to fuck around in 14th most of last season with team mate 5th to 10th. I don't think ots going to be good unless the car is the 2021 brawn
Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 2 måneder siden
Bottas goal: beat hamilton (lol) Mercedes goal: Hamilton win (lol)
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 2 måneder siden
As much as i dont think Vettel is performing at his peak,who is Stroll to say this? possibly the worst driver on the grid says stuff about a 4 time WC
Valdemar Jr
Valdemar Jr 2 måneder siden
Clickbait at it’s finest
Ephraim Alves
Ephraim Alves 2 måneder siden
This is a misunderstanding on the translation he said , nothing specific not special, the interview was in french ...
mircea miclos
mircea miclos 2 måneder siden
For Stroll , F1 is like a hobby , no pressure to perform , dad owns the team. Hence he's inconsistency. On a good day he can be fast but on a bad day he gives up easily. For certain he likes the starts.
bideomanlol 2 måneder siden
Ah Lance stroll. The perfect example of having your parents pay to support your unfounded confidence. Been a pay driver so long he thinks he's there for the driving lol.
Rob 69
Rob 69 2 måneder siden
Whats stroll on about he would have been out of a f1 seat years ago if his daddy didn't pay for everything
Darren 2 måneder siden
Poor translation mate. The actual article says specific not special. Don't jus join the bandwagon of useless yobos
Pandemonium 2 måneder siden
If I were Lance Stroll, I would have said something like "I look forward to learning from his experience and grow as a driver" or some such. If I were Vettel, I would be thinking, "Looks like he doesn't want to be a good teammate". One doesn't know the context of the statement though.
Jim H.
Jim H. 2 måneder siden
We’d better get something special from Seb. Can you imagine if he can’t outperform the owner’s son?
John La Monte
John La Monte 2 måneder siden
Stroll and Vettle both know that only the lying, cheating nazis at Mercedes are allowed to win in F1. Soooo, it really doesn’t matter. As Lang as the cheating nazis at Mercedes own and run F1, it will always be a bullshit, fake sport! Las Vegas knows this, no betting allowed. Just lies by nazis!
James's Kennedy
James's Kennedy 2 måneder siden
Daddy’s money stroll you don’t deserve a seat! You’re rubbish Vettel will wipe the floor with you!
Steven Clark
Steven Clark 2 måneder siden
Honda staaaayyyyyy
Raphaël Tremblay
Raphaël Tremblay 2 måneder siden
Dear Bottas, Lewis is the most successful driver in history because you allowed him to be... You're the cause and you whine because you have to deal with the effect 😂 loser mentality
BooJitSu 2 måneder siden
Lance Stroll's driving is on par with Grojean with an arrogance of Hamilton. Worst off his father is dillusional that the will make a difference in F1
alan mac
alan mac 2 måneder siden
It would be nice if the media would occasionally print the truth. Just occasionally so we can remember what it was like....
Xeakpress 2 måneder siden
I kinda like how Ferrari are handling downsizing
Milo 2 måneder siden
"Stroll plays down Vettel's credentials" made me laugh out loud
Nsd Fancy
Nsd Fancy 2 måneder siden
I feel bad for stroll, he didn’t actually say that it’s just a mistranslation. Please take this video down cause it’s misleading
obiwan kanobi
obiwan kanobi 2 måneder siden
Strol is a show off, nothing wrong with his father owning the team and trying to create chances for him to get the most out of his career. He showed be humble and focus on that. p.s if this interview has been interpreted, strol is still a show off since his father owned the team, you can see that in his after race interviews.
DerekXX 2 måneder siden
F A S T F E E D ! ! !
TJ32 2 måneder siden
He apparently said he "didn't expect anything SPECIFIC". Not special. That's quite a big mistake, everyone has the impression now he was throwing shade at Vettel when he did no such thing. I'm sure even he knows Vettel is probably going to mop him. I don't think he'd be dumb enough to actually say he doesn't expect anything special out of Vettel.
omphizzy omphizzy
omphizzy omphizzy 2 måneder siden
that was one fast, fast feed
Diego Driesens
Diego Driesens 2 måneder siden
Poor stroll. They didn't translate it properly
Ante Živković
Ante Živković 2 måneder siden
What father would fire his son? Stroll is not that incompenent of a driver to be fired by his dad.
Anmol 2 måneder siden
take down this video if you've been misreporting the stroll comments.
shezpg 2 måneder siden
I think Bottas is right about there being lots of negativity. You only need to read a youtube comments section to see it. I think it highlights the generational gap, lots of young and passionate F1 fans, but who maybe don't know much past the last 5 or so seasons, and so don't understand the context. Then there are those who just don't understand anyway.
Synthesis 2 måneder siden
I want vettel to be successful and win races but I don’t see that happening either
channelwhywhywhy 2 måneder siden
Lance needs to answer his critics and actually perform. He has indeed taken someone's place. The driver line up of Perez and Vettel would of been frightening. If he doesn't step up in 2021 and at least challenge Vettel then he'll always be 'Daddy's little driver', simple.
Jacob de Jongh
Jacob de Jongh 2 måneder siden
at the start of last season he really was performing. when they made the decision for next years seat he had significantly more points than checo
Alpesh Abhijit Chowdhury
Alpesh Abhijit Chowdhury 2 måneder siden
You're strongly misrepresenting his statement wtf
Shantanu Joshi
Shantanu Joshi 2 måneder siden
5 time WDC
Chelly Plats
Chelly Plats 2 måneder siden
Stroll🤣 Daddys cash daddys cash
penusliski 2 måneder siden
Define special. I don't expect him to be the champion again, but for me 'special' would be top 5 and if everything goes smooth, it's achievable.
s.a bahai
s.a bahai 2 måneder siden
Ricco Morra
Ricco Morra 2 måneder siden
He said specific!!!!!
Tyler Evans
Tyler Evans 2 måneder siden
Binotto looks like a red and brown poodle
Fynkzz 2 måneder siden
unpopular opinion : Stroll will actually beat Vettel in the championship. Remember this comment and the date it has been posted.
chaitanya maddineni
chaitanya maddineni 2 måneder siden
Vettel needs a pushover like Stroll to regain his confidence. A great learning experience for Stroll as well. Stroll retains his seat irrespective of his performance anyways. So, its a win-win.
Ritish Gupta
Ritish Gupta 2 måneder siden
Source? It’s fake
Andre Gardenti
Andre Gardenti 2 måneder siden
Had a ton of fun last year each time Checo beat Stroll, after what happened it's going to be even more fun watching Stroll getting his a$$ handed to him
Austin Slicton
Austin Slicton 2 måneder siden
1:07 "I don't expect anything special" my exact thoughts about stroll
01_Abraham Immanuel_XII MIPA 8
01_Abraham Immanuel_XII MIPA 8 2 måneder siden
You happy with the anti-stroll revenue ya mug? Yes keep twisting the translations
John Pikoulis
John Pikoulis 2 måneder siden
If a four time world champ is nothing special, then Stroll should be considered as the epitomy of deep sh*t
Chevy Chaze
Chevy Chaze 2 måneder siden
That's why he's there no ? Dad why is it that Charles gets a champion who's 3 tenths slower than him and I get Perez no matter what he always beats me 👊👏 Don't worry son💰We'll slow the team down for you
They Race Me So Hard
They Race Me So Hard 2 måneder siden
Wins last season... Ham 11, Bottas 2!!! I’d start with that Valtteri and thanks for giving us no title fight since Rosberg!
MemeKid 2 måneder siden
This is actually a terribly translated french interview, so this isn't true....yeah sry
Litre o' Cola
Litre o' Cola 2 måneder siden
I didn’t realize how click-baity this video was until I read the article myself. Stroll isn’t bashing vettel or taking away his credentials, it’s typical canadian / nice-measured approach rhetoric. I expected more from this channel...
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