Mazepin Reveals How He Reduces Stress

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Haas driver Nikita Mazepin is someone who is seen as very unconventional by many. He has had an eventful journey so far as a racing driver and he has now revealed the interesting method he uses to get himself prepared for racing conditions while speaking to Match TV
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0:00 - How Nikita Mazepin Reduces Stress
1:34 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
How Nikita Mazepin Reduces Stress
Mazepin began by honestly assessing his chances of fighting with other cars during his debut year in F1
“Probably with no one because you have to stay realistic. We expect a difficult season. I don’t think there are many cars on the track with which we will be able to compete in the next year due to the lack of speed. Probably, the car will not perform very well”
He then praised reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton
“If we talk about the drivers, then I want to highlight Lewis Hamilton. He managed to create more around himself than just fast lap times and trophies”
Mazepin then spoke about new teammate Mick Schumacher
“To be honest, his name does not matter to me. We are not friends, but I can call us old acquaintances. We took part in karting together. The surname, of course, adds both strength and problems in terms of pressure and attention. But when you close the visor of your helmet, there is no time to think about it”
He signed off by revealing how he prepares himself for stressful situations encountered during a race
“We prepare with the same sensors used in a lie detector. That is, you collect a lot of information about your body and try to control it using breathing and other aids to reduce stress in moments of pressure, such as at the beginning of the race or at the end, when you have to defend your position”

Fast Feed
Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz is “still proud of what” he “did that weekend” in Monza when he “missed the win by half a second”
He further added that if that race were to be analyzed, it “was almost impossible to win. That’s why” he has “especially good memories of that weekend”
He also stated that “the name Ferrari, the brand, has something magical about it. It gives such a special feeling to be allowed to defend that red colour”
His Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc has stated that surely Lewis Hamilton “is driving with the best car but performances like” those in Turkey “show he is the best on the grid at the moment”
He reiterated that Lewis “won the championship with a win” in Istanbul, “which shows that people who say it’s only the car are wrong”
Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel feels that Imola “was an impressive track. It would be great to go back there”
He further explained that at Imola “you can really feel the speed of the cars. It reminded” him “in a way of Japan”
AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly believes that the Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive' is “a fantastic series” but added that “it does feel weird to watch Netflix and see” himself
He further thinks “the exposure for the sport has been great and feels “it also shows a bit more of the personal sides of the drivers than” can be seen “just on TV from the races”
Honda F1’s director Masashi Yamamoto pointed out that 2020 F2 champion and new Haas driver Mick Schumacher “has never taken pole position”
Meanwhile, their driver Yuki “Tsunoda has been on pole four times, which means that he did a good job as a rookie” exposited Yamamoto
Last year’s stand-in driver at Williams, Jack Aitken is of the opinion that he has “sort of spent enough time in F2 to learn what” he needs “to learn in that series”
He added that “it is a shame that” he “couldn't have capitalized this year a bit more and had a good result”
He further thinks that his “performances have been very good” and that if he were “to come back, then” he'd “only want to do so with a view to winning the championship”

Is Jack Aitken capable of winning the F2 title?

Formula World
Formula World 3 måneder siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgz140MpNK74rJgTQjR4AaABCQ 0:00 - How Nikita Mazepin Reduces Stress 1:34 - Fast Feed
WassapDude94 3 måneder siden
Hey Dillon, just wanted to point out, a channel by the name of "Slipstream Media" has copied your thumbnail style for their latest video! I hope something can be done about it
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Rodolfo Reyes S. 3 måneder siden
@I Am Sekou 25% of dislikes
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Andreu Palazuelos 3 måneder siden
dtals auto studio
dtals auto studio Måned siden
lmao he gets hammered and races thru streets of moscow while swirling a Stoly comrade
M M 2 måneder siden
Masepin, stay at home. not only for corona
Jimmy 2 måneder siden
Damn, the comment section. Probably the same people who hates Lance stroll. Just give him a chance.
DrMcFly100 2 måneder siden
I dont care about him not worth my time.
durim187 2 måneder siden
Stress relief: squeezing squishy objects
Empire Mapping
Empire Mapping 2 måneder siden
Probably he thinks breats from women are stress balls lmao
Say Goodbye
Say Goodbye 2 måneder siden
Answer : assault, attempted murder and rape
大切な人を守って 2 måneder siden
Guenther's wish came true. he now gots a rockstar in Nikita and a wholesome boy band star in Mick
大切な人を守って 2 måneder siden
Haas will have more speed 2021 season. fueled by vodka 😁
OfF1ce 2 måneder siden
Nickeeta MazeSBin
Luke Finnila
Luke Finnila 2 måneder siden
No one respects Marzipan, can’t believe he is on the grid.
D C 2 måneder siden
Just no
GloomGaiGar 2 måneder siden
By punching people who thoroughly destroyed him on track and groping women and posting it on social media. #wesaynotomazepin
M TELYA 2 måneder siden
Spelling mistake in the title.... The correct spelling is MazePRICK 👍👍
nigel nuj
nigel nuj 2 måneder siden
Destresses by grabbing a hand full 🤚
brain eater
brain eater 2 måneder siden
how to reduce stress -get him out of racing .
Isaac M
Isaac M 2 måneder siden
We all seen what he likes... simple man 🤟
Tee Will
Tee Will 2 måneder siden
Do not give Mazedick more attention, the likes/dislikes speak for themselves
ethan 2 måneder siden
hope this egg doesn’t get much air time through drive to survive in 2022-
ethan 2 måneder siden
stress balls? lol
Foxboy061 2 måneder siden
This video got hate just cause everyone hates mazepin lol
Randy Hill
Randy Hill 2 måneder siden
I think if things fall right for him he has shown he has what it takes to be a consistent driver who can push a car to its edge and considering who he is up against....pushing the car to its limits is a must if he wants that Championship Trophy.
Adam Griffin
Adam Griffin 2 måneder siden
Using breasts as stress balls...
Yann Stehly
Yann Stehly 2 måneder siden
He have some antistress balls in his backseat
Genotronex 2 måneder siden
Unconventional!! We consider him jerk , period
John Abney
John Abney 2 måneder siden
His stress relief is a chest pillow...Moron.
ThatGuySR 2 måneder siden
By groping drunk women?
Denis Nagel
Denis Nagel 2 måneder siden
He looks like a egg in the thumbnail
miranda strickland
miranda strickland 2 måneder siden
In my opinion, I like him🤍
Sam Green
Sam Green 2 måneder siden
Grabbing a ‘stress’ tit
Jason Tomlinson
Jason Tomlinson 2 måneder siden
by inappropriately touching women and recording it???
Youtubax 2 måneder siden
I expect him to be the new Kmag with some random driver shouting ‘what I see from Mazepin I already saw before in my life’.
You Gotta Ride Jimin Before You Park Jimin
You Gotta Ride Jimin Before You Park Jimin 2 måneder siden
If he starts blocking while getting lapped like in F2, I will officially call him The Anchor.
Dont Bother
Dont Bother 2 måneder siden
How do I reduce stress? By endangering others
Abyss 2 måneder siden
He takes his anger and stress out on other drivers
Masamonae Ichiban
Masamonae Ichiban 2 måneder siden
He just remembers that after the race, he can go grab a woman and literally do whatever he wants without consequences... stop giving this little rich shit any air time. #SayNoToMazepin
Simon Rivest
Simon Rivest 2 måneder siden
Mazepin stress reduction technique doesnt seem to work at all.
Phillip Mavrogenis
Phillip Mavrogenis 2 måneder siden
Why the hell are you making a video of this flop
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i just here for the comments and i am not dissapointed
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Genifer Teal 2 måneder siden
Grip it tight and twist! The steering wheel!
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Perfect thumbnail
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Mazepin is a wanker!
Jericho 1444
Jericho 1444 2 måneder siden
I'm here for the comment section
Arved Ludwig
Arved Ludwig 2 måneder siden
Yamamoto forgot that pole positions don't win races.
TheRealBeatMaster 2 måneder siden
You better know it's still #WeSayNoToMazepin all 2021
Jordan H
Jordan H 2 måneder siden
Shows leclerc is dumb, Lewis misses race at end of season and still didn’t come close to losing championship.
Alex 2 måneder siden
Give Mazepin the boot - what a brutal interview
stuart mcmahon
stuart mcmahon 2 måneder siden
We all know how he reduces his stress, that’s what got him into trouble recently...not a good role model.
American Pride
American Pride 2 måneder siden
Whats with all the dislikes? You can dislike mazepin personally and still separate him from a video with him in it lmao
Gerry B
Gerry B 2 måneder siden
Normally love your content but please no more content on Mazepin, #WESAYNOTOMAZEPIN
Paul Lam
Paul Lam 2 måneder siden
Obv groping ppl
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts 2 måneder siden
Millions of dollars and my dream of racing for a living would reduce all my stress.
Matt Bolt
Matt Bolt 2 måneder siden
Stress boob
Neil Coffman
Neil Coffman 2 måneder siden
We've seen Mazipin defend at the end of races, IT DOESN'T WORK!
Alexandar Stojkovksi
Alexandar Stojkovksi 2 måneder siden
He released stress by groping women
Luca C
Luca C 2 måneder siden
Ha, he says he has a way of reducing stress. Also mazepin: punching callum illot in the face
Pavel 49
Pavel 49 2 måneder siden
How? Daddies money :D
Brendan Connolly
Brendan Connolly 3 måneder siden
I thought he relaxed by groping women in taxis
Craig Rae
Craig Rae 3 måneder siden
His secret? He uses breasts as stress balls, whether a woman likes it or not. Most people would call it sexual assault, but since daddy’s rich and can easily afford the hush money, he’s just “unconventional”. Honest question - why are you giving this little shit the time of day on your channel?
Rixas 3 måneder siden
Guide to becoming relaxed and dealing with stress, the Nikita Mazepin style! Just 4 easy steps! 1. Check your bank account. 2. Ask Daddy to add another million to make sure it's fine. 3. Ask Daddy to deal with all your problems and get you into F1 without you needing talent. 4. Grope some innocent lady whilst waiting. Boom. Stress-free just like that.
Icypyro2k2 3 måneder siden
Why would you all make this video?
niyaz786rahman 3 måneder siden
By punching other drivers and raping females
Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace 3 måneder siden
I relieve stress by intentionally crashing into those who are faster than me.
Dr.B097 3 måneder siden
How does he relieve stress by sexually assisting women obviously
Marack Obama
Marack Obama 3 måneder siden
Special technique in what? In drinking vodka? Or abuse people?
Adam Casciato
Adam Casciato 3 måneder siden
Can we agree not to say his name next season and only refer to him as his car number?
Rasal Hague
Rasal Hague 3 måneder siden
Kvyat in, Mazepout.
Chief Reef
Chief Reef 3 måneder siden
Sorry for my dislike. I will dislike any videos with him as primary subject due to his sexual assault history.
Dashiell Harris
Dashiell Harris 3 måneder siden
Put aitkin in a prema, virtuosi or Carlin and he would win
Alex Martin
Alex Martin 3 måneder siden
This video has a dangerous title considering its subject's recent conduct! 😂
Kwashior 3 måneder siden
The dude looks like his mum was doing crack and drinking every single day she was pregnant with him. He definitely scares kids.
The Gator
The Gator 3 måneder siden
Why is mazepin such a goofball? Every fuckin thing this dude says
Abhijeet Singh Bal
Abhijeet Singh Bal 3 måneder siden
Who cares about Nikita? Why are you giving him importance? And we all know how he reduces his stress.. by punching other drivers and grouping models !!
Benny Ang
Benny Ang 3 måneder siden
Formula World is hyping this driver. He is going to be a troublemaker in F1 next season and will have alot of talking points. Alot of f1 fans do not care as the f2 fans don't
虎ちゃん 3 måneder siden
Touching breast help reduce stress I guess...
BE1A FAR1OW 3 måneder siden
Touching boobs reduces stress
Roderick Verduijn
Roderick Verduijn 3 måneder siden
Never ever ever mention mazepin anymore, you will lose subscribers.
USMCLP 3 måneder siden
Hamilton about to distance himself immediately from Mazepenis lmfao
Will Chan
Will Chan 3 måneder siden
Ah yes, fun bags and neck puppies.
shyasaturtle 3 måneder siden
despite my opinion on what he had done outside the paddock, mazepin's spiting facts
Adrian Miranda
Adrian Miranda 3 måneder siden
Fûķķ mazepin
Adrian Miranda
Adrian Miranda 3 måneder siden
No more about this fool!
Adrian Miranda
Adrian Miranda 3 måneder siden
Nibba Skittle
Nibba Skittle 3 måneder siden
He prob tries to reduce stress with touching other people
sunnohh 3 måneder siden
Being a piece of shit is my secret -Nikita
Etienne Migeot
Etienne Migeot 3 måneder siden
I thought he was dealing with his stress by punching other drivers
Pozzal 33
Pozzal 33 3 måneder siden
Please don't give this guy publicity
Dileepa Fernando
Dileepa Fernando 3 måneder siden
Sexual harassment reduces his stress
therealting 3 måneder siden
Sexual assault.
KAMiKAZOW 3 måneder siden
"Punch a guy, grab a boob. You know, the usual"
JSS Gaming
JSS Gaming 3 måneder siden
He reduces stress by breaking Callum ilots jaw for no reason
Billy's Subies and Snow Show
Billy's Subies and Snow Show 3 måneder siden
Try not being a total bellend!! That should help reduce stress
Fart Vader • 84 years ago
Fart Vader • 84 years ago 3 måneder siden
Oh, we all know how he reduces his stress for sure
Joshua Lynch
Joshua Lynch 3 måneder siden
Mazepin should highlight himself; he's brilliant at "creating more around himself than fast lap times and trophies". Anyhow, less Mazepin coverage, please.
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy 3 måneder siden
Having a billionaire father and sexually assaulting women?
Kaizad Avari
Kaizad Avari 3 måneder siden
Downvoted to make clear not to post Mazepin related news, let alone a video titled after him
Matt Wilson121
Matt Wilson121 3 måneder siden
cant wait for him to fail
Josh Willem
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EclipsaMyrtenaster 3 måneder siden
Jesus that forehead. I think the helicopter trimmed his hairline way back every time it lands on his fivehead
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