Why Marko Asked Vettel To Wait Before Signing 2021 Contract

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After Sebastian Vettel was shown the door by Ferrari, many felt that his career in F1 had come to an end. However, he would eventually sign with the rebranded Aston Martin team. At one point prior to that, it was suggested that he could return to Red Bull. This idea was shot down by the Red Bull brass at the time but team advisor Helmut Marko has now spoken to F1-Insider and explained why Vettel should have waited
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0:00 - Why Marko Asked Vettel To Wait Longer Before Signing 2021 Contract
1:52 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Why Marko Asked Vettel To Wait Longer Before Signing 2021 Contract
Marko got straight to the point
“I didn’t want him to act rashly, but to wait because it was clear to me that things would change in the driver market for 2022. For example, I was sure that there would be a vacancy at Mercedes then. But not only there”
He then confirmed that Red Bull could also have been an option
“That also included Red Bull. I just wanted him to still be on the market at the right time so he could take the best possible offer. Above all, I didn’t want a four-time World Champion to say goodbye to Formula One like that. Not as a friend, and not as a Red Bull man”
He then explained how the timing wasn’t right initially
“When Ferrari gave him notice, we had no place left for 2021. At the time, we firmly assumed that Alexander Albon would develop positively, so that he would also be able to drive alongside Max Verstappen in 2021. That’s what I told Sebastian. Unfortunately, we were wrong”
He then pointed out why they had to go with Sergio Perez
“When we had to act, Sebastian was no longer on the list because he had made a long-term commitment to Aston Martin. Therefore, Sergio Perez was the logical decision for us”
He signed off by looking at it from Vettel’s point of view
“Aston Martin was very tempting. The name is cult, the close cooperation with Mercedes promised a competitive package. I can understand him, even if I personally would have waited”

Fast Feed
Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan likes “Vettel very much, but” he thinks that “Aston Martin made a mistake in giving him a contract”
He further elaborated that “the last two years against Charles Leclerc at Ferrari were miserable” and that “he's past his prime”
Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz has revealed that his “relationship with” former team “McLaren has always been very open and relaxed. So”, he “never really felt much pressure”
Helmut Marko has pointed out that they “have a one-year contract with Perez for now. Let's see how he does first and whether he fits in with the team”
An F1 spokesperson has stated that “the rumors that the Grands Prix on street circuits will not take place are not true at all”
Alpine have confirmed that Davide Brivio, the former team boss of 2020 MotoGP champions Suzuki, has joined their team
His exact position and responsibilities within Alpine’s F1 team will be announced at a later date
McLaren’s Lando Norris feels that he and former teammate Carlos Sainz “were very close on pace”
He also thinks that new teammate Daniel Ricciardo is a “different driver, but he’s not going to be tenths faster than Carlos”
“Maybe there’s better consistency or better feedback. He’s able to do a better job in qualifying or he’s better at tire saving”
Williams’ team principal Simon Roberts has stated that “Dorilton doesn't want to take away the current atmosphere, which feels very welcoming at Williams”
He reiterated that they “really want to keep the family atmosphere and the friendliness”
He is also hopeful that former deputy team principal Claire Williams can visit the team when they “get back to Europe”
AlphaTauri’s team principal Franz Tost has stated that “it's a big advantage to move to a sixty percent wind tunnel” after they began using Red Bull’s wind tunnel
He added that previously, they “had to work with fifty percent. A sixty percent tunnel is more accurate and hopefully provides” them “with more correct data”
Former F1 driver Jarno Trulli has suggested that the “return of Imola means that one of the most iconic circuits in Italy is back on the calendar”
Williams’ Nicholas Latifi is of the opinion that teammate “George Russell is a great benchmark for” him because he has “to adapt and learn so much about” himself “as a driver”

Should Vettel have waited longer to see how the driver market played out before signing with Aston Martin?

Formula World
Formula World 2 måneder siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgznlfjffgMoA56sVZd4AaABCQ 0:00 - Why Marko Asked Vettel To Wait Longer Before Signing 2021 Contract 1:52 - Fast Feed
user12122342423422344 2 måneder siden
No. Max is their prio and whoever is the second fiddle gets to be choir boy for him.
matembwere chekai
matembwere chekai 2 måneder siden
Vettel made the right decision, he does not fit in red bull team ,because he would not to be the second driver behind verstappen. How old is Marko 🙄
Kaysas 2 måneder siden
RhythmicEye 2 dager siden
Helmut Marko is the worst psychologist in F1. No clue.
MJoStriker 2 dager siden
You know why I love you? Because you ask a question in the thumbnail and title and the first thing you do is answer it. No 15 min video with the answer buried somewhere in the middle of it. You don't click bait or make unnecessarily long videos. You just make fantastic short videos and keep us all up to date. I love you
Du Kirpalani
Du Kirpalani 3 dager siden
I love Seb wherever he goes and will always root for his 5th championship.
Invincible Vettel 5
Invincible Vettel 5 4 dager siden
Eddie Jordan should know when to STFU. He makes click bait style comments to try and make himself still feel relevant and have some degree of authority. No one cares eddie. It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.
Kanishka Kudaliyanage
Kanishka Kudaliyanage 4 dager siden
If this doesn't sound like the ultimate Friendzone, i dont know what does 😂😂😂😂
D.B. 5 dager siden
RB management are ruthless.., why in earth would see wait for them? Basically they wanted him to sit on the sidelines just in case RB felt like making an offer to him???
rockymountainman7 5 dager siden
Vettel is not the driver he once was.
Lunch at Marco's
Lunch at Marco's 6 dager siden
I think the signing of Perez is more a sign of not wanting to go back on Gasly too soon (new follower of the sport but this is my observation)
Mohit Chand
Mohit Chand 6 dager siden
He shouldn't waited for red bull. They never stay loyal to their driver I am waiting for Max to not performing in couple of race and signing with Mercedes soon after that.
helixworld 6 dager siden
Its about time Red Bull stopped listening to Marko, if they have not already done so. He comments apparently come from a "Red Bull" man, speaking as a friend. It's not someone who is speaking objectively about a multi-million dollar driving contract.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 7 dager siden
Lmao. Sergio Perez's seat is in contention, AGAIN! BY THE SAME PERSON. LMAO
A. C.
A. C. 11 dager siden
Why Marko feels entitled to patronize making public comments or give advice to drivers besides the ones in his team is beyond me.
Smartie Cooper
Smartie Cooper 12 dager siden
He is having a laugh. It is a bit sad to see Vettel performing the way he is. Retirement would have been the best option.
John William
John William 13 dager siden
it's not often your right helmet, but your wrong again.
Axel Gerber
Axel Gerber 14 dager siden
I think Red Bull is much better off with Perez than with Vettel, only time will tell
Jan van de Ven
Jan van de Ven 14 dager siden
glad he didnt sign @ red bull
audigex 14 dager siden
Hindsight is 20/20, and RBR themselves didn’t expect to have a seat available. Vettel made the right call with the situation at that time
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale 14 dager siden
*Well thank God for VET's haste!!!* _And yes, 2022 will be a Silly Silly season._
Michael Lorenson
Michael Lorenson 15 dager siden
No way Vettel would go backward to Red Bull, where he was run off by Ricciardo while he was the defending world champion (Ouch!), to partner Max Verstappen. No freaking way. I think he likes the idea of helping develop the Aston Martin team and its cars, as his career winds down. The Mercedes connection actually gives Aston a fighting chance, so all in all it's a better place for him.
David Morley
David Morley 15 dager siden
Marko is so annoying!
B8kedBean 16 dager siden
Does helmut marko just spend all week going from interview to interview talking thru his arse
Jack Harvey
Jack Harvey 16 dager siden
Oh when will we stop acknowledging Eddie Jordan
Alan Barlow
Alan Barlow 25 dager siden
Jordan was spot on. More than that, Hulkenberg as the reserve Aston driver is faster than both Stroll and Vettel.
Az 2 måneder siden
I have to give credit to Marko for the credit and respect he gave to Seb as both a person and a driver.
TheRealMc101 2 måneder siden
Helmut Marko is overrated.
Mike234 2 måneder siden
Vettel and max would have been unmanageable as teammates. Max and Perez can probably chill tho
GalichaX 999
GalichaX 999 2 måneder siden
m hgc bn
GalichaX 999
GalichaX 999 2 måneder siden
xstryjxtr Algorithm comment ,jyg,hj
GalichaX 999
GalichaX 999 2 måneder siden
Michalis McLaren
Michalis McLaren 2 måneder siden
Vettel should have been out of Formula1 years ago....!!!! Its a PR girl and nothing less. Perez also muchhhhhhh better driver but hopefully get a seat at RedBull.
jose guite
jose guite 2 måneder siden
Its not about Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso or anyone else...maybe Jenson Button or whoever. But after Sakhir GP 2020, Russel a very normal driver driving a Merc about to win a GP and is kept out of winning it is very clear that you need a clear market to win a GP, not just a talent. Hamilton winning again and again seems like he's got market
Cosmic Gibber
Cosmic Gibber 2 måneder siden
Aston was the right call, given you have underperforming horny and a Helmut to deal with. They will do with the all time greats of formula 1 Max Verstappen who will win 17 world championships according to his fans 😱
Cosmic Gibber
Cosmic Gibber 2 måneder siden
IMO, Max is not in Helmut’s long term plans. Helmut has said it himself recently. He just didn’t want to look like a fool begging Vettel to join period. Horner should be fired for sucking up to Max after each race 😂 6 seasons and no WC win for Max😎. 5 seasons and a WC win for both Vettel and Hamilton.
Alias Nineteen
Alias Nineteen 2 måneder siden
>McLaren’s Lando Norris feels that he and former teammate Carlos Sainz “were very close on pace.” > He also thinks that new teammate Daniel Ricciardo is a “different driver, but he’s not going to be tenths faster than Carlos.” Lando seems to be claiming that he's going to match DannyRic's performance in 2021. Challenge ON! Can't wait for Bahrain .
wietse boersma
wietse boersma 2 måneder siden
why should redbull go for seb, he's a great and experienced driver. But he needs a stable platform to get any pace from the car, the rb 16 had a twitchy backend. his career would be over when max will beat him like he did to gasly and albon
Johan Burger
Johan Burger 2 måneder siden
All is as it should be. Vettel and verstappen won't work together. With vettel there verstappen will transform into bumper car mode again like 2016-2018.cant have that. All we can hope is Ashton Martin makes magic happen and let's vettel do his thing. And of course hopefully we will have racing again in 2022. Not even going to bother watching this year. Sport has been dreadful for so long now, it's almost gotten to the point where I can't remember why I was so obsessed with it to begin with
Leslie George
Leslie George 2 måneder siden
Yes that’s true and sign Perez is also wrong
Alan Cx
Alan Cx 2 måneder siden
Why would Vettel have wanted Max as a teammate? No chance.
Rudy Pieplenbosch
Rudy Pieplenbosch 2 måneder siden
Please Vettel stay away from Redbull, apply with DinkyToy team, glad no see you there
Mst Bigga
Mst Bigga 2 måneder siden
Much talking about Mercedes again, sort out red bull...
souldry 2 måneder siden
I think Vettel is past his prime, though I dearly want to be wrong and I wish him all success at AM
Roswald Cabral
Roswald Cabral 2 måneder siden
Vettel is better off at Aston anyway... Redbull is a toxic team towards their second drivers anyway.. it's Verstappens show at Redbull.
Gilles Tougas
Gilles Tougas 2 måneder siden
Screw up your career and wait for us...just in case we need you...REALY!!!
Scott Willsey
Scott Willsey 2 måneder siden
Helmut is such a jerk. He wouldn’t give Vettel a ride but wanted Vettel to risk missing out on Aston Martin.
Scott Meredith
Scott Meredith 2 måneder siden
RedBull dodged a bullet there!
muckfundle 2 måneder siden
Who would trust Red Bull withbyour future when you can buy in to a drive and shares with Aston Martin? Perez has a 1 yr "see how you go, Cheko" contract The engine isnt decided Red Bull may leave F1 And the would ve next woeld champion is stuck there. I hope this all sorts out, but why would Sebastian go there? And Kudos to DR for getting out.
fabook1 2 måneder siden
Imola is boring.
Robbie NL
Robbie NL 2 måneder siden
Vettel gets a Mercedes engine, so good choice I guess
Alan Kirk
Alan Kirk 2 måneder siden
Vettel is past it he will never recover the losses to Hamilton watching him runaway with the titles and he still can’t stop his angry face take over his driving forcing bad judgment and poor driving Aston Martin will regret this move when they find out how big his head really is
Vishal 2 måneder siden
Unfunny 2 måneder siden
jakubkrcma 2 måneder siden
Definitely not! Vettel did the BEST thing. The ONLY better choice would be Mercedes. But that was unavailable... I was HOPING Vettel would sign with FI/RP/AM. And he DID. So, everything is fine. Now just good luck with the car feel. If he likes the car, he WILL kick ass. NOT past his prime AT ALL!!!
Hudson Fleming
Hudson Fleming 2 måneder siden
Why is Marko still involved with red bull? The team is clearly slipping and his junior team has not been great in years
mohamed riaz alli
mohamed riaz alli 2 måneder siden
They chose Albon over the guy that gave them four world titles. Its pathetic
Ahnaf Mabarrat
Ahnaf Mabarrat 2 måneder siden
Looks like the dementia is finally settling in
T W 2 måneder siden
Pure BS .
pgale 2 måneder siden
Marko is a tosser hasn't made sense for a few years.
John Morris
John Morris 2 måneder siden
Vettel past it now never recovered after Daniel 2014 when Daniel make him weak driver after that? Gone back to not good? Watch 2021? We will see?
Matt 2 måneder siden
nopost.info/throw/utrGe5uuqaelZZY/video Jarno Trulli suggested that the water is wet
Robert M
Robert M 2 måneder siden
Can't wait for this season to start. I hope Vettel can turn his form around with the AM. Will be nice to see Alonso back, and Sergio in a quick car. McLaren might also make a leap forward with Mercedes power. I bet the midfield will be extra spicy!
Rukiyati Kuebler
Rukiyati Kuebler 2 måneder siden
ermak Smoke
ermak Smoke 2 måneder siden
Wait for what when Redbull made it Crystal clear that they was keeping albon,give me a fucking break...they know fully well that ferrari had drop him.
y1521t21b5 2 måneder siden
All the best to VET at _Aston Martin._ This actually gives me more respect for _Marko,_ whose dealings with his drivers I often thought bordered on ghoulish...
Tim L
Tim L 2 måneder siden
Perez and red bull is only a one year contract because of the honda situation. The team may leave the sport if they can find a replacement engine
Ben Gibbons
Ben Gibbons 2 måneder siden
Vettel should have retired. You can tell he’s lost his killer instinct. Literally every opportunity he had to race wheel to wheel or win a race like in Germany he bottled it. Vettel is done and I can’t see him winning with Aston Martin.
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 2 måneder siden
Aston Martin is my team from now.
Pop Rey
Pop Rey 2 måneder siden
I really hope Ricciardo puts Norris in his place this year.
Seth Louden
Seth Louden 2 måneder siden
Marko told him to wait so he doesn't beat them in the aston
Nico Lafertin
Nico Lafertin 2 måneder siden
Ricciardo got asked by roseberg. Who was his fiercest competitor was vettel or Verstappen and his answer is pretty much that Verstappen would beat vettel easiliy. 🙄 Ricciardo wouldn't just say that. So him going to Aston Martin would be the absolute best choice. You're beaten by Leclerc Wich is probably almost on the level of Verstappen then you would go in and fight Leclerc 2.0 ? 🤔 That wouldn't make any sense. He can beat stroll I know that for certain. But Leclerc en Verstappen are the biggest talents in f1 at this time. Anyone next to them needs to outrace himself.
Nico Lafertin
Nico Lafertin 2 måneder siden
If they can't confirm. He has to take a option.
JanDH_87 2 måneder siden
Seb did the right thing. He is a number one driver and that is what he is going to be at aston. We are going to see a different Vettel this year.
Djole 2 måneder siden
I think the biggest reason Aston Martin wanted Vettel, besides his popularity in Germany where Aston is doing well, is the development of the car. His experience will help that and he can also hop into the race strategist role any time they need it after his time at Ferrari.
A M 2 måneder siden
On paper even though Vettel has declined significantly. I do believe he is still better than checko. He may not be elite any more but he can still beat guys in the midfield
A M 2 måneder siden
Question is who do you take Vettel or Perez
Anu Mohandas Nair
Anu Mohandas Nair 2 måneder siden
Lets imagine this. If vettel made a move to redbull he would enjoy the same treatment that webber got while vettel was his team mate because for redbull the priority is verstappen. For vettel to feel better and perform better aston martis better and it mutally benifits both him and team.
TotalMugeNation 2 måneder siden
Going to work in an NSX or a Valkyrie
James Anderson
James Anderson 2 måneder siden
Maemo just chats out of his arse. He gets more annoying by the day. Plus a move to Red Bull would have been suicide for the last scraps of Vettel’s career. He didn’t deal well with the pressure of Charles. And the way Ferrari favoured Charles over him. If he went to Red Bull it would have been a sideways move into exactly the same position. It would just continue his downward spiral and he would probably retire in 2021. I do really hope Seb does well at Aston and I think it was a good move for him... even if it is a risky one for the team (bar the marketing aspect).
James M
James M 2 måneder siden
RBR rejected him when he was looking for a seat so I believe he made the right choice to sign with Aston Martin. I genuinely hope Sergio does well with Red Bull because I have a feeling that the second Redbull car isn't equal to the first.
KieferClarkF1 2 måneder siden
Isn't hindsight 20-20 Helmut? Seb had no choice to sign that contract, you and Christian both said you didn't want Seb then.
WholeSpeed Garage
WholeSpeed Garage 2 måneder siden
Why would Vettel want to be a second driver at Red Bull? Nobody is going to dethrone Max so it was the logical choice to go to Aston Martin where he will be the top driver. When he signed with Aston there wasn’t a seat available for him at Red Bull which was made clear to him. What is he suppose to do wait around while his career could be over to find out if Alex is going to fail? Vettel made the best choice for him and I think he will return to form in 2021. Cheers!
Kemano11 2 måneder siden
No way Vettel wanted to face Max. Much safer for him where he ended up. Now he can be the number 1 driver for a few years and retire, instead of being a clear number 2 driver.
Brent Ewer
Brent Ewer 2 måneder siden
If Vettel waited there was every chance there would be no seat.
Slimfbiggy Ansah
Slimfbiggy Ansah 2 måneder siden
Vettle made the right decision, he will certainly do great at Aston Martin, that am very sure
Renzan Fortineri
Renzan Fortineri 2 måneder siden
At present time : Probably 50:50, if aston martin somehow went backward, this would make Vettel decision very bad. Vice versa. But at that time, Going for AM is the best possibility. Because, with how fast Albon in 2019, especially Brazil... RB 2nd seat was still uncertain, and probably better safe than didnt get seat at all, if Albon do deliver and get long term contract in RB
Zombie Alive
Zombie Alive 2 måneder siden
Marko: seb, i told you to wait before signing 2021 contract Seb: understo- wait, who tf are you?
Trevor Bruce
Trevor Bruce 2 måneder siden
Vettel is better off at Ashton Martin, Red Bull would've been the end of his career
HeyImCyclo 2 måneder siden
Lesson of the video: Never listen to Helmut Marko and Eddie Jordan
Zack Stout
Zack Stout 2 måneder siden
Why does Eddie Jordan open his mouth?
Planted Basedman
Planted Basedman 2 måneder siden
I think Vettel will be of extreme value to aston. I dont think he would have been to red bull. Sidelining or second guessing this guy at this stage in his career would be seriously devastating to his self esteem and his career. Let him build the team up at aston and be truely appreciated.
john doe
john doe 2 måneder siden
this man marko is so BS, why vettel will wait for rb when there is a great offer from AM and can build a good team around him, vettel already gave you 4 chips, and if you really want vettel you should gave him an offer right away, in conclusion you really dont want him coz ur 1st plan did not work, im not vettel fan but im glad that vettel went to ferrari for 5 years coz that his dreams and anyway even he didnt get a chip over there still some good memories and the best thing vettel earned a very good money from that 5 year contract, vetttel saying to marko and RB, KISS MY ASS :)
Bert Saenz
Bert Saenz 2 måneder siden
Red Bull is a toxic place from the academy all the way up to f1. They always have a #1 and if you’re not that person good luck
Rudedog 2 måneder siden
To me Vettel seems to like to be Top Dog, when a teammate is as good or maybe even showing signs of being better, he makes mistakes. Vettel being paired with Verstappen would end in disaster. If Verstappen didn't like the Ferrari because of rear instability, I figure his head would explode driving the Red Bull car.
Jasmine Chan
Jasmine Chan 2 måneder siden
Stable and understeer driving style can't win in F1 WDC nowadays. Lewis + Mercedes are too strong, best driver + best team. All the teams need to do something stunning to beat them
Jasmine Chan
Jasmine Chan 2 måneder siden
Max driving style is one of the reason can't create the fastest car on the grip, similar case to alonso.
Ankit Chauhan
Ankit Chauhan 2 måneder siden
Redbull would have never signed Vettel after how he performed in 2019 and 2020. They would have kept Albon instead or maybe Russell (if Russell agreed).
B Isaiah
B Isaiah 2 måneder siden
jussayin mipeece
jussayin mipeece 2 måneder siden
we in Jamaica have a saying, "hogs wash in the first mud pit" . Meaning; "there is no guarantee of a second opportunity so take the first one that comes along". we also have a second one: "everyone knows what is going to happen yesterday".
Edgar Leonardo Medina
Edgar Leonardo Medina 2 måneder siden
Had Vettel waited, I bet he would be out of F1
christian maccioni
christian maccioni 2 måneder siden
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