Why Verstappen Has Minimal Input On The 2022 Red Bull Car

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F1 drivers are often expected to offer valuable feedback when it comes to the development of the car. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has, however, revealed that he has little to no input on the 2021 car and he has now explained why to GPFans
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0:00 - Why Verstappen Has No Input On the 2021 Red Bull Car
1:20 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Why Verstappen Has No Input On the 2021 Red Bull Car
Verstappen began by expressing hope for better racing
“I just hope it’s better for racing to be honest. That’s all we need because the cars we have now, they are really tricky to follow. Of course, we’ve had some entertaining races but I think it can only get better with cars that are better to follow”
He added another important facet of the 2021 car’s development
“To recover that downforce [taken away] will be very critical and we will do that in the best way. We will be very competitive. So, we will have to look at that”
He then explained why he has minimal input
“It’s very different so I think it’s very difficult to have any kind of input. It’s down to the engineers, to the designers to come up with the fastest car they can think of and design. It’s going to be very different but let’s hope for the best”
He signed off by elaborating on the team’s plans for the future
“I think we have learnt a lot about our car last year which we will try to rectify for this year. We can’t do everything with the [development] tokens but it’s going to be an important year to perform. Of course, we’re looking already to 2022 and how that is going to go”

Fast Feed
F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali thinks that “eighty per cent of the races in 2020 have been spectacular. However,” they “have also seen negative things”
“For much of the season one team was in charge and often only one driver won. You can organize more races, but it will still be the same”
Which is why they “have to make Formula 1 exciting again”
Former F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone has stated that Ferrari founder “Enzo Ferrari was very special and helped” him “a lot
He taught” Bernie “that the sport is on the table and the business is under the table”
He also revealed that he misses F1, “especially doing deals with the organizers of some of the events and circuits”
2009 world champion Jenson Button has suggested that “normal cars that run on petrol you're not going to be able to buy in ten years' time”
He further added that the “future will always be in electricity, in any form of motorsport. When you first step on the accelerator, you feel that speed and then all thoughts of a V8 engine go away”
Dutch Grand Prix Sporting Director, Jan Lammers feels that Haas’ Mick Schumacher is a “slow starter who gets into it gradually”
He further explained that “in the end, he can definitely do something, otherwise you don't win championships in Formula 3 and Formula 2, but we can't expect him to impress right from the start”
He also implied that “it’s also difficult, when you still have so much to learn in Formula 1, and you are with a team that can teach you so little, that is always difficult”
McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo believes that if they “really believe in” F1’s fight against racism “and defend it firmly, there is no reason to end it”
He also hopes “to educate” himself “and educate others around” him and “if that means that” they “will maintain a posture similar to that of 2020, then, certainly”
Red Bull’s technical director Adrian Newey “saw Red Bull as a startup team, something that really appealed to” him when he was signed by the team
He added that “nobody knew where things would go with Red Bull, but the first goal was to get to a position where” they “could win races”
“From there” they “would see. So, the success” they've “had over the years has been very rewarding for” him

Is the future of all motorsport electric?

Formula World
Formula World Måned siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgw0C-PKlaf8Z9WSOGp4AaABCQ 0:00 - Why Verstappen Has No Input On the 2021 Red Bull Car 1:20 - Fast Feed
Reinier NN
Reinier NN Måned siden
@Steve Adey Not entirely true. At the moment most cars have problems with downforce when driving in disturbed air. When you' would develop cars which generate downforce even in disturbed air it will be easier to follow a car in front of you than now.i Also...especially wings are depending on undisturbed air...When those would be removed by rules a lot of races would get more interesting including using slipstreams again.
Chaz4short Måned siden
Danny Ricks statement didn't have enough context.
Steve Adey
Steve Adey Måned siden
Don't the teams realise that all the downforce that they recover just means that they will be pushing the cars into a portion of the performance envelope where cars are once again harder to follow. In my opinion the only means of avoiding this inevitable consequence was to mandate a limit to the aerodynamic wake that their car (at a specified speed) produces on a standardised shape, representing an 'idealised' following car at a defined distance or range of distances. This wake measurement could be based on wind tunnel experiments or CFD, whichever gives more reliable results.
John Parisi
John Parisi Måned siden
No. Formula E should be electric. Formula 1 should be combustion hydrogen.
Diego Ger
Diego Ger Måned siden
What can we expect from Perez at Red Bull? Hopefully many podiums and great rivalry with Max
Benny Ang
Benny Ang Måned siden
Ethanol would be great since there will be more pit stops only if f1 allow refueling again.
Mohamed Abdinur
Mohamed Abdinur Måned siden
The path is more electrification but the transition path will be hybrids for the next 8 or so years. Maybe the next move is shrinking and simplifying engines like inline 4 diesel electric systems with push-rods instead of DOHC using biodiesel just as an onboard genset. The battery density can be tripled and same charging/ deployment rules can exist. They can drop the gearbox and use a electric driveline with 4 emotors (1 at each wheel ... this way you get 4 wheel drive and electric ebrake regen from each tire) and the genset kicks in autonomously to recharge the batteries so that they can deliver power for the lap... the genset will likely be on the whole time but it gets rid of the flaws of Formula E with specific energy usage guidelines and risk of losing battery power so the system is restricted quite a bit.
Franseven 7
Franseven 7 Måned siden
i think all the cars should be electric but the motorsport should stay endotermic for entrateinment, it alone can't cause too much harm
rcb0683 Måned siden
I wonder if Red Bull are wondering if Max has had too much say in the development of previous cars to the detriment of his teammates. Perez going to same way as Gasly, Kvyat and Albon will say a lot.
Rashawn GT
Rashawn GT Måned siden
End rasim
S S Måned siden
You are not even following anyone, aren't you,max?You always run your own peace, can't catch merc and away from the others.
Shamim Huq
Shamim Huq Måned siden
Honda Engine is far superior because it is a patented VTEC engine. It has a unique Variable Timing using a set of solenoid to optimize the ignition in the cylinder.
zneb67 Måned siden
Yep it will all go electric, the Dakar rally is going that way with range extending cars. Also people say F1 won't go electric cause Formula E is already doing that which I don't understand. F1 uses petrol engines, so does nearly every other car racing series so when all those series go electric will F1 stay hybrid cause of Formula E? No one has really investigated this
Speed Mann
Speed Mann Måned siden
Max doesn't push hard enough. He's car's not as good as Mercedes but it's capable of a greater fight then what was given last year no doubt about it
Alexander Skörde
Alexander Skörde Måned siden
i really hope max wont be the next Lewis i would be very sad if in the future some team will be as dominant as mercedes and Lewis are and have been for the last years
Harvey Måned siden
I don't wanna see any drivers getting on the knee next season, does the total opposite affect
Marinus Venema
Marinus Venema Måned siden
Yes, electric is the way to go, its even quicker to fuck up the planet.... There was talk about hydrogen powered and even two stroke engines... That's the way forward, better for the planet, better for racing.
Fred P
Fred P Måned siden
To me it seems he was talking about the 2021 car and not 2022.
Aviation17 Måned siden
If it was all electric, isnt that just ABB Formula E?
james adam
james adam Måned siden
Scalexric was way ahead of its time
Christian Breitenstein
Christian Breitenstein Måned siden
I think that the future of all individual transportation - cars, bikes, scooters and whatnot - is battery-electric while the future of all transportation - buses, trucks, maybe even trains where thery're not electrified yet - is, or should be, hydro-electric. It'll take longer than 10 years though, but I am hopeful that my generation (I'm turning 43 this year) will live to see that. I sure hope that I will at least ;-)
Walter King
Walter King Måned siden
Is all you ever hear in Formula One now his mind your tires mind your battery they race for the first five laps and the race for the last five laps the rest of it is fucking shit he’s around he stealing money of the public
adam Måned siden
is it just me or are these comments all scatter-shot? Tho good on Ricciardo for wanting to keep up the equality stance.
S King
S King Måned siden
lucky *
lucky * Måned siden
who keeps asking button questions lol
John Mims
John Mims Måned siden
2.1k like was me this time. Awesome.
ProudNavyDad SWO-N
ProudNavyDad SWO-N Måned siden
I really enjoy F1 on TV. In person not so much. If they go all electric. I'm going full on board with Indy and IMSA.
dt Måned siden
I am like Max. I give minimal input in my exam. My future is as bright as Max's.
Jaime Alberto Osorio Avendaño
Jaime Alberto Osorio Avendaño Måned siden
Yeah sure....... everybody knows that Red Bull always makes a Vetstappen spec cars.
Mr. C
Mr. C Måned siden
You'd think Albon has more input given he will be testing and used in practice sessions.
Hugh g. Rection
Hugh g. Rection Måned siden
I’m calling mclaren to dominate next season
Martin7UPP Måned siden
Hybrid cars powered by hydrogen is the future of F1
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Måned siden
I believe that the future will be bio/lab grown fuels.
Tony Pret
Tony Pret Måned siden
electric racing should be Formula E's concern. Change the regs so every year there is less emissions so fuel can be developed. Unlimited fuel but limited emissions..... they will find a way......
Rukiyati Kuebler
Rukiyati Kuebler Måned siden
BBO Måned siden
Every year it’s the same........ Merc is much too strong...
Jeff Keith
Jeff Keith Måned siden
Newsflash: Every F1 race has only one winner. Someone is a genius.
Jeff Keith
Jeff Keith Måned siden
Max practising to be the Helmut Marko of 2050
Renegade Daffe
Renegade Daffe Måned siden
No racing AT that point
Dawie Smit
Dawie Smit Måned siden
Jenson Button: "When you first step on the accelerator, you feel that speed and then all thoughts of a V8 engine go away" Oh fuck me please!!!!! You not a real racing driver then.... Nothing, but nothing can replace the feel and sound of a real V8, V10 petrol powered Engine... NOTHING!
narancs5 Måned siden
A racing driver wants to go fast. If electric cars are faster, it is only logical they want that over ICE. You are refering to a car enthusiast, and thats a different thing.
CRP Måned siden
EV's are going to be a big flop. They will sell some butt they aren't taking over the industry by any means. Toyota isn't going EV and they will sell a huge amount of vehicles over the next decade for sure as dumb asses try to sell huge fleets of EV's. What the stupid believe? Stupid is what stupid does........
Lundo Måned siden
Computer engineer here. Electric cars are actually worse for the environment despite the "studies" released by major corporations. Inefficiencies come from energy loss in electricity production and energy transfer. There is also a cost in manufacturing in not only the vehicle's batteries but also the building and maintenance of renewable power systems. The amount of logistics that have to be adjusted to make electric vehicles a viable alternative to the already extremely efficient gas vehicles is huge. I don't see anything changing drastically environmentally friendly over the transition to electric at all. Don't get me wrong, electric is still a good power train option. It's just not at all as good as the people trying to sell you the cars make it out to be.
Lundo Måned siden
@Irradiated Ice this is literally the stuff I do/work with.
Irradiated Ice
Irradiated Ice Måned siden
What is the point of saying you're a computer engineer?
Not to e negative,but I just hate those people caring soooo much about Mick.I am a huge mick fan but these people only seem to be caring about Mick.I never saw that with Nikita Mazepin or Nicholas Latifi
07EMGEE Måned siden
watch max suck in 2021
elijahmodnar1 Måned siden
because he has botass seat at merc ;)
Alex Wade
Alex Wade Måned siden
Button is wrong that electric is the future of motorsport. People used to use horses for transport and they no longer do, yet horse racing is still a far bigger sport than F1. Electric racing cars are antiseptic and boring. Formula E is so rubbish I can’t watch it. Synthetic fuel powered internal combustion engines are the future for F1.
?? Måned siden
@Alex Wade oh okay thanks man
Alex Wade
Alex Wade Måned siden
@?? - Horse racing Worldwide is approximately x5 the turnover of F1.
?? Måned siden
Correct me if i'm wrong but F1 seems like a bigger sport than horse racing
Vyan Grundler
Vyan Grundler Måned siden
If Mercedes is on top in 2022 again I’ll cry
James Tonguet
James Tonguet Måned siden
it's become boring watching lewis and MB dominate for so long , he's a great driver but the thrill is gone
Worlds Worst Musician
Worlds Worst Musician Måned siden
"Often only one driver won". Er, only one driver ever wins 🤔
Fred P
Fred P Måned siden
@Worlds Worst Musician And how good is your Italian?
Worlds Worst Musician
Worlds Worst Musician Måned siden
@Fred P I understand that he can't speak English properly.
Fred P
Fred P Måned siden
Did you not understand or are you just pretending to not understand?
mikeswet39 Måned siden
It’s what it is -Max Verstappen
SXDISLXND Måned siden
Motorsports will eventually go full electric, either that or some other type of power plant that wont have emissions directly from the car.
doesntmakeanysence2u Måned siden
Jan Lammers always has the most generic opinions, don't know why he gets featured this much.
Joe Felony
Joe Felony Måned siden
It’s the first time he’s featured on this channel? I do agree that he is a tad annoying on dutch tv.
Matthew Heimlich
Matthew Heimlich Måned siden
Electric is inevitable. Put those new 5ft range wireless chargers in the track and our roads, then we never have to stop for gas again and don't need a huge heavy battery. Oh and instant power and torque.
Spiffy Tuber
Spiffy Tuber Måned siden
Except that’s very expensive and impoverished inner cities can’t afford it. Not only that maintenance cost will be through the roof, you cannot repair a dead battery like you can a engine, it has to be replaced which can cost thousands of dollars that no one will pay and will lead to more and more cars in the junkyard which could lead to more spontaneous fires from exposed batteries. Aside from that there will still be people who don’t just drive to get from A to B, there will be people who enjoy the sound of cars, real cars, and love to work on their own car. Yes, electric cars get instant torque but their high end is much weaker than a gas engine, the part that matters on track. Electric engine power curves are simply inverted from the gas curve, which is great for drag strips but not so much for lap time. The One:1, a V8 mega car, did a combined sector time on the ring of a 6:20. The Nio, a fully electric car with the same power and more downforce, did it on 6:45 a full 25 secs slower and the One:1 didn’t get a push lap yet because of the famous ABS failure that caused a crash that they since fixed. However, the point stands. Too expensive, not better for track racing (arguably more dangerous as well dealing with high speed crashes with the chance of exposing those lithium batteries to oxygen causing a fire), cars would be heavier, causes damage to the environment (and allow as abusive work from mining), etc Oh a even fairer test to end this, Jaguar has a F-Pace and a I-Pace that they tested against each other and as predicted the I-Pace beat the F-Pace off the line, but the F-Pace quickly caught up and walked away quickly lol
mark taylor
mark taylor Måned siden
Watched for a minute. This is click bait. Of course he won't have any input, its a new regs design. I.e an undriven car. A driver can't have input on something they haven't driven.
Steven Måned siden
2:03 Sorry Jenson you are DEAD wrong. Hydrogen is the future. Look how much electricity has gone down car wise over the years. Once that’s figured out for hydrogen electric cars are dead overnight. The whole reason people get a V8 is because of the sounds and sensations. Let the small pp men bench race with their Tesla appliances. I like many others don’t give a shit about electric cars. I drive for pleasure not for getting to point A to B.
Spiffy Tuber
Spiffy Tuber Måned siden
Ro Rey
Ro Rey Måned siden
Formula E and Formula 1 will merge before 2030
Skazz the Terrible
Skazz the Terrible Måned siden
Should it be 2022 or 2021 in the description?
Luckey Måned siden
The future of all racing is electric..?? No way. Not for me anyway; So far, e-racing is just plain awful; mind you that's partly because the tracks they race on are absolute crap. But even then, they sound headache whiney and look like toys. Nah, it needs the proper Racing sound, smell & fury.
taylor Måned siden
2022? or 2021?
StuckInnerRut Måned siden
Thanks Jenson for proving what a dick you are. Ever the salesman/spokesman, eh! Stick it up ya.
Derrick Best
Derrick Best Måned siden
I think it might be closer this year. Red Bull might actually have a shot
Apophis STR
Apophis STR Måned siden
All racing going full electric? It depends, racing couldn't live without spectator, yet the spectator could not actually feel the full sensation of what the drivers could feel from their car. In most cases, the immersion came from combinations of things, and the brutal noise is often the first and major factor of creating that spectacle unique to car-racing. To be honest, I think most people who watched F1 had already gotten used to the speed of these cars in term of visual. Unless electric cars could be much faster (which limited by human ability as well as the complications that came with it affecting racing), I don't think speed would ever again be the main attractive point of the sport. From my personal point of view, the moment F1 go full-electric, will be the moment I completely give up on the sport. Unless it could bring something so overwhelmingly good that even the track become silence is not an issue, which I bet will not happen in at least 20 years of figuring out, or ever.
TurboPumperX Måned siden
I couldn’t agree with you more.
MAADUECE Måned siden
Track safety is always the limiting factor in speed, f1 could be going way faster as fast as electric, but either platform will be governed by lap speed for track an spectator safety
JLM PC Måned siden
can't you just render the Video in 1440p or 4k? I mean, those are just Photos, aren't they? Isn't that taxing
nadum charles
nadum charles Måned siden
No content on Hamilton signing a 1 year deal? I have been waiting for a content on the year deal Hamilton signed.
Niko Manuelides
Niko Manuelides Måned siden
link to poll does not work on mobile
Corrupt Central
Corrupt Central Måned siden
No, Button, they don’t ever go away
Frankie Ag Nostos
Frankie Ag Nostos Måned siden
Electric is a lot more costly in terms of energy and a lot more costly in terms of rare metals than petrol or diesel. That electricity often comes from burning fossil fuels - coal, gas and oil.
narancs5 Måned siden
@Gaurav Pandey And you need to "transport" that electricity to the outlets through a couple of transformations, then store it. In the battery you will lose charge over time. Your electric motor using the electricity is also not 100% efficient. So yeah, a powerplant may be 60% efficient, but thats not the whole story. Your numbers are misleading.
Gaurav Pandey
Gaurav Pandey Måned siden
Fact : Even you convert all the cars to eletric it will be lead a lot less carbon emissions because making electricity at power plants is around 60% eff whereas normal cars are 20%.
crystal arhin
crystal arhin Måned siden
Ahh the Schumacher excuses begin
Captain Blacktooth
Captain Blacktooth Måned siden
Personally I have much time for Stefano Domenicali, but I have no time for "Lewis Hamilton is too gifted for the rest of the field so we will have to change the rules to neuter him" .... As the $Billionaire rap artists say "I wanted rap, now give me one more platinum disc you can have it back..." It seems to me that Lewis coming to an end in F1, this season, this championship his 8th will be enough most likely ... Except maybe winning in 2022 to prove he could win in any car style ... Then he'll be gone to pastures new and the whiners can find something else to whine about. 🙄🤢😂😂😂
yussman quadri
yussman quadri Måned siden
and if he continue to race beyond 2022 clown like you will hate for no reason stop blaming lewis for having a sad life he his a winner and a legend of the sport like it or not well that something a loser like you can't understand
EVO XD Måned siden
Ricciardo’s new logo is legit the “new” white power symbol many white nationalist groups in the US are using. He may want to rethink that design or hope the use dies off. Note: I’m by no means accusing DR of racism in any way. Just that it’s an unfortunate coincidence...
25 Smeckels
25 Smeckels Måned siden
Cant wait for multimillionairs "educating" me for a whole nother year...
mogaka samwel
mogaka samwel Måned siden
According to this generation they have a platform. They must use it. Its sad really. People no longer have self drive. Instead, they want someone else with a "platform" to educate them.
Joe Felony
Joe Felony Måned siden
Exactly. I just get frustrated from any kind of ‘political’ message. Why can’t they just sh*t up and race?
So Isaidtogod
So Isaidtogod Måned siden
Then prance off to their yacht/ jet.
MadelnOahu Måned siden
I wonder if Honda only decided on a whim. They decided 1 year prior to start development on a hybrid v6 then they decide 1 year prior to leaving f1
General PJ
General PJ Måned siden
I hope to god its not all electric
Josue Velez
Josue Velez Måned siden
Bradley Galedrige
Bradley Galedrige Måned siden
Could run on Methanol, it's grown and still makes good power just produces a little higher NOx value but that can be solved by running a partial aftertreatment system.
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen Måned siden
I’m sorry for all F1 fans (like myself), but eventually Formula 1 will change and may even disappear completely. The whole world is changing rapidly. I’m a musician, 53 years old. I remember gigging in smoke filled rooms. You could hardly breathe. We’d play loud like crazy and everybody was completely fine with that. On stage it was hot as hell because of the stage lights. Women were freed in the sixties (at least, that’s what we all thought) and they didn’t hide their sexuality. It was a sweaty, but fun time. I enjoyed every minute of it. Now, it’s forbidden to smoke. We’re not allowed to play loud anymore (some people have sensitive ears, you know?), most of the stage lights have been replaced with LED lights, and the women...., well, they’re more prudish than ever. And the whole experience of playing in a rock band..., it’s just not the same. In fact, it’s become pretty lame. F1 will change. Face it. Everybody understands that it’s better not to smoke and that you waste too much energy and money with the old lights, everyone knows you can ruin your hearing listening to loud music and we all know we can’t keep building engines that run on fossil fuels. Enjoy while you still can.
John Davolta
John Davolta Måned siden
Mercedes will dominate 2022 since they are keeping the hybrid engine
S King
S King Måned siden
@Roy Dowling - Because Claire didn’t know what she was doing. She ran the team into the ground.
Roy Dowling
Roy Dowling Måned siden
Williams has the same Engine as Mercedes so why are Williams not dominating?
Sivan Varnakulasingam
Sivan Varnakulasingam Måned siden
1:47 "business under the table" :)
Mitch From The Internet
Mitch From The Internet Måned siden
I love this common misconception that drivers have serious input anyway. 🙄
Mitch From The Internet
Mitch From The Internet Måned siden
@TomorrowComesToday oh yeah, these days the drivers basically sit down with the designers and dictate where they want the centre pressure to be. 👍🙄🤣
TomorrowComesToday Måned siden
Michael schumacher and every single world champion did have a great deal of input in driving dynamics. What are you implying here? . That the engineers develope the car without driver feedback and without them driving it?. It's like if you said nike is developing a running shoe for Usain bolt yet he would not get any sort of input, only designers of the shoe that don't even run at that level of performance
Cliff Cheung
Cliff Cheung Måned siden
Enzo told him racing is shady af lol
Lazy Bug
Lazy Bug Måned siden
"One team was in charge and often only one driver win". Tell exactly how good is Merc team & Lewis Hamilton.
YB Måned siden
I hope Sergio outshines Max at RB
onesoloving1 Måned siden
Enzo's great love was the V-12 engine. todays engines verge on being pointless because of the outdated electrical distribution system. E Prix uses diesel generators to charge their batteries...
abhi verma
abhi verma Måned siden
The confusion... The opportunity to take 2021 as the one and only chance to beat Mercedes by going all in , or invest in 2022 and further so much that you are on par with them
DT Major
DT Major Måned siden
STFU jenson
Nathan Weiss
Nathan Weiss Måned siden
As long as the primary sources of electricity are burning fossil fuels I don't really see the rush to get racing changed over to electric. When photovoltaic and wind/water turbines catch up to the need, it will make sense. Its like feeling good about ethanol, until you look into how much resources are used to make it.
S King
S King Måned siden
Biodiesel ...
narancs5 Måned siden
These renewable sources can never power the whole world on their own. They are not reliable enough, unless they find a way to manipulate the weather.
Yeshua Cano
Yeshua Cano Måned siden
This channel’s information packed content makes following Formula 1 more accessible. Massive respect for all those working on this videos!
Full of Mischief
Full of Mischief Måned siden
My only question is what took the FIA so long on this? No disrespect to Merc. They deserve top credit for dominating this era. But why allow a decade of this? The fact that Netflix brought more interest to F1 than the people handling the sport itself is alarming.
ming c
ming c Måned siden
@Nibba Skittle it wasn’t easy to just anyhow change rules these days as F1 is so much more complicated these day.. and I like to see good racing but to change rules just to penalize the team doing their best job is always for me “stupid” and I am sad to see so many of you all buying these “unfair” opinion..
Stratowind Måned siden
It wasn't FIAs fault. The rule changes and the tons of money they give Ferrari made them competitive. But they sucked at strategy, reliability and Vettel kept spinning. They could have ended this dominance in just 2017 and been competitive till 2021. Ferrari failed us.
Joe Felony
Joe Felony Måned siden
You are underestimating the influence of Netflix my dude.
Nibba Skittle
Nibba Skittle Måned siden
The FIA was quick to change the rules to try and end the ferrari domination but have been not doing much to end the merc domination kinda SUS
SANG Måned siden
@grantar2 that's what started this stagnant period of f1. For 20 years the winning constructor has nearly always been the one who won the year before.
Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood Måned siden
Lewis: it’s harder to lead than to follow... 2022 rule changes: Am I a joke to you...?
Angel Måned siden
No news about Alonso being hit by a car?!
jeff the lobster
jeff the lobster Måned siden
@ed i know how inconsiderate that alonzo hit the car with his bike
ed Måned siden
The damage to the car is minimal, thank you.. ;)
CRP Måned siden
Oh shit....
jeff the lobster
jeff the lobster Måned siden
@sada lyngdoh Switzerland while rinding bicycle this week
sada lyngdoh
sada lyngdoh Måned siden
Whatttt???? When? Where?
I edited my name
I edited my name Måned siden
F1 is electric.
I would rather have 1 V10 grand prix than 10 electric ones .
Spiffy Tuber
Spiffy Tuber Måned siden
@Micster you are right, I don’t watch it regularly because after a couple races I got bored. Ig I’m more of a car fan than a racing fan because I can watch boring races as long as the cars are exciting but I can’t watch amazing races if the cars are boring/annoying to hear. It’d be nice if you could have both in both series but you don’t and F1 rn has neither tbh predictable races and boring cars
Micster Måned siden
@Spiffy Tuber then you don't watch FE regularly. In season 5 we had 7 winners in 7 differentraces, and in the last season, we had 5 winners in 5 different races. And in F1? It's almost always Lewis who wins not only because he has by far the best car in F1 history, also bcs his skill he can beat bottas every race.
Spiffy Tuber
Spiffy Tuber Måned siden
@Micster Matter of opinion, to me Formula E cars sound like nails on a chalk board tbh lol and I don’t find the racing entertaining but to be fair I don’t find F1 entertaining atm either
Micster Måned siden
@Spiffy Tuber no they don't. I think formula e cars don't sound bad, but still it sounds worse than formula 1, at least FE is more entertaining these days than F1.
Spiffy Tuber
Spiffy Tuber Måned siden
@Micster Not better than a V10 and Formula E cars sound awful, annoying even lol
Alex Mason
Alex Mason Måned siden
The description says 2021 car - typo? :)
sphere 528
sphere 528 Måned siden
if Gasly had the same support as Max he would be destroying him
Richard Schoonhoven
Richard Schoonhoven Måned siden
@sphere 528 yes but 2016 is a weird year, 2018 Danny Ric had a horrible year, 2017 Max had a bad year (tho Rics wasnt great either). In my mind 2017 was clearly Rics year, 2018 clearly Max. 2016 is not that obvious. For a midway rookie in the team, if you remove the first races from both, it's quite an achievement from Max to come that close to Ric and start outqualifying him. It's more a draw tbh. Anyway the math is simply add the 3 totals together, remove the first 4 races in 2016 points for both.
sphere 528
sphere 528 Måned siden
@Richard Schoonhoven ok cause your math seems a little fuzzy, again I've been through this a few times & Danny pretty much beat Max 2 out of the 3 yrs they were together
Richard Schoonhoven
Richard Schoonhoven Måned siden
@sphere 528 actually if you take all races they were together, Max has 608 points, Ric 590, Max has 13 DNFs, Ric has 14. Max is 0.14 faster in quali on average. I'd say Max has almost always been faster apart from the first few races in 2016. I see it as Max maturing and ultimately edging Ric out but let's disagree then.
sphere 528
sphere 528 Måned siden
@Richard Schoonhoven you're telling me I'm delusional for saying Latifi could do just as well as Max in his car, the same way all the haters want to put Max in a Merc & think he would be champ overnight that's the only thing I'm saying
sphere 528
sphere 528 Måned siden
@Richard Schoonhoven trust me I've already been through this a dozen times now & the 3 yrs him & Ricciardo were teammates Daniel beats him, not by a mile but he still has better numbers than Max. and there's nothing for me to get over 6 yrs in F1 & Max has more DNF's than victories, I also don't wanna hear the BS excuses of "well some of those DNF's were mechanical." by F1 standards he would've been demoted back to the JR team. let's see just how great of a driver Max really is if Horner allows Checo to battle him wheel-to-wheel on a weekly basis
Sam Hazleton
Sam Hazleton Måned siden
It's ok that Max doesn't have a lot of input. He can drive anything. They need more input from Sergio on how to make the car more drivable. That's what will ultimately make red bull competitive as a team. Max has been competitive in that car for years when no one else could be.
Roy Dowling
Roy Dowling Måned siden
Max Never outperformed Riccardo. Only thine Max managed to best Riccardo was 2018 when riccardo had a all those mechanical issues
Sam Hazleton
Sam Hazleton Måned siden
@Deezel Kane I think we agree on that, but also that Perez is a big step up from Albon. I think we will see a difference. I'm hopeful that it will be enough to mean something strategically. I also think Ricciardo in an improved McLaren will shake things up.
Deezel Kane
Deezel Kane Måned siden
@Sam Hazleton top tier to me is ricciardo, Hamilton, leclerc. So we’ll never see.
Sam Hazleton
Sam Hazleton Måned siden
@Deezel Kane we'll see if you're right this year with Checo hopping in the second seat.
Deezel Kane
Deezel Kane Måned siden
@Sam Hazleton max is a great driver, but put any of the top tier guys in that car and you yield competitive results. It’s not rocket science. Redbull are just atrocious at timing driver promotion
Farhan K
Farhan K Måned siden
i believe hydrogen is coming to lmp2 in a few years. then we will see which is better electric or hydrogen
Olav Vitters
Olav Vitters Måned siden
Hydrogen is highly inefficient. Plus it's converted to electricity anyway to power an electric motor.
AH Hmm
AH Hmm Måned siden
@TomorrowComesToday You do realize making hydrogen requires a ton of electricity, right?
TheRedHead Måned siden
Watch the chain bear F1 video on hydrogen.
NitricWarrior Måned siden
fuel cell or combustion?
TomorrowComesToday Måned siden
I think Jenson is wrong too. Hydrogen is in many ways more sustainable than electricity snd eco friendly with disposal. Including building infrastructure to provide an efficient product and developing efficient waste disposal. Toyota is the one leading currently. Tesla will be bankrupt in less than 10 years before gasoline is cut off in 99.9% of the countries holding currently all the infrastructure to distribute.
Mike 0891
Mike 0891 Måned siden
People don't realize that electric cars doesn't mean zero carbon. The amount of effort companies have to put in to produce lithium for the batteries is far greater than burning fossil fuels to race. They are literally destroying forests around the world to mine lithium and the only way to get that lithium is burning fossil fuels in the machinery to dig it up and cut down trees. It's funny how people are brainwashed washed into thinking electric cars are the way of the future
esphi LEE
esphi LEE Måned siden
Stop blaming Mercedes and Lewis for making F1 boring. It was the rest of the teams incompetence that lead to Mercedes’s dominance.
Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood Måned siden
It’s simple... the regulations are the problem and also the loopholes within them. The problem why we don’t like Lewis is because he pretends he works so hard to get those wins when Mercedes literally spoon feeds him wins and he’s a lying fake diva just like he lied about having party mode when vettel asked about it, then he was rude to vettel for exposing him, we all know he lied and party mode existed but he pretended it was him making the difference in quali. Mercedes hired bottas for a reason after rosberg. To be the butler. So now he’s literally racing no one cause bottas isn’t allowed to race him spa radio “I thought we weren’t going to use overtake on eachother we discussed this” When ever the best cars were way ahead of the rest the 2 best drivers were allowed to battle it out in the best cars. Mercedes is so greedy they just destroyed racing even within their own team just to get those records. they just want Hamilton to have it easy, whenever bottas leads never double stack, and he always gets screwed by strategy or even when bottas requests different strategy to fight Lewis he’s denied . That’s not racing. Lewis literally raced no one since bottas. That’s lame and selfish because it made f1 boring for us fans when we want to see excitement from them in our lives that’s why they live exciting luxurious lives. Mercedes is the true goat, hamilton is a commodity (paper stat record holder) used by Mercedes to get into the books. At the time he was the best driver Mercedes made it so easy I guarantee you he’s not used to racing anymore. He always complains about everything but himself when it doesn’t go his way. The doubts the car the strategy tires and they need to stroke his ego to make him function when all those factors he complains are the best of the best. Best strategist best car best data. They collected years of data driving in the front and that made it so easy for hamilton. Mercedes car and the geniuses who created the monsters cars are the goats. Hamilton was just the driver they put their eggs in his basket at the time because he WAS the best at that time and had no choice but to stick with him. He wouldn’t stand a chance against the hunger that George max Charles have. They will tear him to shreads eat him alive and spit him back out after being spoiled by Mercedes. That’s why we don’t like him. I bet he lied about staying after the rule changes and wanting to actually race because he will only expose exactly what I said here and he most likely will retire next year. I called this along time ago that that claim was a lie and we will see if he remains after 2021. Coincidentally he only has a one year contract. That’s why I’m glad they had an extra year and I’m sure that’s also why they pushed the rules back a year to be able to write the rules good enough to accommodate racing and the driver aspect more cause once it’s set in stone it’s set. We watch f1 for the show the driver aspect that’s what makes it a sport the human aspect of controlling these technological beasts. If we want to see what the cars capacity is we might as well watch the 300 simulations they have every weekend at command center with the data of the cars capacity. So the rules must accommodate the driver aspect because technological advancements in this day and age can be so great it’s hard to compete against and there should be a control method that it doesn’t hinder racing. That’s what hamilton and Mercedes were.. because they prevented racing within their own team for selfish corporate greed. The RACING fans suffered from that. Not you groupie Lewis fan boys that enjoy seeing a boring race as long g as Hamilton wins. I want to see racing battling gladiators! Rosberg hamilton was some amazing racing... I mean throwing out fastest laps in a car that’s at least 0,2 second faster than another other Caron the grid and a mediocre second team mate is NOTHING SPECIAL!
Rahul77_ YT
Rahul77_ YT Måned siden
U ok?
kirinFPS Måned siden
this is just wrong in every way
Goy'd down.
Goy'd down. Måned siden
Make F1 not woke.
matembwere chekai
matembwere chekai Måned siden
Looking at formula E it a joke to think that f1 will become electric in the near future,years or more
matembwere chekai
matembwere chekai Måned siden
Thanx to recardo for supporting anti racism campaign,..people don't know the impact racism has on people, I guess he saw it first hand in Australia ,which was against aborigin people.thanx Ricardo,.its more than sport ,its about humanity. We greatly appreciate all what you represent.
graham brown
graham brown Måned siden
Save the preaching get with the driving
PLZFrosty Måned siden
This anti-rasism thing is really getting old. Come to South Africa. You'll be gasping in awe at how bad it is...
PLZFrosty Måned siden
@Fred P My point exactly!
Fred P
Fred P Måned siden
Not one of them has spoken out against the farm murders in South Africa. Because it doesn't suit their narrative.
PLZFrosty Måned siden
It just shows that they're all talk...
fatboyRAY24 Måned siden
I know right?? It’s so strange how the places with anti-racist movements are actually less racist than the places without them! It’s truly an enigmatic phenomenon......
Anthony H
Anthony H Måned siden
Maybe redbull has realised that putting all their eggs in basket hasn't worked... so they'll probably develop a car for 2 drivers as opposed to 1
dutchtrafficservice Måned siden
They have never developed a car for 1 driver.
Richard Schoonhoven
Richard Schoonhoven Måned siden
Stop this nonsense
TomorrowComesToday Måned siden
anydaynow Måned siden
My track day car will always be a petrol car and my daily will always be an electric car. They each have their place, but nothing can replace the feeling of rowing through the gears in a ICE powered car and just nailing a lap. Electric is fast and fun but ICE is rewarding to a degree that is hard to explain in words.
Joe mercuri
Joe mercuri Måned siden
@AH Hmm Agreed! they put Formula E on those stupid twisty street circuits is to give the illusion of speed when on TV. If they ran those cars on a familiar track it would be a disaster since there would be time comparisons that would make FE look like the boring dumpster fire it truly is. Pay attention Formula 1 Nobody is watching Formula E !!
AH Hmm
AH Hmm Måned siden
@jacobitosuperstar Formula E is.... yeah utter crap. They are so damn slow. They need to get fast recharging done, and get off those annoying twisty street circuits.
Rodrigo Fonseca
Rodrigo Fonseca Måned siden
RIght now the only thing EV cars have over ICEs is an immense acceleration from 0-60 mph. All the rest, from top speed, endurance and manouverability they are still miles away from bringing truly entertaining races. Will this change in the future? I think so, as they unlock better and lighter battery technology and perfect regen and other aspects the EVs performance will be more and more competitive. Hybrids bring the best of both worlds though, but we don't even have hybrid karts or a hybrid GT series. Only F1 and Prototypes which are extremely expensive cars.
Dennis Bakker
Dennis Bakker Måned siden
We understand .. formula e sounds terrible
CRP Måned siden
@AH Hmm Ya sure. Apparently you haven't driven anywhere outside the first world?
ChumpyChicken2 Måned siden
What “Racism“ is Daniel talking about? I’d say he should stop worrying about wokeness and concentrate on his F1 driving.
ChumpyChicken2 Måned siden
@Fred P 100% correct.
Fred P
Fred P Måned siden
The same which Lewis claims to be the victim of all the time, i.e. an imagined non-existent one.
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