Why Bottas Does NOT Want To Make Hamilton Angry

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Valtteri Bottas joined Mercedes in 2017 after Nico Rosberg announced a shock retirement. Ever since then, teammate Lewis Hamilton has held the clear advantage when it comes to the Drivers’ Championship. In fact, Nico Rosberg remains the only driver to have defeated Hamilton in the hybrid era and some have suggested that Bottas should adopt the techniques Rosberg used to best Hamilton in 2016. Bottas, however, does not agree and he has now told Motorsport why
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0:00 - Bottas Does Not Want To Make Hamilton Angry
1:57 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Bottas Does Not Want To Make Hamilton Angry
Bottas began by explaining the team dynamics
“I think our strength as a team is that we really work together as a team. Of course we race against each other, but that's it. We know very well that the team can only benefit from good mutual cooperation. As a result, I will not hide data from him or do similar things”
He stressed the need for a harmonious environment
“In my view, good team spirit is often underestimated in the sports world, it is very important to maintain motivation and avoid conflict”
He then responded to the suggestions that he should emulate Rosberg
“I've been told many times that I need to change myself and become a kind of Nico Rosberg . But I'm not Nico Rosberg. I want to speak with my performance on the track and only race fairly”
He then explained why mind games aren’t a useful strategy against Hamilton
“I know Lewis quite well now and I know that playing mental games does not bring any benefit. Of course, it could be annoying for him, but I am also wasting my own energy on that”
He further elaborated on why he does not want to make Hamilton angry by using such tactics to sum up his words
“Besides, I think such an approach will just make him angry and that makes him drive even better. I want to win my own way. I keep trying new things. I always look to the future and know that there are still opportunities to come. At the same time, those opportunities are not endless. I know I will not get another fifteen seasons to beat Lewis. This season I really have to do everything I can”

Fast Feed
“As far as” Lewis Hamilton’s father Alexander Hamilton is “aware”, Lewis “will carry on racing. He loves racing, he loves what he does”
He further emphasized that “it’s nothing to do with targets” and that Lewis is “not racing for trophies, he races because he loves what he does and also he loves to inspire others”
Formula 1 has confirmed that the 2021 season will begin on the 26th of March in Bahrain
F1’s CEO Stefano Domenicali is “pleased to confirm that the number of races planned for the” 2021 “season remains unchanged”
He further stressed that the “global pandemic has not yet allowed life to return to normal”
He, however feels that they “showed in 2020 that” they “can race safely as the first international sport to return and” they “have the experience and plans in place to deliver on” the upcoming season
Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has stated that they “have to address the weak points and change the car, and to do that” they “have to use tokens”
He also added that “other teams do not have to do that, which is a disadvantage for” Ferrari which is why he expects “very strong competition in 2021”
Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has said that they “also face the huge challenge of slightly modified regulations for 2021 and a huge change in the rules for 2022”
He added that “there are factors that work against” them “and that motivates” them “greatly”
He also feels that despite this “there are also factors that work for” them because they believe they “have a good organisation. In general terms”, they “embrace change and have done so in the past”
Wolff further confirmed that they “have to structure” themselves “in a different way than usual because of the budget cap”
A spokesperson for F1 has confirmed that there are no plans to secretly vaccinate everyone involved in F1 and “that no such plan is being worked on by either the FIA or Formula One”
Australian Grand Prix Corporation chairman Paul Little is “very excited to be able to confirm the rescheduling of the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix to 18-21 November 2021”
He added that “as the third-last race of the season, this provides the opportunity to safely host what could be the championship-decider”

Will Ferrari be more competitive this season than they were in 2020?

Formula World
Formula World 2 måneder siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgxNRbTrNKoh_7zQG854AaABCQ 0:00 - Bottas Does Not Want To Make Hamilton Angry 1:57 - Fast Feed
Nico C.
Nico C. 2 måneder siden
I 'm pretty accurate when I say that Hamilton doesn't get angry, he gets sad, goes back to his hotel room and cries.
Thomas smith
Thomas smith 2 måneder siden
Rosberg was always inherently faster over one lap than Lewis in good conditions, he was never as good during a race.. unless he happened to be out in front without traffic and then he was gone. Big difference with Bottas as he's just not that quick.
Jack Dyson
Jack Dyson 2 måneder siden
@James Truth Dillon's just into making a lot of trashy content lately I think - I don't think Bottas is desperate, but someone I could mention sure is. Oppositely, James, I'd say Brundle is only human and entitled to his interpretations as we all are. I do think Martin whinges on a bit at times, probably because he has a lot left unsaid in his career and is a different generation, but generally speaking; I find that he does know what he is talking about. In answer to "flogging this horse to death" surely how Bottas wants to prosecute his career is upto him and not the rest of the world? It's becoming like Dillon et al were triple WDCs or something... Time to hit that unsubscribe button ;)
James Truth
James Truth 2 måneder siden
Is anyone else getting tired of the BARE FACED LIES that come from pundits and commentators spreading the absolute falsehood that you can beat Lewis by engaging in mind games. I don't care how many times LIARS like Dillon Shelly or Martin Brundle repeat this LIE, it will never make it true. Lewis was beaten in 2016 by staggeringly poor car reliability and repeated cheating from his teammate. Rosbergs attempts to get into Lewis' head or make him angry had ZERO effect on Lewis' performances and I'm sick of hearing these LYING commentators trying to convince the public otherwise. You're better than this Dillon, stick to the facts and stop repeating Brundles evidence free LIES.
Dictum Obiter
Dictum Obiter 2 måneder siden
Toxic fake F1 supposedly "fan"🖕🖕🖕
msf... 13 dager siden
20 sec ad which cannot be skipped
Axel Gerber
Axel Gerber 13 dager siden
He’s the best team mate Hamilton can have,
احمد احمد
احمد احمد 14 dager siden
Dluger123 15 dager siden
He’s right Rosberg won the championship
MonchoYT 16 dager siden
if Bottas wants to challenge Hamilton he needs to make him angry
1ppes 16 dager siden
Bottas is the most professional Driver imo, he knows not to make mess publicly, seems to be the Guy to clear Things behind closed Curtains.
Onkel Marvin
Onkel Marvin Måned siden
The technique Rosberg used, is called " Experience " !!!!! Hamilton has twice the experience of Bottas, and thats why he`s not on the same level !!!!!
Dawn Bowen
Dawn Bowen Måned siden
bottas your a fanny . you need to give your seat up mate your going no where
CHRoOMAX 2 måneder siden
SubRung 2 måneder siden
Why manufacturers allown for 2 cars. Its just stupid. One has to sacrifices and if not then construction co will. No champ left in f1 now.
SubRung 2 måneder siden
Such a waste bottas . He was great in williams. He might be earning high but just side kick now.
Max Sebastian
Max Sebastian 2 måneder siden
Bottas is like a robot to me... robottas
Sekar Pag
Sekar Pag 2 måneder siden
It's clear Bottas motivation not to race Against Hamilton, he will *never*why because he knows how to make fu,,,,,money, shameful for formula One, Mercedes winning title because of the car not Hamilton and Bottas.
Thaddeus Ejiofor
Thaddeus Ejiofor 2 måneder siden
You all can see that when Nico Roseburg made Lewis Hamilton Angry, he didn't win any more races not because Valtteri said it but you have to be Lewis partner to understand that Lewis drive the wheels out of the car when he feels someone is on his nerves to make a statement. You all go and look back and ask Roseburg also.
Thaddeus Ejiofor
Thaddeus Ejiofor 2 måneder siden
Valtteri is right about not being Nico Roseburg. AND HE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. YOU ALL SHOULD REMEMBER. ROSEBURG didn't win that championship. He knew that Lewis Hamilton will never have allowed him to win another and if you all were looking and listening, you might have seen Lewis say that and stressed on it. He also said (Nico Roseburg had won once) and that understand lined the fact that since the race together, Nico never won. We also have to know that Lewis did actually better than Roseburg that 2016. Lewis had all the glitches bad starts and DNFs. When he understood what Nico was doing, he was angry and decided not to allow Nico win any more and he was winning in Malaysia with fewer laps to go when his engine caught fire. And he went on from there to win even the Last race. Saying to Roseburg yyou're done winning. Nico Roseburg know Lewis Hamilton ment it. He also knew that Lewis Hamilton will never allow him. To win any more. That's the truth about Nico resigning or actually quitting and putting the whole Mercedes in a very serious situation that for me is unfortunate. In other words, Nico Roseburg cheated in that championship fight and Valtteri is very right not to want to be like Nico. He doesn't want it by all means. So all you brainless idiot's on you tube should leave this guy alone.
Johan Burger
Johan Burger 2 måneder siden
Gerry D
Gerry D 2 måneder siden
After every race Bottas goes into Lewis's trailer: Will there be anything else sir ???. Where any other driver would say next time it's your ass !!!!..🤣🤣🤣
Mehdee M
Mehdee M 2 måneder siden
I wish Bottas reads these comments and then try to improve himself. I believe he can do way better if he just changed his outlook on things.
BanditBlu 1776
BanditBlu 1776 2 måneder siden
Nico better tbh
Joe Green
Joe Green 2 måneder siden
He wouldn't make a wart on Rosberg's ass!
jey da
jey da 2 måneder siden
It will be damn hard for MB to have Lewis' car to suffer a rash of inexplicable DNFs again.
Jorge Quevedo
Jorge Quevedo 2 måneder siden
When you are not that good: the team is important
Allen Jackson
Allen Jackson 2 måneder siden
Title should be: Bottas admits he is too chickenshit to battle Hamilton
Dennis Andrews
Dennis Andrews 2 måneder siden
No one gives a shit.
Retro 2 måneder siden
'I don't want to be a Rosberg, I want race fair (like Hamilton)" Sporting Self respect is an honourable virtue. LH out performed Rosberg in 2016. He lost the title thanks to the mysterious engine failure while leading while Rosberg was in fourth with 16 laps to go...Gifting the title to a German driver for the German juggxrnaught car manufacturer...
Dgisch 2 måneder siden
Bottas really deserves to just go full speed and win. Without the "its james"
Bilko367 2 måneder siden
Commenting before watching, he doesn't want to make him angry because it's the only way he's keeping his Mercedes seat, clear number 2
Adam Rafique
Adam Rafique 2 måneder siden
He is what Barrichello was to Schumacher
Goekcan7 2 måneder siden
Bottas: I’m not Rosberg. Crowd: *You were the Choosen One*
Danny Dawn
Danny Dawn 2 måneder siden
You can never be, youre a stooge of lewis, he allows you to win a few races thats it, rosberg gave lewis a hard time, he is comfy with you as he knows you are not a challange at all, and he knows russel will beat him thats why he doesnt want russel
geonerd 2 måneder siden
Rossberg played Hamilton's persecution complex perfectly. This may have made Lewis angry, but is also made him hugely insecure.
Gold 2 måneder siden
Rosbergs Victory over Hamilton was in part due to dirty tactics and Lewis's own fault for not being fully focused on the track. Lewis learnt his lesson. It cost him a title and he knows deep inside. He lost the championship more than Nico won it. Fully deserved WDC to Nico though
Jonathan Lewis
Jonathan Lewis 2 måneder siden
I like Bottas but this is why he is a loser and Rosberg was a winner.
Asif Azeez
Asif Azeez 2 måneder siden
You are not Nico Rosberg valtery. You are nowhere near the level of Rosberg.
GSA 2 måneder siden
Zero personality , zero talent , no balls and he still thinks that he can become World Champion, hahahahahahahahahahah !!!
Miguel Angel Dominguez
Miguel Angel Dominguez 2 måneder siden
VB has the unique opportunity to drive the most dominant car in the last 7 years, the car that may give him his best, and maybe the only chance to win a F1 championship, and it looks like he won't do anything to achieve it, just because he doesn't want LH to be upset. That was for sure the most patetic statement I can remember in over 40 years following F1. He sure does not deserve to be in F1.
Craig Houghton
Craig Houghton 2 måneder siden
If he ever wants to beat what's his name he needs to get some of the Rosberg mongrel.
Miganon 2 måneder siden
And this is why we always have HAM-BOT-VER. So long as no one is able to disrupt the Merc dominance, it will almost always be HAM-BOT on podium. We have Bottas, who isn't a match for Lewis, and doesn't seem to be interested in challenging Lewis for 1st. Max, who is most certainly interested in getting 1st, doesn't have a car that can compete with the Mercs simply because the Mercs will just pull away on the straights. The rest of the field is 10, sometimes even 30 seconds behind the 3 of them. Is it any surprise Lewis is dominating the sport?
David Ej
David Ej 2 måneder siden
With all respects Bottas, you could never be Nico even if you want to, you may only try and you should!
Andrew Rondeau
Andrew Rondeau 2 måneder siden
Can you make these podcasts as well?
OnePieceObsessed 2 måneder siden
Dear Mr. Little, if you really want a title-decider, you were better off with the starting race instead.
WhereHeroesDies 2 måneder siden
We are sure that VBottas isn´t NRosberg, and precisely because of that, NRosberg won 1 Championship, meanwhile VBottas, will not win one.
ReelNewwt 2 måneder siden
Wonder if the team calls him beta bottas behind his back
William Holden
William Holden 2 måneder siden
Rosberg quit F1 rather than drive another season with Hamilton who tried to steal Rosberg's Championship by his unsporting behaviour in the last race of the season. Bottas is a wimp. He was shown up by a replacement driver for Hamilton who was suffering from Covid 19 and whose victory was only thwarted by the one and only ever botched Mercedes tyre change. That cockup saved Hamilton's and Bottas' blushes!
Ar Fa
Ar Fa 2 måneder siden
Awesome channel! No clickbaits, no waste of time, efficient and accurate info delivery. Excellent work.
ghostrider13bg 2 måneder siden
Dan 2 måneder siden
Rosberg won that year because Hamilton lost points when his car failed dnf. If that never happened it would of been a close 2nd for Rosberg.
Robert Green
Robert Green 2 måneder siden
Like in any sport the highest profile athlete can be beaten!!!! I would study the lines Hamilton takes and then implement a faster better line or if trying to pass be like a ghost im in your right mirror then next second im in your left mirror or fake him him out!!!! You just gotta get in his head if you're a driver that can get in his head you can win💯 might be hard as f!$@ but it can be done. See and Rosberg naturally had that i can get into Hams mind easily. Thats why he's gotten 7 titles cause nobody on the grid cant get into his head like Rosberg. If Rosberg were to come back Hamilton would be looking in his mirror frequently at Rosberg as he's already in his head.
Lachlan & Jeanie Wolfe
Lachlan & Jeanie Wolfe 2 måneder siden
"I am not Rosberg"... Read..."I need this job as I am not loaded with cash. If I could afford to lose my seat for kicking his ass, we'd have a fairer fight..."
Coz Hinchey
Coz Hinchey 2 måneder siden
look bottas is a good driver but he is not a allen like lewis is know russel he should have that seat not bottas
emerckx53 2 måneder siden
Max is currently the only driver that seems to give a shit that Hamilton is eating everybody's lunch. The current hunky dory lovable paddock irritates the hell out of me. Yea he's quick yea the car is miles ahead of everyone but I want the other drivers to not just be happy to be there. Max is pissed and has beaten him in a slower car. He get's it, the competitive level you need to mess with Lewis. Bottas is lost on race day. Just flat out lost..
Mahamadou 2 måneder siden
A wise man once said: "Bottas, HA, what a driver... Amazing" - Alonso, Monza 2017
helicopterpilot2xxx 2 måneder siden
Leave the fucking seat fot George Russell then. stop embarrassing yourself
Raghu Nandini Roshun Menon
Raghu Nandini Roshun Menon 2 måneder siden
Kudos to Mr Bottas! A true sportsman. Believes in self-improvement and that is key.
me2ontube 2 måneder siden
so many of you forget Rosberg didn't actually beat Hamilton either it was just a matter of luck - edit: so ridiculous that so many of you are so dishonest - I don't agree with some of Hamilton's personal views but you have to admit he's 1 of the best F1 drivers ever n certainly on the grid since he began
Jerry Main
Jerry Main 2 måneder siden
Rosberg is no a real champion. He only became champ because Lewis retired whilst leading in Sepang. Then he retired because he knew he wouldn't beat Lewis in the next season. Coward!
melina f
melina f 2 måneder siden
And that's why, ladies and gentlemen, Mercedes will never replace Bottas for Russell as long as Hamilton is around
George Mavrides
George Mavrides 2 måneder siden
This isn't motor racing but kids play. Long gone are the days when driver was the main force behind the wheels.
john doe
john doe 2 måneder siden
With this statements Valeri just killed any hope that F1 will ever be entertaining again. 👎🏻🏁
Joshua Fancher
Joshua Fancher 2 måneder siden
Because he practices good sportsmanship and doesn’t listen to others? Listen I’d love to see bottas be a bit more cunning, but who are we to judge?
mrunabout 2 måneder siden
Rosberg was with Mercedes for a few seasons when the car was still mid-pack, before Lewis came in and won a couple championships in the hybrid era. Of course Nico, having been with the team longer, wanted to win a championship so he did what he felt needed to be done.
Jari Gustafsson
Jari Gustafsson 2 måneder siden
Difference is that Nico knew Lewis from very young and where good friends and he had the knowledge how to rattle Lewis to the core and get him offset
Joy Meyer
Joy Meyer 2 måneder siden
He is such a Finn though....
Chris1553 2 måneder siden
Bottas is very happy to just keep taking the money, he’s vastly overpaid as a second string driver !
Igor Santiago
Igor Santiago 2 måneder siden
That is why Bottas will never be a champion. You need to be a leader not a follower.
Karlis Berzins
Karlis Berzins 2 måneder siden
Because he is good nr2 in Mecedes
XWC1 2 måneder siden
I don’t think Mercedes needs another driver. Hamilton’s ego could fill Bottas’ seat...
logan b
logan b 2 måneder siden
In other words. I dont have either the balls or the drive to beat lewis.
Roo 2 måneder siden
What's with all the nasty comments about Bottas? Jeez! So he doesn't beat Hamilton very often. On the other hand he has beaten him on some occasions which is more than most drivers can claim. He's not Rosberg, thank heavens. He's a nice guy. A gentleman. And Mercedes would not have won seven straight championships without him. Quarterbacks get all the attention but they aren't worth a damn if a team has lousy receivers. Anyway, you can bet your bippy that it's Bottas, not you, who's laughing all the way to the bank.
Der_Mantie 2 måneder siden
For always number two 💩
Victor Yepez
Victor Yepez 2 måneder siden
The Hamilton simp
Adrian Finley
Adrian Finley 2 måneder siden
Bottas shows maturity and he is a team player, Lewis shows non just brattish wants, Mercedes made Lewis not the other way round, nico should of stayed and Lewis would only have 4_5championshs, the car is exceptional as Russell showed, Lewis is expendable, and greedy,,
F1 Maniac
F1 Maniac 2 måneder siden
Unfortunately for us all, F1 fans and, for the sport itself! At least, Ros... wanted to win and truly battle against Ham. Nice guys while racing/battling on track, never accomplish anything as drivers, while at F1... but they do make lots of friends (for life). ;)
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 2 måneder siden
No he's not Rosberg, Nico was a champion
KiloTango 2 måneder siden
meh, Bottas is just the whipping boy who will play second until he retires. this mercedes gig is the best he's going to get....and he knows this too well.
B Hew
B Hew 2 måneder siden
Calling Rosberg out for being underhanded. Rosberg was such a dick he had to retire. Good on Bottas I say!
greg E
greg E 2 måneder siden
1st international sport to return? MMA is an international sport
john causer
john causer 2 måneder siden
Bottas should wake up and smell the coffee Lewis Hamilton is not your friend he's your rival
Rotua Manalu
Rotua Manalu 2 måneder siden
people forget that the fact he is also 4 times constructor champions alongside hamilton and mercedes as a whole
Senna F1
Senna F1 2 måneder siden
I can understand were Bottas is coming from but the fans frustration at what seems to be the same old approach each season is becoming boring. Rosberg tried something different and became world champion. Fans want to see a battle on and off the track.
musicalangel1 2 måneder siden
Ya ya, the result speak itself, that's why you're always No2 driver.
Maj م م م
Maj م م م 2 måneder siden
Then... F for the best sidekick in F1 history.
Mohammad Faïz
Mohammad Faïz 2 måneder siden
Nico is better that Bottas in many many many ways. There is no competition between Bottas and Hamilton and that sucks. When Nico was there, the level of pressure he was putting on Hamilton was unbelieveable!! I think Russel got that!!!
Safa Moumen
Safa Moumen 2 måneder siden
Looser mentality
VGrin 2 måneder siden
When Lewis's dad says he doesn't race for trophies, well actually he seems to be racing for the money from now on from what has been heard from his demands for the new contract
Gouthaman Guna
Gouthaman Guna 2 måneder siden
Nico.its James.. Roseberg: fk..u off I am here to race. Valterri it's James.. Bottas:yes boss Monsieur at your feet and service.🤦🏼‍♂️
yorranv 2 måneder siden
Are steroids allowed in F1? Bottas could use some testosterone 😂
Mikhail Fong
Mikhail Fong 2 måneder siden
I am Bottas, the super wingman. Yeah! Dude... 4 years in row... You are not even close to winning the championship... Going to be 5... The best lulu wingman
Alek PD
Alek PD 2 måneder siden
Definitely 😂
Leslie George
Leslie George 2 måneder siden
You are not Rosberg that’s why you’re not a champion material
Kieran Steward
Kieran Steward 2 måneder siden
Bottas is a Hufflepuff.
Jonathan K
Jonathan K 2 måneder siden
Hes also not as good as nico so
MalteFS 2 måneder siden
Sounds like Bottas gave up even before the season started.
Adam Kenny
Adam Kenny 2 måneder siden
Making Lewis angry doesn’t make him drive worse lol. Reliability handed Nico the championship in 2016, not his mind games
Selwan Al-Amin
Selwan Al-Amin 2 måneder siden
Not good enough to velcro Rosbergs shoes
Bomter D
Bomter D 2 måneder siden
por eso quiere hamilton a bottas otros 3 años mas.. porque no es una amenaza, es solo un..pepinillo, un beta
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson 2 måneder siden
I think Rosberg retired after winning because it took that much out of him to perform at that level on and off the track. He looks younger and happier to me after he retired.
rup pert
rup pert 2 måneder siden
Louise is a terror promoting thug. Bottas is a mediocre driver with nothing much to say... don't confuse with a silent power from within.
Potato Pants
Potato Pants 2 måneder siden
Bottas 7.0: "download ROS personality and tactics" Computer: "Confirm, downloading Rosset performance package" Bottas: "Wait. No."
Stephen Crowley
Stephen Crowley 2 måneder siden
Which Is the worst quote in F1? "They race me so hard!" Or "I don't want to make Lewis angry"
geonerd 2 måneder siden
Bottas wins by a mile. Albon is 'just a kid, drowning in the deep end' while VB is supposed to be a seasoned veteran.
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