Wolff: “We Need To Be Ready For All Kinds Of Curve Balls” From Hamilton

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2 måneder siden

Mercedes are yet to confirm contracts for both drivers in their 2021 line-up as nothing concrete has yet been announced regarding the negotiations to renew Hamilton’s contract. There have been a few rumors about the process not being as straightforward as it was initially expected to be. Mercedes team principal has now spoken about this situation to Motorsport
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0:00 - Toto Wolff Feels The “Need To Be Ready For All Kinds Of Curve Balls”
2:03 - Regarding Hamilton
Wolff started by explaining how F1 isn’t about one thing
“It's not one dimensional. Formula 1 has always been about best man in best machine wins. The best men means the quickest driver, and the most intelligent driver”
“Equally, the organization around the driver needs to be on its absolute A-game in order to deliver performance in the various areas. This means on the engineering side, on the commercial side, on the political side, and on the communication side, in order to keep the wheels rolling”
Wolff then stressed that Hamilton does not see himself as the center of everything at Mercedes
“[He is] the one that understands how the dynamics in a team works, its technical ability, and on the other side seeing himself in the right context within the organization and not like a solar system where everything revolves around the sun”
He reiterated the need to be better at even the finer details of the sport
“This is a business without a silver bullet, contrary to what most people think - even within the industry. It's a business around marginal gains where everything needs to be in the right place for a team to be successful”
He further added that he isn’t worried that Hamilton might suddenly quit the team like Nico Rosberg did in 2016 but accepts the fact that they have to be ready for all eventualities
“It doesn't worry me at all, because I will always respect Lewis's decisions. Whether this is staying with us for a long time, or whether that means leaving the sport and pursuing different interests. I think we need to be ready for all kinds of curve balls being thrown at us”
He summed up his words by hinting that the future has more in store for the partnership
“But at the same time, we talk a lot, and we are very transparent with each other. I think there is more to achieve together”

Fast Feed
Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz has stated that despite all his “respect and appreciation for McLaren, that's just the second-best team and” he couldn't “hesitate when Ferrari” knocked on the “door”
He also feels that as he “managed to create a good team at McLaren, so why not at Ferrari?”
He further added that “nobody leaves Ferrari empty-handed” as they leave “there with victories and podiums in their pocket”
He also accepts that “they may leave without a world title, but that's the way it is with nineteen drivers every year, especially at a time when Mercedes and Red Bull are so dominant”
Toto Wolff has pointed out that his driver Valtteri Bottas “has had highlights, but above all many more lows than he deserved”
He added that “those lows were not due to his own performance, but simply the result of bad luck”
Wolff also thinks that Bottas “could have had a handful more wins. And the championship could have stayed open much, much longer”
He reiterated that Bottas “is performing at a very high level. There's no reason to doubt him”
Former Renault team principal Flavio Briatore has suggested that “Renault will have had good reasons to hire” ex-MotoGP team principal Davide Brivio
He added that Brivio’s “inexperience will not be a problem. In the end it's about managing people and in a couple of months he'll know what to do”
McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo has revealed that “you get 100% openness and honesty from” Helmut Marko “and you have to learn not to take everything personally”
He also joked that “Helmut has become softer in recent years. Maybe it's because he's getting older, but” he also feels “that he's become a bit nicer”
Williams’ George Russell thinks that he has “improved as a driver, drastically, because” he has “been in wheel-to-wheel battles throughout the season with Alfa Romeo, Haas and often [Sebastian] Vettel”
He added that the “experience of fighting wheel to wheel in a Formula 1 car has helped” him “a lot - because it's different. It's very different from junior formulas”
He further explained that if “you lose downforce, the car transforms. And learning how to deal with that has been great for” him

Has Helmut Marko become “softer” in recent years?

Formula World
Formula World 2 måneder siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgxD40fB_MTQSbK-T3B4AaABCQ 0:00 - Toto Wolff Feels The “Need To Be Ready For All Kinds Of Curve Balls” 2:03 - Regarding Hamilton
sanjay kumar
sanjay kumar 2 måneder siden
@Anthony Martino I know , I m happy too by knowing this from someone 😎
Anthony Martino
Anthony Martino 2 måneder siden
@sanjay kumar it's true! im sure the YT algo will show you the similar videos as well. ive been following Dylan for a minute! ups to him for this great F1 content!
sanjay kumar
sanjay kumar 2 måneder siden
@Anthony Martino 🤩😅😂😂😂
Anthony Martino
Anthony Martino 2 måneder siden
just a heads up man, you got copy cats following your video format now (symptoms of gaining traction!)...congrats!
sanjay kumar
sanjay kumar 2 måneder siden
This time you can be sure to post the video as the poll does not have any outside confirmation as imola.
Build Indian
Build Indian 2 måneder siden
Hamilton is the best driver, he has the best car and he is also the most intelligent...heck he can drive the car and still win on three wheels..
Tristan Cooper
Tristan Cooper 2 måneder siden
If you think that George Russell should replace Lewis Hamilton, like this comment
Nana Akwasi Gyembibi
Nana Akwasi Gyembibi 2 måneder siden
Lewis was the one who brought the car to top 2 finish in 2013, and from there always 1st on the construction table. In 2012 December Mecedes signed Lewis to bring their car to winning car that was the reason why they signed him. That changes from McLaren ( a winning car) to Mecedes ( a midfield car) brought a lot of so called expert to say that that will be the end of his career. Dont dare Sir Lewis he is the GOAT if like you like it or not. Gorge is good but dont compare him with Lewis.If you think one time drive show is all then you are a big fool with babe brain. Formula one = best experienced driver(60%)+fast car(20%)+ best team(both in pit, pit wall,communication and strategy, 20%) if one of them get drop = loss of championship. Mercedes and Lewis win because they have the ingredients and the formula. The day Lewis felt sick Mecedes couldn't win. Fool stop. Basta.
Zombie Alive
Zombie Alive 2 måneder siden
Needed to be ready for all kinds of curve balls, including Hamilton's balls
Paul James
Paul James 2 måneder siden
If I was conducting the negotiations for Mercedes, Hamilton would have to pay us to drive the car. He wants the car to get his eighth world title. And there's George Russell waiting in the wings. Sorry Lewis but you need Mercedes much more than Mercedes needs you !!
Tekuali 2 måneder siden
Bottas sure must be one unlucky guy.
Ryan Blanchfield
Ryan Blanchfield 2 måneder siden
Hamiltons decision will cost you a lot of money any way it goes LOL.
Randy Bowman
Randy Bowman 2 måneder siden
At this point in time, I hope they don't Re-sign Hamilton. I have been a strong fan since he started in F1. He has become an insufferable ass. When a driver like Russell can climb into a car, previously driven by Hamilton, and almost win the race, if not for a tire change screw-up, that may or may not have been deliberate, it's time to think about hiring another driver. Mercedes now know that there are other drivers out there that will deliver winning performance at a fraction of the price. Cast he and his exorbitant demands to the winds, and hire Russell. Then put the money saved into other legal options that will help them defeat him on the track. It would be amusing to see the quandary that it puts teams with money like Ferrari and Red Bull in, as they try to cast their pearls before the swine. Apparently Knighthood doesn't diminish ego upon the recipient.
michael landers
michael landers 2 måneder siden
And pass this on to Toto.... You Took all the money and a team partnership and now an austerity program now that Lewis needs contract commensurate to Lewis accomplishments for AMG ....screw you toto...
michael landers
michael landers 2 måneder siden
Because Toto was feathering his own nest getting partnership money and not giving even a 2 or 3% share of ownership to Lewis. Lewis winning is what allows Toto to have constructor championships. Dude is just another prick gravytraining Lewis wins. 7 championships 7 .... brother makes good money but is cut out of the real money w team ownership. If Max or Charles won this many. They would be minority partners. Screw Toto just another “Owner” brother is just a worker work horse. Pat on the back for his top buck I lost all respect for that po German/Austrian boy made good. Mad as hell
boss omar
boss omar 2 måneder siden
Sir. Lewis Hamilton 7 Time F1 World Champion Top F1 Drive in all meaningful categories Top F1 Profit Center for any F1 Team in history of F1. The definition of a Formula 1 driver Sir. Lewis Hamilton This person has proven he is better than the following F1 drivers combined. Bottas, Russell, Vestapean, LaClaera,Alonzo,Perez, Vettal and Rosberg. Check the results. As lewis daddy would say look at what happen on the Track. It's insulting but part of the game when you shine so much more then your competition in all areas of the sport. Even at his age he is still faster than all the guys listed above check the records for number of poles,the number of leading laps and most of all WINS. So Mercedes pay the Man He has earned a Equity Stake in the team He has earned the salary and the contract that meets his objectives as a member of "team Mercedes " I wonder if we would even be having this conversation if this was the second closest driver in the history was asking for the same things. P.S. please review the last contract that this second place driver in F1 got from mercedes . So simply Sir Lewis Hamilton has been "The Investment in the history of Mercedes and the greatest and most successful driver in the history of F1. You got their RESPECT Now go get the Power and the Money. Love Ya Rainmakeralex@gmail.com "From the brothers on the other side of the pond. "
Mawile #303
Mawile #303 2 måneder siden
Honestly, do you want to be in F1 or not, take the seat and shut up about the money
Jorge Lourenço
Jorge Lourenço 2 måneder siden
Hamilton the diva. Does not want Russel at Mercedes, because he knows he's not that special.
GloomGaiGar 2 måneder siden
I mean Albon still has a job and is still part of the main team.
Stefan Oberndorfer
Stefan Oberndorfer 2 måneder siden
Hamilton is a racist. Period.
silverwing honda
silverwing honda 2 måneder siden
Yeah,Helmut Marko have gone soft in the head😃😁
Charles Lynch
Charles Lynch 2 måneder siden
Rosberg back from retirement 💯%
S A 2 måneder siden
He just wants more to fund his fashion career
jose guite
jose guite 2 måneder siden
put any F1 drivers in the present Mercs car and back him up...forget the name, anybody will win a race. Russel at Sakhir GP for example😁😁😁😁
John Burgess
John Burgess 2 måneder siden
Hamilton......overpaid prima donna.
Tim Daniel
Tim Daniel 2 måneder siden
Forget the blackmail ... give the job to George for considerably less !!!
Adrian Stealth
Adrian Stealth 2 måneder siden
they have a fast car , just get another decently fast driver for it, a non political one
Bruce MacKenzie
Bruce MacKenzie 2 måneder siden
Hamilton needs Mercedes more than Mercedes needs Hamilton. There are at least 4-5 current drivers that would get similar results with that car.
Gaming Since 88
Gaming Since 88 2 måneder siden
Anyone can win in that car, give someone else a shot
GSA 2 måneder siden
Anyone can win in Mercedes !! Get rid of that loser ASAP !!!! Get young Russell in ASAP, save $$$$$$$
fkend1 2 måneder siden
Drop Hamilton he is just trouble and not as good as he thinks and employ Russell.
v1c1ous0ne 2 måneder siden
Any top 5 drivers will deliver the W for merc! Hamilton can not deliver without the best machine!
Craig Gibbs
Craig Gibbs 2 måneder siden
Cheerio Hamilton👋👋
Beer Stein
Beer Stein 2 måneder siden
Any curve ball could be easily countered by a much cheaper, younger, less self centric (aka. centre of the solar system) and more motivated Russell.
Chris Warner
Chris Warner 2 måneder siden
All you people in the comments are crazy as hell if you think they are going to get rid of the best formula 1 driver that ever lived during his prime for somebody who hasn’t even won a race 🤦🏽‍♂️
Gary Simpson
Gary Simpson 2 måneder siden
Ditch the "Woke Finder General" now. Grow some backbone Mercedes.
tonkatoytruck 2 måneder siden
Then stop kissing his ass and hire someone else. There are plenty of drivers who could secure the championship in that car. Russell would do just fine, as he has proven.
Michael Hobbs
Michael Hobbs 2 måneder siden
Forget arrogant big headed Hamilton, just book Russell.
thorpedrof1 2 måneder siden
Lewis Lewis, did you belive for a second that you have the same legacy, role, value, and respect within Mercedes as Michael had with Ferrari? Time to wake up kid
mblondon850 2 måneder siden
There is no way a German team and team principal will happily want see a Englishman beat a German record of world championships
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 2 måneder siden
Just get rid of Hamilton. He has brought enormous criticism and dislike on himself and by association his team with his support of BLM who were responsible for the destruction of property, burning and looting and people died as a result of their rioting. Sport does not need any racially motivated political activity. F1 does not discriminate based on race but it does on the fact that only the wealthy, the sons of the wealthy or those backed by vast sums of money can now expect to drive an F1 car. Hamilton is a multimillionaire mixed race sportsperson and there are thousands like him not only in sport but in all forms of entertainment. Citing race as a barrier to achievement is just stupid and as an ex fan of Lewis Hamilton, I think he needs a realty check or start putting his money where is mouth is only instead of just speaking out for black opportunity, why not speak out for the vast disparage in wealth distribution where footballers and boxers, many of them black, are picking up tens of millions of pounds whilst half the country is on the breadline.
Ben Lyda
Ben Lyda 2 måneder siden
It has been way too long Lewis is looking elsewhere and it isn't formula one
Alastair Ball
Alastair Ball 2 måneder siden
Silver car driven by Russell and let Hamilton drive the Williams and see how good the man is.
CosmikYogi 2 måneder siden
Did'nt Bottas sign on already?
bobbyoty 2 måneder siden
whats the point of the face mask? fucking BS
Blauebiene 2 måneder siden
For gods sake, tell the audience, that Lewis quits and you signed grossjean
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 2 måneder siden
Lewis will get the deal he wants. Curve balls are part of being at the top, renegotiating a contract. Both Lewis and Mercedes are at their peak. Rumours of meetings with other people are all part of the game.
MrSnicklesnickle 2 måneder siden
Please get rid of Hamilton and sign Russell instead
Diego Anchaya
Diego Anchaya 2 måneder siden
All this sounds like “my tyres are dying”...
shanefanon 2 måneder siden
F1 without Louis just won't be as colorful. Ha, ha ...
Paul Christian
Paul Christian 2 måneder siden
Nobody likes Hamilton. He’s a dick and he’s making the sport a laughing stock with his kneeling crap. Get rid now & let Russell win the Championship instead. It’s all about the car anyway. Hamilton isn’t needed and he’s way overrated.
Gábor Borsodi
Gábor Borsodi 2 måneder siden
Just sign Russell already. He is much positive person. He is more professional. Everyone had enough of Levis playing around and bring up new shit to complain about.
Crant C
Crant C 2 måneder siden
We don’t need shotnfrom you idiots Let the F1 Drive drive and you watch You won’t be able to match Lewis track records Lol lame ass
Speed Mann
Speed Mann 2 måneder siden
My mum could win the championship in that Mercedes, and she'll drive for a lot less then Lewis. This is the thing Lewis is looking for legacy he's had the absolute best car for 6 year's now weak team mate in valtorie, slightly stronger team mate before that. Look at he's pole positions he's % Is still lower then Ayton Senna's and he only had a great car for 4 years . And he's team mate was and still is rated in the top 3 best driver's of all time. I love F1, but the way the Mercedes are and lack of challenge for Lewis I prefer Moto Gp. because the bikes are closer in performance and you never knew who was going to win in 2020 I had high hopes for Bottas but he lacks mongrel. As does Verstappen . You don't see them missing braking markers often ect. I love nothing more then seeing a driver or rider in a sand trap not because I want to see them doing bad. but because I respect they are pushing hard really hard. Valtorie, Verstappen is where my anger is mainly directed
Pete Morbius
Pete Morbius 2 måneder siden
Video Account
Video Account 2 måneder siden
Hamilton needs Mercedes more than Mercedes needs Hamilton
Juan L
Juan L 2 måneder siden
Just confirm russell, thats it
Dave Walker
Dave Walker 2 måneder siden
I’d like to see Hamilton win with a 3rd team. That would nail forever his GoAT tag.
Gerry D
Gerry D 2 måneder siden
Drop diva Hamilton then stick Russell in his seat you will soon see Hamilton needs Mercedes more than they need him. 😎👍🤘
Chris Braid
Chris Braid 2 måneder siden
Not a silver bullet Toto, a Gold one, they are lowering your spend, can you survive ...
Krov ven
Krov ven 2 måneder siden
Bottas 2021 contract was announced in Aug 2020. You said both Merc drivers weren't signed.
J5L5M6 2 måneder siden
Yeah, both aren't signed...
Rob 2 måneder siden
Sometimes helmet gets softer as you get older😁
Abbraccio 2 måneder siden
Hamilton won't be resigned, Russell will win Bahrain in Mercedes.
sillieww 2 måneder siden
Let Hamilton go and give a younger driver a change. OK Mercedes you've proven you can win a lot but now show us with a different driver because I'm bored of you right now.
Fco Javi
Fco Javi 2 måneder siden
I believe it’s spelled Lewis’ not Lewis’s. At least in American English grammar it is considered an error.
Simon Guillory
Simon Guillory 2 måneder siden
Plain and simple pay the man.!!!!!!!
Colin Toews
Colin Toews 2 måneder siden
Please oust Lewis and go with George 🙏 The sport can thrive again 👍
Timmy Schnitzel
Timmy Schnitzel 2 måneder siden
Helmut Marko has gotten softer because its evident he's been winging it with driver screw ups (Ricciardo and Gasly).
Timmy Schnitzel
Timmy Schnitzel 2 måneder siden
George Russell. Do it!
Paper Products
Paper Products 2 måneder siden
I love hamilton but holy he. A driver is just a driver. Russell has proven he can take over for much less money and get the same result.
Davide Rossi
Davide Rossi 2 måneder siden
Mercedes is giving Hamilton too decision power like he is the main thing Mercedes Need, i really don't understand Mercedes, like they don't know they are winning because of the car lol.They could take Russel at 10 times less cost and win, they are doing Hamilton's game and treat him like he is the greates driver ever ffs
Ugypt Kutan
Ugypt Kutan 2 måneder siden
Get rid of him.... Anyone can go fast in his car anyway 😑😑
Divyang Dodia
Divyang Dodia 2 måneder siden
Nico Hulkenberg is watching this video..
Ayush2727 2 måneder siden
If ur trying to build the tallest thing and if 2nd place is 100cm Lewis built something 300cm and Russel can build something 102cm so Russel is enough to get merc to victory
Michael Strong
Michael Strong 2 måneder siden
Fuckin young buck with his first world problem!
Sean Xu
Sean Xu 2 måneder siden
And often Vettel hahahahhaha
Travollic 2 måneder siden
WTF! Just sign another cheaper driver e.g. George Russel and the story ends. If Lewis still want to be in F1, he can have George‘s sit at Williams
Jesse Christie
Jesse Christie 2 måneder siden
He'll probably go to formular e since he's a green hippie now
SRAVAN S 2 måneder siden
@Gábor Borsodi true dat !
Gábor Borsodi
Gábor Borsodi 2 måneder siden
Not like electric car production is more economic friendly
Jari Sipilainen
Jari Sipilainen 2 måneder siden
take young driver pay him 5million. he start beat lewis records
Jari Sipilainen
Jari Sipilainen 2 måneder siden
question how much marketing money all this when formula is everyone mind between seasons
Jari Sipilainen
Jari Sipilainen 2 måneder siden
they cant pay him what he ask LOL its simple. if lewis want drive he need downgrade.if he want go for own e races. let him go. anyone on grid line can win with fastest car. let world see it !!
geonerd 2 måneder siden
Lewis' ego is running amok! Someone needs to step and and tell him a word he hasn't heard in far too long - 'No!'
lexus lfa
lexus lfa 2 måneder siden
I’m angry lewis made last year about himself with all the bullshit of how he doesn’t feel like signing a contract with so many people having lost their job and now he maybe out of F1.
Jahnavi Keshav
Jahnavi Keshav 2 måneder siden
wait why did u say both?!
Martin S
Martin S 2 måneder siden
Hamilton is going to go to Aston Martin . Still Mercedes-Benz engine and with both Vettel and Hamilton will be a HUGE marketing Champaign for the whole season .
KM 45
KM 45 2 måneder siden
Best thing you can do is tell Hammy to go, you don't need him, Russell is your guy, he's proved that, Hammy is not what he thinks he is, its the car, say good bye to him, he won't be mist...
jody fresnack
jody fresnack 2 måneder siden
Hamilton is bad for F1. Bringing politics and civil squabbling into F1..He is a good driver, he is in the best car, he has no competition, or is it that his car has no competition..He is not in the same class as Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell, he doesn’t have their DNA. Oh he’s good. But it’s the car, it’s not him. replacement driver for a single proved that..It’s the car.. if Hamilton loses his seat with Mercedes, we won’t be seeing too much of him on the podium. You’ll have to over drive the car like the rest of the field and end up having problems like the rest of the field trying to keep up with the Mercedes look at it this way.. The best car qualifies and starts on the front usually in every race. So he has a clean shot at an empty track for at least 10 laps.. any driver that does not win with that much of an advantage at the start of most races.. I mean look at George Russell. You put him in the best car, look what happened. It is the car, it is not Hamilton. Every year Hamilton brings more and more off track baggage distracting fans, teams, the media.. I am tired of the Hamilton show. on and now off the track.. I have been recording the races, and watching them in low high speed, because we know what the result is going to be. That Mercedes car is going to win most of the time. When I see something happen on the track while watching in high speed, then i play the race at regular speed to Hopefully catch some action.
Jignesh Solanki
Jignesh Solanki 2 måneder siden
Even if they dont sign hamilton they will still win the WDC and WCC
Mark Isbister
Mark Isbister 2 måneder siden
Get rid of Hamilton and save millions by signing George Russell
ChimpF1 2 måneder siden
Inb4 Hamilton resigns a 3 year 40m a year deal
KaFi 2 måneder siden
pretty much they offered Lewis the maximum they can offer and said this is all we can do ! and now Toto is waiting for his response!
Nathan Hemming
Nathan Hemming 2 måneder siden
As much as I would love to see Russell get the seat, I still want to see Hamilton get to 100 wins
Hurri 2 måneder siden
Hello Formula World, why do you claim Bottas hasn't got a contract for this year, you are clearly wrong there.
Hurri 2 måneder siden
@J5L5M6, so far so good.
J5L5M6 2 måneder siden
@Hurri Haha, Ineos every which way we turn!
Hurri 2 måneder siden
@J5L5M6 , Thanks, more fun to look at the Prada cup right now.
J5L5M6 2 måneder siden
@Hurri Wholly agreed. Happy Driving!
Hurri 2 måneder siden
@J5L5M6 , Yes very funny. "MB has yet to confirm contracts for both drivers" is at least a dumb way of useing the language just to say that "MB has yet to confirm a contract for Hamilton".
Kurt Eibell
Kurt Eibell 2 måneder siden
George Russel is smiling with this report...
Antonio K
Antonio K 2 måneder siden
Hamilton is greedy about money he will not get new contract and he will retire this year.
Renz Albay
Renz Albay 2 måneder siden
Nico Rosberg: Is Lewis Hamilton's career over?
Vitor Hugo
Vitor Hugo 2 måneder siden
2023 hamiltom sign up with haas
1greenMitsi 2 måneder siden
George Russel at Mercedes with Bottas would be great for Formula . Lewis to take the year off and try for a Hollywood career
Ronald Grey
Ronald Grey 2 måneder siden
There is not gonna be a curve ball. Hamilton has nothing else in life and only cares about more money money money. Which Ineos is more than willing to pay. Plain and simple.
DominoEffect2528 2 måneder siden
Hamilton wants more money. Mercedes have realised they can stick anyone in that car and win.
Davide Rossi
Davide Rossi 2 måneder siden
they havent realized that much, at this point hamilton should beg for that Seat, but it don't seems like that at all
R.J. 2 måneder siden
I understand Hamilton wanting everything he wants, but at this point, he's annoying the living shit out of me.
trailBrake 80
trailBrake 80 2 måneder siden
WTF?? This is simple. Merc..”Hey Hamilton. Here is our offer. Let us know by Monday or we’ll make someone else champion next year. Talk soon.” Done
JaySamurai79 2 måneder siden
Boom, simple convo, no long ting lol
The Famous ECCLES
The Famous ECCLES 2 måneder siden
Hamilton's overrated
S Campbell
S Campbell 2 måneder siden
Toto quote is wrong in title and again in intro - crap video ! When you misquote for click bait you become FAKE news.... Just sayin
Last Man On Earth
Last Man On Earth 2 måneder siden
get rid of hamilton bring in george
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