Hamilton Reveals What Will Make Him Consider Quitting F1

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There has been quite a lot of speculation recently regarding the future of 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton in F1. He is yet to renew his contract with Mercedes. Some have suggested that he might be contemplating retirement soon. Hamilton has now revealed how he will come to that decision while speaking to Crowdstrike
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0:00 - Hamilton Reveals When He Will Consider Quitting F1
1:01 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Hamilton Reveals When He Will Consider Quitting F1
He began by divulging how there was a time when he was searching for the thing that he was most passionate about
“I think we all struggle with something. You have to discover what you are really passionate about and what you love to do. For me personally, there was a moment when that search became too serious”
“We only have one life and you have to enjoy what you do. You have to find happiness in it every day. When I stop in the car and drive out of the garage, I have a big smile on my face, even after all these years”
He signed off by revealing when he would consider quitting
“If one day I find that this is no longer the case, that I don't enjoy it anymore, that's when I'll consider quitting”

Fast Feed
Williams’ George Russell has suggested that “Formula 1 is a hugely exhausting sport” as they “drive full throttle for two hours straight”
He further explained that “the physical strain is really huge and the mental fatigue that comes from all the information” they “have to take in” “makes everything really complicated”
Former F1 driver Gerhard Berger sees the Max Verstappen-Charles Leclerc “rivalry like that of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost”
He further explained that “Charles is a calmer person inside the cockpit, he drives feeling less emotion” like Prost, while “Verstappen instead is very aggressive, a bit like Ayrton”
He also feels that “Hamilton remains the most complete and competitive in the starting grid. He always knows how to read the situation perfectly and makes the most of his car on every lap”
He has “only seen this quality in Senna and Schumacher. The two of them, plus Lewis, are the strongest drivers who have ever driven in Formula 1”
Andrew Westacott, chairman of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation has pointed out that they “have 176 acres of outdoor space”
Which is why he doesn’t “see why there couldn't be an audience” during the Australian GP “as long as” they “use QR codes and make sure everything can be tracked”
Williams’ former deputy team principal Claire Williams feels that the team “got a lot of support, even when things were down, but at one point, public opinion did turn a little against” her
She, however, feels that it “was justified” as she “was the leader, and ultimately” she was “responsible”
She further admits that “the last three years were very difficult, but there were extenuating circumstances”
Red Bull’s Sergio Perez “noticed that” he “was alone” early on in his racing career and he “often thought, 'Formula 1 is too far away”, he'd “better go home and live a normal life”
However, his “family convinced” him “to stay”. His “determination did the rest”
He also feels that the pre-season test in Bahrain “will help” him “a little more, because” they “will do the test and then” they “will do the race there”
He also thinks that they “definitely have to narrow the gap with Mercedes and hopefully be able to beat them with both cars on a regular basis”
Former F1 driver Giedo van der Garde is of the opinion that “it's fine what” Lewis Hamilton “does on the track, but he's become a bit of a boring guy” off it

Did Claire Williams deserve the criticism she received as team principal?

Formula World
Formula World 2 måneder siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgxLxpPFvZlxljKEs0B4AaABCQ 0:00​ - Hamilton Reveals When He Will Consider Quitting F1 1:01​ - Fast Feed
R Roberts
R Roberts 2 måneder siden
I have to click on this f**king click bate nonsense just to hear a statement. No one gives a damn about statements.
Bugsy Malone
Bugsy Malone 2 måneder siden
We don't want you to quit because of your racing, you're one of the great, just because you're a hypocrite ars, thank you
Roy Vas
Roy Vas Måned siden
Russell: "Full Throttle" Kimi: "lol" (he needs to drive a V10)
Speed Mann
Speed Mann 2 måneder siden
Mercedes are now like the William's car's of 92,93 I think it's boring. I'm actually glad senna stayed with McLaren 92,93 because it really displayed his brilliance. I actually think those William's car's of the day where even further ahead of the pack of whatMercedes are now. Even Michael Schumacher's bennetton was two specifications superior to Senna's. Prost only won 89 because , Senna's car broke down 5 Times , zero points, scored,compared to prost's 1 full breakdown zero points. Even in 93 senna had mechanical failures that possibly cost him the championship. So to look at Hamilton 7 time world champion to me is a paper champ how often does Mercedes breakdown. How good is he's team mate Botta,s top 50 top 60 ? How good was Senna's team mate Prost top 3 ? The Mercedes has been the top car sense 2014. I think for he's legacy I'd like to see him do a Schumacher go to Ferrari go to a team and bring them to the front.
stephania kazoun
stephania kazoun 2 måneder siden
Keep shining Sir Lewis give the haters chest pains.💜🙏🏻
Korisnik99 2 måneder siden
Humble idiot with 200 000 000 dollars in pocket.
Michaela Burnvil
Michaela Burnvil 2 måneder siden
Ummm when he realizes bee el em is not about or for black people.
cresbydotcom 2 måneder siden
Signed for 1 year, as of Feb 8. Much what I predicted - 2021 yes, 2022 maybe. (make that a dunno)
Timmy Schnitzel
Timmy Schnitzel 2 måneder siden
He'll quit when Mercedes will no longer be able to carry him.
Migara Amarasinghe
Migara Amarasinghe 2 måneder siden
im sorry u wasted ur time
Drum Ape
Drum Ape 2 måneder siden
Perez at Red Bull along with Verstappen is very exciting indeed. Can't wait!
Paulby88 2 måneder siden
Giedo van der Garde say Hamilton is boring who is him lol.
Jerome Christmas
Jerome Christmas 2 måneder siden
Hamilton behaves like a loser. He doesn't have the balls of the past champions.
S A 2 måneder siden
Claire is a smokin hot babe 💙
Waleed A
Waleed A 2 måneder siden
What a privilage to always be able to do what you love in life without a worry about anything or anyone.
annemarie ferreira
annemarie ferreira 2 måneder siden
Ola is he fishing for compliments again
Rob Henderson
Rob Henderson 2 måneder siden
Wow, I must disagree with Berger stating Lecrerc as a calmer person in the cockpit, reflecting on Leclercs many recent first and second corner dive attacks on his teammate and others.
Josh Goode
Josh Goode 2 måneder siden
Did Claire Wlliams deserve the criticism? She was forced to sell the team when it was in her control. That pretty much sums it up dont you think.
Ironbuket 2 måneder siden
Hamilton's delay is probably not even up to him if he hands off salery nagotiating to someone else - which is likely. Because of the new caps, the more they pay lewis the less they have for the car. There is no i in team. Deal will be made 1 or 2 days before it becomes cruicial to make a decision and because first race date is pushed back this year it leaves more time for a decision. The pressure is on merc. The car is already setup for lewis he can sign on race week without issue but for the team it will be an issue to sign a new driver that late. Though as we saw with George, not that great an issue for them either. Who will blink first?
Corrie May
Corrie May 2 måneder siden
Van Der Garde is right. We watch F1 for racing. Making it political (in a way that really only turns on a certain caste of people with Marxist predilections) in a sport only the super wealthy can enter, is fucking insanely elitist and out of touch.
Josey Wales
Josey Wales 2 måneder siden
claire williams was in over her head from day one and was frankly given a pass up to the end by PC media without any engineering training coupled with female DNA 🧬 she could never have been successful
Josey Wales
Josey Wales 2 måneder siden
these asinine photos of drivers all wearing #MuzzlesofObedience is tiresome and asinine give it a rest
Le-WiiSs 2 måneder siden
Divulge and faaast feed is Dillion's favorite things to say
Michael Grant
Michael Grant 2 måneder siden
Hamilton I’ll retiring due to now one took my myself and racist team seriously with our racist livery
neil tristan yabut
neil tristan yabut 2 måneder siden
2:36 and i'm sure carlos slim's money had nothing to do with it
Jaco Olivier
Jaco Olivier 2 måneder siden
If verstappen/russel is his teammate
J T 2 måneder siden
Plz retire :)
R K 2 måneder siden
What total clickbait. Hamilton just gave the same answer that every driver gives.
Jamin 2 måneder siden
When he won't be sure to have the best car...
Read The Western Journal
Read The Western Journal 2 måneder siden
What is the point of putting Lewis Hamilton's picture on the thumbnail in a mask? It's this kind of idiocy and virtue signaling by major sports that have caused me to stop watching almost all sports. Everyone knows what he looks like and a thumbnail isn't going to get someone sick so wtf?
Henry Iglesias
Henry Iglesias 2 måneder siden
Best race of the year was the one LH didn’t take part in
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 2 måneder siden
The season will be fire if he Retires,he may come back in 2022 but 2021 is going to be a straight up domination and another F1.5 season
Nivola 1953
Nivola 1953 2 måneder siden
Why do you even care about Hamilton out of the track? His talent is as a pilot and as such needs to be evaluated and discussed. Why should anyone care about his girlfriend or his tattoos or how boring he is at parties. Guido was a failure on track, Lewis is a champion, what else there is to say? That you’re jealous of his success and try to pull him down a little bit? SMH
Callum Burton
Callum Burton 2 måneder siden
Good video dude.😃👍
James Windsor
James Windsor 2 måneder siden
what the fuck does it have to do with giedo what lewis does?
Hiden Biden
Hiden Biden 2 måneder siden
My guess is the moment his car doesn't all but guarantee a victory by at least a double digit delta.
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis 2 måneder siden
I dont see the prost/senna in max an charles myself
Samuel 2 måneder siden
It would be a joke if the Aus GP didn't have crowds. We had 25,000 at the cricket with no issues
Collide9 2 måneder siden
He has nothing to prove as he achieved legendary performance in F1. He is rich and he can retire while on top.
Deekay 2 måneder siden
😂😂 Aint prove shit
Sheila Worrall
Sheila Worrall 2 måneder siden
It's personal preference if you think Lewis Hamilton is boring who cares about what he does away from the track anyway
Stacey Norman
Stacey Norman 2 måneder siden
Mercedes will quit when Lewis starts losing....that ain’t happening. Haters hate! Lewis is too dominant! He’ll be back and prove himself as the greatest driver ever! Numbers don’t lie. Team #LH44
Deekay 2 måneder siden
U mean Mercedes cars are dominant... Lewis was not dominant in 2009-2013
Rukiyati Kuebler
Rukiyati Kuebler 2 måneder siden
Rene Sonse
Rene Sonse 2 måneder siden
Hamilton is a boring buy off the track? Compared to who??
Pizza Bar
Pizza Bar 2 måneder siden
That was a real revelation
ekological 2 måneder siden
Who cares what Giedo van der Garde thinks? 😂😂😂
IDRONE & CHARPI FPV 2 måneder siden
I hope he retires! Specially now that it was shown that it was the car who won the races not the driver! Russel did better than Him and was not even 100% familiar with the car! So just retire and go save the world in the BLM movement! 🤣😂🤣😂
Asmo 2 måneder siden
He hasn't signed a contract because he is trying to swindle Mercedes for millions of pounds.
Marsorry Ickua
Marsorry Ickua 2 måneder siden
Just happy Helmut Marco didn’t flap his mouth at us this week.
Alain Mare
Alain Mare 2 måneder siden
Hamilton is trying to put pressure on Mercedes to negotiate is new contract. He wants millions and millions too much for the car builder. Be careful Hamilton, talented people are waiting and nobody is irreplaceable !
JaySamurai79 2 måneder siden
That's a weird thing to say. "Hamilton is boring of the track" .. Who gives a rats @$$ what he does of track lol
Stuart Allen
Stuart Allen 2 måneder siden
Hamilton will retire when Bottas leaves and Russel joins.
Timmy Schnitzel
Timmy Schnitzel 2 måneder siden
Just like Ricciardo and Vettel at Red Bull.
So Isaidtogod
So Isaidtogod 2 måneder siden
When he hears, "You cost too much."
sarif samudra
sarif samudra 2 måneder siden
the fact that mercedes not need hamilton the reason the have number 1 car and many great driver but hamilton need mercedes the reason he now 7 world champion title same like scumacher if he want the number one legend he must win 8 title so why hamilton need mercedes not mercedes need hamilton the price is so high when the salary cap is used we know he best driver now but if you want title you must know your place reduce your income and get title
Yogesh Hire
Yogesh Hire 2 måneder siden
No, He will retire only after clinching every record Michael had set in #F1...he wants his name on top of every record in #F1 that's when he'll retire..!! #CryBaby #Sulky #Cocky 😑
upside downdog
upside downdog 2 måneder siden
Claire did as good as she could with what she had to work with. Gerhart's comparison is a little far fetched in my book. I liked him as a driver, though. I liked Schwantz too until he said Stoner needed to buck up and get over it. Lost much respect.
Syd Clark
Syd Clark 2 måneder siden
Your usually insightful, but I could have guessed when Lewis thinks he'll retire. IMO He will actually retire when his his car stops performing and/or nobody wants to pay his outrageous tax dodging wage demands 👍
minatormyth 2 måneder siden
What Hamilton said is no revelation, he has said this for years
mexidan67 2 måneder siden
Sign Russell !! Save money and still win.
Tippy B
Tippy B 2 måneder siden
Now would be awesome
Aidan Carlisle
Aidan Carlisle 2 måneder siden
Notice how all the retired drivers and principals say Hamilton is the best driver on the grid and will go down as the best ever next Schumacher. But down in the comments people are talking shit about him. People love to hate a legend
MAADUECE 2 måneder siden
@Aidan Carlisle people get jaded from all the winning and start to resent the same predictable results at happens In alot of top level sport
Aidan Carlisle
Aidan Carlisle 2 måneder siden
MAADUECE the car is definitely good but Hamilton is still elite and all of f1 basically says he’s a special driver but haters still goin off in these comments
MAADUECE 2 måneder siden
Russell proves that car is ridiculously good
Indochina James
Indochina James 2 måneder siden
After he gets bored of avoiding paying tax in the UK by shagging Instagram models in his LA mansion.
Denis Bolster
Denis Bolster 2 måneder siden
Honestly, Lewis Hamilton is bringing down this f***ing sport. He's a coward and I speak for a whole lot of fans when I say LEAVE ALREADY!
Denis Bolster
Denis Bolster 2 måneder siden
@RICARDO P keep talking mean baby I love it
RICARDO P 2 måneder siden
@Denis Bolster I dont know seems to me you're getting emotional. Lol
Denis Bolster
Denis Bolster 2 måneder siden
@RICARDO P I'll leave the crying for Hamilton the snowflake mate
RICARDO P 2 måneder siden
Keep crying
Houtka86 2 måneder siden
A faster teammate that's why he need that clause
David Hack
David Hack 2 måneder siden
Do us all a favour Lewis....Quit now.
Mbal 40
Mbal 40 2 måneder siden
Don’t quit, just quit the self righteous preaching!
Paul McCarney
Paul McCarney 2 måneder siden
Just quit and shut up...
Rascal Husky
Rascal Husky 2 måneder siden
Please do us a favor and do it ASAP . In my eyes your a none UK living, tax dodging and BLM supporter. Get lost .
Chiel Wieringa
Chiel Wieringa 2 måneder siden
"As long as we have the QR-Code that can track everything" *grabs his tinfoil hat*
truthordarequestions 2 måneder siden
For God sake retire already.
DaylightDigital 2 måneder siden
2:51 Swing and a miss for Giedo van der Garde
Thomas Zbaraski
Thomas Zbaraski 2 måneder siden
Gotta love guido..but of course he'll seem boring to him. Lewis is lightyears ahead in talent, achievements in the sport and in his dealings with social issues outside of it. Some lead, many follow.
Eric 2 måneder siden
Hamilton won’t retire, not as long as he’s raking in the cash and having it easy driving the fastest car on the grid.
Ternauwies 2 måneder siden
When Max becomes his teammate he will.
Vedant Agrawal
Vedant Agrawal 2 måneder siden
Basically we can see a path of Kimi, he still enjoys driving an F1 car, that's his passion, same goes for Lewis. Time will tell if he WILL be or WILL NOT be in the best car.
Vinny 2 måneder siden
Power hungry Claire Williams couldn't run a brothel.............. Your dad should have managed you better and had you nowhere near the team .......
carl daniel
carl daniel 2 måneder siden
He currently hasn't got a job! Confused... sign a contract first!!!
r 2 måneder siden
Put Hamilton in a Williams and see if he still enjoys it
Laszlo Kaestner
Laszlo Kaestner 2 måneder siden
But....but.....but where are Helmut Markos' musings for the day? I can't survive 24 hours without knowing what his take on things I that hadn't yet crossed my mind are!
Gju Jumpsuit
Gju Jumpsuit 2 måneder siden
Max , Charles or Russell in Mercedes That will be his last season . I bet 😎
Bruce Nsereko-Lule
Bruce Nsereko-Lule 2 måneder siden
I love Hamilton, but I am getting bored of all this contract signing talk!
Jamie Coats
Jamie Coats 2 måneder siden
George drives flat out because he’s in a car at the back of the field, do you think you’ll be driving so hard if he was in a Mercedes…?
Anthony Leslie
Anthony Leslie 2 måneder siden
after 2010 he wasn't in a competitive car the McLaren went down hill after that year & yet he still is the ONLY DRIVER in its history who's won a race in every year hes driven even in bad car. I guess if Verstappen wins the title every year will the same thing will happen to him, from the same fools that rubbish Lewis ????? really, Grow up !!
Crazy_killer 1112
Crazy_killer 1112 2 måneder siden
I think this means either he has a contract with merc or this is way of him putting himself on the driver market for other teams
Anthony Leslie
Anthony Leslie 2 måneder siden
Van der garde comments on Lewis being boring off the track., What the fcuk is that supposed to mean, I cant name a driver that's less boring off it., Oops sorry all of them are more boring then Lewis, Tell me which one is less boring, like it or not F1 needs Lewis Hamilton Een Eddie jordan says F1 needs Lewis & hes one of his latest criticizers ffs.!!
LeoHatakePlays 2 måneder siden
Lol van der garde mate wtf
roller 2 måneder siden
This is my passion *if you pay me 40 mil a year*
Duderama 67
Duderama 67 2 måneder siden
When the winner is a foregone conclusion, it's no sport it's collusion.
Gian-Luca Nardini
Gian-Luca Nardini 2 måneder siden
Let's hope it's soon
Armands 2 måneder siden
Peter Goyer
Peter Goyer 2 måneder siden
Easy $$$$$$MONEY$$$$$$
MaObi007 2 måneder siden
Giedo who?
Nihal Mustafa
Nihal Mustafa 2 måneder siden
So basically Hamilton will only consider quitting when merc starts losing 🤦
Gorillax 2 måneder siden
@Timmy Schnitzel like schumacher lmao
Timmy Schnitzel
Timmy Schnitzel 2 måneder siden
That's what a loser does.
Prince4851 OMSI Gaming
Prince4851 OMSI Gaming 2 måneder siden
Well he didn't say it like that or you missed the point 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
gary redihough
gary redihough 2 måneder siden
Quit now do us all a favour 😴😴😴
Blackout Menace
Blackout Menace 2 måneder siden
Verstappen or George joining the team will make him quit😙 He’s happy to race Bottas and have a walkover to the championship
Jeril 2 måneder siden
When will Hamilton quit F1? Right when Mercedes Engine/Chassis dominance ends.
Jonathan 2 måneder siden
Typical thought... mate i belived so aswell until i read so much about him. You should watch the turkish GP. MERCEDES WERE NOT DOMINATING.
EVERY DAY I RACE 2 måneder siden
She'll quit when she's not in the best car anymore 🤣
stefan0164 2 måneder siden
Piss him off
Badar Khan
Badar Khan 2 måneder siden
Lmao all these people talking about how Hamilton quits if he isn't in the best car. The man wasn't in the best car 2010-2014 and yet he still outperformed and pushed more than his teammates (who were all either respectable or amazing drivers themselves). As a more recent example, Mercedes were terrible in Turkey, and their pace advantage was basically nullified (hence why the Ferraris finished 3rd and 4th), but Lewis still won the damn race. Toto Wolff is the smartest man on the grid and one of the best team principals in the sport's history, he wouldn't be hearing out Hamilton unless he knew the team could get more out of him than any other driver. Everyone in the paddock respects the hell out of Hamilton, and yet the comments here disregard all that evidence.
rudi_xie 2 måneder siden
I’m a Seb fan and I have never supported Lewis and I doubt i ever will but i feel that it’s just unfair how so many ppl want him to leave
The_Mechanic_SAS 2 måneder siden
He brought this on himself, trying to make a drama out of his contract when his eighth title is pretty much guaranteed. What more can he want? More money than the budget cap will allow in the future, Russel never challenging him in case he replaces Bottas?
Peg Legged Brown
Peg Legged Brown 2 måneder siden
So Lewis Hamilton being boring outside the car has something to do with winning?? Nope I disagree that he's boring, he's a GROWN MAN and im sure grown men doing what they want to do isn't boring. Who's this moron to be blasting Lewis like that!!?? Oh I bet the idiot is what's the word I'm looking for... OH YEAH BORING and beyond jealous of a man's accomplishments.
Bhavik Shah
Bhavik Shah 2 måneder siden
i hope he quits before 2021 starts..
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