Perez Addresses “Extreme” Criticism From Aston Martin

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Current Red Bull driver Sergio Perez was in the center of one of the most surprising developments in the driver market last year. Despite having a contract with Racing Point (now Aston Martin), he was dropped in favor of Sebastian Vettel. Recently, his former team’s technical director Andy Green characterized Perez’s driving style as extreme that did not work on every circuit on the calendar. Perez has now responded to this criticism.
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0:00 - Sergio Perez Hits Back At Former Team’s “Extreme” Criticism
1:25 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Sergio Perez Hits Back At Former Team’s “Extreme” Criticism
Perez began by explaining how each car is different while analyzing his current Red Bull car
“They’re obviously very different in many aspects - the way you drive each of the cars is very different. So, you have to adapt to a different car, to a different style. But … this car has potential in it. And once I get on top of the car, we should be looking good”
He then pointed out how his “extreme” driving helped his former team
“Well, I think thanks to that ‘extreme driving’, we managed to get a lot of points! In a way, I think it helped us a lot in the past. And I just have to keep improving every year, try to make it more complete”
He signed off by reiterating that he has no idea what Green meant by calling his driving style extreme
“With every car, you’re going to be adapting yourself. So, it has to be very specific on which aspect, where you pick it up. With ‘extreme’ comes in a lot of things. Who knows?”

Fast Feed
Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has pointed out that Sergio Perez’s 2020 “season just got stronger and stronger”
“The absolutely crucial moment for him was winning that race from the back of the grid in Bahrain and after that performance you couldn't ignore what he had managed to achieve” added Horner
He also revealed that “everyone in the team wanted” 2020 driver “Alex [Albon] to keep that seat, but you just couldn't ignore a talented driver with Sergio's experience”
“So, in the end it was a relatively easy decision, but” they “were just lucky to have time on” their “side”
Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel has stated that “driving this car feels different”
He further explained that “every F1 car has power steering, but every power steering is tuned slightly differently and that immediately gives you a completely different impression”
He added that “the car has a completely different philosophy. It's a different team and a different car, so it drives very differently as well”
Masashi Yamamoto, Honda's managing director feels that “this season will be successful if” Honda-backed AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda “can score points”
“If he has the chance”, Yamamoto wants “him to aim for the podium. He's still a rookie this year, but he's going to be a good match for [Pierre] Gasly”
He also confirmed that if they “have a good driver”, they “will talk to Red Bull and” they “will continue to do so. That cooperation will stay” as he wants “kids to be able to keep dreaming”
Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has divulged that they “have ordered all the technical requirements. In twelve months, everything should be ready”
“Then” they can then do all the engine “work” themselves “from 2023”
He also added that “there are not many people on the market for” filling up positions in their engine department “but there will definitely be people from other companies joining” them
F1’s managing director Ross Brawn feels that conducting races in circuits like Imola, Portimao, and Mugello last year “was a bit of a lesson for” them
They’re now “thinking about how” they “can build in this factor of the new and unknown in the future”

Will Albon ever race in F1 again?

Formula World
Formula World 18 dager siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgyXkD4uXCKu5fBM4s54AaABCQ 0:00 - Sergio Perez Hits Back At Former Team’s “Extreme” Criticism 1:25 - Fast Feed
Karan Gupta
Karan Gupta Dag siden
Perez's results speak volumes compared to some guy's random words. Atleast expected Aston Martin to show some respect for a driver who literally played a crucial role in saving their ass. Strike 2 for me. (Strike 1 was shutting down their title winning GTE team)
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 3 dager siden
See the strolls rich or not they are shit
shaunmark1 3 dager siden
He was pretty extreme with saving their jobs and doing better than the guy they kept.
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan 3 dager siden
They're just upset that they swapped a racing driver for a very expensive German Uber Driver.
T J 7 dager siden
I am sick and tired of Vettel and his lack of responsibility, accountability, and his weak excuses. Get out of the sport, go home and play daddy. Lewis destroyed you and you know it.
Jaffer Sadique
Jaffer Sadique 8 dager siden
What Perez did in Bahrain Albon would have never done that. He would just be excused for formation lap issue
Shantanu Rawat
Shantanu Rawat 8 dager siden
they are mad cuz he got seat in a batter team
Track Days.
Track Days. 9 dager siden
Sour grapes. How's Vettel doing. Lol
Octavio Cuesta
Octavio Cuesta 9 dager siden
"Extreme driving" after Bahrain 2021 hits different, eh?
titancheat 10 dager siden
I'm sad vettels not performing well. But I'm actually glad it worked out for Sergio and red bull. I think aston got what they wanted and hopefully seb will be happy to. Albons handled it well also.
yeahnahsweetas 10 dager siden
The only thing that was extreme was his level of talent, in the 2020 Bahrain GP.
Kevout Jones
Kevout Jones 11 dager siden
Sergio Perez is a top driver and he will do very well this year and when he's done a few more miles he will catch up with Max I think he will win a good few races and will get a lot of points in the championship this year I like him and good luck Sergio
Jck Dnls
Jck Dnls 11 dager siden
Checo extreme? Has he seen max drive? He must think max is a lunatic lol. Give him a car that can handle his extreme ways! That's what redbull is doing with max!
Spectraevil 11 dager siden
Vettle and Stroll arnt gonna do anything in that Aston Martin. Last year atleast there were 4th thanks to Perez even when he missed 2 races.
The Chumps been dumped.
The Chumps been dumped. 11 dager siden
A drinking game where I took a shot every time he said “different or differently” would leave me in a coma.
Axel Gerber
Axel Gerber 12 dager siden
After the first race of 2021 Aston Martin is going to ask Vetell to be more extreme
Jose Peña
Jose Peña 12 dager siden
That amigos is called speed, intensity and integrity.
yoshimitzu93 12 dager siden
Extreme was Ocon's lane changing...ohh wait.
Clive Evans
Clive Evans 12 dager siden
Vetel was by far the worst performer in a new car compared to his rivals
Stu Cutt
Stu Cutt 12 dager siden
Ever humble Perez. Voted him as driver of the day, and there's a reason he got it. Great guy, great driver.
Rahul77_ YT
Rahul77_ YT 12 dager siden
I didn't think they meant " extreme" in a bad way until i read comments 😐
chuckschilling 12 dager siden
Drama drama drama. Ridiculous.
MyGaming Den
MyGaming Den 13 dager siden
They just mad cause the only reason they hired Vettel was so Stroll can beat a washed up driver so they can say he beated a 4 time world champion, but now the guy they dropped is gonna clap theyr asses every race weekend. Im laughing at Lawrence Stroll i drive to survive. "If our competitors are jealous now wait until next year" 😂😂😂😂
ADITYA MEKA 13 dager siden
I had little respect for Aston Martin after they kicked out Perez . Now , I don't even have that little respect as well . Just accept that , you are mad that Perez got that redbull seat. I will only watch Aston Martin for one and only reason ( Sebastian Vettel ) . If Vettel was not there in your team , I don't think I would watch your stupid team race .
Paul Kiarie
Paul Kiarie 13 dager siden
From the people who exchanged Vettel for Perez. They will soon learn their mistake.
Darren Morris
Darren Morris 13 dager siden
I'm guessing that Red bull are quite liking Perez" extreme style 😎
hockysa 13 dager siden
Let’s face it. Aston Martin/Racing Point are just looking for excuses to justify their decision. They wanted lance to learn from a world champion to further his development.
hahaha hahahaha
hahaha hahahaha 13 dager siden
Still too early
nfc14g 13 dager siden
very clever title but a bit click baity
Adam B
Adam B 13 dager siden
They should be more upset their 4-time world champion ended his first race in 15th
David F
David F 13 dager siden
Wonder how they describe Sebs current driving style?
NaxieGaming 14 dager siden
Perez did and awesome job at Racing Point, Aston Martin made a bad move getting rid of him.
Amit Gupta
Amit Gupta 14 dager siden
Racing point needs to realise this that dropping off Perez in favour of Vettel. Oh wait did I say Lance Daddy’s rich kid Stroll? Well that was never a good idea. This man has taken Racing point to what it is now the previous season. Let’s see what that team can do this year with Apha Tauri, Ferrari, McLaren, and Alpine battling for the sweet midfield!
Axel Gerber
Axel Gerber 14 dager siden
After the driver’s performance on the first race Aston Martin must be releasing the mistake they made
Toomuchdebt 14 dager siden
Former RP now RB Driver had a car malfunction that dropped him to the back of the grid yet he fought back to 5th place for the season starter in Bahrain . That's a bit extreme.
king ayrton
king ayrton 14 dager siden
he is in better place now :)
ALISTAIR THOMPSON 14 dager siden
Yeah his extreme driving style scored a lot more points then daddy I want a drive the owners son
FryV2 15 dager siden
Like to see him dare critisise Stroll, who is by far an inferior driver.
M K 15 dager siden
whos here after he got eliminated in q2
Paulo 15 dager siden
So where was Perez and where was Vettal on the grid in Bahrain? 🤔
Hot Rod
Hot Rod 15 dager siden
Can’t wait to see Pérez sliding backwards into the midfield and then being dropped for not being good enough like Ricciardo, Gasly, and Albon! Wait . . . could it be Red Bull? Nah, surely not. It’s the Not-stappens who all suck.
Dean Ellis
Dean Ellis 15 dager siden
Why would a team who can’t design a competitive car without outright theft criticize anyone, about anything?
Raghu Nandini Roshun Menon
Raghu Nandini Roshun Menon 15 dager siden
Have to agree with Mr. Perez's comments! His driving greatly helped Racing Point with the "highs" last year.
Yorkshire Man 66
Yorkshire Man 66 15 dager siden
My opinion on albon yes he will be back in the future
onkouth 15 dager siden
The only extreme thing is Sergio’s likeness to Tom Cruise!
Jaime Alberto Osorio Avendaño
Jaime Alberto Osorio Avendaño 15 dager siden
Aston Martin are covering the fact, that they fired the best driver to keep the less talented owners kid, they are triying to cover the sun with one finger.
Clint Fleetwood
Clint Fleetwood 15 dager siden
Sergio has nothing to answer to
LittleTimmyJr 16 dager siden
The fluffy gander intriguingly risk because alto incidentally shelter towards a sulky biology. gaping, worried product
Hornet YT
Hornet YT 16 dager siden
Perez drives with calculated aggression. He's so underrated. I mean, last to first? Extreme is a factor that is needed, it is formula 1 after all.
Luka Vujeva
Luka Vujeva 16 dager siden
If there wasn’t Sergio in 2018, Mr Green wouldn’t have a job today, so he should better shut his mouth as his extreme engineering knowledge made that car does not work in all circuits.
Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog 16 dager siden
Click bait title.
Jake M
Jake M 16 dager siden
Anyone here after Bahrain qualifying??? 😂 Completely shown up by Gasly, and not even in the top 10. Max is on his own tomorrow against both Mercedes.
Nebuchadnezzar 16 dager siden
I see no reason why Albon should have another opportunity. He's never done anything special in a F1 car.
Samuel Sperle
Samuel Sperle 16 dager siden
Wow that guy and Albon should start a team and live miserably ever after with their “His driving style is too extreme” and “Why are they racing me so hard?” Haha. Perez didn’t Grossjean it into every other driver and he finished strong all year like are y’all racing to win or?.....
Pedro Fonseca
Pedro Fonseca 16 dager siden
Karma got its eyes in Austin Martin now
Ed Mcdanza
Ed Mcdanza 16 dager siden
good job bro, got straight into it. subscribed.
Hugo S
Hugo S 16 dager siden
Sergio Perez is no fool! He adapts, improves, and looks at all aspects of his driving. He is also respected amongst his fellow drivers. He is not as crazy as a young Sebastian Vettel was. Crazy can bring some success though.
Frankie Drummond-lowery
Frankie Drummond-lowery 16 dager siden
Peep game redbull is going to fast track Yuki yo redbull and the cycle is going to continue. I think redbull a problems is they try and hold people to the standard that max races at and Alvin will go back to alpha
R.W. D.
R.W. D. 16 dager siden
Dropping Perez for Vettel is by far the most strange decision in F1. If Vettel battles and Perez lands podiums week after week, Aston Martin will be a laughing stock.
Nailbombx 16 dager siden
Am i wrong to think that every F1 driver, drives Extreme?
El Chos
El Chos 16 dager siden
When Carlos Slim Jr (20 times richer than Stroll) was keeping Racing Point alive after its debacle, pouring millions of sponsorship funds from his Telcel and Claro companies, and Checho scoring the important points on the Mercedes-copy-and-paste-car, then they loved him. They're probably realizing the bad deal they did. They do not get the Slim money in and Seb is already unhappy with their mediocre team. Happy for Perez, sad for Vettel will be again in the back.
M A 16 dager siden
Perez is one of those drivers thats Always just in 7th
scott matthews
scott matthews 16 dager siden
I get a feeling its got more to do with Checo showing up Lance in daddy's team than it is to do with " Extreme" driving. Not gonna act like Lance is a no talent pay driver because he's not but he could do with being a bit more " extreme " himself, otherwise Seb will show him up aswell this year
Lolzibarzor 16 dager siden
Is F1... i dont know how much more extreme racing can get... you hear dumb shit like that only from people that never drove an F1 car
David Garcia
David Garcia 16 dager siden
Yeah I've been a steadfast subscriber for a year now but this click bait headline is too far. Byeeee
David Garcia
David Garcia 16 dager siden
What kind of a click bait title is that
Nirvaan Aggarwal
Nirvaan Aggarwal 16 dager siden
Yuki is seriously impressive. I think he’s going to do some really amazing things this year
M C 16 dager siden
Sounds like a bitter and jealous ex.
Keith Powell
Keith Powell 16 dager siden
Think someone has picked up on a comment and blown it out of proportion. Media BS
Senna 1993
Senna 1993 16 dager siden
Stroll is only jealous because he knows Checo is much more capable of getting points than his own son. Go Checo go!! 👍🏆
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 16 dager siden
Let’s face it Racing Points owner is obsessed with making his son world champion at any cost. Lance Stroll’s position is set in stone whatever he does and Lawrence Stroll has now brought in Vettel to mentor him. Perez like Ocon was just collateral damage in Stroll’s obsession. Luckily both have secured better positions in a less partisan environment and let’s hope Perez in a Red Bull shows Stroll up for his promotion of his son over far better drivers.
Warexkin 16 dager siden
Did Marko lowkey just admit to the fact that RBR will be poaching guys from the other teams, for their engine departement ?😅
Rodrigo Rios
Rodrigo Rios 16 dager siden
If Perez gives Max some heat, then Albon will never drive a F1 car again. But if Perez struggles, then it will become even more obvious than it already is that Max has a very specific driving style that simply matches perfectly the characteristics of the Redbull car. In that scenario, some teams will take a second look at Albon and he has a good chance to come back to F1. That is at least how I see it.
Eugene Armenis
Eugene Armenis 16 dager siden
He just said perez style is more extreme than Vettels style. I don't know why the media thought Andrew Green wanted to disrespect Perez.
aflatune 16 dager siden
Albon is not just good enough for red bull to challenge mercedes as a team . He is a weak link. Red bull needs someone who can hold the second mercedes car at least
Abhishek Patel
Abhishek Patel 16 dager siden
Well it is true. Going 50 laps on mediums without losing pace is pretty extreme. And effective.
AnimalzyNL 16 dager siden
Andy Green is tripping. Last time I checked, Perez ended 4th ahead of his teammate who ended in 11th so I suppose that the 'extreme' driving style does work.
Iliyan Stoychev
Iliyan Stoychev 16 dager siden
Being extreme is exactly what you need to be to be on par with Max Verstappen
Javier Castro
Javier Castro 16 dager siden
That extreme driving style let him win the only pole Racing Point ever got
Pepsibottle1 16 dager siden
Shameful really when you figure what he did for that organization
Iceuck0x 16 dager siden
That extreme style got the best out of the car, more than daddy’s boy stroll
ICNTOANTU 16 dager siden
borderline clickbait lol
Delta November
Delta November 16 dager siden
Dillon Shelley, this is one load of garbage. Give us real F1 news, not this tripe.
Stefaan Mathys
Stefaan Mathys 16 dager siden
No i will not drive ever again in f1
Gus Fiore
Gus Fiore 16 dager siden
Maybe he could say Extreme slow
R.G. Amsterdam
R.G. Amsterdam 16 dager siden
Extremely well...thats what he meant
Jiajian Hou
Jiajian Hou 16 dager siden
Lol Red Bull loves extreme drivers. Fuck racing point / Aston Martin. Ungrateful disloyal bastards!! All excuses. They know, and everyone else knows they should’ve dropped stroll who was obviously a worse driver. But Nooooooooo. Because stroll is a spoiled rich kid whose hobby is funded by his daddy, fuck stroll and fuck Aston Martin, worst driver/team ever.
Allan Murray
Allan Murray 16 dager siden
imo aston know they fucked up droping perez...
Shrivatsan K Chari
Shrivatsan K Chari 16 dager siden
Being an extreme driver is literally the job description for f1
kly plays
kly plays 16 dager siden
I am sure this was some misinterpretation by journalist, otherwise, they wouldn't be able to keep making contents like this. Cheesy af.
Robby King Pin
Robby King Pin 16 dager siden
Maybe Mr Toxic should learn when to keep his mouth shut. We ll see where they really stand dropping Checko in favor to keep Daddy's cash, Mr inconsistent himself. I bet this childish clown was crying when he wanted to be the first driver as well. This team is a absolute joke. I dont even like their livery with the oversized racing numbers on the front
Captured By Smartphones
Captured By Smartphones 16 dager siden
And look at them now. They may not even get a podium this year. That Aston Martin is slow.
Tutuian Dragos
Tutuian Dragos 16 dager siden
Why is the media pushing this narrative as if saying his style is “extreme” is a bad thing? They probably meant that he sets up his car in a very specific way to get the best out of it, which he has always done in 2020. F1 fans are so dense, i stg, as if andrew green would talk shit of the guy for whom he’d build cars in the last 7 years to achieve the very best results.
Alec Harris
Alec Harris 16 dager siden
Imagine having that little respect for the man who is the reason you're still in the sport. And who has been your best driver for years
Jay The 2nd
Jay The 2nd 16 dager siden
Imagine a driver saving a team, getting the most points between drivers and the first win for the them, then saying his driving style is extreme. No class from Andrew 'tracing paper' Green.
SimBoy 16 dager siden
And like Checo jolly well should. He's done ABSOLOUTELY nothing wrong at Racing Point. Tell him he has extreme driving whilst looking at that shiny thing from the Sakhir GP.
sempe zela
sempe zela 16 dager siden
Um... isn’t Checo like one of the best on the grid in terms of his tyre management so that punches a hole in ‘extreme’ also... show some respect that man pulled your team to relevance for years then literally helped saved the team ffom going belly up.
Mayuk Gupta
Mayuk Gupta 16 dager siden
Checko commands only respect for what he had managed with his previous team.
Marky mark
Marky mark 16 dager siden
They use to say this about Lewis.. we need to look out for him not just verstapan.
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