Are Mercedes Unwilling To Meet Hamilton’s Demands? - [ Rumour Round-Up ]

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Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of “Rumour Round-Up” and as with the others, all the stories contained within this are to be taken with a grain of salt and haven’t been officially substantiated but are things that are being talked about in the world of F1 that may be interesting, could turn out to be true, or simply plain wrong. Without further delay, here is Rumour Roundup…
Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have had a very fruitful partnership that has seen them win 7 Constructors’ Championship while Lewis has added 6 Drivers’ Championships to his tally during the same period. As such, many felt that renewing his contract for 2021 and beyond would have been a matter of mere formality. However, the latest rumors now suggest that it might not be as straightforward.
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0:00 - Mercedes Unwilling To Meet Hamilton’s Contract Demands
2:34 - Rapid Rumours
Mercedes remains the only team on the 2021 grid that is yet to finalize contracts for its driver line-up. Initially, they had stated that the very hectic 2020 season due to its condensed nature left them little time to negotiate the contract and that once the season was over, they would get to it.
However, it has now been close to a month since the season concluded and there has been no further confirmed developments in this regard.
Rumors have now surfaced that Lewis Hamilton has made some exorbitant demands and Mercedes are reluctant to comply
Apparently, according to numbers floating around, suggest Hamilton’s demands include a four-year, $200 million deal, plus 10% of the team’s championship winnings, a limited production AMG One car and an additional role that “goes beyond being a driver and more than a mere testimonial”
Daimler, holders of one-third of the shares in the team have reportedly outright rejected the offer while Toto Wolff, the second shareholder is apparently undecided.
It will seemingly all boil down to INEOS’s stand in this regard and they are yet to come to a decision on what route to take.
INEOS, which happens to be a British multinational chemicals company are allegedly willing to pay a good chunk of Hamilton’s salary and that might see Hamilton’s demands being met
There have also been unconfirmed reports that Daimler are seriously considering hiring George Russell who currently drives for Williams as Hamilton’s replacement.
The apparent logic behind it is the fact that Russell could be signed for a lot less and he is seen as someone who can fill Hamilton’s role in the team
Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the team has ostensibly called these developments “pure fiction” and that “there are no reasons to be concerned”
Also, worth noting is Toto Wolff’s statement that Hamilton sees “himself in the right context within the organization and not like a solar system where everything revolves around the sun”

Rapid Rumors
The season opening 2021 Australian GP is reportedly all but confirmed as a no-go due to the longer quarantine requirements in the country
Government officials are supposedly reluctant to relax the quarantine duration as they feel it might set an unsafe precedent
It is also being suggested that Imola will host the yet to be announced fourth race of the 2021 season
However, the financial details have to be ironed out before this can be confirmed
Red Bull are seemingly looking to enter DTM with their own team
Meanwhile, their DTM drivers Alex Albon and Liam Lawson have reportedly been entered into the racing series as a way to evaluate which of the two drivers are fit to join F1 in the future
If, Lawson shines against Albon, it will supposedly be the end of Albon’s aspirations of becoming a full-time Red Bull F1 driver again
Former team Principal of Suzuki in MotoGP, Davide Brivio who recently announced the shocking decision to quit from his role in MotoGP is allegedly headed for F1
He is expected to take up the position of Alpine’s team principal
Haas team owner Gene Haas is reportedly very unhappy with Nikita Mazepin’s actions as it has buried the possibility of any positive publicity, they might have received for signing Mick Schumacher

Will Imola host an F1 race in 2021?

Formula World
Formula World 2 måneder siden
Excuse the question at the end of the video, it was made just before the Imola announcement and I only noticed that it was still there after I’d uploaded it. The actual poll has a different question, so be sure to check it out if you feel like it. Thanks. *Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgyOJBJAGPC_NpvN0sZ4AaABCQ 0:00 - Mercedes Unwilling To Meet Hamilton’s Contract Demands 2:34 - Rapid Rumours
Official Boomtish214
Official Boomtish214 2 måneder siden
Regardless; no. I think it’ll be Turkey.
Dayle Ashley Nolasco
Dayle Ashley Nolasco 2 måneder siden
@Rolly101 You know if we are talking about the Lewis today excluded the years prior to his Mercedes career. But don't get me wrong, he is already a Champion that's why I respect him. The title he got at McLaren was kinda lucky but still he won the title. Therefore, he should be proud of it. But if we include his six title with Mercedes. If he wasn't the one Mercedes had chose to be their driver. Do you think he could match M. Shumacher's world titles. No way. He should be thankful for the team who made him such an Icon. Not vice versa. Didn't you follow his stint with Mercedes since the start of 2014. The moment he stepped in in that car, it's obvious that he would becoming multiple Champion. Whoever driver who got there that year with Nico will flourish because the car itself ready to dominate. Perhaps, it might not beat Nico but for sure he will be a perenial contender. In the case of Lewis, he is a bot better than Roseberg. Although, Nico embraced the competition & tried his best to beat Hamilton which he succeed. You know the car itself made by Mercedes had already got an obvious gap to others that that no team could bridge over, no matter how other teams worked their ass off. A bit of tweak & improvements theoughout the season is all it neess to maintain its gap. Mercedes got the perfect formula since the start of the Hybrid era & just claimed it to be there period. Better than the later V8's era when RBR finally got their hands to rule the series. Although Vettel on the other hand, had a fair share of competition in 2010 & 2012 for the title coming from Ferrari & McLaren unlike today. It means the competion was still open despite RBR held F1 Championship in those years. Since 2014, with the new complicated Hybrid V6. The competition became sour. Even Ferrari that have got more budget & experience than Mercedes couldn't even manage to offer a genuine challenge throughout this era. RBR is trying but always far behind of Mercedes. Yes, Scuderia Ferrari came close in 2018 but the gap once again reverted back to the way it where after a year. So, you think Lewis had a huge part to the team success. As I've said any F1 driver could do that. Without Lewis on the team. Bottas could have been a multiple Champion now. You know if the feedback Lewis gave is worth millions. Even Russell or any F1 driver could replicate that in a cheaper salary. No hate, just being reasonable here after the fiasco of the transaction. Mercedes team has just rule this period. The hope will be 2022 if those changes could make it almost even for all the team. Let's see. That will be the time also to say who is the best driver in F1 after Alonso finally find his feet again.
Rolly101 2 måneder siden
@Dayle Ashley Nolasco+ Hmm So Everything Lewis Hamilton has, Such as "Recognition, Status & Everything" (Has ALL Been Gifted To Him From Mercedes F1 Team?) Meaning Lewis himself has (NOT) created (ANY) Recognition, Status, History or Anything for the Mercedes F1 team? This also means Lewis had (0%) Recognition, Status OR Anything, (When He Was Leaving Mclaren) to join the Mercedes F1 Team? It would also suggest Lewis has had (0%) input with the Design, Development & Setup of any of his own Mercedes F1 RaceCars? It would also mean he has provided (0%) Feedback or Input regarding any (Mid-Season) Updates, Modifications OR Handling & Performance Improvements to his race car? These things are ALL the wrk of Mercedes F1 & they just gift ALL of it to the ungrateful Lewis Hamilton, who would be unknown to the world without Mercedes? I guess when you put it like that, How dare he even demand (Anything) in his new contract, How Rude of him!!!
Dayle Ashley Nolasco
Dayle Ashley Nolasco 2 måneder siden
@Jeroen Verzijl You know the reason why Rosberg had call it a time after winning the title. It's not what you think that he couldn't repaeat it. Of course, he can base from the start of the season Lewis did in 2017. Nico could utilize that advantage. Rosberg said that he wants to finsh his career on a high & his goal was only to experience the ultimate goal which is winning the title. And, he got it in 2016. He was satisfied & felt fulfilled after all his hard work in his career. That time he was already satisfied that's why he had retired & focus himself to his growing family. That's what he said not those made up thoughts of the pro-Lewis that he can't repeat it. My goodness he was driving the best package on the grid & he know well Lewis game. After all those years they were fighting in the lower class. It's not impossible that Nico could beat him any circumstances. Although, I could say Lewis is bit better but Nico could take every opportunity he got. That's why he finally nailed beating Lewis after 2 tries.
Jeroen Verzijl
Jeroen Verzijl 2 måneder siden
Lewis wants to be compensated next season for the seasons after that when the salery cap for drivers is there and Daimler is not willing, they see wat they got in russel and paying an exorbithant salary for Lewis is not ok for them, Lewis does if he is so fantastic and that he is so invested in socail stuff, well that is all show, for lewis the only thing that counts is cash,racisme was not a problem with signing his sponserdeal with hiss clothingsponser and about nature, he is selling his cars? Butt he still hase a private Jet, so it is all half half, and they only thing tjat really counts is money, then those ideals fade fast with Hamilton, so? Russel and Rosberg are not compareble, goerge is i believe a much better driver and and i think that he is somewere in the gap between Rosberg and current teammate Bottas. Rosberg, was mentally very strong and bottas is that in now way, bottas is a very good driver but he hase the baggage off driving in Hamiltons shadow and that is bringing him down, Rosberg was very good in Mindfucking lewis and he hade some luck with lewis having a bit more breakdowns that year, him stopping was because h3 knew that he would never repaet that again, George is a lot more confident in his own doing and not busy with all the drama he is focesed on himself!
Piete Koo
Piete Koo 3 timer siden
Mercedes will get drivers willing to pay to drive for them, with obtaining the same results. Max Verstappen and George will also do se same job.
That Guy
That Guy 2 måneder siden
Bye bye cheating racist
Koito rob
Koito rob 2 måneder siden
Thanks for telling me that everything in this video can be taken with grain of salt. I'll stop watching now then...
Alex Cooke
Alex Cooke 2 måneder siden
He's a troublemaker bringing that black lives matter in here which had nothing to do with racing political he's arrogant and Russell can drive just as good as he can...
fladave99 Mills
fladave99 Mills 2 måneder siden
fladave99 Mills
fladave99 Mills 2 måneder siden
He wants his DAD as a co-driver cause MOMS is sick of dad sitting around the house all week long
C-Man's Gyros
C-Man's Gyros 2 måneder siden
Bull5#!t !!!!!!
Desert Bedouin
Desert Bedouin 2 måneder siden
Without toto, Hamilton is nothing.
William Holden
William Holden 2 måneder siden
Hire George Tussell Mercedes. You will be doing the sport a great service. The George Russell race for Mercedes was the highlight of the season.
boss omar
boss omar 2 måneder siden
Sir. Lewis Hamilton 7 Time F1 World Champion Top F1 Drive in all meaningful categories Top F1 Profit Center for any F1 Team in history of F1. The definition of a Formula 1 driver Sir. Lewis Hamilton This person has proven he is better than the following F1 drivers combined. Bottas, Russell, Vestapean, LaClaera,Alonzo,Perez, Vettal and Rosberg. Check the results. As lewis daddy would say look at what happen on the Track. It's insulting but part of the game when you shine so much more then your competition in all areas of the sport. Even at his age he is still faster than all the guys listed above check the records for number of poles,the number of leading laps and most of all WINS. So Mercedes pay the Man He has earned a Equity Stake in the team He has earned the salary and the contract that meets his objectives as a member of "team Mercedes " I wonder if we would even be having this conversation if this was the second closest driver in the history was asking for the same things. P.S. please review the last contract that this second place driver in F1 got from mercedes . So simply Sir Lewis Hamilton has been "The Investment in the history of Mercedes and the greatest and most successful driver in the history of F1. You got their RESPECT Now go get the Power and the Money. Love Ya "From the brothers on the other side of the pond. " I think this is BULLSHIT.. If you guys were honest he has all the records. NOW HE DESERVES SOME OF THE MONEY. Most Athletes figure out the "Money Side"of the game to late. The PGA in the states has not approached the level of income produced when TIGER was winning. F1 racing will find it self back to being a European car race. PLEASE RESPECT AND USE THE CORRECT TITLE WHEN ADDRESSING Sir. Lewis Hamilton in the future.
Dani 2 måneder siden
I tell you again. Lewis is gone delusional. You can just see it on him. He thinks he's god. He thinks it's him that made it possible for Mercedes to win 7 titles while be honest it is mainly Mercedes that has given Lewis the opportunity to reach what he has reached. An opportunity that maybe once every 20-30 years 1 person in the whole world gets. And look at what he demands. They give the bratt everything he can dream of but he wants more.. I pray Mercedes won't give in. It would be ridiculous.
Martin Ruggles
Martin Ruggles 2 måneder siden
Drop Hamilton bring up George Russell
rtordon 2 måneder siden
Would love to see how Hamilton would do in another car. Ultimately F1 is a business and if Mercedes doesn’t believe signing Hamilton and his current demands they likely won’t sign him (would any other team meet those demands?). All just speculation at this point.
Gerry D
Gerry D 2 måneder siden
Just go with George please. He can get just as much out of the car and isn't up his own ass
m1st 2 måneder siden
Stuck up Hamilton is finally shining through. He's always been riding his high horse, but he acts all humble because deep inside he's guilty of his own feelings. I don't blame him though, I would also feel far superior if I had 7 world championships under my belt. But the fact that he tries to hide it all the time and he tries to show his personal struggles as a means to make himself look like a common man is disgusting. Come on man, you're a multi millionaire driving for the absolute top team in F1, now you're asking for prize money, a limited production car, we all know you're not just another common human being. Why don't you just give that 10% to charity? What an asshole.
Leslie George
Leslie George 2 måneder siden
Yes that’s what we have been told he wants fifty million dollars each year for four years he can just forget about it don’t waste time just sign Russel he will do the job
eddie Lewis
eddie Lewis 2 måneder siden
If Lewis go. Max will win his first F1 championship.
fkend1 2 måneder siden
Hamilton and his attitude is just not needed in F1, time he returned to the UK and paid his taxes
ian walton
ian walton 2 måneder siden
That will teach Hamilton for having a day off 😂
Brian Jones
Brian Jones 2 måneder siden
Lewis Hamilton isn't necessarily the best, Russell proved this. Stick him in a Williams and see what happens. One "man", as conceited as he is, does not make a team. If I was in the powers that be place I would bin him and take on Russell.
Search 2 måneder siden
Jiajian Hou
Jiajian Hou 2 måneder siden
Just get George!
brownmouse100 2 måneder siden
all that money to drive a computer
Drum Ape
Drum Ape 2 måneder siden
Anyone in that seat will be champion. But I guess he needs the limited edition AMG due to his oppression, so fair is fair.
VintageHQ 2 måneder siden
Hamilton deserves every bit of it. All hamilton hating racists cheering for that no good Russell.
Alex Young
Alex Young 2 måneder siden
I knew he wanted something crazy but all that money on of 10% of the teams winnings and a project 1 care 😂
Mark Patterson
Mark Patterson 2 måneder siden
If they sign Lady Lewis they are true idiots....
Jukka O. Parviainen
Jukka O. Parviainen 2 måneder siden
Leclerc is changing the seats with Hamilton. Ferrari can give 40 million EUR / year as they did 14 years ago already to Kimi. Other conditions might be negotiable.
jose guite
jose guite 2 måneder siden
Leave Hamilton put any normal driver like Russel for example, they will win races every now and then. There are lots of driver willing to sit on the Mercs car and win championship...Its the car that win championship these days unlike the good ol days where driver put their guts and all that to win races. Take an example of Schumacher in Mercedes starting days, Alonso in Ferrari slowdown, Raikonnen presently, Massa a championship contender in Ferrari and driving williams and lots more😁 abd of course the unbeatable Vettel in Red Bull driving Ferrari😂
Nick Civictyperrr
Nick Civictyperrr 2 måneder siden
If Lewis want another Title he needs to resign ...its simple as that. Seems Merc dont realize that they have other Options like George. Ham has None if he wants Title Nr.8
Robert Lawson
Robert Lawson 2 måneder siden
Surely 8 time world Champion is worth everything he owns. I don’t see why Mercedes even consider listening.
Doginu 2 måneder siden
Anyone in that car could contend...
doug22231 2 måneder siden
I love how some people feel that George is going to win 7 titles as soon as he jumps in that car.... If they sack Hamilton well Max will be the next world champ and redbull constructors.
cranky1812 2 måneder siden
Let's see if lewis has the guys to join a struggling team and win a championship 😂😂😂.
Barry Antonia
Barry Antonia 2 måneder siden
Can that b.t.h
As33 2 måneder siden
Alonso to join Mercedes in 2022 just when McLaren become the fastest car and he has to battle to finish 5th.
Dominic Kelly
Dominic Kelly 2 måneder siden
dimeler? are you ill or something
David Souza
David Souza 2 måneder siden
Russell can win in that car. Mercedes can very likely win another championship without Hamilton. Get rid of Hamilton and his political message. It will do the sport good.
gino enas
gino enas 2 måneder siden
We need to read in between the lines here. Lewis Hamilton was extremely naive in giving open support to BLM which would have been probably OK if he backed an extremist political entity in his off the tracks time. But he went much further than that, by trying to enroll all the other racing drivers, in to the pro BLM antics before the start of every race. All that didn't go to well with high ranking racing officials as well as with Mercedes top management. My prediction? Mercedes is using the engagement money as a poor excuse to part with Hamilton for good. Besides most of us know that if the Mercedes team keep the same high competitive standard on his cars they will be able to find at least another 3 or 4 other excellent drivers, to pick up the winning streak even without Hamilton. Besides Mercedes are having hard financial times ahead, probably like all other German car manufacturers, and it would be totally irresponsible to pay a racing driver all the money he is asking. Morale of the story? Stick and concentrate only in what you are able to do best, and leave politics to the professionals. Hamilton without realizing has very naively ruined his racing future. He should seriously evaluate his "close friends".
j m
j m 2 måneder siden
I bet George would drive for less than lewis ,,,,,,,,,he's become greedy and hypocrite too
Lars Agerbæk
Lars Agerbæk 2 måneder siden
imagine George Russell replacing Bottas and then beating Hamilton in every race. Wouldn't that be something.
Chris Wood
Chris Wood 2 måneder siden
Hamilton will be even more insufferable since the Woke Establishment fawned to him and slavishly gave him a Knighthood! Yes he's a great driver but the car did play an immense roll in his achievements! This was highlighted by George Russel during the penultimate Grand Prix and raises the question regarding Russell? My gut feeling is that Mercedes are grooming him to either replace Hamilton or Bottas, my guess it's the former! I felt there was no way Lewis was going to miss the last race of the season, for one thing he wanted to finish on a high but perhaps more importantly he didn't want George in his car again only to actually win this time and steal his thunder! The guy is that vain! My hope is that Hamilton has his head so far up his own backside and prices himself out through sheer greed, Mercedes could then get Russell released by Williams and we'd have a really exciting season to look forward to!
johnny lind
johnny lind 2 måneder siden
well i would let him lose , he has turned into an alien . With marxist ideas , but only when it comes to others .
Мотов Василий
Мотов Василий 2 måneder siden
Yeah, I dunno, nowadays F1 has like the best line up of young and talented drivers (Lando, Russel, Lecrerc, Gasly, and many on the way), paying so much money to any driver seems unreasonable.
Patrick Hoo
Patrick Hoo 2 måneder siden
Russel only tried to perform on that race just because he wanted to impress and out of desperation. Give him Lewis seat. He will return to his original level in performance, Lewis is consistent and always hungry for a win no matter what surface and conditions. It’s deadly and dangerous sport. Lewis deserved what he is asking for, I changed my car to Mercedes suv because of him, the is helping the company in terms of sales and marketing. Common !!!
David Ej
David Ej 2 måneder siden
His demands show his true nature, all the act of wisdom, equality..blah blah bluah is just a show. Bye Lewis hello George seems a wise decision for Merc
azee 2 måneder siden
quick thoughts, at this point hamilton isn't just the driver in mercedes, he's part of the brand and had been alongside them making history for years. he's one variable that are sure to deliver expected high performance every time. and one that they can trust to be able to utilize their car to the fullest. so to pass him up for a newbie however promising he seems, imo is unlikely Especially if it's for financial reason. i'm sure money is the least of their problems. though they might try to be tough on his supposed demands because however they handle it will set a precedent. it gets tricky when we consider how russel has the spotlight on him now and merc might want to nurture their new driver earlier on. but ham still got good years left on him so they might want to go for another sprint making more records that'll take time to break. after all, with longer records the longer ppl are gonna refer to them as the benchmark. that's longer than i intended to comment but anyway im just dropping this thoughts here and it'll be fun to come back and see how this age.
Beer Stein
Beer Stein 2 måneder siden
Mercedes would be absolutely stupid if the meet Lewis demands. Bottas 2nd place inthe championship has proven that mercedes could still win the wdc with a average driver like Botras. Russel hasmoroven that any driver can step into a mercedes and win a gp. There is no reason to think that Mercedes will not win the championship again next yea, withiut Lewis. Offer Russel the same as Bottas and use the spare cash to give the rest of the team performance incentives.
Gym Head
Gym Head 2 måneder siden
George fill a 7 times world champions shoes 🤣....
mark taylor
mark taylor 2 måneder siden
I truly hope they aren't. I like the idea of f1 without lewis.
Tornado 1
Tornado 1 2 måneder siden
Hey Lewis, you ever hear of the saying "Don't bite the hand that feeds you"?. A great driver but an absolute plank.
FeelTheBirdie 2 måneder siden
hamilton is ask for a lot considering its the team that gave him his championships
Epyon GW
Epyon GW 2 måneder siden
Lets be honest, all these victories are due to Mercedes not Hamilton and Mercedes knows this. Russel basically proved how easy the car is to drive while they keep making Bottas look like that. Think about it Hamilton has yet to proof he can drive a difficult car or do something really amazing. Look back at Schumacher qualiying a Jordan way up the grid, Vettel's amazing victory with Torro Rosso at Monzo, Alonso's start at Minardi and beating his teammate by a large margin, etc. While Hamilton has been in a car with Championship winning potential from the beginning. They can get Maldonado in that car and he would win the championship
A Fraser
A Fraser 2 måneder siden
I don't doubt Hamilton is a great driver but as a human being he is just intolerable. Classic woke celebrity telling everyday people how to live their lives. Even before covid his salary demands were ridiculous but with budget caps coming in, teams cutting staff, I just think it's pathetic that there is even a conversation to be had about money and length of contract. I wish F1 was a bit like some other sports in that everyone is replaceable and nobody is bigger than the team.
Ep!dEm 2 måneder siden
Sack him! Without the car, he is nothing...
Bruce MacKenzie
Bruce MacKenzie 2 måneder siden
Mercedes does not need Hamilton, Hamilton needs Mercedes. There are at least 4-5 drivers that would get similar results Hamilton gets.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee 2 måneder siden
Lewis should drive for Claire Williams and help them return to the top.🤔🤔
Phil Rees
Phil Rees 2 måneder siden
put vettel in the car. Hamilton has become a total prick he should learn to keep his big mouth shut
shanefanon 2 måneder siden
F1 without Louis just won't be as colorful. Ha, ha ...
Jerry Carr
Jerry Carr 2 måneder siden
Isn’t that Bottas helmet at 0:32?
TomorrowComesToday 2 måneder siden
If the Honda engine next year evolves as they said, that tiny bit of performance plus PER talent driving skills and management might make him world champion against this guys. I am seriously concerned by max ver
Malcolm Stuart
Malcolm Stuart 2 måneder siden
I've been a Ham fan since he started but his greed is turning me off him. I hope the rumours are true, Ham can't get away with this ridiculous exorbitant demand. Merc will succeed without him so he shouldn't have the power over them. But will Toto bow down to his little mate?
Muneiro Valibas
Muneiro Valibas 2 måneder siden
Mercedes should get Russell in these contract negotiations. I'm sure he could counter Hamilton's demands with his unbeatable Powerpoint presentation.
mrGTRspec 2 måneder siden
Mercedes and Lewis has an opportunity to beat Schumachers championship record. They just need to settle down and make this happen.
GrrMeister 2 måneder siden
*Hamilton allegedly offered his services to Ferrari but demanded his car Painted Black*
David Edwards
David Edwards 2 måneder siden
I'd love to see Russell drive the Mercedes, his drive was the most exciting of the year and probably makes Lewis seem too expensive even at his previous contract cost.
Johan Burger
Johan Burger 2 måneder siden
I'm suprised Hamilton didn't ask for a lap dance from the Queen. That's all that's left
Peter Blazeby
Peter Blazeby 2 måneder siden
Just get George Russell in a get rid of me ego!
Britney Chin
Britney Chin 2 måneder siden
Just replace Hamilton with Russel. Hamilton no doubt is the best but F1 fans already immune to Lewis's Wins. F1 fans no more feeling on Lewis winning as we all know he is proven a true winner. No Surprise at all if Lewis win another GP because he did it so many till fans got immune. If Russel win... it will a big attraction to F1.
Paolo B.V.
Paolo B.V. 2 måneder siden
200.000.000 is fucking silly
Piotr Stanczak
Piotr Stanczak 2 måneder siden
Russell showed that Hamilton is not some kind of superstar it's great driver but Russell is the same if not better and would not have such enormous demands.
Recommended 2 måneder siden
We will see how good he really is in 22 I have my doubts of Hamilton being the goat of all time he is good and talented but so are other drivers only mentality of decision and choices make them diff and Russell have sown something even diff than that he like to talk to team muchore than Lewis accq to wolff
jp k
jp k 2 måneder siden
Why would you pay him big money? Russell and alot of other driver would do the job. Hamilton should drive for free the amount of titles Mercedes have gifted him.
aluwani moyo
aluwani moyo 2 måneder siden
The main amount, they need to cough up - no two was about it. Hamilton is worth a lot more than just the driving - he's a freaking Knight, the biggest social media star on the grid and also doing other endorsements like Tommy Hilfiger which automatically give Mercedes some exposure coz he's know everywhere as the Mercedes f1 Champ. Even when he chases some of his causes like the environment, BLM and all that, they get automatic positive association, so cough up Mercedes - you're not just paying a driver here and you know it! PAY THER MAN! That 10% thing though is a bit ridiculous - he's not gonna be the only one scoring constructors points so they should point that out, maybe as a compromise say BOTH drivers share 10% divided between according to their constructors points contributions. If he refuses that, he will have trouble ever looking his teammate in the face. Why the hell does he want's four years - that's ridiculous. As for the special edition car, GIVE HIM THE FREAKING AMG WTF!
evo 2 måneder siden
Ferrari would meet that figure and would have to get their finger out on development of the car instead of staff reshuffle. The PR in a Ferrari 7 times world champion.
Ez Zee
Ez Zee 2 måneder siden
Hamilton thinks he is God like. Change the whole bloody world instead of just driving. F1 is a business and it depends what sponsorship one brings and what salary that driver asks for. Russell proved what everyone knew, any driver can get in that Mercedes and win. All F1 drivers are the cream of the crop. It's time to dump Hami and move on. Hamilton is Phenomenal but there are other drivers one step behind. Bring on Russell and keep Bottas
Andyclassics 2 måneder siden
Anyone suggesting that Russell's one drive in the car is making Merc think twice about signing Lewis are deludeded. If Merc wanted Russell in the car this season they would have paid Bottas off, they would always want an experienced driver in the car with a rookie. I think its more the Pandemic and it effects on finances thats making Merc think carefully before making a decision.
BNOVA 2 måneder siden
Very few of the Rumors regarding Hamilton's Salary demands have been true in the past and I suspect most of this isn't. However it isn't far fetched. I already thought that he would get one of the F1 Cars and their new hyper car as he is helping develop that. Also Ambassador roles have been given to former drivers in the past so that is nothing new. The hardest part to believe is the 10% of the Team Winnings though. I would not sign onto that.
Joseph Cervantes
Joseph Cervantes 2 måneder siden
Happy for Lewis' achievements and accolades but if those numbers are true, He just comes off as Greedy and really will put off a lot of people including me. Hope they come to an agreement but people wouldn't mind a driver change at all, if anything, it would make it more interesting because lets be honest it was more exciting in the mid-field where the actions are happening than P1 which is mostly the same person over and over.
Andy Boardy
Andy Boardy 2 måneder siden
Hamilton, Like everyone is replaceable. Those demands, if true are ridiculous. Sign Russell!
Timmy Schnitzel
Timmy Schnitzel 2 måneder siden
Not surprised. Mercedes can get Russell to do the same job for 5% of the salary. Bye!
Boris 2112
Boris 2112 2 måneder siden
It is the car not Hamilton. You could put a rookie in that car.
Fred A
Fred A 2 måneder siden
Would be a pity when Lewis would not race anymore due to his high money demand but there is a perfect replacement, we saw it one of the last races. So Lewis has to back down in my opinion a little bit, don’t be too demanding, you already have 250 mio on your bank account.
Kevin Baxter
Kevin Baxter 2 måneder siden
Mercedes bin LH Get GR for 5mill Max 10mill
Christoph Muziol
Christoph Muziol 2 måneder siden
Mercedes, please just take George Russell and / or Nico Hülkenberg (or any other decent & less greedy driver) instead!! Cheers
Ugypt Kutan
Ugypt Kutan 2 måneder siden
All F1 driver can go fast in Hamilton's car...its the matter how the team screw you up if you're going to win the race🥴🥴
Uz. F
Uz. F 2 måneder siden
OKAY I just TRIED to do some research instead of clapping my fingers on the keyboard with no knowledge of the matter like most of people do, and (LONG READ) It seems like Micheal Schumacher was paid $38M in 1999 according to Forbes, WITH *2 WDC!!* . You might say it's less than Hamilton's, but with inflation the number gets to *$59,032,521.01* for 2020 according to an inflation calculator website. Some place else it was 30M Pounds Sterling for 2000's, aka $40,765,470.00 in 2000, aka *$61,269,175.70* for 2020. Some place else it was: -1998 and 1999 it was $25M per year = $39,694,938.65 per year after infl. (with 2 WDC) -2000 and 2001 it was $30M per year = $45,089,024.39 per year after infl. (with 2 WDC when signing the contract I think) -2002 and 2003 it was $32M per year = $46,036,420.23 per year after infl. (with 4 WDC when signing the contract I think) -2004 and 2005 it was $35M per year = $47,953,335.10 per year after infl. (with 6 WDC when signing contract in end of 2003) -2006 it was $38M per year = *$48,783,819.44* per year after infl. (with 7 WDC when signing contract in end of 2005) So, if you analyse the 3 numbers - $59,032,521.01, $$61,269,175.70, $48,783,819.44 - they all get to an average of *$56,361,838.72* with infl. and this in 2006, i.e. the last year of his career, ie. 1/2 years AFTER his last title. NOW, after this I do not really see reasons for Hamilton to earn less than $55M of raw driver salary per year since the first 7 WDC already set a benchmark for the remuneration they should get. Only reason I might see is COVID, but assuming Mercedes will recover, Hamilton's contract should be in an increasing wage manner to get less first year and way more than would've been given in second/third year during the contract (idk about economics, but that's the idea). Moreover because of corona, I'd assume the number would be around Ps. Alonso got around $40M in 2010??? aka $47,476,061.20 after inflation for 2020. WHYYYY 😂😂 I did only a small research to get these numbers. I f you do not agree with the numbers/ idea, feel free to link them in the comments. Thanks.
Fergus Phillips
Fergus Phillips 2 måneder siden
Hmmm this smells a bit made up. Why don't we just wait and see what actually happens?
ActualPerson 2 måneder siden
Hamilton to Williams?
Israel 2 måneder siden
Follow me on this conspiracy theory: 1. Jensen Button won the 2009 championship with “Brawn Mercedes” after finishing “P3” at the last race at “Abu Dhabi”, with Red Bull driver Vettle finishing P1. Jensen Button left the team in 2010. 2. Lewis Hamilton won the 2020 championship with “Petronas Mercedes” after finishing “P3” at the last race at “Abu Dhabi”, with Red Bull driver Verstappen finishing P1. Lewis Hamilton doesn’t have a contract for 2021. 3. Come 2010 the season started in Bahrain, come 2021 the season starts in Bahrain. 4. Come 2010, Alonso won his debut for a new team. Come 2021, Alonso to make his first debut for Alpine. 5. Come 2010, Schumacher returned to F1. Come 2021, Schumacher’s son joins F1. 6. Come 2010, the second Red Bull seat was driven by a driver who didn’t come from RedBull academy (Webber). Come 2021, Red-Bull hires their second ever driver that didn’t pass through their academy (Perez) 7. Come 2010, the Red Bull driver that won the 2009 Abu Dhabi GP (Vettle) won the championship. Come 2021, the Red Bull driver that won the 2020 Abu Dhabi GP (Verstarppen) will win the championship.
Robertconor1 2 måneder siden
The car is the winner....not Hamilton....covid confirmed 👍
Michael Marsden
Michael Marsden 2 måneder siden
There is absolutely no way Mercedes will not renew his contract. Imagine if they refused and he went somewhere else and won the title
Johnny Smith
Johnny Smith 2 måneder siden
Merc should tell Lewis to piss off and put George in the seat & save 10s of millions.
Ann O Grady
Ann O Grady 2 måneder siden
Time for nikita mazepan to go, take nico hulkenberg instead Mr Haas, you would have two German drivers then Sir, they would get on great together,
nodlimax 2 måneder siden
I'd be very happy if they threw Hamilton out.
Odd Balls
Odd Balls 2 måneder siden
Any one could win that car
Rafeek Gabier
Rafeek Gabier 2 måneder siden
Is this now Hamilton flashing his 7 crows around 😒
Steve McQueen is King of Cool
Steve McQueen is King of Cool 2 måneder siden
Does everyone forget that Hamilton's ass was in the seat for all of the development of the Merc? Russell has no clear provenance as a development driver, he just sat in Hamilton's work with Merc.
Brian Ellis
Brian Ellis 2 måneder siden
Lewis should remember he is only in this position due to Mercedes giving him the best car by a mile. Should let him go
Does Mercedes NEED Lewis Hamilton?
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