Red Bull Admits They Are “No Longer A One-Man Team”

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Red Bull were the best of the rest behind Mercedes in 2020. They are now hoping to bridge the gap to Mercedes so that they can become championship contenders and as such, any advantage would be helpful. Red Bull team advisor Helmut Marko has now exposited on one such possible advantage during an interview with RTL
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0:00 - Situation At Mercedes That Marko Hopes Could Help Out Red Bull
1:09 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Situation At Mercedes That Marko Hopes Could Help Out Red Bull
Marko began by revealing some positive news
“We are getting positive data from Honda in terms of an increase in performance. And our chassis has also been further developed during the winter”
He also pointed out how their driver line-up is more complete now
“We now have a driver who will be close to Max, so we are no longer a one-man team, everything has been done to eliminate the weaknesses”
He then looked at the contract situation surrounding Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes
“Either Hamilton takes a sabbatical, or he somehow finds a deal with Mercedes anyway. There are no interesting seats available at other teams”
He signed off by being hopeful that this situation works in their favor
“The whole situation is obviously causing unrest at the Mercedes team. Let's hope that we at Red Bull benefit from that”

Fast Feed
Red Bull’s Sergio Perez has revealed that “of all the teams in Formula 1”, he “always thought” he “wouldn't stand a chance at Red Bull”
He added that it’s “hard to believe and” he doesn't “know if it's because” he “thought Red Bull was never a possibility or just the feeling of driving for such a big team”
AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost feels that they “are in an optimal scenario for next season with the perfect lineup”
He further explained that they “have an experienced driver and a young driver who can learn from him, especially when it comes to the technology and the setup of the car”
He also feels that “Mercedes is the clear favorite. They still have a clear lead, especially on the engine side”
However, Tost expects that their “engine partner Honda will still come up with something, which will show how well they have done”
Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has confirmed that “early in the summer, Gene Haas and” he had “a long talk about what was the best direction for the team and how” they “should move forward”
Steiner, therefore, “went to him with this idea” of hiring two rookie drivers for 2021
He added that “it's certainly not a short-term decision either” and that he is “against giving one-year contracts, because you only really know each other well after a year”
He further suggested that “2021 will therefore be a learning year, in order to achieve results in 2022”
Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel thinks that “everyone probably likes it when they are in an environment where they stand up for each other and work for each other”
He added that he has “seen a lot of new faces so far at Aston Martin, but” he’s “confident that it will work out”
He also thinks that he is “at a better point, with more experience and a clearer view of” his “own future”
Which is “why you can't really compare” his time at Red Bull with that of his time at Aston Martin now even though “on paper there are definitely things that are similar”
Retired F1 driver Romain Grosjean has confirmed that “it's going well. It still hurts, but” he already has “no splint on” his “thumb and no bandages on” his “hands”
He also revealed that he “didn't have any nightmares or things like that”. They “did work on it with” his “psychologist. But” he “didn't have any mental problems from it”, he’s “very happy about that”

Did Haas make the right call in signing two rookie drivers for 2021?

Formula World
Formula World 2 måneder siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgyJkFQ4SP8_x6omfzl4AaABCQ 0:00 - Situation At Mercedes That Marko Hopes Could Help Out Red Bull 1:09 - Fast Feed
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale 2 måneder siden
In the NEXT POLL you should ask us if MARKO should resign (finally).
Hisham Hilal
Hisham Hilal 2 måneder siden
hey man what's your outro song?
Mohamed Abdinur
Mohamed Abdinur Måned siden
Haas made a mistake in signing Mazepin. That guy is a walking, talking, liability on and off the grid.
Its HuMark
Its HuMark 2 måneder siden
Hoping McLaren takes RedBull
Made Bilan Asasia Binov
Made Bilan Asasia Binov 2 måneder siden
the same story will happen in 2021, they will still a one man team
Chris Warner
Chris Warner 2 måneder siden
I suspect Perez career just took a turn for the worse
John William
John William 2 måneder siden
The helmet is back at it again. Trying to remain relevant.
Brandon Mphela
Brandon Mphela 2 måneder siden
Wait until you hear “Checo , Max is faster than you.” 😂
Joe 2 måneder siden
Is Chris & Helmut supposed to pretend Pierre or Alex performed anywhere near Max when they didn't? lol Who cares about their feelings? The stopwatch is all that matters. This is the big leagues. If you can't even get close to your teammate...It's going to be noticed. They WERE and have been a one man team since Danny left.
Mo Elm
Mo Elm 2 måneder siden
*RedBull double tongue speak.* - RedBull 2o2o: "We are not a 1 man team. Where did you get that idea?" - RedBull 2o21: "We are no longer a 1 man team like last year".
07EMGEE 2 måneder siden
*Bald Seb*
Josh Jess
Josh Jess 2 måneder siden
What happened to Kvyat? Anyone know if he ended up with a drive in another racing sport?
Tony Flying
Tony Flying 2 måneder siden
What you need to win the constructors championship is points. And for that you can’t afford to throw them away. So the first priority is to keep both cars on the track. And pick up the win when Mercedes are having a bad day. Both drivers need to know that. And not go flat out and take to many risks. It’s the only way to win.
BoonieRS 2 måneder siden
Pretty sure theyve said this since Seb left; bar a brief period of max/daniel
Jasnesh Bhullar
Jasnesh Bhullar 2 måneder siden
who is franz tost?
Jack Hamilton
Jack Hamilton 2 måneder siden
Ask me next year.
Thomas 2 måneder siden
Surely, if they don't resign Hamilton, they can just go outside to someone like Nico Hulkenburg (German driver, German backed team.)
Parallax 2 måneder siden
I love Checo but kinda want him to fail because they’ve pooped all over Alex! That is no way to talk about your ex driver who was working with an inferior car in only his 2nd F1 season! RB deserves to fail.
EclipsaMyrtenaster 2 måneder siden
"We are no longer a one-man team" Sooo you're done worshipping God Verstappen then?
Niels Boer
Niels Boer 2 måneder siden
obviously not, he's just also worshipping God Perez
Patrick Andeweg
Patrick Andeweg 2 måneder siden
Huh?? Did i miss something? Has perez already been able to prove he can keep up wuth max?
Justine-Paula Robilliard
Justine-Paula Robilliard 2 måneder siden
Max as co-number 1..haha..Sergio is most def going to be a number 2 driver.. Max will not allow a rival at his level.. Sergio is just there for the salary.. He is not going to be allowed to compete with Max..And I really hate Max...
S King
S King 2 måneder siden
Poor ole Albon is still getting kicked in the teeth at every opportunity ...
LosBarrel 2 måneder siden
Tost: “Mercedes are the favourites...and are strong especially on the engine side” Williams: Am I a joke to you? Mercedes: is my aero a joke to you?
Michael Gia Huy Nguyen
Michael Gia Huy Nguyen 2 måneder siden
REDEX 2 måneder siden
"Eliminate the weaknesses" In other words, he basically trashed albon and gasly
Casey 738
Casey 738 2 måneder siden
With Perez in and Albon out it will be closer this year
its hugh
its hugh 2 måneder siden
Haas is gonna be so much fun next season. Two rookie drivers that are gonna torpedo the rest if the field. Just what we needed in this sport. One and the same man leading the race every race, and loads of crashes in the back of the field so every race can get restarted several times again. Ffs.
Andy Glastonbury
Andy Glastonbury 2 måneder siden
Does this mean that they were a one man team when Vettel was winning.
Shimeih 2 måneder siden
Yap yep yap yep... I'm not even getting my hopes up. They will find a way to "Redbull" it up even if Lewis leaves 🤦🏾‍♂️
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas 2 måneder siden
Redbull are such d!cks.
S King
S King 2 måneder siden
And with the addition of Perez, it means that both of their drivers are d!cks, too ...
p jay
p jay 2 måneder siden
Well, let's wait and see......
Mawile #303
Mawile #303 2 måneder siden
So Checo looking good ? Good
crxdelsolsir 2 måneder siden
It is so good to hear Romain's hands are healing. However, no one ever mentioned how difficult it is to be unable to do basic things like dress yourself etc. How or who cleans you when you go to the toilet or shower when you cannot use your hands? This bring nightmare images but it brings home the truth that is ignored.
Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen
Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen 2 måneder siden
Oke hear me out, I would make it big if it came true but just from funs. Albon is loanable right if we may believe Marko/Horner? Lewis hasn't signed yet for next year. What if he doens't sign and they loan Albon would that be crazy?! Then we can see a proper fight for the championship Max(Better driver, solid car) v Bottas(solid driver, great car). Could be fun :P
Calvin Maclure
Calvin Maclure 2 måneder siden
"They criticise me so hard!" - Albon, probably
Dathan Ault-McCoy
Dathan Ault-McCoy 2 måneder siden
"Best of the rest" used to be 4th, now it's second... oof
Ranjit Cherian
Ranjit Cherian 2 måneder siden
At the first glance I thought marko was Biden
symxr ps3
symxr ps3 2 måneder siden
If this is true verstappen will be exposed by perez and it will prove verstappen is not a class of his own.
Bunta Fujiwara
Bunta Fujiwara 2 måneder siden
Toxic team.
Daniel Mohamad Bahareen
Daniel Mohamad Bahareen 2 måneder siden
i know they dropped albon but no need to be that harsh god damn 😂😂
Place Holder
Place Holder 2 måneder siden
Press "X" to doubt
Andrei Constantinescu
Andrei Constantinescu 2 måneder siden
What do you mean there is open spot? there is one open seat for Hamilton at Williams if they dont agree and Merc has to sign Russel
Terence Hogben
Terence Hogben 2 måneder siden
They have got this wrong they assume that Perez is going to be close to Verstappen 😂😂 It would be a different world for Albon if Hamilton had not had deliberately edged him out twice.
Wrighty67 2 måneder siden
This may seem bad but I kinda hope for Perez to not perform just to show Marko that others struggled to but watch them boot up Perez’s car to cover him and make them have equal cars to put down Albon and gasly
Dominic Corleto
Dominic Corleto 2 måneder siden
Ouch for Albon. Hahaha
supercarking 21
supercarking 21 2 måneder siden
Personally as far has the Haas thing goes I would have kept either Romain or Kevin and signed Schumacher then sign a new driver a couple years later so they can have a younger and experienced driver and not two rookies but who knows maybe it will work
tambulee 2 måneder siden
I could never understand how RB a title winning team could justify running a apex driver like Max and a midfielder like Albon and then expect good results and act like nothing is wrong and like that’s not a stupid way to go about winning a title. I really hope Checo can fight up front with Max and put some pressure on the Mercedes guys. We complain about the Mercedes dominance like we are blaming them for having a good car and a driver line up that gives them championship titles. All while our preferred teams that we like to cheer on doesn’t even try to get a proper pairing to begin with. If Checo can keep up with Max, Mercedes will have to think twice about strategy because they can’t just cover off Max with one car. This could be the year Max secures a title, or Checo, which would be hilarious tooo. Now, not “hilarious” because I don’t think he could’ve done it but given his situation last year and then to be WDC this year , this would be one for the books.
Ahhww tvee
Ahhww tvee 2 måneder siden
Well c how checo perofrm till then boobshell be drop in 5 races
D S 2 måneder siden
"We are no longer a one-man team" 12 years after focusing on being a one-man team. Do you believe the Marko spin?
Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman 2 måneder siden
Steiner “suggested they go with a rookie line up”? Riiigghhhtttt. That guy is a complete lying idiot. How did someone like him con Gene Haas? Hell, I could a better job: “We’re failing, what do we do?” Me: “Let’s try last years car” pay me please!
Patrick Tho
Patrick Tho 2 måneder siden
RTL drops F1 and doese that?
sphere 528
sphere 528 2 måneder siden
why don't you try benefiting from your own cars development & not hope something negative effects your competition Geez these teams are lazy don't wanna do nothing for themselves just hope Merc gets a flat so they can be P1 its pathetic!!! let's see if Horner has the balls to allow Checo to race overrated Verstappen
Charlie Coyes
Charlie Coyes 2 måneder siden
Albon is pissed after that
Jaycee LS
Jaycee LS 2 måneder siden
So now they admit that their car is specifically and technically designed for Max. Also, checo should thank the 2019 Mercedes champion car in pink disguise.
Charmin Baer
Charmin Baer 2 måneder siden
Don't know what Vettel is losing more quickly, his hairline or his driving skills.
Quayle Man
Quayle Man 2 måneder siden
Fuck haas... They're gonna destroy themselves over a Russian rookie. #WeSayNoToMazepin
thejoeyg 2 måneder siden
i feel like gene haas just like throwing money at a car which at its ceiling is just going to be last years ferrari
Travis B
Travis B 2 måneder siden
Bottas can't manage his tires nearly as well as Max and Checo, and relied on Albon being out of the race to position well. Now with Max and Checo, working together, Max is going to run an undercut and the tire whisperer is going to overcut, giving the tire advantage to Max to go after Hamilton while Checo picks off Bottas. 2021 predictions: 1) Red Bull win the WCC due to a weak Bottas 2) Bottas gets wrecked by Checo 3) Bottas is out in 2022, George Russell takes his seat. 4) Close battle between Hamilton and Max, with Hamilton just narrowly beating Max for the WDC while Merc loses the WCC.
Zombie Alive
Zombie Alive 2 måneder siden
ANOTHER FAST FEED Pierre Gasly tested positive to COVID-19
Karthik Penumetch
Karthik Penumetch 2 måneder siden
Wow just wow
BigBadBenny88 2 måneder siden
They had 2 great drivers in max and Daniel and yet they still couldn't close the gap
LewisInnit 2 måneder siden
i cant tell what accent you have
Plumber Time
Plumber Time 2 måneder siden
Perez is a feisty driver. He deserves what he’s being given. Hopefully he will be deserving of more
Tommy Scott
Tommy Scott 7 dager siden
@Terence Hogben How stupid you feel now?
Terence Hogben
Terence Hogben 2 måneder siden
He is going to be very feisty after putting that RB into the wall multiple times
Spicy Calamari
Spicy Calamari 2 måneder siden
You just know Albon is out somewhere punching walls hearing this.
Matt 2 måneder siden
LOL, I'll believe it when I see it Marko.
George Thomas
George Thomas 2 måneder siden
Total Marko BS...... Red Bull is the challenger that is true but I agree Mercedes is still a better unit. Aston Martin may also be a lot closer than expected. Haas needed something to improve its position on the constructor ranking new rookie drivers sounds like a cost saving gamble.
Alexander Korotkov
Alexander Korotkov 2 måneder siden
Checo hasn't raced a Red Bull car yet, he's so quick to shit on his other drivers.
Adhika Seta
Adhika Seta 2 måneder siden
press X Doubt
0y0chang0 2 måneder siden
I've kinda realized that the one good thing about Red Bull giving up on Albon is that I have no reason to watch the team anymore. I just can't stand Marko every time he speaks and his lack of empathy permeates the rest of Red Bull.
David Fitzgerald
David Fitzgerald 2 måneder siden
You know what would absolutely make my year? If checo beat max verstappen in the driver championship it would be hilarious
Gaming Avenue
Gaming Avenue 2 måneder siden
Imagine if Albon sees this, Alex: *crying*
Bl33P-buttoN 2 måneder siden
I would say he has a clearer view of his future since he decided to forgo loose hairs flailing from the top of his head.
Ross Dark
Ross Dark 2 måneder siden
No HAAS didn't as I feel it will hurt them in the development of the car and the battle for championship points.
skyadsAu 2 måneder siden
Marco should have paid Danny Ric.....
John La Monte
John La Monte 2 måneder siden
As long as the lying,cheating nazis at Mercedes OWN and RUN F1..... no one else will be allowed to win. 8 years and counting! Total, set up bullshit show!
Rukiyati Kuebler
Rukiyati Kuebler 2 måneder siden
Carlos 2 måneder siden
I’ll be fully honest, I’ve been watching f1 consistently since 2018 yet I still have no clue what the hell marko does in Red Bull other than sprinkle salt on the press
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale 2 måneder siden
*Marko boi!* It only took you 4 years to realize what *FANS have been saying all along.* If it worked with VET last decade doesn't mean it would always work. You then had a dominating car remember? *You suck.*
Ghost Fire
Ghost Fire 2 måneder siden
I highly doubt Lewis takes year off. He's going to sign and he's going to win his 7th this year.
Simbarocks ONE
Simbarocks ONE 2 måneder siden
FINALLY! It only took Red Bull about 2 years to see the problem! If you include Ricciardo and Webber it might have taken longer for them to see the problem.
Juan Canales
Juan Canales 2 måneder siden
Now it is time to work. Work call!!!
rickracer10 2 måneder siden
Red bull has the strongest lineup on the grid currently, wouldn’t be surprised if they even take the constructors championship, maybe not wdc but as team, it’s finally complete and superior to mercedes
Terence Hogben
Terence Hogben 2 måneder siden
I dont think so
rickracer10 2 måneder siden
@Seles Veldkamp well, it’s not a dream, they got 319 points with 4 retirements from Max and 2 from Albon, so that’s 6, Max would easily would have finished second if not for those 4 RETs as he was just 9 shy of Slowttas. The interesting part is how Max added 67% of those point with more retirements and just 33%from Albon and not precisely big numbers, if Checo at least matches the pace he had last year, Mercedes is gonna have a hard time in wining constructor’s, but guess I’ll return here and swallow my words if that doesn’t happen 😂
Seles Veldkamp
Seles Veldkamp 2 måneder siden
Keep dreaming, hope you're right tho
OrNoir 2 måneder siden
Albon definitely wasn’t up to the level RB needed and shouldn’t have been in that seat, but Christ alive, is Helmut simply incapable of not being a massive wanker for five minutes? The guy’s been sacked from the team and dumped out of the entire sport, you can stop giving him a kicking in the press.
SavretićD 2 måneder siden
Omg this they had 2nd driver problem for 10 years now and just that was the problem
Aaron Hines
Aaron Hines 2 måneder siden
Maybe it’s just me, but you can tell by what Grosjean said about his injury that he just wasn’t mentally tough enough to compete as an F1 driver. The accident should have never happened because he shouldn’t have been driving a car for the last 3 seasons.
mrpaulisherwood 2 måneder siden
Please stop saying “I’m your host Dillion Shelly” . We know who you are - its very annoying and although I want to hear what you have to say (which is interesting) - your format needs to change
finton mainz
finton mainz 2 måneder siden
Put Marko in a home where he belongs.
Jim 2 måneder siden
I think haas is gonna fail and hard at that, their line consists of the the son of a legend that did almost everything at Ferarri and their other driver is their for the money and is hated by almost everyone.. they wil probably be gone in a year or 2
First Last
First Last 2 måneder siden
Finally.... Lets hope Perez can get use to driving Max's car.
Alejandro Castillo
Alejandro Castillo 2 måneder siden
I think that signing two rookies is a great idea if you you the right drivers. Schumacher and Illot could have been a really strong line up. Mazepin does not have what it takes to stand out in F1.
PNW Racing
PNW Racing 2 måneder siden
Idk why he thinks that Checo will be close to Max. I have my doubts
Alex Healy
Alex Healy 2 måneder siden
I actually don't understand why Red Bull keep this guy around
gary the fish
gary the fish 2 måneder siden
He's like the comedy character.
Joshua Camarda
Joshua Camarda 2 måneder siden
You guys should really start a podcast imo
Robin 2 måneder siden
1 year contracts, makes me think of bottas... Hasnt he been on 1 year contracts every year in mÖrcedes
Kiwi_ RedDragon92
Kiwi_ RedDragon92 2 måneder siden
I’m so happy for Roman
Derek 58
Derek 58 2 måneder siden
Looking at these pictures vettel didn’t just lose his hair overnight. It was like that last season but he just got it cut
TheWeeaboo 2 måneder siden
If Perez outqualifies Verstapen even once I'd be highly surprised lol. Heck, I would be highly surprised if he even gets into the 2 tenths regions and I'm not talking *once*. Gotta pull that off at least 2-3 times to show he is ahead of Gasly and Albon.
Alan luscombe8a
Alan luscombe8a 2 måneder siden
I bet it will get interesting between sergio and max. Checo let ocon get to him pretty badly at times and he is no max. I wish checo the best he deserves this no doubt but seems like at times he doesnt work well with others and he is in no mindset to be a number 2 driver.
Imani Domma
Imani Domma 2 måneder siden
Imagine sitting somewhere and minding your business only to be called a weakness.
finton mainz
finton mainz 2 måneder siden
We know what the weakness at RB is and it's not the drivers. Marko is part of the problem.
Dennis Saputra
Dennis Saputra 2 måneder siden
Shut up Marko!
Simon Stevkovski
Simon Stevkovski 2 måneder siden
Origins of The Silver War (COMPLETE)