Binotto Speaks Honestly About Future Plans With Ferrari

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Ferrari are in the midst of one of their worst slumps that has seen them go from being one of the top teams to just another midfield team in the matter of a couple of years. In fact, for quite a lot of the 2020 season, they were fighting with their own customer teams like Alfa Romeo and Haas. Team principal Mattia Binotto has now spoken about this and his role in getting the team back to the front
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0:00 - Mattia Binotto Admits That Time Is Running Out For Him
1:14 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Mattia Binotto Admits That Time Is Running Out For Him
Binotto began by summarizing their 2020 season
“Overall, it was a very intense, dense season, difficult for many aspects, where our performance was inadequate”
He then pointed out one positive
“Finishing sixth in the constructors’ is very bad as since 1980 that had not happened. But it’s a season where I think we invested a lot in the future”
“We are trying to create the solid foundations which are required to become very competitive and hopefully to open a new cycle for the future”
He summed up his words by accepting how the clock is ticking for him and the team
“There are no changes in our plans, no changes in what is our future. I know that my time is not infinite, certainly. I am pretty aware of the fact that, as a team, we need to do well, and myself as well as principal to do well, in the next seasons”

Fast Feed
McLaren’s Lando Norris has predicted that “it's going to be a good season where” they're “going to make further progress”
He added that he likes “working with someone else and learning a few things. Especially if that driver has won several races” referring to new teammate Daniel Ricciardo
Norris further stated that “some even say” Ricciardo “is the best on the grid. For” him, it is “a good opportunity to compare” himself to Daniel
Alfa Romeo’s team manager Beat Zehnder doesn’t see them “racing on temporary circuits in the first half, even though Monaco has assured” them “that they want to host the race”
Former F1 driver Alex Albon has suggested that “DTM is a great series with highly talented drivers in the field and exciting racing”
McLaren CEO Zak Brown has revealed that the “budget cap” in F1 and Formula E “is important for” them, because they “don't have the budget like BMW, Mercedes or Porsche”
He added that “there's still some work to be done before” they “will officially sign” with Formula E. What he “cannot do is step into a championship that may change budgets”
Mattia Binotto has pointed out that “Mick Schumacher will be one of the drivers for Haas (this) year, which for” them “is a great opportunity, showing the strength of collaboration” they have
He reiterated that “Mick is part of” their “FDA and the FDA programme is not there to develop drivers for F1, but it’s there to develop drivers that one day may drive a Ferrari seat, a red car”
Mercedes have announced that they will reveal their 2021 car on the 2nd of March
Mercedes Technical Director James Allison added that they found themselves “in this very, very unusual position over the winter of not having all the normal stresses and strains”
The stresses involved in “the huge production effort of making a new chassis… because many of those aspects of the W11”, their “2020 car, were simply inherited in 2021 by the W12”
He further added that “at this time of year” they “are just full of the anxiety and excitement of waiting to find out whether all this investment that” they’ve “made into the new car will indeed pay off with a challenger that is capable of fighting from the front”
AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda has explained that his “number when” he “was racing in karting was 11, but in F1 that’s already taken by Sergio Perez”
So, he “doubled it to become 22, which” he likes “because it was the number of Jenson Button, a driver” he respects “a lot”

Is Mattia Binotto’s time running out as Ferrari team principal?

Formula World
Formula World 2 måneder siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgzsR4I9eZdt_T76qdx4AaABCQ 0:00 - Mattia Binotto Admits That Time Is Running Out For Him 1:14 - Fast Feed
finton mainz
finton mainz 2 måneder siden
Ridiculous. He said that his time isn't infinite.
Fusune Måned siden
sBinotto sBinalla
Hakim Kamaruzaman
Hakim Kamaruzaman Måned siden
If he leaves, I'll will miss his memes
Armand Rossouw
Armand Rossouw Måned siden
"Former F1 driver, Alex Albon..."😭😭😭
truthordarequestions Måned siden
I'm just waiting for his (Binotto) sorry arse to get fired!
Andrew Dacunto
Andrew Dacunto 2 måneder siden
And get a new pair of glasses you dummy!!
Andrew Dacunto
Andrew Dacunto 2 måneder siden
This guy should have been fired 2 years ago.
Jack Lee
Jack Lee 2 måneder siden
Binotto isn't a great team principal but he should have a better chance of bringing Ferrari back to the front in 2022. At least he's being realistic about his situation.
Jaco Olivier
Jaco Olivier 2 måneder siden
I wish he stays and screws up the team a bit more. Lost all respect for the franchise
Jose 2 måneder siden
We are investing in the future and in the development of our team. By the way, we are going to mess with the pilots in a short time, so you know, f**k you.
Neeraj Ajith
Neeraj Ajith 2 måneder siden
This guy screwed it all up for Vettel. Just because Vettel was unlucky in 2018, they gave him an unstable rear in 2019 which Leclerc (used to GP2 racing) liked but Vettel didn't. Then in 2020 they gave him an undriveable car and demotivated him as well. Vettel is gonna power past the Ferrari this year wait and watch
pedro perez ppeez
pedro perez ppeez 2 måneder siden
Binotto is a LOSER
stevejh69 2 måneder siden
He has done a terrible job. Let’s hope that time runs out soon.
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 2 måneder siden
well mich schumacher should have joined.merc just because his. dad won. at ferrarri does not mean he will, and also.ferrarri are. cheats, merc are pros, he is german why did he not do that??? not. v clever!
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 2 måneder siden
binotto is a 4 eyes computer nerd and is still not successful!
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 2 måneder siden
thats because ferrarri are cheats and they. still cant win!
Yfffad Kcud
Yfffad Kcud 2 måneder siden
You blokes set your evil eyes on getting a young hoon rather than giving attention to your established drivers Vettel and Raikonen
Claude Symister
Claude Symister 2 måneder siden
Is there some kind of tabu with F1 racers and double numbers eg. 44 77 33 etc.
chuckschilling 2 måneder siden
As a Ferrari fan, of course I want Binotto gone. His tenure has been, undeniably, one of dismal failure. That said, I have to wonder WHY Ferrari has allowed this debacle to continue the way it has. Clearly the focus at Ferrari is on something other than winning. So....when Binotto's time is finally over, my confidence is quite low that they will make a good hire - and the longer Binotto lasts, the more that confidence shrinks.
Syd Clark
Syd Clark 2 måneder siden
I wonder what the next fascinating insight Albon will offer. "Eehhh, I like squirrels"
IDRONE & CHARPI FPV 2 måneder siden
since your time is not infinite can you just leave now? just saying! so Carlos and Leclerc have a better chance?!
nazart 2 måneder siden
The master 🅱️lan is not over, he needs to focus on the technical side.
Jim Long
Jim Long 2 måneder siden
"We should have done much better of course but after having been found to have an illegal engine, well a lot of our R&D went out the door with its ban. So our cars were slow. We think we will do better in the future by avoiding this. It wasnt poor rule interpretation, it wasnt a mistake, we flat out cheated and we knew it."
Jim Long
Jim Long 2 måneder siden
Its so funny that when people talk about Ferraris "horrible season" everyone avoids the reason why. I just started watching F1 a year ago and the lack of integrity, at least regarding Ferrari flat out cheating and it getting swept under the rug, to be very regrettable.
Jim Long
Jim Long 2 måneder siden
@G B Whens the last time someone got caught cheating in this way? No question about rule interpretation or mistakes or oversight. This was direct cheating. Its rare in modern F1.
G B 2 måneder siden
As you've just started watching F1 you'll soon realise that they all "cheat", its been going on from 1950 when it started.
MrKillervincent 2 måneder siden
#Binottoout 😂😂😂 somebody had to
Emperor Erzo
Emperor Erzo 2 måneder siden
Toxic_Saint006 2 måneder siden
still waiting for someone to pick Number 69
Phil Tucker
Phil Tucker 2 måneder siden
I don’t think Saint needs to worry about the security of his future seat at Ferrari. I think it’s more likely that Leclerc will exercise some sort of get-out clause at the end of this season as he may feel that Ferrari have trashed two years of his career by favouring Vettel over him in many instances. I think it will be his seat that Schumacher fills.....🤔🇬🇧
Pawan Sapkota
Pawan Sapkota 2 måneder siden
keith Williams
keith Williams 2 måneder siden
Lets be honest here, Ferrari were one of the "Top teams" because they were cheating, Once they were caught they took their rightful place in the midfield. To be honest they should have been kicked out. I am a believer that Ferrari are not F1 and that F1 can do just fine without them. More money to share between teams, Less arguing and back stabbing and lets face it, Less cheating.
Jole the Nebula
Jole the Nebula 2 måneder siden
He has a secured role in the new Harry Potter movie 🧙‍♂️
Tom Ove Tvedt
Tom Ove Tvedt Måned siden
What about Borat 3 as Borats brother? Ore in Star Wars as an Sith gungan?
Dave Russell
Dave Russell 2 måneder siden
01:46 - Albon would say that as that's the series he's racing in this year.
Solaire 2 måneder siden
Office administrator says he might leave Ferrari, and it’s a headline. Funny, I never cared about that in 1975, and I don’t now. Shame you guys will never know what real racing is. When cars went as fast as they could make them for a whole race, and drivers were Gods. Can’t wait for new season, so Sky can spend hours staging slot car races in the paddock while respectfully implying we're all racist. Ho hum.
John La Monte
John La Monte 2 måneder siden
Everyone knows that only cheating nazis are allowed to win in F1!
Daneilo Mcdonald
Daneilo Mcdonald 2 måneder siden
Former f1 driver Alex Albon made me chuckle lol
BMW M2 2 måneder siden
If Ferrari isn't in top 3 by the break, he will be gone.
Dont even Start
Dont even Start 2 måneder siden
Nigel 263
Nigel 263 2 måneder siden
What does the W in W11 and W12 mean?
GT Chucker86
GT Chucker86 2 måneder siden
TeamSukiyo 2 måneder siden
Imagine if team principals were replaced as easily as drivers
GT Chucker86
GT Chucker86 2 måneder siden
YEAH RIGHT 2 måneder siden
So, last week I read somewhere that Ferrari is leaving some of the ideas for 2022...You don't bank any f-in ideas if you're not on top!!! It speaks volumes about this so-called team and Binotto as well. Italians never fail to disappoint!
Angelo Mertens
Angelo Mertens 2 måneder siden
They fire Vettel but still keep Binotto?!
Scott Smeaton
Scott Smeaton 2 måneder siden
I’m surprised Binotto is still there to be honest!
Scott Smeaton
Scott Smeaton 2 måneder siden
12 years in a row! They’ve failed to field a competitive! Personally I feel the problem is Ferrari’s management an there mindset!
Raditya Indera
Raditya Indera 2 måneder siden
That statement from Albon literally can be said by anyone. He might as well add DTM is a racing series from Germany.
Raditya Indera
Raditya Indera 2 måneder siden
Deserved for how he treat seb
M o o d
M o o d 2 måneder siden
How do you let the MOST FUNDED F1 TEAM slip from the front to low-end midfield in 2 seasons jfc. Ferrari needs legitimate leadership, not a techincal clown
mircea miclos
mircea miclos 2 måneder siden
Diverting money in someone's pockets and focusing on gray-black areas where is less investment needed.
Dale Houghton
Dale Houghton 2 måneder siden
Clean, crisp and straight to the point... love this channel
andrei pop
andrei pop 2 måneder siden
Look i'm no Hamilton fan but, calling Ricardo the best on grid is a bit of an over statement. He good, but has more to prove before being called that. And yeah, Binottos time should have ended last year.
Prins van Oranje
Prins van Oranje 2 måneder siden
1:46 It's sad to hear that line.
louis giguere
louis giguere 2 måneder siden
Sorry but a cannot wait for him to go
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 2 måneder siden
Has F1 finally realised that the sun does not shine out of a Ferrari backside?
Wizzkidwas 2 måneder siden
Tsunoda taking the number 22 puts him a little higher on my driver list
No Pomegranates
No Pomegranates 2 måneder siden
Thank goodness, Binotto has been nothing but a joke for Ferrari. Has no idea how to lead a team, like who talks about a future driver like Mick to Ferrari when you literally just hired Carlos 🤦‍♂️
Rukiyati Kuebler
Rukiyati Kuebler 2 måneder siden
Enzo Martins
Enzo Martins 2 måneder siden
Lando is approaching this season with the right mentality I have hope for him
ROB P 2 måneder siden
wouldn’t miss those eyeglasses
Jim H.
Jim H. 2 måneder siden
Arrivabene hasn’t been able to wipe the smile off his face for two years. Glad the guy behind those hipster glasses is willing to state the obvious.
Patrick Mazza
Patrick Mazza 2 måneder siden
Arrivabene was underappreciated.
REDX26 2 måneder siden
Andreas Gunnarsson
Andreas Gunnarsson 2 måneder siden
germany > italianooo pizza paaaasta
Asif Azeez
Asif Azeez 2 måneder siden
Couple of things. Shouldn't have gotten the TP job like that. Shouldn't have cheated with the engine Shouldn't have fired Vettel like that. Dude just keeps on showing us why he's a really bad TP
finton mainz
finton mainz 2 måneder siden
The obsessed Vettel fans haven't noticed that he's left Ferrari. Aston Martin and Pirelli are your new targets children.
Fr R
Fr R 2 måneder siden
I think if Ferrari‘s performance hasn‘t improved by mid-season 2021, they have to cut Binotto loose
Howard White
Howard White 2 måneder siden
I think he be flapping in the breeze like Vettel last year. Allowed to be a part of the team this year but out after the last race.
Mate Pecsi
Mate Pecsi 2 måneder siden
2:30 Ah yes Ferrari, the red car.
lightsodda 2 måneder siden
The merc is just going to be a big rainbow with garbage slogans like ’yaaas queen’ ’#transrights’ ’black is beautiful white is murder’ ’petronas evil but money ain’t’
hehe Xd
hehe Xd 2 måneder siden
I appreciate doses of F1 info during the offseason
chakranshu yadav
chakranshu yadav 2 måneder siden
Yours shouldn't been finite forget infinite 😒
frank pizzo
frank pizzo 2 måneder siden
👋 you won't be missed.
frosty snow
frosty snow 2 måneder siden
Given that Ferrari will have a new CEO I'd say yes. If he doesn't deliver he's out. There will obviously be a leap from last year with the new engine, but will it be big enough...
Ibnu Zandra BACHTIAR
Ibnu Zandra BACHTIAR 2 måneder siden
Binotto should be back in the engine department
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen 2 måneder siden
My number would be 69. Don't know why. Maybe it's just because it has such a positive ring to it.
Jo Don Lee
Jo Don Lee 2 måneder siden
Anyone here miss Sepang race??
Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma 2 måneder siden
Mattias H
Mattias H 2 måneder siden
Ferrari too italian simple. If they want to win championships again they are gonna need a Jon Todt x Ross Brawn - Michael Schumacher combination. Right now they only have the driver position covered, if they ever wanna be successful again this is should be there plan.
Brap Brap
Brap Brap 2 måneder siden
Lmao who tf says Ricciardo is the best on the grid. I wanna know who their dealer is.
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 2 måneder siden
Fake... Ultimate Sbinotto plan lasts for eternity
Chris Tamblyn
Chris Tamblyn 2 måneder siden
If Vettel would have equaled Leclerc in points Ferrari would have finished P4 in the constructors standings. It was Vettel that was battling with Ferrari customers at the back of the field.
Dale Houghton
Dale Houghton 2 måneder siden
@Chris Tamblyn Ferrari shafted him son, believe
Chris Tamblyn
Chris Tamblyn 2 måneder siden
@Dale Houghton Vettel's average qualifying position for 2020 was 12.24. Leclerc's average qualifying was 8.29. Vettel was always in the rear of the midfield in 2020. This limits the available strategies to find clean air after a pit stop.
Dale Houghton
Dale Houghton 2 måneder siden
Vettle got shafted by Ferrari.... they even went as far to wreck his races with pit stops ✋
stratman 2 måneder siden
why don't ferrari just legalise their 2019 fuel injection system and all will be fine again.....:-)
Michael 2 måneder siden
Because they aren’t Mercedes.
Harshil Gupta
Harshil Gupta 2 måneder siden
Nope a team as big as ferrari doesn't nosedive in performance due to one year of even bad leadership. This has been cultivating under previous leadership and it was just unfortunate that the over stressed pot burst under mattia. Still time is running low for him and he needs to present himself as a better leader.
Prakhar 2 måneder siden
He ruined sebs career
Hannah Barley
Hannah Barley 2 måneder siden
Mr.Fartythecool 2 måneder siden
I see the 🅱️l🅰️n is going well
V0LTRON_ 2 måneder siden
Ooohh nice McLaren joining Formula E!
V0LTRON_ 2 måneder siden
Correct me if I am wrong!
Hamilton Seshibe
Hamilton Seshibe 2 måneder siden
And F1 fans want to blame the combo of a certain driver and a certain team on making F1 boring because they win too much. Why not call out everyone else for not winning enough and winning has formulas like perhaps having Team leaders who express confidence in current driver's, don't stir up inter team politics like Binnoto and Horner. In fact for this reason Redbulls biggest challengers for 2nd will be Aston Martin and Maclaren this season. The Max culture at Redbull will fall apart the day he decides to leave and what will be left then without him?
Tim Dev
Tim Dev 2 måneder siden
"Fans" said the same thing when Vettel left. What will happen at Mercedes when Madamilton leaves?
Gabriel 2 måneder siden
Ferrari should fire Binotto and bring back arrivabenne
Gabriel 2 måneder siden
@Gábor Králik not a chance that they would leave their FIA jobs to go back to the embarrassing mess of a team that is Ferrari.
Gábor Králik
Gábor Králik 2 måneder siden
No, they should bring back Brawn and Todt.
Nori 2 måneder siden
Binotto is honestly amazing... as a car engineer. He is much less good as a leader
Ian T.
Ian T. 2 måneder siden
biggest clown in f1 history
Infernodotdash Måned siden
you must not have been watching F1 for very long
t8365 2 måneder siden
Hopefully it's win titles. Anything other than that.... who cares. Since.. well before Alonsos, their performance as been a yoke.... yoke!
t8365 2 måneder siden
@Matteo gp2....gp2 engine..
Matteo 2 måneder siden
@t8365 and speaking of short memories...the mess with the engine had nothing to do with the seasons I mentioned. Besides, plenty of other teams have similar budget as Ferrari or Merc, so that point doesn't really stand either
t8365 2 måneder siden
@Matteo so they should come close. They have the biggest budget. They are meant to perform. Also ppl have short memories when it comesto f1 for some odd reason.. They got close a "few times" but again they let themselves down with that " fuel burning"/ mixture issue 😬🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Its quite ironic actually because even with them cheating they still could beat the mighty merc 🤦‍♂️ Better look next time... sooner rather than later because this is getting boring now hearing Ferraris "plans" Less talking and more performing please 🥱
Matteo 2 måneder siden
They are the only team that have actually challenged Merceds for a title in the hybrid era though, both in 2017 and 2018. People like to hate on Ferrari and gush over Max, but Red Bull have not come nearly as close to a title since 2013.
Bülent Dogan
Bülent Dogan 2 måneder siden
Wenn man alles ignoriert,dann ist deine Zeit wirklich Not infinity... Peace
Nicola Fox
Nicola Fox 2 måneder siden
Hi and thanks Dillon 😃😎🤗
Youre Boys Gottem
Youre Boys Gottem 2 måneder siden
🅱️ has infested this comment section
GT Chucker86
GT Chucker86 2 måneder siden
🅱️orona 🅱️irus
Gábor Králik
Gábor Králik 2 måneder siden
Th🅰️t's the leg🅰️cy of S🅱️inotto.
Dreamy 2 måneder siden
Every dog has its day. Mr. Binotto. If Ferarri finishes in sixth place again, then say hello to the fishes. 👍
Shivam Kapoor
Shivam Kapoor 2 måneder siden
" I may not be here for thee in the forever, but my brave sacrifices of time and life shall be made regardless. Grazzi Ragazzi. My boi Charles, lead the horse into the future with full might. We will win again."
DDT DDT 2 måneder siden
he who is the problem or benevolently part of the problem, cannot be the solution
Matt Wilson121
Matt Wilson121 2 måneder siden
building a foundation for a good future yet they hadn't been that low in the standings since 1980??...seems they already had a recipe for success and then it got thrown out the window in 2019 when binotto took over as team principal, it was ok while he settled in and then when his feet were under the table they fell down the standings very quickly
Matt Wilson121
Matt Wilson121 2 måneder siden
@Infinity4074 it isnt not his fault either...if he isnt the one who says who does what then he isnt to blame...if he is then he is, it should be that simple...shit rolls down hill but hes sat at the top!
Infinity4074 2 måneder siden
Even without binotto the engine saga would've happened anyway plus their crappy car in 2020 and dissappointing 2019 car. Also what most don't know is that the leadership before binotto came in urged Ferrari to pursue all grey areas so the engine saga isn't entirely binottos fault
Last Man On Earth
Last Man On Earth 2 måneder siden
he could always get a job as ronald mcdonald
Guglielmo Ferranti
Guglielmo Ferranti 2 måneder siden
Car has power deficit because Marchionne wanted Ferrari to push gray areas and car was banned --> its binotto’s fault?!
Guglielmo Ferranti
Guglielmo Ferranti 2 måneder siden
@Infinity4074 Yep, they should've developed an alternative competitive f1 engine in their spare time
Infinity4074 2 måneder siden
Yes it wasn't binottos fault entirely but not developing a legal engine as a backup was a missed chance
H_V_28 2 måneder siden
The 🅱️lan is not going well for s🅱️inotto but if he did the 🅰️erodyn🅰️mics then the c🅰️r would 🅱️e f🅰️ster
Janardan S
Janardan S 2 måneder siden
Il commandatore: confused screaming
rahul km
rahul km 2 måneder siden
ffs mattia, stop talking about Mick to Ferrari when Carlos hasn't even started. Dude's doing it multiple times.
Sopir Angkot
Sopir Angkot Måned siden
@ziehetmaarTV mick won f2 championship and shwartzman finished 4th because of his own inconsistency
rahul km
rahul km Måned siden
@ziehetmaarTV true. Callum ilott too. Shwartzman atleast continue in f2, wheareas Ilott is a reserve driver. It is very difficult to get back to a racing seat from reserve unless you have big tie up or someone prominent backing you.
Janardan S
Janardan S Måned siden
@ziehetmaarTV true
ziehetmaarTV Måned siden
what i also don't like is that schwartzman is obviously more talented than mick, but mick's last name is more important than schwartzman's talent
cody Måned siden
@Loki27 I don't see Ferrari replacing Leclerc before Sainz. Leclerc is to Ferrari as Verstappen is to Red Bull. Also Leclerc is on another level compared to Sainz, maybe not by much but he's comparably a better driver. Time will tell though now that they are in an equal car. Sainz is there to develop the car, Leclerc is there to win a championship for them. That is clear as day.
Dean Mantua
Dean Mantua 2 måneder siden
Breaking: Binotto has been fired the Master 🅱️lan is cancelled
Janardan S
Janardan S Måned siden
@Rudus #bringbackarrivabene
Janardan S
Janardan S Måned siden
@Rudus true
Rudus Måned siden
Binotto will never be fired - he will go back to his engine technical role and that is what we Tifosi want as well. He is an engine genius and he belongs at factory. We need a organizational leader with political acumen to take on trash like Horner and Toto.
Armand Rossouw
Armand Rossouw Måned siden
Nooo not the 🅱️lan
Janardan S
Janardan S 2 måneder siden
No s🅱️inotto
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 2 måneder siden
I'm rooting for Sainz what a nice upstanding chap
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