Are Alfa Romeo Considering A Split From Ferrari?

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Alfa Romeo who previously raced as Sauber have been using Ferrari engines since 2010. However, 2020 was their worst showing as Alfa Romeo. They only managed to score 8 points in 2020 after having scored 57 points in 2019. A big reason behind this decline was the underpowered Ferrari engine which many feel was the slowest engine in the field. Alfa Romeo’s team principal Frederick Vasseur has now spoken about the future of this partnership while speaking to Blick
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0:00 - Are Alfa Romeo Considering A Split With Ferrari?
2:16 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Are Alfa Romeo Considering A Split With Ferrari?
Vasseur began by looking at the effect of the pandemic and how they knew early on that they were in trouble
“First, it's not just about good or bad. We did a good job globally, but of course the results shocked us. There was a kind of hectic rush, we tried to react in all departments. When we woke up it was too late. But even ten months ago we didn't have a good feeling during the tests in Barcelona”
He then spoke about the Ferrari engine while acknowledging improvements on the team front
“We knew the new rules would hit the Ferrari engine hard, but our reliability shows that we have done a good job. Thanks to the team”
When asked if Ferrari’s weak engine was the cause of their downward spiral, Vasseur stated the following
“That is your interpretation, but I cannot disagree with you very much. I don't know how many percent it was. But we lost 0.3 to 0.4 seconds per lap to our rivals”
He then specifically addressed the state of things at Ferrari
“How big the problems the Italians were in was revealed in the second half, when we fought against the works team and even finished ahead of them in Abu Dhabi! Apart from the reliability, we couldn't be satisfied with the results - but this year must have been a disaster for Ferrari”
Vasseur then revealed the duration of the current deal they have with Ferrari
“We are tied to Ferrari until the end of 2021. Then we have to go over the books, because the next contract should be concluded from 2022 to 2026 because of the new cars”
He signed off by revealing if they will renew their partnership with Ferrari after their current deal expires
“You can never say that. It's like a marriage. Nobody guarantees that you will stay with the same woman forever - like me. In a partnership you always have to consider that there are ups and downs. So, we have to ask ourselves: What is the best deal? Until now, Ferrari has mostly been a solid partner”

Fast Feed
Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto feels that “it will be a difficult experiment to get by on a budget cap of $145 million” for Ferrari as they “are in the middle of a reorganization”
He also suggested that “the balance of how much time” they “still have to put into the car for 2021 and how much time” they “can put into that for 2022 will be a decisive factor”
He has also praised his new driver Carlos Sainz by stating that he “has the speed, the experience, wins many places in the race and usually brings his car to the finish”
He further added that “with a view to the constructors' championship”, they “need two drivers who regularly score”
For Red Bull team principal Christian Horner “it was impossible to ignore Sergio's performance this year”
He further thinks that Sergio has “driven a great campaign. He's been truly impressive, particularly in the second half of the season, and he's earned the seat”
His driver Max Verstappen has joked that he does not speak any Spanish but his new teammate Sergio Perez “can learn Dutch”
He further joked that he “signed the contract with” Perez himself and “kept the salary low” when asked if he was involved in the decision to hire Perez as his teammate
On a more serious note, he stated that “there were conversations, but it's Helmut [Marko], Christian [Horner] and Dietrich [Mateschitz] who make the decisions”
Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff is of the opinion that “Red Bull is getting a fast driver with a lot of experience”. He sees “Perez as a reinforcement for them. They will become an even bigger rival”
Former F1 driver turned commentator Martin Brundle feels that Perez “should be experienced/fast enough to handle the pressure of Mighty Max”
He is also happy that outgoing driver Alex Albon “is still very much in the game for the future, he’s better than he’s looked this year, as was [Pierre] Gasly last year”
Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz is “fully ready, fully motivated, totally refreshed for this new challenge”
Sergio Perez has stated that “the chance to race for a championship contending team is something” he has “been hoping for since” he “joined F1”
He further added that “it will be a proud moment to step onto the grid in Red Bull colors”

Should Alfa Romeo find a new engine supplier?

Formula World
Formula World 3 måneder siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgwl-zuEd3MRNlP8rCl4AaABCQ 0:00 - Are Alfa Romeo Considering A Split With Ferrari? 2:16 - Fast Feed
Aaron Kolath
Aaron Kolath 2 måneder siden
just imagine if ferrari buy alfa romeo and make it like a second team for their upcoming golden generation, a bit like red bull and alpha tauri.
Bici van Aswegen
Bici van Aswegen 2 måneder siden
I think Alfa must develop their own engine for 2022, they have done it before.
Rene Perrin
Rene Perrin 2 måneder siden
Basically Alfa Romeo is owned by Fiat, who also owns Ferrari. It's hard to imagine Fiat would pay Mercedes or Renault to put an engine in their car. So I don't find it likely that Alfa Romeo will get "in bed" with another engine constructor. I wish it would. I thought F1 was much better with the likes of Jordan and Sauber around. The way it's going, with Haas building as little of their car as possible, taking as many parts as possible from Ferrari, and Williams doing the same with Mercedes, there is less and less diversity in the field. We'll see how Aston Martin evolves, either as their own constructor, or if they continue to take. on as much "inspiration" from Mercedes as Racing Point did... I say bring back diversity. Can Ford Cosworth come back, as well as Honda. ( I know they just left), or Toyota. Bring back Michelin. I think diversity would be good, especially with a budget cap. Right now everything is controlled by economies of scales. Only 3 engine suppliers. Only 1 tire... Bring back diversity, and competition. Bring back refueling. Bring back racing. Enough of this "management" game. Managing fuel consumption. Managing tires. Bring back the go as fast as you can, as long as you can. Lets make Formula 1 fun again.
awannagannaful 3 måneder siden
Err... Alfa Romeo splitting from Ferrari means.. splitting from the name. Ever heard of Fiat group???
Welsh runner in London
Welsh runner in London 3 måneder siden
Perez joined McLaen in 2013 which at the time was a championship contender team following a solid 2012.
Emanuele Taverniti
Emanuele Taverniti 3 måneder siden
Absolutelly not
Josh Gee
Josh Gee 3 måneder siden
Did somebody say Menulog?
LE 11
LE 11 3 måneder siden
Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati were connected in someway
Nqobile Mahlangu
Nqobile Mahlangu 3 måneder siden
So Ferrari is Alfa’s b*tch ?
stan690 3 måneder siden
What would happen to the Alfa Romeo name if they split from Ferrari? I thought they only had that name BECAUSE of their Ferrari partnership. I really can't see an Alfa Romeo running a Merc or Renault PU. I'm trying to think of other companies owned by Merc or Renault that could fit with F1's image but none come to mind. Perhaps they'll just be Sauber again.
Aaron Canese
Aaron Canese 3 måneder siden
Alfa Romeo can't leave Ferrari. They are under the same parent company in Fiat-Chrysler.
Into the Multiverse
Into the Multiverse 3 måneder siden
Unlikely as they have the same parent company. I think?
Nibir Ray
Nibir Ray 3 måneder siden
I don't know why but I have a gut feeling that it is going to be a shit show at red bull this year
Nadeem Chaudhry
Nadeem Chaudhry 3 måneder siden
Easy question to ask, but look where for an engine? Unfortunately thats one thing Amazon dont sell..... yet!! Bring back the V10's!!
that guy
that guy 3 måneder siden
Remember when Hulkenberg beat Perez in the same car and then we signed Perez to Red Bull
Mik S
Mik S 3 måneder siden
Binotto still believes the drivers are the solution Ferrari needs. So many millions and no one sees Binotto has to go. Amazing!
虎ちゃん 3 måneder siden
Renault should buy sauber and rename it dacia
Ishaan Saxena
Ishaan Saxena 3 måneder siden
Red Bull won't be a championship-contending team in 2021. Not really, there's no beating the Mercs in 2021. Edit: 3:56. BTW: I hope Seb wins another title lmao. Or Charles. But neither will happen. Thanks, Lewis & Toto. You've done great.
FlyingNando SV
FlyingNando SV 3 måneder siden
not going to happen this is a load of BS no way will Alfa use something outside the FCA group, no matter how bad things get this is all hot air
xiami 3 måneder siden
i would rather see haas splitting from ferrari rather than alfa
Alex Mansell
Alex Mansell 3 måneder siden
Like a marriage, Ferrari's engine deal with Alfa states "In sickness and in health, 'Til Death Do Us Part" So I can't see it lasting much longer
Cmmonwealth 3 måneder siden
Engines are so complex due to the super hybrid nature and it’s not gna change, hybrid and electric are the future for now it seems
John Patrick Lim
John Patrick Lim 3 måneder siden
if only they have taken the honda deal, who know what will happen as a works team....
Michael Dormire
Michael Dormire 3 måneder siden
I can’t take this idiot seriously while he’s wearing a mask on this video.
Brad Collins
Brad Collins 3 måneder siden
"Are Alfa Romeo Considering A Split From Ferrari?" A senseless question, I think.
Patrick Crausaz
Patrick Crausaz 3 måneder siden
That guy threw away a done deal with Honda which Monisha Kaltenborn had set up. She got kicked out for what had been the best decision for this team.
Chet Mierzejewski
Chet Mierzejewski 3 måneder siden
Why can't Alfa come up with their own power units?
Juventin 3 måneder siden
wtf do you mean many feel ferrari had the slowest engine? In a sport that is 100% quantifiable feelings have no place. Ferrari HAD the slowest engine in the pack, no feelings just cold hard facts!
TinyBearTim 3 måneder siden
If they do Mercedes should sell to them
Adam Khan
Adam Khan 3 måneder siden
how can they split from ferrari when they are a sister team
alphatrion100 3 måneder siden
Ferrari is nothing
Arian Winanto
Arian Winanto 3 måneder siden
That would be impossible as Alfa is owned by Fiat who also owns Ferrari. Not sure how many shares and controls Sauber that are left but I'm confident any major changes, including engine, would need Fiat's approval. It's kind of like saying that Red Bull's junior program isn't working by hiring a driver outside of the program like, I don't know, a certain Mexican driver who got kicked from the team he helped build who also has pace, oh wait...
Arian Winanto
Arian Winanto 3 måneder siden
@digitalfrrreak I thought they took over, my mistake then
digitalfrrreak 3 måneder siden
Sauber isn't controlled by Fiat, like, at all. Alfa is just a title sponsor, the team is still very much Sauber, owned by a certain Longbow Finance. Of course, if they drop Ferrari as engine suppliers, it will make little sense for Alfa to continue being their title sponsor, so that deal might be dropped too. Said deal was recently renewed only until the end of 2021, before the new regulations kick in, then we'll see.
ville658 3 måneder siden
I think Ferrari need 80hp More
john sailor
john sailor 3 måneder siden
Alfa should build their own engine
Ian Torres
Ian Torres 3 måneder siden
How would this happen if Alfa Romeo and Ferrari are owned by Fiat?
coco779 3 måneder siden
Alfa Romeo finished 8th in 2019 with the faster engine.
Arsh X
Arsh X 3 måneder siden
Alfa engines please!
Bas van Rooijen
Bas van Rooijen 3 måneder siden
Would be great if RedBull takes over the honda engine themselves and Alfa is able to become a client of theirs for the engine
Марио Стоилов
Марио Стоилов 3 måneder siden
Michael Verdelis
Michael Verdelis 3 måneder siden
I think Perez forgot that he drove for McLaren 🤣😂🤣😂
Dirk Cuypers
Dirk Cuypers 3 måneder siden
Alfa romeo should stop with F1. They are one of the greatest F1 teams in the F1 history. Writing your name on the side of the Sauber and call it Alfa romeo was one of the most stupid ideas from the last decade. If they want to compete in F1 they have to get in with the intention to become world champion. If that's impossible (witch it is) they can only harm the brands value so that is all they did. Congratulations for that.
Ξενοφώντας Σούλης
Ξενοφώντας Σούλης 3 måneder siden
@Dirk Cuypers Well, I wouldn't call them that either. They were really good, but for 2 years. Since 1952, their engine customers have taken a total of 2 wins and their works team has taken 0. The only important thing that I've heard of was their involvement in the FISA - FOCA war, but I'd think it was like a little child to Renault and Ferrari.
Dirk Cuypers
Dirk Cuypers 3 måneder siden
@Ξενοφώντας Σούλης maybe a got a bit carried away there but it is a fact they where pioneers back than an not without success. That also where the years people talked about when it was about Alfa and F1. Now it's only about the present and that doesn't look good if you ask me.
Ξενοφώντας Σούλης
Ξενοφώντας Σούλης 3 måneder siden
With two out of three stints failing and only two championships after bailing out to expenses, Alfa Romeo is not one of the greatest F1 teams. Brabham was great than them (not Aston Martin though, because it was a complete joke in its previous stint).
airvian 3 måneder siden
How hard will the realisation be for Perez that he is not actually racing for a championship contender as Mercedes is the only championship caliber team atm?
Giuseppe Maggiò
Giuseppe Maggiò 3 måneder siden
Oh my god journalism can be so toxic sometimes. The Ferrari engine has always been the 1st or 2nd best engine on f1 grids. In the last 20 years, the only 2 exceptions were 2014 and 2020....and for a single season where they lose ground everyone goes "Are Ferrari clients considering the split"? Like seriously how can you be so dumb? It's the equivalent of an nba team getting rid of an amazing player after 1 bad season despite the fact that he had 10 amazing seasons previously and will probably have another great one next year. Plus, Renault had a very unreliable engine this year so it's unlikely it's going to gain a lot of power next year and Honda technically left already so they won't bring any real upgrade for 2021. Ferrari will probably have the 2nd best engine next season
Dolbear 3 måneder siden
That's what happens when they are caught cheating
Andrea Baita
Andrea Baita 3 måneder siden
You cannot separate Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, FCA have a deal with Sauber that covers both : that means that Sauber needs to find a new title sponsor and a new engine... can you imagine an Alfa Romeo with a Renault engine ? Or even worse a Mercedes one ? That would destroy the Alfa Romeo brand image
Weak eye dominant
Weak eye dominant 3 måneder siden
Does not make any sense unless Alfa Romeo are splitting from Sauber.
Max_ M
Max_ M 3 måneder siden
Binotto is such a clown seriously. The Principal calling out his drivers more than the drivers actually calling out the team is ridicolous after such a season.I can understand that at RedBull's state since they were fighting with the Mercs from time to time and clearly were the 2nd strongest team by a large margin but since not even Leclerc hasn't scored too many points in the 2nd half of the season this is utterly blasphemic. Yes everybody recognized how bad of a season Vettel had and he underperformed PRETTY hard but fix ur god damn team and ur car before u point ur finger towards any of ur drivers man.
Ξενοφώντας Σούλης
Ξενοφώντας Σούλης 3 måneder siden
Well, if both drivers scored, the team would be probably 4th or 5th.
kenrick johnson
kenrick johnson 3 måneder siden
Doesn't Fiat group own and run Alpha and Ferrari F1 teams ? 🤔
Gautaman S
Gautaman S 3 måneder siden
When Horner and Dr.Marko both praises their new driver, it means demise of the new driver's career has just started. Might be confirmed 6-7 months down the line. Who next? The newbie who's entering the F1 marketor someone else?
nettlecider 3 måneder siden
I hate that it feels like Ferrari still believes they can always use the "oh but we are FERRARI, you cannot NOT have us, right?" card but to be fair it is more and more evident that the fans are soooo over it. I really really believe that if they'll go all emo on us we will all just exhale and say good riddance. And then the prancing horse can just do the surprised Picachu face meme because they'll be the only ones shocked.
KP L 3 måneder siden
Alfa could have own engine 2026
Yfffad Kcud
Yfffad Kcud 3 måneder siden
Hope so
Eddie de Beer
Eddie de Beer 3 måneder siden
Alfa is Ferrari, so a split would involve a change in branding for Alfa. Maranello would not stand for an Alfa powered by a Renault!
Jared Leonhart
Jared Leonhart 3 måneder siden
Can we revisit why Mercedes where so ahead and redbull where quite behind at the first British grand prix
Milo 3 måneder siden
so excited for next season and watching Sergio in a RB. I'm bummed about Albon but it was painful watching him struggle
Rudolf Huijs
Rudolf Huijs 3 måneder siden
I miss the days when there were several engine manufacturers in the grid like Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Ford, Hart, Renault, Ferrari, Honda, Mugen and even Peugeot! Still surprises me McLaren has to buy engines, either for their F1 cars or road cars.
Guillermo Sanchez
Guillermo Sanchez 3 måneder siden
That's the result of the FIA limiting almost every single aspect of development in F1. It is pure logic, that the more you restrict engineers when it comes to innovations and development, the less ground they have to play and try new things. Mass dampers? Nope, banned. Brawn's double diffuser? Nope, banned. Red bulls blown diffuser? Also banned. Ferrari thing on the engine? Yeah, ban that too.
M L 3 måneder siden
Vasseur is the man Ferrari needs. Binotto is a disaster!
MrAlexanderbezz 3 måneder siden
Like a marriage, it’s not forever... hopefully his wife is on the same page
giovanni carrasco
giovanni carrasco 3 måneder siden
Alfa Romeo has always been hand in hand with Ferrari I think they should stick it out
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale 3 måneder siden
3:04 *VER Already throwing Punches?* Quite witty ones, though. BAD SIGN *VER!* showing uneasiness while shaking *PER`s* Tabasco sauce is NOT a smart move...
Alex Bors
Alex Bors 3 måneder siden
Alfa Romeo will remain a Ferrari customer. They probably just want a discount.
Roy McDre
Roy McDre 3 måneder siden
New rules? You mean enforced rules
Rob Bleeker
Rob Bleeker 3 måneder siden
I am sure that Ferrari is/will getting their act together, sooner or later.
aditya banerjee
aditya banerjee 3 måneder siden
Sauber-Renault sounds good.
Sven w
Sven w 3 måneder siden
Alfa romeo ...Ferrari... Fiat .. .. it doesn't make sense for alfa romeo to even consider it.
Bartandaelus 3 måneder siden
They could probably develop their own engine if Alfa Romeo really wanted to commit to it, although im not sure it's really in their brand to produce such an engine.
heathen_fxdb 3 måneder siden
They would be stupid to end their technical partnership before the new rules come in.
Random BS
Random BS 3 måneder siden
At the moment, no way. Alfa Romero uses Ferrari engines in their passenger vehicles, I don’t think the relationship will tarnish that bad.
C S 3 måneder siden
Let them join Honda or Renault
Joel Bates
Joel Bates 3 måneder siden
They can't split from Ferrari, they have a strong link with them through road cars. I get how this is a weird team (it isn't Sauber, but it is Sauber) but as long as they race under the Alfa name, i can't see them using anything other than Ferrari engines, unless they do a Red Bull and do some weird rebadge job.
digitalfrrreak 3 måneder siden
They can. It's Sauber, with Alfa paying extra dough to have it run solely with their name. That partnership was already coming to an end this year, but got renewed at least through 2021, until the new regs will take place. Fittingly, that's when the engine deal will have to be reviewed, too. So, really, who knows, Sauber might as well go for a different engine and find a different title sponsor. Perhaps have Orlen become the sole title sponsor and head Renault's way for engines (the latter might want to have a second team running their PU on the grid, if anything, for data collection). Heck, it wouldn't even be too far fetched to think Haas could take over the Alfa mantle, they've recently been moving straight into some Ferrari facilities for the development of their car, got the very Simone Resta who had previously worked for Alfa Sauber and overall strengthened their relationship with the academy by scoring Mick Schumacher.
Pierre Gasly
Pierre Gasly 3 måneder siden
I'm nervous. If Alfa get a better engine, we will be down with Haas and Williams 😭
AncientPickle 3 måneder siden
3:54 wasn’t McLarena contending team?
Miky Koon
Miky Koon 3 måneder siden
Impossible for alfa to leave ferrari unless they race there own engine
MAGRA DRIFT 3 måneder siden
Yet on F1 2020 Ferrari has the best engine....... I still took the Merc engine 🤣
Dominik G
Dominik G 3 måneder siden
Alfa Romeo has 2 options: buying from Ferrari or building their own engine once again...
Corrupt Central
Corrupt Central 3 måneder siden
“With a view at the constructors’ championship” -Binotto What fucking view, at the Mercedes’ garage? Because if you are seeing the WCC then you are hallucinating mate.
Cher Abdou
Cher Abdou 3 måneder siden
Next question: Should ferrari find a new engine supplier?
heretustay 3 måneder siden
I seriously cannot wait to see all of them in their new colors and cars. Gonna be a very fun season to watch.
BMW M2 3 måneder siden
As long as the team wears Alfa Romeo, aren't they bound to use the engine from their automotive sister company? Otherwise it would be like Mercedes using a Honda engine. If they want to switch engines, change the team back to Sauber or something else. Drivers are coming from Ferrari academy too. Plus sharing technical support and personnel beyond drivetrain.
Kourkoutatios B’
Kourkoutatios B’ 3 måneder siden
I think people should put some respect on Ferrari. They may have the worst engine right now but their strength was always their engine. They always had a top 2 engine.
Corrupt Central
Corrupt Central 3 måneder siden
Nah they have too much already.
Tander Brown
Tander Brown 3 måneder siden
Next year the Ferrari engine will be good again because the fia was real quiet when they called out Ferrari and maybe instead of taking money or points off of them they just gave them a terrible engine for a season
shesaidyesnoyes 3 måneder siden
No, they shouldn't. They should not do the mistakes of Red Bull, that with Reanault used to win about 5 races year and with Honda they won less and now they are without an emgine for 2022. Ferrari can have highs and lows but they will remain in the business...
Fart Vader • 84 years ago
Fart Vader • 84 years ago 3 måneder siden
F1 2022, 1 Reanult engine, 1 Ferrari engine, 1 "RedBull engine" 7 Mercedes engines
Eric Rickert
Eric Rickert 3 måneder siden
Renault for Alfa Romeo
Willis The great
Willis The great 3 måneder siden
Both Alfa Romeo and Ferrari are owned by fiat so they won’t leave
Thawk 67
Thawk 67 3 måneder siden
Yeah but the Alfa Romeo F1 team is owned by Sauber Motorsports AG not Alfa Romeo
Spicy Calamari
Spicy Calamari 3 måneder siden
Who tf will take them? An Alfa Romeo Renault/Honda would be so unexpected!
Ethan Drake
Ethan Drake 3 måneder siden
It depends on how good the 2021 power unit is If it is not good enough they need to consider working with renault as they want closer relationships with their customer teams Heck they could even join red bull with the Honda pu, although that's unlikely
sam oksner
sam oksner 3 måneder siden
Damn, Fred was not holding back, respect.
iniquity 3 måneder siden
Once thing Ferrari has NEVER struggled with is coming up with excuses for how things are tougher for them.
mircea miclos
mircea miclos 3 måneder siden
Ferrari is in a bad position.They have to focus on the engine and the new car for 2022 with a limited budget. Mercedes only one the new car , cause the engine is good.
Louis Cypher
Louis Cypher 3 måneder siden
Engine development is exempt from the budget cap, they can spend as much money on it as they want.
Kai Saunders
Kai Saunders 3 måneder siden
Go with Renault
Genotronex 3 måneder siden
Someone should give Mattia a comb
nazart 3 måneder siden
Gp2 engine, gp2
aps1s 3 måneder siden
Sauber- Lada
Golden Nugget
Golden Nugget 3 måneder siden
Thanks for source :)
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 3 måneder siden
It wont be Alfa Romeo then
Bhanuprakash Hoysala N
Bhanuprakash Hoysala N 3 måneder siden
Ferrari itself needs an engine supplier by looking at their current state
JackPecker911 3 måneder siden
I wouldn't mind seeing Alfa-Mercedes again or Alfa-Renault could be interesting as well. It wouldn't be the first time they've partnered with Mercedes. Ferrari will bounce back for sure, but I'm sure their customer teams never get the latest and greatest kit available, Mercedes would offer that from the start.
digitalfrrreak 3 måneder siden
Also, Renault might actually be interested in having a second team run their engines. Not super necessary (Suzuki in MotoGP wasn't running any satellites and still managed to win the championship), but still twice the data. I for one would be curious to see a Sauber Renault partnership.
JackPecker911 3 måneder siden
@Thawk 67 If there's money to be made, the limit can be raised
Thawk 67
Thawk 67 3 måneder siden
Mercedes is at the limit for teams it can supply in F1
TGrassF1 3 måneder siden
i think alfa should spend less on SkyF1 commercials so they can afford Mercs! In all seriousness tho i think they will stay with Ferrari given the Fiat connection
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