Aston Martin Criticize Perez’s “Extreme” Driving Style

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Ferrari’s decision to drop Sebastian Vettel as their driver after the 2020 season set in motion the silly season in the driver market last year and just as things appeared to have simmered down, the silly season was revitalized by Racing Point, now Aston Martin, who decided to drop Sergio Perez in favor of Vettel. Some felt that this wasn’t the right move but Aston Martin’s technical director Andrew Green has now elaborated on the one area where Vettel outshines Perez while speaking to Autosport
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0:00 - Aston Martin Explain Why Vettel Maybe Better Than Perez
1:27 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Aston Martin Explain Why Vettel Maybe Better Than Perez
Green began by explaining how Vettel has his own driving style but how it isn’t something radical
“Yes, [Vettel] does have his own personal driving style, but that's no different to the driving styles that we've seen from other drivers”
He then compared Vettel’s style to that of Perez while also pointing out the shortcomings of the way Perez drove
"I'd say [it's] not as extreme as the driver he is replacing, who had a very extreme driving style which was very difficult to get right at all tracks. It shone at certain tracks and didn't at others”
He further elaborated on Vettel’s style
"I think Seb's style is a lot less extreme. And we have the tools and capability to tune the car to suit him for sure”
He signed off by shedding further light on all the work they have done with Vettel during the winter break
"We've already started working on that. We've been working on that for the last month in the simulator. And he seems very happy with the directions that we've taken. So, yeah, no problems there”

Fast Feed
Alpine’s CEO Laurent Rossi has confirmed that “there is no such thing as a number one and number two driver” in their team
He reiterated that “the drivers have to be as fast as possible and will challenge each other clearly. It's like a healthy competition and that's it. There are no instructions and no number one driver”
His driver Esteban Ocon pointed out that his teammate “Fernando [Alonso] is a two-time world champion” and how ”it will be the first time” he will work “with a world champion”
Ocon also feels that as Alonso has “tested a lot over the past year and with his experience and everything he's done over the years, he will be strong right from the first race”
Aston Martin team principal Otmar Szafnauer has stated that their “goal for 2021 is to build on what” they “achieved last year and take a further step forward”
He also suggested that there “is no reason why" they “cannot achieve that with” their “talented workforce combined with the new financial investment”
He also added that “success does not come overnight, but” is “convinced that” they “are putting the key elements in place to continue moving up the grid this year and in the years ahead”
Aston Martin’s team owner Lawrence Stroll feels that “Aston Martin returning to Formula 1, after an absence of 61 years, will have a powerful effect on the sport, the media and the fans”
He added that “the team is pushing forward and” their “ambitions are limitless”. They “now have the people and the partners to make real progress”
Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff suggests that Haas’ Mick Schumacher “steps into incredibly big shoes”
“Of course. Michael [Schumacher] is an icon - not just in Formula 1, but outside of it. Mick doesn't always find it easy to be compared” added Wolff
“On the other hand, he's a young man who knows what he wants and he's also had achievements in Formula 2 and Formula 3 in the past” surmised Wolff
Wolff concluded that if Mick “develops well, he will of course get the chance to be in a really strong car in the future”
Haas’ team principal Guenther Steiner has stated that they “are pleased to be partnered by Uralkali this season and beyond”
He pointed out that they “approach a new season with a new title partner and two new drivers, it’s going to be an exciting year head”
He also confirmed “that the VF-21 will not be developed as” they focus their “energies now on the 2022 car in, what” they “hope, will be a more level playing field”
Jack Aitken is “absolutely delighted to continue with Williams in the position of Reserve Driver”

Is Vettel’s driving style “less extreme” than Perez’s?

Formula World
Formula World 19 dager siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgxXsFBnhM4MRKO4afR4AaABCQ 0:00 - Aston Martin Explain Why Vettel Maybe Better Than Perez 1:27 - Fast Feed
Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar 17 dager siden
Coz he carries a 4 time champ tag
GoldenSnake 8 dager siden
Trash ass management on their part, Checo was the best thing to ever happen to that team and they treat him like a bag of dirt.
Phelix TP
Phelix TP 12 dager siden
well well, how the turntables..
David Jolliffe
David Jolliffe 12 dager siden
Haha! Aston Martin have recruited a dud in Vettel, who can only win when his car is the fastest on the track. They will start missing Checo Perez very shortly, once they finally realise Vettel only won 4 championships because he had the most dominant car of the time. Even then, Vettel could only win when he started in front & stayed in front. His wheel to wheel racing & passing leaves a lot to be desired. Too bad for Aston Martin.
Sean Fernandes
Sean Fernandes 13 dager siden
Green' teeth are extreme!
Rondras 13 dager siden
Im sure they would want an extreme driver after Vettel lost against a rookie.
Felipe Vega
Felipe Vega 13 dager siden
Anyone here after Checo P5 and Vettel crashed into Ocon?
Redbeard 15 dager siden
It's like Knight and Day Tom Cruise famous dialogue. Perez to Green: With me your chances are like this🏎️🏆🏁 Without me your chances are like this❌⚰️🗑️
zo wezel
zo wezel 15 dager siden
How class just bashing the guy u booted out urself n got ur first win, british class aston martin, british class
Terence Stone
Terence Stone 15 dager siden
what a pratt they call themselves aston martin but the car is a merc in green nothing on that car is aston martin
BG 15 dager siden
Green can fuck off, Perez was superb for Racing Point/force India/Aston Martin for so many years. Literally got them podiums and a win as well with a very average car. He can’t admit that in an ideal world they’d have fired Stroll and kept Checo on. I’m excited to see how Checo does at RB this season, wish him the best!
Paul Sven
Paul Sven 15 dager siden
I reckon Otmar will leave, he is a decent guy and the sh!t coming out of Aston is not his style......
Terence Stone
Terence Stone 15 dager siden
remember its aston martin in name only, its not an aston martin made of mercs
Paul Sven
Paul Sven 15 dager siden
Aston just lost all my respect, I hope you wallow in Q1 from now on....bagging a guy that for one you owe your existence to and two has collected a bag of points for you......btw vettel looks better already doesn't he - I think Aston did Sergio a big favour
Navneet Bindra
Navneet Bindra 15 dager siden
Y did u stick with checo for so long then?im sure u jus didn’t notice his extreme driving style jus last year
Clar Oibre
Clar Oibre 15 dager siden
Gary Busey in the Thumbnail huh what?
Fábio Rodrigues
Fábio Rodrigues 16 dager siden
Let me see if I get this straight... Perez helped a midfield team with low budget to finish P4 in the constructors for SEVERAL years, got them most of their podiums and they complain that his driving style is extreme? Ungrateful bastards. Hope their car is bad and that Vettel gets beaten by Stroll.
Chuckie 16 dager siden
Forget the one win he gave. If it wasn’t for him, THEY’D HAVE NO JOB OR TEAM ANYMORE.
PREDATOR 7 16 dager siden
Just look at your car key and thank Checo for that. Otherwise...
MrFormulaOne2011 16 dager siden
Didn't they also say he had built in traction control? lol
The Big Guy
The Big Guy 16 dager siden
Your headline sounds like clickbait. Green said that it is easier to set up Seb's car than Checo's. Doesn't mean that he is criticising Checo. Probably just another Vettel hater with news out of context.
Martin Waby
Martin Waby 16 dager siden
Extreme is what got your team there first gp win ... be greatful .. you did him a favour anyway he was wasted in the pink Mercedes
kathlos 16 dager siden
Not a fan of Checo but he is known to be really gentle with the tyres. Just wonder how can someone be so easy on tyres and be extreme at the same time.
RDW 16 dager siden
What a BS!!!... But okay, I hope Checo and his extreme riding style is able to show some nice victories! And uhhhh..... good luck Astin Martin with your all-round and not so extreme drivers!
Sachin Weerasinghe
Sachin Weerasinghe 16 dager siden
I can't wait for this to age like milk :')
Duvro 16 dager siden
My Boy Perez is extreme indeed..carried alone dat team perfomance on the back for years no matter how many changes the team had...
MeltingRubberZ28 16 dager siden
Well if these initial practices are any indication of how this season will go: yeah Vettel is less extreme for sure....hence why he's still in the double digits for position on pace.
7jlvega 16 dager siden
Mr. Green you forgot to add about S Perez being on race day, extreme, smooth and efficient “reliable “ , two untimely pit calls cost the team and S Perez a potential podium finish and two mechanical failures at the end of the season ? handed the 3rd place in the constructors to Mc Laren. Extreme ?? I wish S Perez all form of “extreme success.” in his new team RB .
Thalmann 16 dager siden
Green i wont call him mr because not a gentleman but a turd , its amazing how every one else discribes Perez as having a very smooth driving style that enables him to make his tyres last , it seems that turdy boy is having to rubbish his former driver to make his replacement seem good , after the first days practice session with Vettel near the back of the grid and Stroll being quite a bit faster that this is sour grapes.
Rodrigo Ruiz
Rodrigo Ruiz 16 dager siden
He just dug himself into a hole, there.
Paul Mobikey
Paul Mobikey 17 dager siden
Its so unbelievable how you can Bash the driver who gave the team their only win to date, get rid of him and make excuses for the boss's boy. Typical psychofants.
Bendegúz Bagosi
Bendegúz Bagosi 17 dager siden
Perez: has extreme driving style according to force India Also Perez: best tire manager
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior 17 dager siden
Aston Martin are full of bullshit, only one of those drivers needs a planted rear end to do anything with the car, and only one of those drivers had a bunch of seemingly random spins the last 3 seasons.
kly plays
kly plays 17 dager siden
"No number one Driver" "Alonslow is faster than you, do you understand the message?" LMFAO
Alex Silva
Alex Silva 17 dager siden
Perez was their star driver for years, and now he was “too extreme”? Yeah, right
elredster2 17 dager siden
Sergio Perez 1) saved the team a few years ago, thereby paving the way for Lawrence Stroll to pick it up cheaply 2) scores almost 4 times more points in 2020 than the chap who's replacing him (Perez 125 vs Vettel's 33) to be "best of the rest", 3) wins Racing Point's maiden victory from LAST PLACE at the end of lap 1 (passing Vettel in the process), and this chap complains about his driving style? Is he for real?
Gerhard Hohmann
Gerhard Hohmann 17 dager siden
Pérez is the better driver racing point ever had and they should be more humble because so many times Perez save them from going under thankless BAs...
Eric Flores
Eric Flores 17 dager siden
well, I thought it was because you cant fire Lance Stroll...... Checo is better off at RB lol. Also Fuck HAAS
mark mall
mark mall 17 dager siden
The same technical director thats job can be made redundant as they purchase design from M&B so no need for his input.
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh 17 dager siden
Not cool AM. Throwing shades at your former driver. Who was there with you for so many years and saved hundreds of job for you.
Jordan Melton
Jordan Melton 17 dager siden
Daddy stroll tryin to justify his shit decisions
nettlecider 17 dager siden
Vettel: joins the team Team: ah, it's time to play the villain!
De Apenhoofd
De Apenhoofd 17 dager siden
I thought Perez's consistency was one of his strongest points. He is a pretty all-round driver by the looks of it.
R Torres
R Torres 17 dager siden
Well the real thing is the want to keep stroll look better driver because daddy can give better economical support to the team ?
Jules 17 dager siden
So much bullshit
Gerald Cooper
Gerald Cooper 17 dager siden
Nothing like gratitude. I think Mr Greens comments are at best unfortunate and do no justice to Checo Perez and even less to Aston Martin.
Candace Laura
Candace Laura 17 dager siden
Message Now: (Eight
Strafford Fernandes
Strafford Fernandes 17 dager siden
The Replacement should have been Vettel In and Stroll Out 😂
Great Profilename
Great Profilename 17 dager siden
Extreme doesn't translate to extremely bad, just as Green elaborated he meant harder to find a suitable set up for. But his comment was that of a technician who lacks an understanding how some british media outlets blow everything out of proportion. The Race can itself be considered "extreme", sometimes they have really good technical insight videos, sometimes factual statements framed to a certain vibe (like Green's extreme statement) and at times they just present baseless rumors like Hamilton wants contractual right to choose teammate. The really bad thing is, that such baseless rumors and oddly framed interviews snipplets are often fueling hateful comments. Not saying The Race themselves spreads hate, but they seemingly are at times good at bringing to worst out of their audience. I would definitely prefer a less "extreme" version of The Race, willingly at the expense of less videos. Btw, Senna's driving style was also extreme, and he struggled at times with setting up cars that weren't just shit (e.g. in his last two seasons). And stunningly outperformed at other times. Rather extreme, but not at all in the sense of being a bad driver.
Sander 17 dager siden
Didn’t hear u complain in the 5 years he was your lead driver mr Green 🤡🤡🤡🤡
Patrick Mulligan
Patrick Mulligan 17 dager siden
I like when people justify their senseless decisions by uttering nonsense.
Pablo Ausucua
Pablo Ausucua 17 dager siden
Good luck with the two turds you have this year!
Aaliya J. Patel
Aaliya J. Patel 17 dager siden
Its disgusting that you as a content creator would make a video taking a simple statement make by Mr. Green so out of context. Did he say criticize Perez by saying his driving style is extreme? No. Nice to see how the need for attention or views led to you falsely accusing a man and allowing thousands of others to believe this shit. What a sad life.
Sameer Dar
Sameer Dar 17 dager siden
Very distasteful from Aston Martin. Just move on man why live in the past?
Conner 17 dager siden
Gave the team it’s only win and saved them from financial collapse. Must have done something right
Stratowind 17 dager siden
It's funny how the sheeple get so easily swayed by a title.
Curious Pug
Curious Pug 17 dager siden
What vettel's driving style to he exact?? Spun around for every 2 laps?
Stratowind 17 dager siden
Formula World creating drama again. Where is the criticism? It must be true that Perez has a style different than most. He maximizes race pace and pushes tyres to the limits. It might be harder to setup. It's is a comparison to Vettel, not criticism. Saying Max's racing is more extreme than Bottas is a compliment in my eyes, not criticism.
Trey Quattro
Trey Quattro 17 dager siden
Green is a POS
Jon Yeo
Jon Yeo 17 dager siden
The only driving style is winning style.
Luke Wood
Luke Wood 17 dager siden
...No manners
Jaime Echegaray
Jaime Echegaray 17 dager siden
Also Lance Stroll driving is not extreme, its just bad.
Jon Port
Jon Port 17 dager siden
Why is everyone freaking out about the "extreme driving style" comment lol? That's not a bad thing at all! He was just saying that Checo is more aggressive with steering inputs and throttle application. He drives in a slightly different way to make up time. It wasn't a dig at him lol calm down kids
Jon Port
Jon Port 17 dager siden
"Less extreme driving style" means he doesn't push as aggressively as Perez. Vettel likes a really smooth car with little risk like his old RB because he's a perfectionist and those cars were nice for that era. The Ferrari has been quite a "risky" car and you need to be super switched on at all times, like someone like Verstappen for example. Perez on the other hand has always had a more stable car meaning he can push more aggressively without too much anxiety around losing it. I wonder if Vettel will gain a more "extreme driving style" when he begins in that Aston Martin? And I wonder if Perez becomes a less aggressive driver?
WestCider 17 dager siden
0 respect for racing poing/ Aston Martin. Team of copy cats that threw the driver who saved the team under the god damn bus and talks him down.... Way to go Green, whatever little creditability you had, you've just lost it!
joan fernandez
joan fernandez 17 dager siden
What the hell !!!! criticizing the pilot who carried RP in 2020 on his shoulders !!
Gold 17 dager siden
Extreme driving style? Please. Vettel is one of the drivers who use 'not having a car to their liking as an excuse' goes for his fans too. Its not hating, its the truth.
Adam Hearne
Adam Hearne 17 dager siden
Not like Perez saved the team in 2018 and also got their only win
Hans Peter
Hans Peter 17 dager siden
This channel just depicted Green's statement as criticism towards Perez but it really wasn't lol. He was asked if Vettel has a unique/extreme driving style because of his problems with loose rears. Then he said that it's true that he has a unique driving style (which everyone has in his own way) and said that it's definetely less extreme than Perez' driving style which is just a true statement (probably, we can't really verify that). So I don't see the problem with this statement and I don't get why it was depicted as criticism towards Perez and therefor I don't understand the hate regarding this all.
N P 17 dager siden
2:26 Jaguar, returning to Formula One...will have a powerful effect on the sport, the media and the fans."
Juan L
Juan L 17 dager siden
Why the guy in the thumbnail looks like dracula
LuisFer 17 dager siden
Wild prediction: Sergio to score more points than Aston Martin throughout the season
clarker011 17 dager siden
I was always a fan and supporter of the underdog Jordan, Midland, Spyker, Force India team. Not so much since they became Racing Point and not at all now as Aston Martin. Booting Checo for Seb “I just lost the rear” Vettel just doesn’t make any sense (other than for marketing purposes). I’ll follow Checo and Max at RB thanks.
McRocket 17 dager siden
Button in an interview last year said the same thing about Perez - that he has a hot-cold style. He also said that Perez was not so good on front-limited circuits. But could be very good on other circuits.
Broken Lantern X
Broken Lantern X 17 dager siden
He drive from the back while Vincent Chase could only manage third. That's how winning is done.
Carpe diem
Carpe diem 17 dager siden
It's obvious he's backstabbing him.
isi598 17 dager siden
Omg what the hell is going on? He simply tries to talk his driver up and tries to take pressure off of Vettel since so many would like Aston Martin to fail with Vettel because many are still mad bc of Perez. So it's only natural he tries to talk the problem down that many see in switching to Vettel. When you are asked if your drivers style could lead to difficulties, it's only logical to say "ah no, we've had to deal with a more difficult style in the past, so no worries" everyone would try to shield their team like that. I don't believe there is any bad blood between him and Checo or that he would ever care when it's turned out so well for him. Salty little NOpost warriors all over him tho, for stating something without any meaning to Checos career at all.
Mark Greene
Mark Greene 17 dager siden
"Aston Martin explain why Stroll may be better than Perez." Show me that video...
Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar 17 dager siden
They are going to regret dropping Checo for Vettel. Vettel can turn a race winning car run backwards
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 17 dager siden
Mick Schumacher is a failure he will be out of f1 after this year big mistake
Terence Stone
Terence Stone 15 dager siden
no he is not but will have to waite to see him get better your only showing your lack of knowledge pinhead
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 17 dager siden
Vettle is an amateur Perez is light years on vettle
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 17 dager siden
Bethlehem is not better than Perez vetted is an amateur
George Kirov
George Kirov 18 dager siden
Backstabbed him and dropped him even though he had a contract and criticizing him. Bruh you are where you are bc of HIM. At least put some respect on his name!
Jose Maria Garcia
Jose Maria Garcia 18 dager siden
Hes got a Job because of Checo. I dont understand that stupid guys
Zach 18 dager siden
Green: "Yeah so here's how Vettel is better than Perez" Who the fuck was saying it doesn't make sense for Aston Martin to pick up a 4x World Champion? The tension is why they decided to sack Perez over Stroll. Give me one reason why Stroll is a better fit than Perez other than his last name.
WVinicius RJ
WVinicius RJ 17 dager siden
@Zach when money is involved, reality bends itself, people get mad, but they pay, it will be good to have the “best drivers in the world” but reality is, the best driver in the world is a office right now, working 8am to 5pm paying bills, those 20 guys we watch are the 20 best rich drivers in the world, all of them where, are and will be rich, and that’s the paywall Motorsport has, stroll, Latifi, mazepin, are the extreme example, but if you look at lando and Russel wealth, they are far from normal people, and that’s F1
Zach 17 dager siden
@WVinicius RJ I said give me a reason other than Stroll's last name. Him being the son of the owner is him having the last name "Stroll". That's what people got mad about. It shouldn't matter if you're the son of the owner, F1 is a hyper competitive sport, every seat should be based on merit. Lawrence Stroll should give his team principle the autonomy to sack anyone, even his son.
WVinicius RJ
WVinicius RJ 17 dager siden
Lance is the son of the owner, he can’t get sacked, Perez was the racional option
David Vasquez
David Vasquez 18 dager siden
The entire current AM crew: We had nothing to do with this Lance: Ah s**t, I’m gonna get the blame for this Vettel: I had no idea about this( *PRESS X TO DOUBT VIDES INTENSIFIES* ) Checo: Enserio wey
rcb0683 18 dager siden
What a ridiculous thing to say. He mauled Stroll and got their first win.
Ethical Hacking Tutorials
Ethical Hacking Tutorials 18 dager siden
I will cheer every time an Aston Martin crashes or DNFs❤️ such cutthroat bastards
Ethical Hacking Tutorials
Ethical Hacking Tutorials 18 dager siden
Andrew green talking out of his arse, just shows his credibility.
Juan CA Co
Juan CA Co 18 dager siden
I think means Checo takes "more risks" Checo probably had to jump on any chance to score points, given he never had de the best car.
Mac 18 dager siden
If Perez isn’t in the top 5 by mid season, fire him. He’s had 10 years over practice and the cars rear-end has been fixed making it easier to drive this year.
caesar485 18 dager siden
Wait, the driver that's been called the tyre whisperer has an extreme driving style? Jeesh racing point shaping up to be a more toxic environment than Ferrari.
George 18 dager siden
He is one of the most controlled and calculated on the grid. Pure disrespect
Alexander F
Alexander F 18 dager siden
Ok f**k aston martin
Maykel Sach
Maykel Sach 18 dager siden
those white crispy cream delicate girls 🤭
Nick Hamburg
Nick Hamburg 18 dager siden
Funny how toxic the comments are. Green never said that Perez is a bad driver or something similar. He just said that his driving style is much more extreme and therefore it's easier to find the right setup for Vettel. Why is everyone assuming, that saying someones driving style is extreme automatically means that he is a bad driver or something?
Jude74 18 dager siden
He finished 4th in the driver’s championship. Hello.
Rahul77_ YT
Rahul77_ YT 18 dager siden
Why are taking this out of context?
kodrich1204 18 dager siden
I hope Perez makes Tracing point regret dropping him so much 😡
Varc6 18 dager siden
Just confirming perez is beast
LI TE 18 dager siden
If you took the hype and Ron-speak out of the team's spokesmen, there would be a lot of silence....
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