Is Ferrari At Risk Of Losing Charles Leclerc?

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After the departure of Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari, Charles Leclerc remains the only driver in their line-up who is a proven race winner. With the team going through one of their toughest periods ever, the last thing they would want according to some would be to lose Leclerc to a rival team. Future F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali who was once a key managerial figure at Ferrari has given his thoughts while speaking to La Gazetta
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0:00 - Is Ferrari At Risk Of Losing Charles Leclerc?
1:32 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Is Ferrari At Risk Of Losing Charles Leclerc?
Domenicali began by reflecting on the period when he got the offer to become F1’s CEO
“When I got the offer from Liberty I spent intense days, so to speak but some trains run once in a lifetime. Saying no would have been really difficult, and so on the one hand, as an Italian, I’m very proud of it”
He accepts that it will be a challenge but pointed out why he has an advantage
“On the other, I know it will be a great challenge. But I know the environment well, and this is an advantage”
He then turned his attention to Ferrari and their former driver and four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel
“For Vettel it was obviously a tough year. Imagine you are four times world champion and even before the start of the season you hear that you will no longer be driving for the team next year. That's terrible”
Domenicali concluded his words by looking at the possibility of Ferrari losing Leclerc
“If Leclerc has a competitive car in the short term, Ferrari has nothing to fear. Then they won't lose him. If Ferrari again arrives with a bad car, it could be a problem. He could lose confidence and momentum just like that”

Fast Feed
Former F1 driver Romain Grosjean has confirmed that his “seven fingers” are “back to normal” and has exclaimed that it’s one “hell of a Xmas present”
Former F1 driver Mark Webber thinks that McLaren’s new driver Daniel Ricciardo “drove awesome this year” “because he really felt valued at the team”
He also thinks that Ricciardo will “feel that again at McLaren next year”
He further suggested that F1 needs Ricciardo “more towards the front” as “he’s a guy that needs to be on the podiums. He celebrates success, he celebrates what” F1 “should be about”
McLaren’s technical director James Key has confirmed that they’ve “got plenty of developments to look at and lots of new concepts floating around too”
He added that “the development freeze bought everyone a bit of thinking time. It allowed” them “to take a step back and really analyze the data and what” they’ve done
Williams team principal Simon Roberts “can see the advantages, but” they “don't want to become a B team”
He further explained that they “want to keep” their “independence, but” they “want to be more competitive”
So, for them “looking forward”, they “are open to extending a relationship, but it would be focused on supporting” them “where” they “think” they “need help”
“In simple terms, if” they “are good at something and” they “can do it fast, then” they “should focus on that”
“If there is something” they “cannot do very well, then” they “should be prepared to buy it from whoever has it available”
Former F1 driver Jolyon Palmer feels that Lewis Hamilton’s “dominance made the running at the front more predictable than F1 and the fans would have liked” in 2020
Renault’s Esteban Ocon thinks that “the whole season” his “development has been very strong and” he’s “happy how” they “were able to finish the season”
He further explained that “it was a lot stronger than at the beginning of the season and” he certainly noticed that he had “more confidence and speed than at the beginning of the year”
Ferrari’s Sports director Laurent Mekies has divulged that “in Barcelona”, they “quickly realized that” they “had to be seriously concerned about some aspects of performance”

If Ferrari doesn’t produce a good car soon, should they be concerned about losing Leclerc?

Formula World
Formula World 3 måneder siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgy0yop2hMhZhZbs-7J4AaABCQ 0:00 - Is Ferrari At Risk Of Losing Charles Leclerc? 1:32 - Fast Feed
muckfundle 2 måneder siden
@Anriandor they probably wont fix it now...
jey da
jey da 3 måneder siden
1st Ocon slide off content.
nox 333
nox 333 3 måneder siden
The first race of the 22 season will set the landscape as to whether the likes of Charles and Max will be looking to jump ship.
Hugo S
Hugo S 3 måneder siden
They should be concerned, that is how it should be. Isn't even Mercedes worried about Hamilton? Charles Leclerc has a good personality, meaning good media presence with technical and driving skill. Ferrari just needs to develop their cars better and to be able to manage the data better at race day.
Endriks Aliu
Endriks Aliu 3 måneder siden
@Anriandor looool
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 2 måneder siden
It's about time that FIA stopped meaning Ferrari International Assistance!
Jake M
Jake M 2 måneder siden
Leclerc is firmly within the Ferrari group. Red Bull won’t take him, and Mercedes won’t take him - so he’s got nowhere successful to go to. In the same way that Max would likely struggle to get a decent seat in another team. Ferrari don’t want him, and neither do Mercedes. The top teams have their main drivers sorted for now and the future - Mercedes are focussed on Russell.
John La Monte
John La Monte 2 måneder siden
Ferrari needs to leave formula 1. Until it is no longer owned and run by the cheating nazis at Mercedes!
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 2 måneder siden
Would love to see leclerc replace Hamilton. Absolutely love it...
hogrydr100 2 måneder siden
i only became a ferrari fan when alonso and kimi were there. i continued a fan when seb came. now that none of those 3 drivers are no longer at ferrari, i am no longer a ferrari fan and could care less what happens there. i am a "driver" fan.
Joel Jones
Joel Jones 2 måneder siden
Lose Leclerc to where???.....Other than Mercedes, there is no where to go...This is fundamentally F1's top 3 biggest problems
TinyBearTim 3 måneder siden
If they do Merc better Chuck George in the bin and get him
Todd Ritter
Todd Ritter 3 måneder siden
2022 will make all this speculation irrelevant. and who gives a shit what jolyon palmer thinks?
Benjamin Louis
Benjamin Louis 3 måneder siden
He may just be the best driver on the grid.
George Thomas
George Thomas 3 måneder siden
From what was seen over the year.... Charles Leclerc proved that me could make the car work better than expected. That does not mean he would accept the same car or worse this year, but if he were to leave the question would be would he and does Aston Martin try to pair Vettel and Leclerc again. Surely they wont keep Lance Stroll if he can't make the care work again this year. That will put Leclerc in competition with Perez if things dont go well for him in the season...... Interesting question
Ismael Dos Santos
Ismael Dos Santos 3 måneder siden
Good drivers go to ferrari to end their careers.
julie jones
julie jones 3 måneder siden
That fast feed is so annoying!
Dreamy 3 måneder siden
Mercedes does not want Lecrash Red Bull might want Lecrash McLaren kinda want Leclrec Renault wants Leclerc Ferarri needs Leclerc Haas needs money
lesteranddonna 3 måneder siden
He could go to Mercedes and piss off the knee bender !
Dave Russell
Dave Russell 3 måneder siden
02:44 - Way to state the obvious, Joylon Palmer.
Dean Skrobalak
Dean Skrobalak 3 måneder siden
You started talking about Merc & Williams but you didn’t even say what you were talking about 🤷🏼‍♂️. Lucky I heard that news on another channel so I knew what you were referring to. Pity other viewers that maybe didn’t 🤦‍♂️. Bad editing on this occasion!
Alexis de Wouters
Alexis de Wouters 3 måneder siden
Loosing Leclerc... Where would he go ?
Alain Belanger
Alain Belanger 3 måneder siden
It won be the first time it happens
Frank Chapman
Frank Chapman 3 måneder siden
Click bait
Mac Sixtyfive
Mac Sixtyfive 3 måneder siden
YES, of course Ferrari are at a HUG risk of losing gun Leclerc, Ferrari aren't going to be delivering Leclerc a championship, and a championship is ALL he wants in F1.
6ixNine-getsRaped 3 måneder siden
People really think ferrari needs a decade to be back at the top... They have the second biggest budget in F1 and will be back being a title contender in 2 years,maybe even 2022
Sean Holmes
Sean Holmes 3 måneder siden
Well Ferrari have already said they are taking Schumacher in 2 years, quite pathetic really, so Leclerc and Sainz are just filling in so both need look elsewhere asap to remain in control of their careers..!
Jayden Glass
Jayden Glass 3 måneder siden
If Ferrari prioritise Mick Schumacher then I think Leclerc is better off leaving. He is too talented to be playing #2
The Stratisphere
The Stratisphere 3 måneder siden
Dillon just pronounced Vettel better than 90% of people ever will
Archie Evans
Archie Evans 3 måneder siden
MrAllister9 3 måneder siden
If Leclerc wants to win he better leave FERRARI ... they're the fucking worse top team ive actaully ever seen ... and i been watching F1 for 35 years now
HGArn 3 måneder siden
I think this is more a PR move to put some pressure on the performance team currently dev the future car than a genuine concern. Charles obviously could look at other teams but given his devotion to the brand/team it would need a dire situation in order to really happen. This is not the case, for now.
GT 3 måneder siden
I would have thought Domenicali to be more professional now that he is CEO and kept his focus on his F1 job at hand rather than delving into taking underhanded shots at Ferrari. Not more than a few days into his new role & he's making such sharp comments about his ex team and their drivers.
GT 3 måneder siden
CLICKBAIT, you got me! @Formula World, you guys should be ashamed! No real news. What's about Rich Energy?
bonus12345457 3 måneder siden
F1 is the only sport where the fans HATE the teams and drivers that dominate. It's like they want racing communism or something. . .That's so european.
Lewis Kemp
Lewis Kemp 3 måneder siden
No comment
Chris Trinder
Chris Trinder 3 måneder siden
Hopefully Ferrari will have a more competitive car next year. Have been following F1 since the 1980’s and agree with fans being bored with Hamilton winning, just as we were when Schumacher consistently won races. The last but one race without Hamilton competing was the most enjoyable race of the season by far from a fan’s point of view!
Ted Rainville II
Ted Rainville II 3 måneder siden
Williams should team up with Red Bull for an engine
Maverick StClare
Maverick StClare 3 måneder siden
"I bet this is just a clickbait Betteridge headline" ...... imagine my shock
Mr Fechu
Mr Fechu 3 måneder siden
F1 is at risk of loosing Ferrari if they can not beat Mercedes soon.
G G 3 måneder siden
Xanax boy ...
TheKingkingg 3 måneder siden
Charles to redbull Honda.
nomadman _
nomadman _ 3 måneder siden
Maybe? Also, must remember that outside of MSC, (Kimi's in 09 is an outlier), how far back to you need to go for a genuinely competitive Ferrari? 15 years? This isn't new territory but we live in a world of hype and over exaggeration (everything we criticize Italian media of doing against Ferrari...) Tradition of the team, the prancing horse, the icon; this is what calls drivers to the team and then they roll the dice on hoping for a good car. MSC had a magnetic magical pull for the team and improved the car as well with his sheer talent and stubbornness. Historically speaking, take MSC years out of the equation and it doesn't make for pretty reading post early 80s, could almost say their first and only peak pre-MSC was in the 70s.
vineet123rdb 3 måneder siden
Lecler has no option available rather than staying at Ferrari
S Campbell
S Campbell 3 måneder siden
My Ferrari is a crap team with 4-5 years out from being a true competitor. Charlie has to ask ---- being good at a bad team or moving for a chance at a championship?
Jeff Shellow
Jeff Shellow 3 måneder siden
Someone tell me why we are paying these pseudo journalists to plagiarize real journalists and read us the articles? PEOPLE STOP WATCHING THESE
Reverbera 3 måneder siden
Nah screw you i'm still watching these
Ronald De Regt
Ronald De Regt 3 måneder siden
Leclerc a race winner? In F2? Because his F1 Wins are not Legal.
TheHarrie93 3 måneder siden
Jolyon Palmer kicking in open doors again. Thank god for him otherwise we wouldn't have known that you have to alert on a street circuit and that Lewis Hamilton's dominance made the front more predictable then F1 or fans would've likes.
Rotor Air Group
Rotor Air Group 3 måneder siden
Ferrari needs to get rid of Leclerc. With only 2 wins in 2 seasons he has crashed 2 out of 2 times Racing in Monaco, Japan & Baku plus in Germany, Bahrein, Monza, Brazil & Austria. Who else would hire him with such cretentials?
ManaWearBlack 3 måneder siden
Cheers Jolyon, excellent input
Daniel ;
Daniel ; 3 måneder siden
Can’t believe there’s no video on Daimler wanting to take on Russell for 2021 over the “attitude” problem lewis has.
Daniel ;
Daniel ; 3 måneder siden
@TheRastaYouth This is a channel dedicated to f1 news. I wouldn't be very good at it anyway.
TheRastaYouth 3 måneder siden
Why don't YOU do a video of same and post it? Good luck with that one Sir.
Fox 3 måneder siden
Of course Ferrari should be concerned. Most F1 teams ditch drivers on the regular when they don't live up to the expectations... or sometimes even for other more shady reasons. I don't see why Leclerc should be somehow tied to a team that doesn't provide. It needs to go both ways, is what I'm saying. Drivers are no slaves and once the contract doesn't bind them anymore, there should be no obligation to stick with the team when it's unable to provide race-winning tech. That is arguably the main part of their job, to provide a competitive car for the driver.
Reptilius Maximus
Reptilius Maximus 3 måneder siden
And where he would go? Bottas's place in '22? In RB I do not believe so. AM needs to become prove to be winning team. McLaren & Renault needs to work harder. So where?
Arthur McMarvin Kunihira
Arthur McMarvin Kunihira 3 måneder siden
Charles Leclerc is on the verge of becoming another Max Vesterpen, being let down by the team....Tell me I'm wrong or Change my mind....
samaravadi3 3 måneder siden
Leclerc to Merc?
Roary 007
Roary 007 3 måneder siden
They should be worried charles is possibly one of the best drivers on the grid and deserves a strong car he has world champion in him he just needs a car to do it in.
Kevin Moore
Kevin Moore 3 måneder siden
Why does Lewis Hamilton get such a bad rap for being consistent. If he wasn't as consistent as he is, people would talk bad about him. Being a amazing driver he still gets bad press.
TheRastaYouth 3 måneder siden
Jardani Jovonovich
Jardani Jovonovich 3 måneder siden
NOpost auto captioned Charles as Shao la Claire. Lmao
Srinidhi joshi
Srinidhi joshi 3 måneder siden
Get in there Dillon,🔥
RMA_432 3 måneder siden
I think Williams will be the D team, not the B team. 😂
Kevin DT
Kevin DT 3 måneder siden
Since Ferrari pays their drivers well, there is no risk to lose them....
Oki Doki
Oki Doki 3 måneder siden
No he can only win with cheating and Ferrari is numero uno at cheating
Keven Guimarães
Keven Guimarães 3 måneder siden
Charles is without a doubt a world-class driver and one of the best young talents the sport has ever seen. If Ferrari keep going this way of course he would (and should) at least look elsewhere. The only question is where could he go? Even if Lewis retires after next year (which I doubt) there is at most one open seat at Merc, since they’re going to pick up Russell for 2022. And if Lewis does leave then you can bet Max is going to jump at the opportunity for his seat. Max and Charles are both unbelievably talented but the problem is that with Merc being the only game in town right now there aren’t enough top-level seats for all the top-level drivers (Danny Ric has the same problem). I really hope 2022 makes things more competitive.
David Camel
David Camel 3 måneder siden
For me, it all depends on Ferrari?. They do not work like a team should do, that goes to management. To tell your star driver that he's fired before the season begins, is not professional (Vettel)2020. So far 2020 has seen progress with Charles, having Sainz on board can only make the team stronger. If Charles can keep getting race wins, he's better off staying put.
Prisoner Monkeys
Prisoner Monkeys 3 måneder siden
vettel got treated the way he deserves. He underperformed massively.
Kris Korsgaard
Kris Korsgaard 3 måneder siden
Leclerc is NOT as talented as Ferrari thinks. He is a complainer when things go just a little of phase and then blames everyone else instead of putting his head down and be part of the solution. A lot more talented drivers have come and gone over the last few years but never got the chance to drive for a top team.
Clive Clapham
Clive Clapham 3 måneder siden
*Ferrari always in the toughest time*
I hope they don’t lose leclerc he is so talented with so much to give to F1 but yes that Ferrari has to come back in a big way I also like if George Russell went to Mercedes 2022 🤩 wow
mahadevovnl 3 måneder siden
Ferrari is obviously sandbagging the team for 2020 and 2021 so they get much more development and testing time for 2022, since just throwing money at it won't be legal anymore. They're aiming ALL their arrows on the 2022 changes and going forward from there.
mrsumo1 3 måneder siden
Not much news behind your title story. Just click bait, in my opinion.
Joe Kim
Joe Kim 3 måneder siden
Ferrari's problems are much bigger than any driver. I don't see Leclerc as the savior such as Schumi when the last time the Scuderia were in deep $hi#. Everyone knows Schumi was more than just a driver, he was involved in pretty much everything. They need to get their act together before worrying about losing a driver.
T C Lim
T C Lim 3 måneder siden
He better leave Ferrari or he will end up like Massa.
ALES KATIČ 3 måneder siden
Leclerc signed 5 year contract (9 mio per year) till end of 2024 so if they don't fire him then he stays at Ferrari whatever the car looks like.
MonchoYT 3 måneder siden
So nobody else noticed when we all got to Esteban Ocon right after Jolyon Palmer?
Rahul Krishnan
Rahul Krishnan 3 måneder siden
Come on Ricciardo
Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping 3 måneder siden
The punctuation in the subs makes me think multiple people are arguing but only 1/4th of their words are audible Other than that this is amazing!
Robby Maria
Robby Maria 3 måneder siden
No, Leclerc loves Ferrari. He will never take the decision on its own to leave Ferrari. No driver want to leave Ferrari. And all the others want to be part of the team. Its an honour to be a Ferrari driver
Antonio Alati
Antonio Alati 3 måneder siden
Well Leclerc is gonna be 2nd driver once Mick Schumacher gets to Ferrari
Jasmine Chan
Jasmine Chan 3 måneder siden
Charles and Ferrari need coporate each others likes the period Michael schumacher with Ferrari. If do so, Ferrar share a chances with charles return the glory days in 2000 to 2004
Anmol 3 måneder siden
"some aspects of performance" meaning they realised quite early that it was an actual shitbox. Phew
abidamn 3 måneder siden
Both Leclerc and Sainz are at risk of losing their seats while Mick Schumacher hovers around.
Michael 3 måneder siden
the worst thing for a top driver is being in a car that isnt competitive. so yes, if ferrari cant give leclerc what he needs to fight for wins/championships he will check for other teams
Jack Crola
Jack Crola 3 måneder siden
I am so f****** done with supporting Ferrari. If they somehow end up wasting Leclerc, a man who has shown absolute brilliance in times of tragedy and difficulties, and joins the likes of so many greats who could not clean up the sh!t that is Ferrari, like Mansell, Prost, Villeneuve, Vettel, Alonso, Massa, and so on, then Ferrari does not deserve to be in Formula 1, they do not deserve their success and history. If you ignore Schumacher and Raikkonen, then it has been 42 f****** years of the same bulls**t story. Consistently terrible performances for their large budget, wasting great talents, management that some of the most hatable and unlikable I have ever seen in my life, and consistently embarrassing and f****** themselves up at every opportunity. We were lucky to have Schumacher, but those days are now over, and with the direction Formula 1 is heading to help improve the show, I cannot see Ferrari recovering anytime soon. A fitting way for Formula 1’s biggest underachiever in its history to go out. What a shame. F*** Ferrari, and leave the sport now to save yourself from further embarrassment.
jon bell
jon bell 3 måneder siden
If the cars bad again i hope Charles Leclerc does leave. He's a good driver and getting better all the time. i wouldn't want to see him stuck there with a bad car wasting his career like Jean Alesi did.
Thomas Pedersen
Thomas Pedersen 3 måneder siden
Where would he go
Sam Reeve
Sam Reeve 3 måneder siden
Your video titles are always click bait with no substance I’m afraid to say.
testing testing
testing testing 3 måneder siden
I feel like like Merc will jump at the chance to grab him and as a Ferrari fan i hope not but he is a great marketing asset and along with his talent why not. It's not like Merc has a track record of providing their juniors a chance in the first team. Going into the next era they will have a seat left after Hamilton leaves so they would want the next best thing.
ilsegugio 3 måneder siden
if clickbaits had qualifying, this would easily make Q3
RPsketcher 3 måneder siden
And where is Leclec going? He'll stick it out.
Frank G
Frank G 3 måneder siden
depending on contracts and based on what happened to Vettel, big chance is possible, however if the new leaders caught on they will try harder than they did for Seb.
Mich 3 måneder siden
Leclerc will probably be at Ferrari for another 4-5 years and see from there.
Olivia Lambert
Olivia Lambert 3 måneder siden
I don't think Ferrari should be worried about losing the edge nor Leclerc. We all know the problem - their suspension is ruining the balance of the car. HAAS use their suspension and that's their known problem. Vettel has claimed to be unable to find the balance of the car which is what one would expect from that suspension. However Leclerc is now able to use that and the departure of Vettel to fight well in his contract terms. They will be more desperate to retain him, and other drivers will be less likely to want to join Ferrari. So Leclerc would be able to leverage that for a better contract.
Chauncey 3 måneder siden
Doesnt LEC have a contract until 2024 anyways?
Rigby the Johnny
Rigby the Johnny 3 måneder siden
Don't focus on the driver, focus on your car, Ferrari
Tander Brown
Tander Brown 3 måneder siden
Ferrari will be cracked next year don’t worry (I’m not a Ferrari fan)
Reece Johnson
Reece Johnson 3 måneder siden
Yes if their 2022 car is uncompetitive but that’s unlikely
Saikiran Shetty
Saikiran Shetty 3 måneder siden
1:47 i understand why he's saying this
grantar2 3 måneder siden
Yes there is a cost cap, but there are few teams that have the financial stability of Ferrari, or the depth of talent. Leclerc has a multi year contract so I don't think leaving will be his choice, but he would have to ask himself this question, how many drivers have left Ferrari and gone on to win a world championship. I believe the answer is zero.
Mandy B
Mandy B 3 måneder siden
Where would Leclerc go? Red Bull is not going to take him, and Mercedes already have their next top driver lined up. Even if Aston Martin do brilliantly, he'd have to wait for Vettel to retire, and the same with Alonso at Renault. Not to mention that he's got a very strong emotional tie to Ferrari. Unless circumstances change at any of the other top teams, I can't see him wanting to leave.
Frany 3 måneder siden
Yes they are.
graeme mccausland
graeme mccausland 3 måneder siden
Lets be realistic, if he wants to be world champion he needs to be in a Mercedes, who will jump at the champ to get Verstappen when lewis retires and Russell will replace bottas eventually
Mohit Anand
Mohit Anand 3 måneder siden
I disagree I am sure in 2022 we will see some changes also with Hamilton retiring I see russell coming in and verstappen staying at Red Bull his best shot is to stay till ferrari produces a championship contending car
Tsino 3 måneder siden
Domenicalli knows what he's talking about, something that can't be said for Ferrari since losing Arrivabene.
Sanu Rawat
Sanu Rawat 3 måneder siden
What if LecLerc got seat in Mercedes 🔥
Zxxcnn 3 måneder siden
Leclares seniorita
Austin Green
Austin Green 3 måneder siden
Cant wait to see Perez at Redbull. I think he could beat verstappen, it’d be a great battle if they’re allowed to fight each other. I hope that’s the case rather than 2nd driver
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