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McLaren’s new duo of Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris are often seen as two of the most easy-going and fun-loving drivers on the current grid and as teammates, there are expectations from fans that these two will form some sort of a comedic pairing. Daniel Ricciardo feels otherwise and he has now explained why to Sky Sports
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0:00 - Ricciardo Warns Against Fan Expectations
1:26 - Fast Feed
Ricciardo started off reminiscing about the podiums he scored with his former team Renault
“I mean, generally, I am happy, I really am. I feel like there was certainly a lot of pressure externally and even internally to get the podium and we managed to do it twice”
He then emphasised the importance of those podiums
“I can honestly leave here feeling fulfilled. I think importantly for myself feeling like I contributed something back to this team. Really it was the podiums, and just to see the joy not only on my face but also on the team’s face. It had been so long”
He then addressed the expectations fans have for his upcoming stint with McLaren alongside Lando Norris
“It's something I want to reiterate to everyone watching, and every fan of McLaren in particular”
“It's not going to be a comedy show. I'm going there for business, I'm going there to improve the car”
He signed off by reemphasizing his point of view
"My personality won't change so I think I do enjoy doing what I do... but I'm certainly not going there to be this meme power couple or whatever it's described as these days!”

Fast Feed
Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz has joked that his career isn’t following a trajectory similar to that of Alpine’s Fernando Alonso as he has “already driven at Renault, but” he “didn't get the two world championships”
He added that Alonso “has been an extremely strong driver, and there will never be another Fernando Alonso”
He also explained that Alonso “was the first, a pioneer in many ways, and” that he is “just trying to make” his “own career”
He further stated that he has his “own way of doing things, of seeing things, of driving and” he “will see where that takes” him
2009 world champion Jenson Button has suggested that “there are so many positives to” the Extreme E championship and he’s “really excited about it”
He confirmed that he is “looking forward to racing against the best in the world, in places that most people have never been” to
Former F1 driver Jos Verstappen thinks that they “were fighting more with the car” during their time “because they weren't as balanced”
He, however, accepts that “the G-forces experienced with modern Formula One cars are much higher”
He further feels that “if you are good, you can adapt to any car. Whether it's a Formula One or a GT, you just have to adapt to the situation”
Fernando Alonso “had other things on” his “mind, and” his “head was busy with IndyCar and the 'Triple Crown' goal” when he previously decided to step away from F1
He added that he “had too many things in” his “head that were not F1 related. F1 was not attractive to” him “at that time, it didn't offer what other series offered”
He further “thought this was the right time to come back, even with the new regulations in 2022” “after completing some of those challenges” he had set for himself “missing only the Indy500”
Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has confirmed that “Maya Weug will compete in a Formula 4 championship, which is considered the first step in single-seaters on the road to Formula 1”
He added that “this is a key moment in the history of Scuderia Ferrari and its Academy”
“Thanks to the collaboration with the FIA in the Girls on Track: Rising Stars program, for the first time a female driver will join the Ferrari Driver Academy”
McLaren’s Technical Director James Key has divulged that the character trait that he finds most impressive in Daniel Ricciardo is the “massive amount of determination he has”
He further pointed out that this is “particularly when he’s driving; you can really feel and see that. He’s a very different character to when he’s out of the car and relaxed”

Are you expecting Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris to become an F1 “meme power-couple”?

Formula World
Formula World 2 måneder siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgyhSAavorwqEZZDEhF4AaABCQ 0:00​ - Ricciardo Warns Against Fan Expectations 1:26​ - Fast Feed
someone unseen
someone unseen Måned siden
both Dan and Lando know ferrari will be stronger this year. Also it seems renault/alpine are in an upward trajectory. This means they gotta knuckle down.
Antonio Medina
Antonio Medina 2 måneder siden
Hello Formula World :^)
The Diet of Common Sense
The Diet of Common Sense 22 dager siden
Hey, how are you? Great video, thank you for sharing. Have an awesome week!
jans smidt
jans smidt Måned siden
i watch young sheldon or so if i wanna watch comedy,, this is about sport..
Martin Macko
Martin Macko Måned siden
This year will be the most important year for Lando in his career and I think he knows it. He need have a great seasom this year. Othewise he can be replecaded by someone else. They have new power unit from Mercedes so It can be George Russel or Checko . This year will be lot of pressure on Landos shoulders but Im really hoping that he will make it and stay in Mclaren for long time. Maybe he will shine like star and 2022 will be at Mercedes🤪 He is my fauvorite driver amd this year I will cross fingers harder than ever. Lets go Lando🧡🧡
Lando Ferrari
Lando Ferrari Måned siden
I don’t know why I’ve always had a bit of a bad feeling whenever I think of Daniel and lando as a team 😞 the way they’ve acted for the past couple of times seems like lando is showing Dan that he can’t just walk in there and be the big man. I hope that they get along well and don’t become enemies! Two of my favorite drivers in one team I rlly hope it doesn’t go down hill!!!! 🤞
O R Måned siden
I hope they stop pushing political agendas on their corona-muzzles. We need a break from constant political noise trying to make us more divided and angry. I'm referring to the thumbnail of this video. Having little slogans like "equality" pushed in our faces as if we're in a re-education camp won't encourage people to be nicer or whatever message they try to push. It makes us sick and tired of being politically correct all the time.
Speed Mann
Speed Mann Måned siden
I think it's Dan's problem he's picked up he's 50 million from Reno, last year or what ever it was . I don't see any real hungar. Same with max & valtorie. I've been watching a lot of F1 88 to 97 lately and one thing that stands out is just how much Schumacher left the track spun out during practice. No doubt finding the absolute limit before the race. Like how do you know where the limit is ?until you go over the limit. To go over the limit you need to lose control. But come race day more often then not Schumacher was on song. He was hungry. It's a war not a game . I'm Australian and I like Daniel but I want to see the animal come out . I understand McLaren isn't going to beat Mercedes but get noticed push boundaries like Schumacher did and see what happens race day is all I'm saying. Same for max and valtorie .
Aaron J M Miles
Aaron J M Miles Måned siden
Regardless of this. I’m looking forward to the Lancardo memes
Nathan Cooper
Nathan Cooper Måned siden
Yes off track they'll become a real good pairing bouncing off each other similar to Lando and Carlos. But on track is where it gets juicy for me, Both Ricci and Lando are both on top of what they do and I reckon they'll bring the best out of each other. Couple them both alongside a decent aero/chassis Mclaren, and a Mercedes engine this year, I reckon a few surprise results are coming for Mclaren this year, and then 2022 Regulation changes, I just reckon Mclaren will be on it from day 1 challenging the top spots. Certainly look forward to this year but next year with the regulation change is what I'm looking forward to most
Artha 054
Artha 054 Måned siden
When you can win, you can also go there for more comedy. More win, more comedies.
Niki Georgiev
Niki Georgiev Måned siden
"meme power-couple"
Mark W
Mark W Måned siden
Dainel will do what Daniel does, press when there is an opening, lay back when when the pace is not up to scratch, push whenever humanely possible , go hard whenever humanely possible, basically go hard without causing any damage to his competors.
Affan Siddiqui
Affan Siddiqui Måned siden
The dapper evening happily yell because daughter adversely polish unto a subsequent knot. picayune, damaged musician
Collin Wadham
Collin Wadham Måned siden
Daniel and Lando will want to beat each other. Friendships when competing really take some time. And racing against each other usually destroys friendships. Look at Nico and Lewis? I think this could really happen WITH Daniel and Lando.
68stonecold Måned siden
Whether this is "Daniels" words or not quoted in this video regardless, Daniels off track "class clown" persona has been all he`s own doing. I for one saw it as unprofessional conduct for an F1 driver that somewhat took away from his abilities in the bloody car. At times he just came across as the "aussie larikan fool", at times just a bloody embarrassment. Whatever he created he created himself, to have to remind his fans and/or critics of the "professional Daniel" that he obviously put on hold lastyear is pretty poor of the fool, and maybe just another ploy to reassure Mclaren bosses their decision was right. Either way we`ll see.
D. Afonso Henriques Rei de Portugal
D. Afonso Henriques Rei de Portugal Måned siden
Ajay Måned siden
I'm really glad he came out and said this. It's good to establish boundaries early. It started to feel like people thought he was just moving to McLaren to hang out with Lando and the driving would also be a thing he did.
balf1111117373 Måned siden
This will be great for Lando, I’m sure he’ll learn a lot from Ricardo
Q. Anyui
Q. Anyui Måned siden
People are asking and expecting too much, which leads to this. Let them be, fighting for the team, and their personality will follow soon. They will get along, but asking them as the meme team, which is not their priority or something to fight for in the team
Andrew Bailey
Andrew Bailey Måned siden
I'm just excited to see Daniel get the chance in a team that's getting close to making front running cars again. No need for expectations on what the teammates will be like together. I hope they get on well for sure, but in the end it's all about the racing
ciyhilu Måned siden
Respect to Daniel He knows where to draw the line Unlike lando...
Don Dreaming Eagle
Don Dreaming Eagle Måned siden
oh just imagine if teams had 3 cars and McLaren had Lando, Daniel and.......................................... Sainz - will be an amazing act
FanBoyStudio Måned siden
Almost confirmed: Ricciardo could be the next Raikkonen but except it’s his business, not a hobby.
Riki Newton
Riki Newton Måned siden
Danny Ric is at McLaren to win races and get the car fully loaded. He’s not there to be some smiley git pratting around for the media just because it’s what they want ? No chance ! He’s not in F1 to fuck about - he wants to win races and I’m right behind him. He’s a fantastic racing driver. Cheers 🥂
Quayle Man
Quayle Man Måned siden
Ric then gonna icelate himself then? We just thought yall we gonna be funny together. It mclaren want you to make a funny comedy ad. Your going to do a comedy ad. Get over you're self... so your not gonna have fun? While everyone else is having fun? This is only leaving a sour taste...
Len Holloway
Len Holloway Måned siden
Talk English please ... WTF is a meme?
ZE_GERMAN Måned siden
They need to hire Tom Brady if they want to win
Christian Cerullo
Christian Cerullo Måned siden
carlos is literally fernando alsonso minus the championships
Mike234 Måned siden
Daniel: I'm not going there to become a meme power couple. "Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same."
Andrew Carfax-Foster
Andrew Carfax-Foster Måned siden
Danny Avocado FTW
Ant R
Ant R Måned siden
I rather watch the old Unboxed episodes with Carlos and Lando.
Ehrgeiz Gaming
Ehrgeiz Gaming Måned siden
Ricciardo just wanting to look like the big dog essentially.
My heart will Grosjean
My heart will Grosjean Måned siden
Daniel: I'm not gonna make this a meme power couple Fans: MEME DREAM TEAM
Sebastian Santilli
Sebastian Santilli Måned siden
I like his Equality face mask. Yeah right.... would you let me drive your car??
IIGrayfoxII Måned siden
He says that. But Ricciardo cant help being Ricciardo. Meme power coupling will be a thing
Marcfx Måned siden
Alonso has been rushed to hospital due to a cycle crash....
Jim Elliott
Jim Elliott Måned siden
News in 5 years...Ferrari announces pink color scheme...
Aylín Espino
Aylín Espino Måned siden
It must awkward for Lando and Ricciardo because of the power couple expectations. Cause now their friendship has to be this exaggerated comedy show. Not saying it can't be, but that it now can't happen organically like it did with Carlos just makes things.... awkward. Just thinking in their heads all the time now, "be funny, be funny" 😒🙄
enzop 2 måneder siden
just me or maybe sometimes having the tag of "funny guy" just becomes a burden at some point for Danny, the moment they announced him joining McLaren first thing people talked about was how funny the duo would be instead of how competitive the next year would become
Dylan McCurdie
Dylan McCurdie 2 måneder siden
But it will be, we all know that
Soy of Darkness
Soy of Darkness 2 måneder siden
What a good start eh Ricciardo?
Steve Barnett
Steve Barnett 2 måneder siden
I think Daniel is perhaps covering himself if he gets outwitted by Lando.
Rebecca I
Rebecca I 2 måneder siden
I genuinely just want them to do well and enjoy the season to be honest!!!
Made Bilan Asasia Binov
Made Bilan Asasia Binov 2 måneder siden
OK now they both would feel awkward when doing something together funny!
Bely Bob
Bely Bob 2 måneder siden
WOKE drivers are bad news for F1 - It reduces support from followers! Same happened with the American Football and Basketball events..... with kneeling sporters resulting in falling TV-income for NFL team owners and empty seats... The recent Super Bowl had lowest ratings ever!
Josephine Leyden
Josephine Leyden 2 måneder siden
I expect racing without the hate. respectful rivalry but pumping driving, cars gunned and races won. the banter will be lit. McLaren will be reinforced as a luxury premium brand but with goodwill attached. Go you good things, have fun on the track.
Kevin Cline
Kevin Cline 2 måneder siden
Its not on Danny to make it meme worthy. Its on us.... We make the memery.... They just profit of it. Which if racing doesn't work out, at least they'll make us laugh. If it doesn't get focused on, they'll be the next Williams.
Endless Waltz
Endless Waltz 2 måneder siden
I’ll take podiums over memes any day
Kylel95 2 måneder siden
Why do you're captions always look like they've just seen they're team mate naked 🤣🤣
Gary Botha
Gary Botha 2 måneder siden
Daniel Ricciardo is the most overrated driver in F1. Seems like he is playing musical chairs until the car gets the championship. I think Lando is going to outgun him and then the music stops.
Duck Souls
Duck Souls 2 måneder siden
Off track Ricciardo can be nice but on track he can ruffle some feathers with his teammate. Ricciardo may be in a upper midfield team but he's the only driver to beat Max over the course of a season in the same car. Lando has the chance to make or break his carreer if he can beat a top driver. This is the moment we'll see if Lando's the next Hamilton or the next Magnussen.
Aozotra 2 måneder siden
should have kept carlos. at least he would have a decent car.
Daisy 2 måneder siden
Well that was disappointing 😕 was really looking forward to the funny videos ☹💔😢
QwertaGamer 2 måneder siden
I just want to see the McLaren duo do well in the races, that's my expectation and hope.
PaulPunk23LP 2 måneder siden
Its actually not an "F4 world championship", but only a "F4 Championship". According to the FIA, only F1 is classed as a world championship. Thats why Mazepin cant race under the russian flag and Schwartzmann can in F2.
TF1V 2 måneder siden
I think he will do an amazing job, Lando as well. They could get a win. Mercedes engine + great aero = winning team 👍
Stu Flyboy Reay
Stu Flyboy Reay 2 måneder siden
McLaren fans don’t want some Danny and Lando comedy show. We want McLaren back winning races and competing for championships again ASAP!!! That is all McLaren fans have ever wanted 🏁
jakubkrcma 2 måneder siden
Lando and Daniel are just wonderful. :-)
Richard Dammara
Richard Dammara 2 måneder siden
Jos Verstappen can just shut the f up
marit hietbrink
marit hietbrink 2 måneder siden
I think they can be both serious drivers and a meme couple at the same time
swanner95 2 måneder siden
This just shows how unique Lando and Carlos' pairing was, this year won't be so amicable for Norris, but hopefully it's important to Zak that they both feel at ease at Woking
Lachlan & Jeanie Wolfe
Lachlan & Jeanie Wolfe 2 måneder siden
Don't stress about Dan, he will lighten up once he gets a few more podiums/wins... The saddest thing is that we won't be able to see his wide smile when he does win...
Mohnish Magesh
Mohnish Magesh 2 måneder siden
Everyone will realize that it was Carlos all along
Frank S
Frank S 2 måneder siden
Click on your poll links .... not working of late?!!
Beste Teksam
Beste Teksam 2 måneder siden
But no one meant that they would not take their jobs seriously or that they would be ~ easygoing~ and fun all the time. People were just excited to see nice content on youtube that they can watch. Also as long as Lando and Daniel don't change as people, fans will be happy. We all know both Daniel and Lando are very strong drivers and when Carlando were a team even though they had fun, they always delivered. But now that daniel and zak said these, I'm afraid of things being awkward if they get so focused on only being serious. And as we all know, its the team spirit that helped mclaren boost to 3rd place. Thank you for coming to my ted talk lmao :))
YEETER BEATER 2 måneder siden
Ex RB program drivers getting a seat in a Ferrari and a Mercedes powered car
Redskies453 2 måneder siden
Piss off Danny. Hamming it up for years and now you're Mr. Serious?
Alok Lokhande
Alok Lokhande 2 måneder siden
never thought i'd see Jos Verstappen and the word accept in the same sentence.
inelectron 2 måneder siden
I better Pole would be: Will Norris & Ric clash this year. My prediction is a yes, there gonna fall out with each other.
Lyle Clarke
Lyle Clarke 2 måneder siden
I hope Ricciardo runs Norris wide in turn 1, race 1 to assert dominance and they end up with tension all season and all the baby fans are heartbroken.
JR Arcelo
JR Arcelo 2 måneder siden
I don't understand the hype about them being a "meme" pair.. They are not in a comedic reality show
Alex Mansell
Alex Mansell 2 måneder siden
Daniel Ricciardo: "We won't be a meme power couple" Dylan Shelley: "Whatchya reckon, fam? They're gunna be a meme power couple, right?"
Mark D. Aardvark
Mark D. Aardvark 2 måneder siden
You don't get to pick Ric. If we say you're a meme power couple, then you're a meme power couple.
PirateNinja 2 måneder siden
Nobody should have any issue on what he said. It's not a meme team, it's a racing team and they're both there for results. Forced humor is always cringe, both he and Lando are naturally funny so it will be fine.
Joshua Francis
Joshua Francis 2 måneder siden
Well I mean that’s what I thought that’s what Daniel was doing, it was the same when he was at RB with Verstappen, he’ll have a joke around when the time is right, but when it’s time to work, he’ll focus on that
Nick Cammarano
Nick Cammarano 2 måneder siden
we arent expecting a meme duo with Danny and lando, we just expect them to race eachother as hard as they can and improve eachothers skills on the track, without they're relationship off track becoming bitter.
Garrett Tomasek
Garrett Tomasek 2 måneder siden
I think Daniel and lando are going to make the dream team in 2021
shit in my pants
shit in my pants 2 måneder siden
saw that one coming, honestly.
hamish counsell
hamish counsell 2 måneder siden
They will be funny when they are funny they will race each other when they race each other Dont know why people have gone into thiss expectationof mclaren turning into Seinfeld
Raphael the Sirion
Raphael the Sirion 2 måneder siden
I have a feeling they might actually clash 🤷🏼‍♂️😂
Jason Chilton
Jason Chilton 2 måneder siden
The memes will come naturally. As long as Daniel and Lando are getting it done on race day, I'll be happy.
Mika On The Fly
Mika On The Fly 2 måneder siden
It really looks like they don't get along like people think they do. You can see it on some videos that they just don't click
Adam Khan
Adam Khan 2 måneder siden
Yes exactly
Adam Khan
Adam Khan 2 måneder siden
Ricardo isn't fun loving in the car
Kit Roadley
Kit Roadley 2 måneder siden
Funny how carlos has driven for Toro Rosso (minardi- Fernando’s first team), Renault, Mclaren AND Ferrari, all of which Fernando Alonso has driven for.....
Something Intheway
Something Intheway 2 måneder siden
I think they're both alpha personalities. Carlos is an alpha person but he was a pretty mellow guy most of the time. I feel like Lando and Danny are both that friend that will break your chair leg then laugh at you in front of everyone. They both seem like they'd be threatened by the other. Again, this is just the vibe I get. But I think they'll be polite to each other and make jokes but not really form the connection that Lando and Carlos had
Thedudeabides803 2 måneder siden
Ricardo has the benefit that when his teammates are better their team makes that teammate “cool brakes” so their “best driver” can win. Sorry Nico.
silly boy
silly boy 2 måneder siden
I was shit scared that riccardo was going to say shit about the car being bad, thank fuck it is just the meme thing
MusicMaïstro_97 2 måneder siden
Isn’t Kimi Räikkönnen the most easy going F1 driver?!
Jack Clark
Jack Clark 2 måneder siden
People act like there kids these two are out there to be the best
VOKE 2 måneder siden
The priority for F1 drivers should always be on-track performance. A “meme power-couple” should not be forced - If it happens, it happens.
Dave Russell
Dave Russell 2 måneder siden
The Ricciardo/Norris hijinks will just happen naturally, whether Daniel expects it or not. But it will only happen during interviews and press conferences.
Jack Barnes
Jack Barnes 2 måneder siden
He doesn't want to be the next Alonso, he just wants to be the first Carlos Sainz...... oh wait
George Thomas
George Thomas 2 måneder siden
Well the Riccardio comments dont make sense to me..... Given the definition of meme: 1. an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means. 2. an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations. Definitions from Oxford Languages ..... that meme (1) is what all teams are looking for. The driver is there to reinforce culture and systems of behaviour, encourage imitation and innovation at the highest levels. The issue for him must be the overuse of meme (2), that insidious spread of funny but irrelevant through a fan base. Sad that he thinks this is needed for McLaren Fans.
Nathan Reilly
Nathan Reilly 2 måneder siden
I love mclaren and lando is my favourite driver
chair man
chair man 2 måneder siden
If I knew what a 'Meme Power Couple' meant in the real world I would probably still not vote.
havrij 2 måneder siden
I always have a feeling when seeing them together that they arent the best of friends
JaYZaaR 2 måneder siden
Dream meme team for sure, but definitely not on track. There's gonna be some serious fights, but on social medias and in paddock - no doubt they will steal the show every time.
ljac 2 måneder siden
Meme only offtrack
Le-WiiSs 2 måneder siden
I have to respect Daniel for setting things straight
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