The Criticism That Bothers Charles Leclerc The Most

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Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc will be entering his fourth year in Formula 1 and his third as a Ferrari driver. He has had an eventful career so far which has also had its fair share of criticisms. Leclerc has now spoken to Sky Italia and pointed out the criticism that affects him the most
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0:00 - The Criticism That Bothers Charles Leclerc The Most
1:25 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
The Criticism That Bothers Charles Leclerc The Most
Leclerc began by thanking his team
“A huge thanks to all of my team that have been working day and night to improve the car and find the tinniest gains. I can see we are heading the right way, it’s a long way but we’ll get there. Thank you for your dedication and passion”
He then spoke about the criticism that is the hardest for him to accept
“One [piece of criticism] that touches me more than others is arrogance, because I know very well that I haven’t changed”
He then revealed how being a Ferrari driver has affected him
“The further I go in my career, the more I see that people want to be my friend, certainly not because they like me as a person but because I am a Ferrari driver”
Leclerc then revealed the change this has caused while reiterating the advice he got from his late father and late godfather Jules Bianchi

“So, I close myself a little, but that’s not arrogance, I haven’t changed from that point of view. Both my father and Jules [Bianchi] always told me to keep my feet on the ground”
He signed off by explaining why he isn’t arrogant
“Everything in my career has gone pretty fast and in the right direction, but I’ve always kept that advice in mind. That’s why the word [arrogance] bothers me more than the others”

Fast Feed
F1 race steward Garry Connelly has revealed that Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton “was very polite and just asked, 'Guys, can you tell me why I'm being penalised?” at the Italian GP last year
He added that the stewards’ reply was “'yes, of course. You went into the pit lane when it was already closed'”
They then “showed him the video footage from his on-board camera” and “the warning light on the first screen and then the second screen and then he said, 'OK, I accept that'”
Former F1 driver turned commentator Martin Brundle is of the opinion that Hamilton “is 36 years old, but with the freshness of someone ten years younger”
He also feels that F1 “will see him on the track for the next three years, but” Brundle “can also imagine” Hamilton “stopping when he sees that his performance is declining”
Former F1 driver Robert Doornbos has pointed out that when William’s George Russell stood in for Hamilton at Mercedes “the car was not optimal for his taller body”
As such, he feels that Mercedes re-signing Hamilton was never in doubt “because Mercedes was obviously already well on its way to building this year's car”
He also suggested that Red Bull’s Max Verstappen “will not go to Ferrari, but Mercedes would of course be an attractive option” for 2022
9-time world champion and MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi likes “Ferrari and” “Charles Leclerc very much” who he thinks “is one of the strongest drivers on the grid”
He also feels that “Ferrari need people who want to win races and in Maranello, they need to build a good car. Like Red Bull Racing, Ferrari needs to make things difficult for Mercedes in 2021”
F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has stated that their “WeRaceAsOne platform was very effective at raising the awareness of socially important issues”
He added that while their “commitment through words to tackling issues like sustainability and diversity in” F1 “is important, it is” their “actions that” they “will be judged on”
He further feels that they “have already made good progress on” their “sustainability plans and” F1 “will see strong actions being executed this year”
McLaren CEO Zak Brown would “like to get to a place where” they “are rotating some races” as “the more countries” they “race in, the better”
He further explained that in an “ideal world, you would do 20 Grands Prix per year. Maybe there are 25 markets, and maybe 15 of those are fixed events because there is a commercial reality of this sport”
The “10 other races - five of them are one year, and then five the next year” and this way they “might create more sustainable venues”

Does Charles Leclerc come across as arrogant?

Formula World
Formula World Måned siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgz72yFSV1qpRbnVp8N4AaABCQ 0:00 - The Criticism That Bothers Charles Leclerc The Most 1:25 - Fast Feed
saviourR 1337
saviourR 1337 Måned siden
Can you please colour the quotes a different colour when subtitling the things you say? It would be much easier to read, and sometimes it gets messy, like 3:05. Or maybe some other font, you'd know it better.
Rudd Grand Prix - Speedrun Racing
Rudd Grand Prix - Speedrun Racing Måned siden
Arrogant? No.
Formula World
Formula World Måned siden
Anriandor Måned siden
Could you please pin it?
MadJamYT 11 dager siden
F1 drivers aren't arrogant, they just know what they are worth
Wolter Wolters
Wolter Wolters 29 dager siden
Replace arrogance with entitlement and add vindictive. Spoilt little rich kid.
Ton AMG Måned siden
Charles is not arrogance at all… ok maybe a bit when he refused to box when his engineer told him so in one of the races but I think he learned and grew up from that. The word “arrogance” seems to suited much better with Lewis Hamilton imo…
Faraz Måned siden
I don't think he meant arrogance on the trackside specifically
ashavin 301
ashavin 301 Måned siden
I wish u and sainz luck with the bunch of incompetence at Ferrari. From team principal to pit crew they don't have a clue. Can't wait to see what car you get this year. I won't be surprised if it's worst than 2020
David Warnes
David Warnes Måned siden
I thought it would have been , you only won or did good when ferrari were cheating ? Brushed under the carpet
Tate Hall
Tate Hall Måned siden
Not one bit. I find his humble attitude and modest veiw of him self is so amazing. It's one of many reasons he is my favorite driver on the grid. Watching him deal with the media 2019 in Bahrain. Was an absolute masterclass on how to behave and react when stuff does not go your way. The only other one I've seen like that is George Russell last year in the sakir gp. I have so much respect for both lecler and Russell for their talent and there carecter.
Mohamed Abdinur
Mohamed Abdinur Måned siden
Plenty of thoughts on Leclerc like he's too hard on himself and he is still youthfully impatient ... but never arrogance. I guess you would have to be close to him in real life to even get that sense from him.
Chong Wil Ther
Chong Wil Ther Måned siden
Brundle completely nailed the comment especially with the hair part
Elliot Crossan
Elliot Crossan Måned siden
Charles is arguably the most impressive of the brilliant generation of young drivers, and the fact that he is very self-critical -- unlike the very arrogant and abrasive Verstappen -- is one of his biggest strengths. I'm a Hamilton/McLaren fan, but nonetheless I hope Charles gets a car worthy of his talent in 2022 so he can fight for the title!
Wally Tax
Wally Tax Måned siden
As a verstappen fan. Charles is certainly more reserved, but also very hard on himself when he makes mistakes. But arrogant? No, I don't see that..
Officially Breezy
Officially Breezy Måned siden
Oh, Charles :( I'd be your friend. What I saw you seem like a very fun person, yes I heard about you through F1, but that's not why I'd be your friend, yes it helps, but either way I'd have lots I could learn from you
Frank G
Frank G Måned siden
he(leclerc) is an arrogant little F**k, that does not even realize his own arrogance. Delusional, seems to be the norm nowadays.
Oblio1942 Måned siden
I was really surprised when I heard 'arrogant'. Really self critical for sure, but i dont think ive ever heard him blame the team when they fuck up or even really call out another driver. Like hes never really come off as a driver who thinks he was entitled to his drive or anything he just always goes and try to justify his seat even tho we all know hes right for it
Ian T.
Ian T. Måned siden
He was disrespecful to the 4 times world champion Sebastian Vettel, that was a bit arrogant
Narcésio Teixeira
Narcésio Teixeira Måned siden
So... If LECLERC is arrogant, then what is Max VERSTAPPEN .......???
wraitheful Måned siden
He’s extraordinarily arrogant, but in all fairness with good reason. Most important is that he’s aware of it, and clearly he is. How does one stay grounded at that age being the primary Ferrari driver after utterly humiliating and deposing a 4-time works champion all the while growing up in Monaco? You don’t, so for the sake of awareness and education and personal progress, one pays attention to one’s self. Self love means knowing and awareness is the first step. He shouldn’t have to address it publicly since it only confirms the perception but privately, any person would be wise to keep it in mind while simultaneously keeping their mouth shut. Cool is as cool does; just ask Kimi :-)
annemarie ferreira
annemarie ferreira Måned siden
Ola ya
Serenella Gazzola
Serenella Gazzola Måned siden
Serenella Gazzola
Serenella Gazzola Måned siden
Serenella Gazzola
Serenella Gazzola Måned siden
Il mio ex ha preso paura e mi ha detto dirti che in Veneto ti prendono tutti per il culo......
Serenella Gazzola
Serenella Gazzola Måned siden
FBI sta distruggendo tutto il suo Gabinetto a pagamento Cocaina droga prostituzione con una COCAINOMANE!!!! PERICOLOSA E DA ELIMINARE ...ATTENZIONE PERCHE' VI FANNO VERAMENTE SPARIRE TI RENDONO UN MICROBO
Serenella Gazzola
Serenella Gazzola Måned siden
FBI gli sta distruggendo tutta la messa in scena di prostituzione con una COCAINOMANE Sette Sataniche cocaina e prostituzione Charlotte Sine la cocainomane Escort sotto prostituzione
Serenella Gazzola
Serenella Gazzola Måned siden
Charlotte Sine un Cesso che fanno prostituire con la faccia rovinata dalla Cocaina
Serenella Gazzola
Serenella Gazzola Måned siden
Escluso da tutto
Serenella Gazzola
Serenella Gazzola Måned siden
Google Mi dispiace per te Charles Leclerc ma sei Gay
Serenella Gazzola
Serenella Gazzola Måned siden
E' un cocainomane
bean red
bean red Måned siden
only max's fans will say Charles is arrogant as the most arrogant driver on grid is verstappen
srinitaaigaura Måned siden
Seb has gone in time, now Leclrec and Sainz are doomed to be stuck in the master plan forever if the engine freeze happens.
The Chez
The Chez Måned siden
WeRaceAsOne is a joke aslong as Mazepin has a seat
Epic_Joker_Spec gaming
Epic_Joker_Spec gaming Måned siden
I think the way and tone that lecrec speaks is the reason why people believe he is arrogant. even though he doesn't mean to come across like that
Isaac Als
Isaac Als Måned siden
An arrogant person won't get in a banana suit live on stream for thousands of people to watch.
MusicMaïstro_97 Måned siden
If Verstappen were Hamilton’s teammate he would destroy him with far better race pace, making him feel bad for all those year that he thought he was the man in F1 nobody could compete and send him back to oblivion.
MusicMaïstro_97 Måned siden
Owshiihhh... i literally commented a couple of days ago that Leclerc is very arrogant and oh boy i am right that he hates it because it’s so true.
Peter Joshua
Peter Joshua Måned siden
*S H A R L L E G R E G*
Willify Måned siden
Lance: First Time?
Rotor Air Group
Rotor Air Group Måned siden
His biggest problem is irrelevance and incapability. People don't talk about it but he has a record of crashes in all his races in Monaco, Japan and Baku in Alfa & Ferrari. His continuos crashes prove that he is pretty limited behind the wheel. Monza, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Bahrain etc, etc. My guess is who is he going to crash in 2021 in addition to Carlos Sainz ? Having Nicolas Todt as agent helped him a lot but also tainted all his credibility off. Speaking about all those "agreements" on the radio prove that his agent's influence allowed him to the team make Vettel to let him win. The same is going to happen with Sainz but so far Leclerc has only 2 wins in 3 seasons, 2 of them with Ferrari. Call him mediocre is being too nice.
Stephen Vendryes
Stephen Vendryes Måned siden
Charles has a haughty air about him. It is dispelled, however, when he speaks. I guess he cant help what he looks like but can take solace in the fact that people who call him arrogant do not know him.
Aaron Stilwell
Aaron Stilwell Måned siden
I actually find Leclerc to be quite humble. Think of all the times he's binned it and then we hear him on the radio blaming himself/mad at himself.
A M Måned siden
Arrogant?? He never was arrogant? Imo
Darren Stevenson
Darren Stevenson Måned siden
ok then robert. thanks for your insight - shame a "mix" up of tyres buggered him right.. Or that "puncture" soo like mercedes right there - not
Aaron Cook
Aaron Cook Måned siden
"we race as one" - first race bahrain where women's rights is at a minimum and social injustice a maximum.
Kening Redbad
Kening Redbad Måned siden
That is because it somehow only counts for white countries. These actions only annoy people and make them hate diversity and all their political bullshit more. There is almost no entertainment left were they don't shove their politics in your face.
Darth Wheazius
Darth Wheazius Måned siden
I'm no Fezza fan but no Charles does not come over as arrogant.
Bill Cranston
Bill Cranston Måned siden
What "actions" has F1 done with their ridiculous self-parody that is "We Race As One"?
Kimi Huovilainen
Kimi Huovilainen Måned siden
i stg i feel this is all fake asf
Luke G
Luke G Måned siden
Who gives a s**t what Rossi thinks he doesn’t race in f1, why don’t you post what a tennis play or indicar driver thinks
shezpg Måned siden
I think Charles has a great attitude. I think he is just a perfectionist, and so is very hard on himself. He definitely has the makings of a future legend. In a few years, when it will be him and Max battling for the title, I think they are both the right kind of driver with the right mind set to create a great fight.
nickbrandonx2 Måned siden
First when he joined Ferrari i thought he would be a bit egocentric and arrogant but when i saw more interviews from him i got to know him a bit more he was really humble
Izumi Culture
Izumi Culture Måned siden
The Criticism That Bothers Charles Leclerc The Most That Ferrari will have a shit car again.
Cedric Asdfghjkl
Cedric Asdfghjkl Måned siden
Charles is one of the furthest things you can find from arrogant.
Ginger Dinosaur
Ginger Dinosaur Måned siden
Totally agree with Zac Brown here
Verza Jr.
Verza Jr. Måned siden
I don’t know if this relates to an interview released to Sky Sport Italy (I strongly believe it does though) but it wasn’t that big of a deal to him. It was a long interview and he said that just to answer that question.
Nicholas Williamson
Nicholas Williamson Måned siden
I think because he was beating Seb so easily in 2020 it may have damaged the way people perceived him. Trouble is Seb is so well liked and everyone wants to see him fly again !!! However ..Charles was trashing him every race which allowed people to misjudge him maybe ? Its just my option on how I felt .. I didn't give him a chance because I liked Seb so much. I need to give him a break because he seems like a good bloke . The great driver too.
MxM_Prime Måned siden
Too bad that it bothers you the most, perhaps stop being arrogant, that'll fix it
JimTheFly Måned siden
I've always liked the idea of having set tracks and a group of rotating ones. Let's see what we have: - Bahrain - Imola - Barcelona - Monaco - Baku - Gilles Villneuve - Paul Ricard - Red Bull Ring - Silverstone - Hungaroring - Spa - Zandvoort - Monza - Sochi - Marina Bay - Suzuka - COTA - Mexico City - Interlagos - Australia - Jeddah - Yazzzzzzzz Marina Now what else to put on the big list? - Buddh - Hockenheim - Vietnam - China - Turkey - Mugello - Nurburgring - Fuji - Malaysia - I've heard Kyalami, but it's only Grade 2 and would need to be upgraded. Still it'd be nice. - Possibly Korea - Maybe Jerez I'm not the most knowledgable (I'm still learning, so I might have missed something or added something that shouldn't be here) but we'll take that first list and add down to Malaysia Let's try for 20 races here... - Keep Monza, Monaco, Interlagos, Silverstone, Spa, Australia. COTA/Montreal/Mexico CIty is also a nice set for North America. (9 races) - Let Yaz Marina stay, but remove the chicane at turns 5 & 6. Then we might have something (10) - You can alternate Mugello and Imola for a few years (11) - Rotate Sochi, Singapore, Malaysia, Buddh, Vietnam, and China. Maybe give them 3 slots and go A-B, then re-shuffle every 2 years. (14) - Change up Paul Ricard every year or 2. It's got like 136 different layouts, I'm sure there should be a few bangers. (15) - Alternate Nurburgring/Hockenheim. (16) - Fine, we'll let Jeddah stay for now because it's unknown yet. (17) - That's 3 races left and Bahrain, Barcalona, Baku, Zandvoort, Hockenheim. Hmmmm... - I wouldn't be opposed to Bahrain outer as an option, so keep Bahrain and alternate normal and outer? (18) - Last 2, you rotate with Baku, Barca, Hockenheim, and Zandvoort. (20) There's probably better setups, but this is me throwing this all together after being up all night and probably being overtired.
Nick Webb
Nick Webb Måned siden
Charles has never struck me as ‘arrogant’. Max V perhaps
#misterdumb 4fun
#misterdumb 4fun Måned siden
Leclerc is such a nice guy and a Champion behind the wheel
Jerry Crow
Jerry Crow Måned siden
I See leclerc as very humble, he admits to his mistakes and sometimes that he is stupid(have to dissagree with that one though, maybe done stupid things yes). Can one be arrogant and humble at the same time? Also he hasn't cried over the sudden deficit to others at all, despite getting used to being in the front.
SuSmallville Måned siden
If Lerclec was considered arrogrant, then Lewis is more so: Lewis: "My tires are nearly gone" Bono: "You won the race by 20 secs, Fastest lap - get in there Lewis" Lewis: "That was a close one boys"
Wojtek Lach
Wojtek Lach Måned siden
Rossi: “I like Leclerc” Lando: *cries inside*
Jon McDonald
Jon McDonald Måned siden
How the hell can you criticise him? What has he done soooo wrong ? He is so humble and had been through so much his god father died in F1 his father died the week he raced at Baku in F2 ... he won. A friend died in the support race of Belgium ... he won.
I've never seen Charles as being arrogant
In my opinion he is one of the most down to earth drivers on the paddock
Daniel Joseph
Daniel Joseph Måned siden
Delete twitter, Charles
Donavin Stein
Donavin Stein Måned siden
I have actually never viewed le clerc as arrogant
Bruce Shailer
Bruce Shailer Måned siden
Charles is a well rounded young man with a huge resposibility, being stoic and happy within himself is ideal.
Zaphkiel Måned siden
The only arrogant thing about Charles is actually just his face because he reminds me of the handsome,arrogant ,famouse type of guys in high school or college
Bendegúz Bagosi
Bendegúz Bagosi Måned siden
“WeRaceAsOne was successful raising awareness” *THIS IS JEDAH*
Sarang Tambe
Sarang Tambe Måned siden
Yeah. It was really a missed opportunity by F1 to say that they are racing in these countries with problems because they think that F1 can sort of make the problem better.Whether they meant it or not,people would buy that and the campaign’s reputation would be better.Instead they decided to delete the comments of people pointing that out even if they were respectful.
E Måned siden
I hate when ppl says "go to merc" without knowing IF merc wouldnt be the frontrunners
Narendran Balasingh
Narendran Balasingh Måned siden
Charles arrogance will go away when he will start losing race on 2021
read only
read only Måned siden
arrogance must always be preferred to ignorance. you want the best or the rest? ::: :
NobleStar Måned siden
Lando couldn't catch a break. Lost his big brother to Ferrari, now his favorite MotoGP legend Rossi likes Leclerc, a Ferrari driver. :(
Soldat Måned siden
Arrogant, no. Cocky yes. I see alot of senna in him. He will definitely be interesting to watch in the coming years.
V0LTRON_ Måned siden
Ooofff Valentino Rossi like fwerari fwiend *sad Lando*
Lockee Måned siden
whoever told leclerc was arrogant hasn't met the rest of the grid lmao
Elly Elzinga
Elly Elzinga Måned siden
I don't understand how people can find Charles Leclerc arrogant? He seems like such a grounded and kind person! And yes, he is hard on himself, but that does not make him arrogant, that makes him willing to learn fom his mistakes.
Gseric47 Måned siden
Charles is really something else. Losing loved ones early has really instated within him a humility that no form of media can take away.
paulo colici
paulo colici Måned siden
Arrogant is certainly not a word to describe Charles ... I really admire him as a driver and although we don't know so much the way he behaves out off the track, Leclerc seems to be polite, humble and friendly, just look at the way he treats the journalists, always with a lot of education. I don't think he should be concerned with those comments, because it's not true, and he has a big #tifosi to support him!
paulo colici
paulo colici Måned siden
Arrogante com certeza não é uma palavra para descrever o Charles...admiro muito ele como piloto e apesar de não sabermos muito como ele se comporta fora da pista, o Leclerc parece ser educado, humilde e simpático, é só ver o modo como ele trata os jornalistas, sempre com muita educação. Acho que ele não deve se preocupar com esses comentários, porque não é verdade, e ele tem uma grande #tifosi para apoiá-lo !
Steph Autumn
Steph Autumn Måned siden
Charles has never seemed to come across as arrogant, he has always also been readily able to blame himself for his actions and the resulting consequences. He seems to have a level head on his shoulders.
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez Måned siden
tbh, I feel Charles would be a pretty dope dude to just have a talk with... I'm a Red Bull fan so I certainly would not want to befriend him just cause he drives for Ferrari... Anyway, I won't get to meet him ever so this is just wishful thinking
Jari Swanson
Jari Swanson Måned siden
He is usually at fault when he is involved in any controversy. He is very entitled
Ben Blakemore
Ben Blakemore Måned siden
Thats not arogants??? Thats pure italian passion and charles's drive for excellence. Dont get it twisted people and dont get stuck in your head charles we love you bro
Melinda M
Melinda M Måned siden
Rosso - you are right. Ferrari needs to build a good car at last! Pleeease! Charles - compared to the other f1 drivers, he is one of the least arrogant. If you add his tales to it, one of the least. My hope is that 1) he will still learn and get better 2) will get a competitive car.
Anatole Klapouch
Anatole Klapouch Måned siden
Leclerc is an insufferable arrogant.
Kichwa Tembo
Kichwa Tembo Måned siden
No. Or maybe that's exactly what an arrogant person wants you to think
Aaron Machado
Aaron Machado Måned siden
Honestly I appreciate how critical of himself Charles is, isn’t afraid to throw his hands up and say “my fault sorry I let you guys down” and doesn’t really give off the “I told you so” type when it’s the team who drops the ball. Rossi assessment of both Charles and Ferrari I can tell comes from a view of clear genuine appreciation as Ferrari offered him a chance to race F1 and can tell he wants Charles to succeed.
mikey380sx Måned siden
Nah I think maybe he’s a bit shy at times? Arrogant is a far stretch. He’s a cool dude who will be a world champ one day for sure
FreeLookMode Måned siden
Of all the things you could say about Leclerc, arrogant just doesn't seem to stick.
Nexus4 Ever
Nexus4 Ever Måned siden
How to overcome your arrogant = change your arrogant girlfriend = half influence of arrogance.
RocK 111
RocK 111 Måned siden
Mark Hodge
Mark Hodge Måned siden
tambulee Måned siden
Future WDC right here!
dex räikkönen
dex räikkönen Måned siden
It is really really hard not to look arrogant when you have it all: Looks, talent, fame, youth & money.
alexzanderarmstrong Måned siden
Just the way he says his name is arrogant. But ya I’m sure he’s cool in ever other way 😂
JustPlaneNuts Måned siden
I could get behind zacks idea.
v10011011 Måned siden
Leclerc really won me over this year. I was a hater the past few years and really regret it, I never thought he was arrogant but hated how he screwed his team numerous times with reckless actions that he always blamed the other driver for. But going back and looking at them it was just aggressive driving by him and the other car in almost all cases. I can’t praise Verstappen and deride Leclerc at the same time, and if anyone wants to call Leclerc arrogant should just watch his interviews from last season, he is extremely competitive (like every F1 driver) but also very humble in a blunt way. He almost always blamed himself for his performance last year and not the downgrade of a car that he was given
MrFormulaOne2011 Måned siden
They're all under the microscope. Imagine you at 22 being an F1 driver for Ferrari. Yes it's an amazing career, but it also comes with a ton of baggage
Damien Kearns
Damien Kearns Måned siden
The last thing I would link to Leclerc is arrogance.
AlexOK Måned siden
Charles isn't arrogant. He's confident and assertive.
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