Why Red Bull Won’t Release Pierre Gasly Anytime Soon

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Pierre Gasly seemed to have gotten the opportunity of a lifetime when he was called to the senior Red Bull team after the shock departure of Daniel Ricciardo at the end of the 2018 season. However, his stay would be short as he would be demoted back to AlphaTauri after just twelve races. Gasly though has had an impressive run since then that has included a podium and a victory with AlphaTauri. Many felt that this warranted a promotion for Gasly but Red Bull’s senior management has made it clear that they will be keeping Gasly at AlphaTauri. This led some to suggest that Gasly would look to leave the Red Bull family for greener pastures but AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost has now explained why that won’t happen anytime soon while speaking to Motorsport
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0:00 - Why Red Bull Won’t Release Pierre Gasly Anytime Soon
1:54 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Why Red Bull Won’t Release Pierre Gasly Anytime Soon
Tost started by explaining how it is natural for other teams to show interest in a driver like Gasly
“You know, if a driver is as competitive as Pierre, other teams will of course ask questions about the contractual details. They all want to know if and when a driver is available. Pierre improved a lot. He has reached a real high level now”
He then pointed out how Gasly has become the kind of driver everyone wants to build their team around
“He is now an experienced driver, and also a successful driver. Each team is built around a successful driver. What does that mean? The fact that the team listens to the technical feedback of the driver also influences the new design of the car”
“Let me put it another way: the designers and engineers take the feedback from such a good driver into account. That car is more suited to his driving style, that is the state of affairs”
He summed up his words by explaining why Gasly will stay in the Red Bull family for the foreseeable future
“He has a contract with Red Bull and I don't think Red Bull will release him anytime soon. They have invested a lot of money in him and sooner or later they want to reap the benefits, get good results, win races and also championships. We will see”

Fast Feed
Haas team principal Guenther Steiner thinks that “If it is almost never done to compete with two rookies, that does not automatically mean for” him “that it is doomed to fail”
He added that he does not “want to downplay the risk but” they “may think a little differently from other teams” as he remembers “when people asked” him why they “kept Romain Grosjean for so long”
He added that they “are not there to do what others do” and that they “do what” they “think makes sense. The results will show whether” they “are right”
He further accepts that “a driver like Mick Schumacher can also make mistakes”
Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll has stated that “if you get a good car, you get good results, and then you just build confidence from there”
He added that “when you’re in a bad car and you don’t know what it’s like to be in a good car until you sit in one, you kind of start to question what your ability is like”
Mercedes head designer John Owen thinks that “COVID came just at the right time” for them
He further revealed that their “High Performance Powertrains department had discovered a persistent problem and was still looking for a solution”
AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost doesn’t know if Red Bull’s Max Verstappen “would have achieved the same” results without Jos Verstappen
He further explained that “Jos taught Max everything he needed as a young boy”
For Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz “certainly it was a bit annoying, because everyone was kind of implying that Ferrari was going to also be as bad in 2021” as they were in 2020
He is also confident that “if there’s a team that is able to turn things around quickly in Formula 1,” “that is Ferrari”
Pierre Gasly thinks that Honda “have good plans” as he knows “a few things which sounds good, but” he doesn’t “want to speak for them”
He also feels that “they’ll push and give everything until the last race” and that “they are consistently trying to improve the package”
Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto is planning “to organize something for Carlos Sainz to make sure he is integrated into the team as soon as possible and is familiar with the car, the engineers”, their “way of working and” their “procedures”

Would Max Verstappen have achieved the same results without his father Jos?

Formula World
Formula World 2 måneder siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgyK5R0MSxKuiDemG814AaABCQ 0:00 - Why Red Bull Won’t Release Pierre Gasly Anytime Soon 1:54 - Fast Feed
chad hall
chad hall 16 dager siden
If pierre thinks he can do better with another team then I'm sure he'll do so. Red Bull may be the 2nd best chance of winning the championship, but if you think you're better than what the team provides then why would you stay? Especially if teams are willing to build a team around you, I'd take that chance any day of the week. Just imagine the bragging rights. Alpha Tauri is now Gasly's team to run now though, let's see what he can do.
Astrostevo 2 måneder siden
Mick Schumacher might make mistakes, Mazepin *_is_* a mistake! Haas would have done better to get Hulk or Kyvat or keep KMag as Mick Schumi's teamate I reckon. As for Gasly, if RBR wanted him then they would have promoted him switching him back to the main team and demoting Albon to AT last year - or for this year. That they didn't shows they really don't want to keep him that badly. Let him go to Alpine or wherever, guys, its clear you won't give him another proper go.
Ian S
Ian S 2 måneder siden
I suspect Gasly has some traits similar to Mark Weber or David Coulthard. Very fast and capable but emotionally people or circumstance can mess with his head which can be detrimental.
Nathan_1617 • 16 years ago
Nathan_1617 • 16 years ago 2 måneder siden
Please Tost, Horner and Marko, release Pierre Gasly. Let him make his own decision. Let him head for greener pastures. 💙🤍❤️
Tom 2 måneder siden
Who’s Franz Tost?
Lalit Narayan
Lalit Narayan 2 måneder siden
I think without his father Jos, Max would not even have been born, let alone become successful.
Cade Ellsworth
Cade Ellsworth 2 måneder siden
Evacuate the city, Engage all defences, And get this man a seat at alpine
paul mckinder
paul mckinder 2 måneder siden
if i were gasly i would leave as soon as i could if other seats are open
Tunga Troll
Tunga Troll 2 måneder siden
"covid came at the right time for us" disgusting...
sphere 528
sphere 528 2 måneder siden
Verstappen is overrated he needed his pops to teach him everything on how to drive an F1 car, no one taught Sir Lewis but yet idiots always want to put Max in the Merc Latifi could get the same results out of that RB17
1kindermd 2 måneder siden
I met pierre at the press day before his first race in Melbourne and still have the pic as my wallpaper, redbull should not have given up on him. Glad checo got the drive though
CHRoOMAX 2 måneder siden
That opinion is somewhat of a joke, delusional, if you will. Gasly is an Alonso-type figure that few teams would choose to "build around". Even now, a lot of people are weighing in on the opinion that Tsunoda has a great shot at beating him in his first season.
crxdelsolsir 2 måneder siden
If Pierre leaves Alpha Tauri or F1 he will find a drive with Honda either in Japan or in USA Indy Pierre has a long history with Honda and has helped their development and success in F1. Honda is a massive company with arms everywhere and can open doors (or close them in case of "GP2 engine" guy in Indy). Honda remembers their drivers. Who knows in a few years time when Honda comes back they may bring back a familiar driver (he will still be young enough).
Duncan Idaho
Duncan Idaho 2 måneder siden
Tost's quote sounds like Redbull's backup plan for a post Max world. If that's the case then I imagine they'd only release Gasly (to Renault?) if/when Verstappen re-signs.
All2J 2 måneder siden
They need Gasly as backup for Verstappen exit... and know other teams want him... It’s another case of if we can’t have him no one else should... Having lost Ricardo and Carlos...
Makaseru •
Makaseru • 2 måneder siden
Gasly had no where to go. Renault, McLaren, Ferrari all have driver contracts. So his only option was Alpha Tauri or go to a team behind the grid.
Luu Duong Hy
Luu Duong Hy 2 måneder siden
But what the point of buying Gasly to Red Bull when we know that not going to end well...
Cody Heath
Cody Heath 2 måneder siden
Honestly Gasly is a future World Champion in my opinion, he’s been pushing the Alphatauri to its limits just like Max has pushed that Red Bull, the only difference is that Gasly is in the 7th best car on the grid whilst Max is in the 2nd.
Takahiro Matsuyama
Takahiro Matsuyama 2 måneder siden
Perez is just a test to prove if it is the car or 2nd driver's fault for not performing.
Jordan H
Jordan H 2 måneder siden
Gasly will never win another race, he’ll be lucky to podium again.
Bobo 2 måneder siden
Im very happy for Gasly, Bon travail mon pote!!!
[KPG] 2 måneder siden
He'll go to Alpine when he's ready (or once Alonso retires again)
saitisfied 2 måneder siden
Red Bull won’t give Pierre away but If He is not going to be called up then he might won’t to look at other options
Jeroen Verzijl
Jeroen Verzijl 2 måneder siden
No Jos is instrumental in the devolepment of the carrier of Max, but that was already obvious or am i crazy. Nowing Jos is a hothead the childhood of max was not easy, there are good documenterys ion on that. There is offcourse also genetics daddy and mommy were racingdrivers, that is not bad either. Butt Carlos Sainz did not benefit off the carrier of hiss father in anyway? Yess we all new that mercedes hade a good get away with covid, they were auzzie kick off race. Mercedes hade a problem in the wintertest with exeptional engine blow ups(in my opion du to the reduced oil consumption rules, Mercedes and Ferrari did use a lot more oil then was allowed, was not one off the two taped on the finger for having a extra or to big oilresevoir). Thiss less oilconsumption is why mercedes said yess to no more party mode
calibrazxr750 2 måneder siden
I would like to draw all the "Hamilton is an average driver who simply drives the fastest car" crowd, to the bit where Tost talks about the driver's feedback in designing and developing the car. A point that I have tried to bring to the attention of these people on various forums, but who seem to either tell me it's total bollocks or ignore the point completely. I understand it is not relevant to the video, but it is merely an opportunity to highlight the fact.
Amey Mishra
Amey Mishra 2 måneder siden
So.... No more RB jr drivers gonna get into F1 any time soon🤔
vedant mishra
vedant mishra 2 måneder siden
Ocon will replace bottas , Russell will replace Hamilton and GASLY will replace ocon
esphi LEE
esphi LEE 2 måneder siden
Ferrari IS going to be as bad.
Revilho91 2 måneder siden
Put the damn sources of the news on the screen
Czinege Roland
Czinege Roland 2 måneder siden
Ferrari and the “turn things around quickly”... sure they haven t won a championship since kimi...
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali 2 måneder siden
@Czinege Roland you just tapped a memory I didn’t need to remember😭
Czinege Roland
Czinege Roland 2 måneder siden
@Mohammed Ali yeah and almost the driver's too with Massa
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali 2 måneder siden
They did win the constructors in 2008
Jamo S
Jamo S 2 måneder siden
>max drives a bad karting race
ARJUN NAIR 2 måneder siden
If It wasn't for Jos, Max would not even have existed so yes Frans Tost is right! XD
Sreejith 2 måneder siden
damnnnn 😂😂😂
Plamen Milanov
Plamen Milanov 2 måneder siden
It's like the title implies that Gasly is some sort of a prisoner to the RB program. He has dignity and can leave on his own terms and go drive for another team or even change series
Gouthaman Guna
Gouthaman Guna 2 måneder siden
Mercedes class act.one example. Lewis:bono my tires are completely gone. All pits.meanwhile Lewis sets fastest 5 consequitive laps
Gouthaman Guna
Gouthaman Guna 2 måneder siden
Would love if Alonso leaves once for all and Pierre to Renault alphine..😎😎
kushal mendiratta
kushal mendiratta 2 måneder siden
"Covid came at the right time" !! Wow.. people have died and lost loved ones but this person is thinking like that. Shame !!!!!
Evgeny Grekhnev
Evgeny Grekhnev 2 måneder siden
I stared at the thumbnail for a minute trying to make sense of what Hans Joachim has to do with Red Bull before realising that Stuck is an english verb, not german name
oneshot_me 2 måneder siden
Enjoyed your video and I gave it a Thumbs Up
matt pearce
matt pearce 2 måneder siden
Sorry but who gives a shit about daddy! Max is a true genius behind the wheel and has surpassed his daddy by miles! Yes the influence is fabulous and max is lucky, how ever it is a different car and all be it Max is a far more dynamic driver than papa! Sorry max I don't mean to put your father down but you have exceeded his ability in every way by miles! You might even catch Lewis someday because you are certainly talented enough given the right car to contend. Jos was amazing but nowhere near as gifted as you his son "max"
Andrew Tolhurst
Andrew Tolhurst 2 måneder siden
By “turn things around” he means: “find a new way to cheat”...
Indigo 2 måneder siden
Maybe I'm wrong but I feel like pierres best bet is just to keep his head down and eventually his hard work will get him a redbull seat again. They know how good he is, and putting him back so soon would be like whiplash
Mucky Vagrant
Mucky Vagrant 2 måneder siden
Slow news day?
Baba Mama
Baba Mama 2 måneder siden
In other words: S🅱️inotto will teach Carlos the Great Ferrari Master 🅱️lan ™️
Oskari 2 måneder siden
In my opinion, if RedBull wont release Gasly, they are just going to ruin his career. RedBull will always favor Max and Pierre cant fight Max in the same team probably, atleast not for the WDC.
Bernat CN
Bernat CN 2 måneder siden
Jos taught Max what not to do. I think Jos has a record of most DNF in a season or something like that.
Jeroen Verzijl
Jeroen Verzijl 2 måneder siden
Same as when the benneton feul cheat is spoken about they always name Jos,the second driver, never the First driver?
Jeroen Verzijl
Jeroen Verzijl 2 måneder siden
why is that interresting?
Jim Elliott
Jim Elliott 2 måneder siden
They want to win with Pierre...but wont promote him to the top team...Nice.
Karrde 2 måneder siden
Well of course it was max's parents. Think about your own experiences and if you've got kids.. Everything up to about mid teens comes from an external source. Sure credit to max for taking what was infront of him and running, but its simply not possible for a 4-14 year old to self coach themselves to brilliance in a sport. Credit to his dad too.. look at lance.. a daddy driven motorsport career doesn't always out like max.
Pierre Gasly
Pierre Gasly 2 måneder siden
Piss off Franz. I'm going to Renault and you can't stop me!
sean mcmanus
sean mcmanus 2 måneder siden
big guy pierre deserves better
Diallo Wilson
Diallo Wilson 2 måneder siden
Yes lance car go fast.
PurpleDahlia 2 måneder siden
I'm imagining Carlos rocking up to the Ferrari garage with his friendly McLaren face on to be met with the famous Howard's End quote "The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there".Just listening to the driver radios at. Ferrari your heart sinks. Do they actually use robots?
Dreamy 2 måneder siden
If Red Bull wants to get good results, win races, and win championships with Pierre Gasly, then they should actually give AlphaTauri and Red Bull 4 cars capable of doing so consistently. AlphaTauri should perform a Tracing Point and just pull up to the 2021 grid with a machine identical to the Red Bull.
mircea miclos
mircea miclos 2 måneder siden
Ferrari can turn the things around and go in the wrong direction.
Morgs Hawk
Morgs Hawk 2 måneder siden
I think Pierre would progress more at a different team, but he is thriving at AlphaTauri. I think Red Bull have realised their mistake, but don’t want to release him in case Max decides to leave. Although I can’t see that happening. If a Mercedes seat was available, I can’t really see him turning that down. I feel Pierre was very much the second driver of the Red Bull family this season and will most likely carrying on to this year. Although that could change slightly with Perez in the squad now.
Seako Mothowakgosi
Seako Mothowakgosi 2 måneder siden
Franz Tost sounds like French toast
Gumnaam Aadmi
Gumnaam Aadmi 2 måneder siden
I think Ocon will leave/be fired by Alpine after the 2021 season and Gasly will take his place alongside Alonso. A French team WILL want a French driver who is a race winner to boot. As for contracts, there are clauses built in that allow them to be broken, albeit for a price. Anyway, Gasly is on contract with RBR only till the end of 2021.
MrSniperfox29 2 måneder siden
Honestly I don't think Gasly's race "win" will come into much discussion. Most people accept it was thanks to fluke conditions, and while he did well to hold of Sainz, he got there thanks to luck.
Bunta Fujiwara
Bunta Fujiwara 2 måneder siden
There has never been a contract in Forumla 1 that can't be broken.
Flying Walrus42
Flying Walrus42 2 måneder siden
I can’t hear Daniels name without thinking “Daniel Avocado”
Simon Rivest
Simon Rivest 2 måneder siden
Cant believe that Gunther did not mention @Mazepin #wesaynotomazepin
El Majico
El Majico 2 måneder siden
Gunther "keep polemic drivers" Steiner
iniquity 2 måneder siden
I really don't understand the Jos question/comment. "This person wouldn't be the same person if they had a different upbringing." Wow, SUPER hot take right there. Almost every facet of someone's development goes into making who they are as a person, this isn't exactly revelatory.
Luke Wood
Luke Wood 2 måneder siden
Happy for Pierre. He is the one feeding Alpha's car now just like Schumacher did in '13 for the Mercedes MasterPlan™, which doesn't seem to be bad for his partners as some stated the car is easy to drive. Hope Tsunoda does well too
ralmslb 2 måneder siden
2:04 We still do, we still do... lol
Valk_72 2 måneder siden
I don't believe one word from Tost. Even if Gasly didn't want to leave Alphatauri/Redbull, i could see Marko and Horner replace him with one of the Redbull junior driver, especially if they retain Perez at Redbull. It's not secret that Horner/Marko are not the greatest fan of Gasly and i'm quite sure they would have kicked him out of the Redbull program altogether if he didn't win at Monza.
Reynaldi Widjaja
Reynaldi Widjaja 2 måneder siden
yea if my father was an f1 driver i wouldn't be sitting here typing these comments.
Quayle Man
Quayle Man 2 måneder siden
#haasf1 #WeSayNoToMazepin
Dylan Dan Bheekha
Dylan Dan Bheekha 2 måneder siden
Gasly shoudl just leave the red bull programmer, he proved that he is a race winner and he needs a good car, no point staying in toro rosso because he will never be able to fight for a championship and there is no point for him to go back to red bull cuz red bull works just for max
MrLinkinparkrules 2 måneder siden
Redbull is just starting negotiations early, they know Alpine wants him, we all do, but redbull wants his worth.
hazel dub
hazel dub 2 måneder siden
@nooranik21 you're not wrong at all. They showed themselves when they mishandled Daniel - someone who does so much with teams with much less. The obsession with Max is absurd, to say the least.
MrLinkinparkrules 2 måneder siden
@nooranik21 Redbulls first priority now is going to be their engine, with the money they can get for Gasly, will most probably go towards that.
nooranik21 2 måneder siden
Red Bull has become a dark cloud as of late over their young drivers. The whole F1 organization of both teams is just centered around Max and it will ultimately prevent them from getting another WCC over Mercedes. They are going to hold onto drivers like Yuki and Gasly one by by cycling them in and out of the Red Bull second seat and destroying whatever potential they have. I am hopeful that maybe Checo can break the cycle, but I am not rushing out to place bets. Max is an amazing talent, but he has a really unique racing style. Developing a car from his inputs basically means developing a car only he can drive. Until Marko or Horner get the balls to start telling Max "no" and develop the car with concessions for the second driver or Max leaves for another team, Red Bull will just have to settle for 2nd in the WCC. In the meantime good talents like Gasly, Yuki, and Albon are wasted and drivers like Checo are abused. I want to be wrong about this, but on some level I don't think I will be.
Samet Özkan
Samet Özkan 2 måneder siden
Gasly would return to Red Bull in 2023 or 2024 it would be too late.
aminu mohammed
aminu mohammed 2 måneder siden
Would Sir Lewis Hamilton Achieved the same result without his father Anthony?
john jones
john jones 2 måneder siden
What's not being explained here is the details of Gasly's contract, at some point it WILL end just like Vettel and Ricciardo's did. At that point the only thing keeping him in their system will be better opportunities to win (meaning a RB drive) or more money.
Mawile #303
Mawile #303 2 måneder siden
3:35 that's good to hear, as a RBR fan
Mawile #303
Mawile #303 2 måneder siden
1:50 I think he isn't to far from the truth here honestly, like how long they kept D.K, they will keep him on until a better option opens
MFizzle777 2 måneder siden
Part of me still kinda expect a MEME at the end, who knows he may give us a surprise one again!
lightsodda 2 måneder siden
No he would not have been without his father. Dumb question either way you try to spin it. He is good because he is simply great.
Rukiyati Kuebler
Rukiyati Kuebler 2 måneder siden
LatifiLaSpoon 2 måneder siden
Red Bull Might Not Want To Release Him, But He Can Say Goodbye.
MrSniperfox29 2 måneder siden
@LatifiLaSpoon Very costly then
LatifiLaSpoon 2 måneder siden
@MrSniperfox29 IF he wants to, probably
MrSniperfox29 2 måneder siden
Do you think he can buy out his contract?
Stepladder 2 måneder siden
Hatred for Ferrari is too much sometimes
Matt Horkan
Matt Horkan 2 måneder siden
If i'm an up and coming young driver looking to consider who i should partner with, red bulls young driver program would be dead last on my list. They've strung too many young drivers along only to drop them at the worst time, and see to promote them far to young. For every Max Verstappen there are like 8 Brandon Hartleys, Jaime Algisquaris and Scott Speeds.
RogerAckroid 2 måneder siden
A quick turnaround is called Sbinalla at Ferari
xPassix56 2 måneder siden
3:17 „if there‘s a team that is able to turn things around quickly in Formula 1, that is Ferrari“ Meanwhile: Last title for Ferrari 2008 and Mercedes dominance since 2014 Me: I doubt it!
banana 2 måneder siden
They should've won 2018
Shinji 2 måneder siden
why not release him? coz he's so good for an average team like Alpha Tauri.
Shinji 2 måneder siden
@Kilik ic. i want Gasly to drive a redbull car one more time before Verstappen leaves. I believe Gasly can do better than the last time.
Kilik 2 måneder siden
@Shinji Because they thought he isn't ready yet
Shinji 2 måneder siden
@ctdesing i have a question. if redbull wants to win the championship with Gasly, why did they choose Perez and not Gasly?
ctdesing 2 måneder siden
He’s Verstappen replacement if the latter decide to leave, just read the what he said, redbull invested a lot(f3,f2, super formula) and wants wins and championships with him.
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 2 måneder siden
He has nowehere to go honestly,he should wait for Alphine or maybe Aston Martin when they figure it out that Stroll should leave and Vettel after
esmachine 2 måneder siden
so stroll why your were so behind Perez i think the car was good and knowing you own the team, thats like a super extra confidence and you didn't deliver
Sonny Zhao
Sonny Zhao 2 måneder siden
Carlos Sainz: "If there is a team that can turn things quickly in Formula 1, it is Ferrari." Me looking at Ferrari from 2019-2020, 2013-2014, Yeah... You mean the other direction right?
MrSniperfox29 2 måneder siden
To be fair, every team went backwards (bar Mercedes) in 2014 thanks to the engine regulations. Ferrari, in fact, where the first team to actually beat Mercedes on race pace alone in the hybrid era.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 2 måneder siden
Gasly definitely dogded a bullet by getting demoted to AlphaTauri Albon didn't even get a chance to go to AT and prove himself
Kilik 2 måneder siden
Albon also got 3 times the amount of races in the RB but sure...
Fredy Garcia
Fredy Garcia 2 måneder siden
Well Albon did get a full season from beginning to end to prove himself. He just didn’t do anything with it
Haaalo 2 måneder siden
would max be where he is now without jos? no would lewis be where he is without his father? no would any other driver be where he is now with out a person looking out for them when they were young? no
Jeroen Verzijl
Jeroen Verzijl 2 måneder siden
Yeah butt Jos invested a Hell lot of time in max, building the carts, driving tru europe, Jos knew F1 and he trainded Max always. There is also geneticts, daddy and mommy are racedrivers
Jordi Edmond
Jordi Edmond 2 måneder siden
Well Perez coming to Europe as a young teen was totally by himself
thewalrus1968 2 måneder siden
no he wouldnt.. he probs wouldnt have even got a f1 drive without his fathers money, name, reputation, contacts ... same with Shumi jnr , Carlos and Lance. Sadly its not how good you are but who you know and how much money your willing to pay that opens doors.
wind guru
wind guru 2 måneder siden
Blame your dad for being a loser, not these guys
rockzs74r 2 måneder siden
They are holding Gasly as hostage just in case Mr Verstappen join Mercedes
nooranik21 2 måneder siden
With Russell in the wings, it'd be a cold day in hell before Mercedes would take on Verstappen. Unless both Bottas and Lewis decide to retire at the same time, which I see as very unlikely, I doubt they would take Verstappen.
BarkyOnyx 2 måneder siden
_"you're going to redbull"_
Reaper 2 måneder siden
For the people who are bitching about daddy's cash, yes he got the cash but Max got what he needs to know about racing in F1
Kwashior 2 måneder siden
Pointing out that you keep Grosjean for so long when everyone was questioning why does not provide credibility to your approach of "taking the trail less trodden" as it were. He was shit, you kept him too long and it's a miracle he didn't get himself (as he almost did) or anyone else killed.
Rm Lances
Rm Lances 2 måneder siden
Binotto says it’s a lie and they neeeeever favor any one driver.
Robert Hamilton
Robert Hamilton 2 måneder siden
Thanks for the video Mate 👍
Tutuian Dragos
Tutuian Dragos 2 måneder siden
Wtf why can’t french toast just wear his mask the right way its so annoying 😭
Fabian Grob
Fabian Grob 2 måneder siden
Gasly will be gone as soon another pay driver will come to F1, being a good driver in a midfield team doesn't mean anything. Top-Team seats are filled up for this decade :D
Mandy B
Mandy B 2 måneder siden
Would Michael Schumacher have done so well had his father not owned a kart track? I don't think that question was phrased very well. You're implying already that you think he wouldn't be there without his dad's help. There are plenty of drivers who had no advantage other than their natural talent and determination to work hard (if you think that all sons of famous racing dads have it easy, go read about how poor the Hills were after Graham died and what Damon and his mother had to do just to get him in a car - and off the bikes he was racing because they were a lot cheaper). Having said that, if you've got an advantage, whatever it is, and you _don't_ use it, it doesn't matter how good, in this case a teacher your dad may be, you'll get nowhere. Yes, Jos' training of him undoubtedly helped - and I'm sure his mother's advice was sought too, given who she is - but had Max not been that interested, or had been so full of himself that he didn't listen to Jos, he wouldn't be where he is now. Parents who are in a position to help their kids achieve their dreams will do whatever they can (look at Lewis's dad holding down 3 jobs to finance his karting career.) You can be as smart as you like but you're only wise when you know which bit of knowledge to apply at any given moment. The same premise applies to those getting a leg up in whatever way. Max does his own thing now and has pretty much since the season following the not-so-good year at RB. He's matured a ton and is more accepting that shit happens, even if he does turn the airways blue for a few moments. (He's not the only one by a long shot, and it usually gets the worst out of his system a lot quicker than with some others.) Where he is now is built on the framework his parents gave him, all the rest (outside of being given a job, natch) is his own hard work.
Jules 2 måneder siden
Remember that time in the last decade when ferrari quickly turned things around for themselves? No? Me neither!
Arpit Paliwal
Arpit Paliwal 2 måneder siden
Yeah from 2009 to 2010. From 2014 to 2016 to compete for best car on grid in 2018
Big MD
Big MD 2 måneder siden
why they won't release gasly: frankly said, cos they are not shore if max is going to stay at the end of his contract.
Florian Büchi
Florian Büchi 2 måneder siden
I don't think verstappen would be where he is at the moment without his dad. Motorsport is a very privileged sport, because of that only a very small percentage of humans will ever be able to compete in motorsports, unlike for example football or "soccer", which is basically available to everyone, therefore not many people even have the possibility to discover that they are talented in motorsports. Which means that there would still be a lot of immensly talented drivers out there, they just haven't had the chance to discover it. So therefore it means an awful lot if you have someone that can pay for your sport, and even better is already deeply established within the sport and has lots of connections. If Max would have been the son of anybody else, who knows if he would have even discovered motorsport....
Ik 2 måneder siden
@Florian Büchi : you hit the nail there, that is why Angelina Jolie hasn't been calling me, cause we never met! Like all celebs shag around with celebs, connections and mutual interests are the deal maker or breaker.
Bozack Tbc
Bozack Tbc 2 måneder siden
The next Max/Vet/Alonso/Ham could be loading trucks @ B &Q...We’ll never know...🙃
Plumber Time
Plumber Time 2 måneder siden
Yes it’s like I could get 10 guys who are half decent and tell you these guys are the best of the best and do a championship. There would be good racing but are they really the best! F1 is too much about car anyway, but most team sport is the same
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