Wolff Admits It’s “More Difficult” For Mercedes To Recover Downforce

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Since 2014, Mercedes has been unstoppable. They have won over 70% of all races during this period and they have won all seven championships in the hybrid era. The pre-season testing for 2021, however, did not go as many had expected for Mercedes and Red Bull appeared to be the fastest team. They appear to have carried that for over to the first practice sessions of 2021 as well. Toto Wolff and Christian Horner, team principals of Mercedes and Red Bull have now given their opinion on why this might be the case.
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0:00 - Why Red Bull Have Adapted To 2021 Regulation Changes Better Than Mercedes?
2:09 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Why Red Bull Have Adapted To 2021 Regulation Changes Better Than Mercedes?
Horner began by stating that it wouldn’t be right to downplay Mercedes’ potential especially since the car is a carryover from last year
“Being judged on a day’s work or whatever, would be foolhardy. Mercedes have dominated the World Championship for the last seven years. It’s a probably 60 per cent carryover car from last year”
He then added how Mercedes have the resources to rectify the issues with their 2021 car
“One swallow doesn’t make a summer, as they say and I think that whatever difficulties they had in the test, they’ve got huge strength in depth and we know it would be very, very foolish to underestimate them”
He then gave his opinion on who the title favorites for this year are
“So, I think with the kind of success they’ve achieved, not only last year but the last seven years, it would be foolhardy to think that anybody other than Lewis and Mercedes are the firm favourites going into this championship”
Toto Wolff seemed to agree with Horner at first
“I think what Christian says is just what happened over the last years and is the logical consequence. This is a fact you can’t ignore”
He, however also feels that they have suffered more as far as the changes to the regulations are concerned
“But also, even if it looks like a carry-forward car there was still… I think we’ve probably suffered more with the change of regulations than the cars with the higher rake - and the Red Bull has followed that concept since many years”
He signed off by stating that he expects a tough fight
“So, it’s maybe more difficult for us to recover some of the lost downforce - but so far, what I’ve seen, and what I hope is that we can have a really tough fight. It’s what the fans want to see and what we would like to have”

Fast Feed
McLaren CEO Zak Brown feels that “Mercedes and Red Bull have been the class of the field here for a while”
He added that McLaren “hope to close the gap but it would be unrealistic to think that” they “would get in the mix on a regular basis”
However, he also stated that they are on their “way and hopefully” they’ll “be able to join that fight in the not-to-distant future”
Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas has revealed that “the last long run” they “did was pretty difficult” during free practice
He added that he “couldn't really put any laps together and the car felt nearly undrivable at times”
His teammate Lewis Hamilton surmised that “stability - it's all about having a stable car and being able to make the tyres last”
“That's going to be key in this climate and with the wind” they “have here” added Lewis
He also stated that the windy forecast for Sunday is “not great for” them
Red Bull’s Max Verstappen is “pretty happy with the start of the weekend”
Alpine’s Fernando Alonso feels that “it was fantastic to be back in a free practice session in Formula 1”
“You feel the extra adrenaline with the traffic and everything going on around you; it’s very different to testing. It felt good and” he “felt the racing spirit each lap, which” he “enjoyed”
Haas’ Mick Schumacher has stated that “as a driver” he knows he has “the tools to improve the lap time”
He’ll “be working hard on” himself “to keep improving and keep learning”
Pirelli F1 boss Mario Isola has divulged that “the performance gap between medium and soft” tyres “is a little higher here than” they “initially thought”
AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda disclosed that “last year” he “was more swearing a lot and losing” his “focus, so” he’s “trying to train like this to not swear a lot”
He reiterated that he “always try to be more calm every session because this is like” his “weakest point”

Can McLaren find themselves in the mix at the front of the grid?

Formula World
Formula World 15 dager siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgxCqqRnLuyk616-rV94AaABCQ 0:00 - Why Red Bull Have Adapted To 2021 Regulation Changes Better Than Mercedes? 2:09 - Fast Feed
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where are you!? We need our daily news haha, hope you're ok
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quick question: what are the sources you use? I noticed they're usually not credited
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mercedes is just trying to get used to spending less money
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Bustinn Loads 11 dager siden
Big daddy Ross Brawn clipped their wings
shane blyth
shane blyth 11 dager siden
It's a setup. High rake now an advantage but low rake cars can't adjust this cause it's illegal. Rules should be even. If one car is allowed different takes them all should this sort of thing is the problem with F1 rules. Some classes actually make all cars run in a wind tunnel and they all have to have the same downforce.
Xanders Wayne
Xanders Wayne 12 dager siden
🤣😂🤣😂Totto making jokes like a PRO!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼💯
mrtheoden 12 dager siden
except it isn't easy for Mercedes to fix - limited team spending, limited CFD, no more testing, limited wind tunnel time. The rules have been changed in such a way to effectively stop Mercedes from improving the car. The FIA did a bait and switch on them with the 2021 regs which were obviously designed to hurt Mercedes and low rake car designs and "promote" a new winner/competition. New rules and regs should equally affect car designs, not favour One over another...and certainly not be deliberately formulated to destroy dominance. F1 performance and results should be on merit, not artificial tampering with the car designs via dodgy rules. The sport has went downhill badly since the yanks bought it. I am now at a point where I am disgusted with the direction that it is going and after nearly 40 years of watching F1 and following it, I will seek to discontinue my interest in the sport.
Rahul77_ YT
Rahul77_ YT 12 dager siden
So that was a lie
Matthew 13 dager siden
I’m sick of Mercedes winning. I would really like to see Red Bull bring the fight this season.
Matthias 13 dager siden
Did Horner just learn the word foolhardy? Seems he’s suddenly in love with the term
爱 Lee Moo Eez
爱 Lee Moo Eez 13 dager siden
Since all the latest regulation is to kill mercedes..zzzzz If you can’t reach their level...bring them down to your level...LOL...BS!
Infiniti Chico
Infiniti Chico 14 dager siden
LOL Vettel sucked, Yuki killed like I thought and Mercedes winners!!!
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leutrim topalli 14 dager siden
The funniest part is about yuki swearing a lot lol 😂
Derrick Best
Derrick Best 14 dager siden
The fact that Mercedes took the 2021 Bahrain GP is proof they can take this year's championship. I thought Red Bull have the advantage but looks like we have a fight. Early days of course. Anything can happen. We'll see how it goes.
sanjay kumar
sanjay kumar 14 dager siden
When it's more difficult for Mercedes to recover downforce than I guess it would be impossible for aton to do so and hence one more bad season for seb
Shannon Robson
Shannon Robson 14 dager siden
I'm watching this after the race , and mercedes are just big liars. They don't tell the truth at all. I'm sure it was a problem because of the change this year but they had it all figured out.😎
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this is simply the best f1 news channel, always got information that was missed by other news channel or random reddit posts.
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Underrated channel
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Miky Koon 14 dager siden
Dont feel sorry for Mercedes, its time for someone else , but i dont beleive anything that comes out of Toto anyway ,sandbagging i do beleive in .
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barry peers 14 dager siden
stop writing other peoples articles its not very smart
Stephen Miles
Stephen Miles 14 dager siden
0:15 Maybe this is 20/20 hindsight after Bahrain, but Red Bull has the fastest CAR, but NOT necessarily the fastest team.
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Last Man On Earth 14 dager siden
well merc at the top again
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Dude I‘m so happy I discovered your channel. Every time you upload a video, it‘s the best time of the day! (Sadly it doesn‘t last long)
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This video has aged well 😗
Hisham Hilal
Hisham Hilal 15 dager siden
I wonder if Toto Wolff actually thinks people believe him when he complains
Josh Goode
Josh Goode 15 dager siden
The sad thing is this and it's real simple. Mercedes is gonna out motor the Honda. Its just the way it is. The aero changes hurt but its gonna be Mercedes Power that pulls through at the end of the day.
Corrupt Central
Corrupt Central 15 dager siden
The engine is a less important part of their car compared to their absolute weapon of a chassis and really good aero
Julitz Gaming
Julitz Gaming 15 dager siden
Damn the fia had to nerf the mercedes 😂😂
Swapnil Sinha
Swapnil Sinha 15 dager siden
@Tim Dev Well supplementary rules state that they can do that if they are not gaining advantage with it and they weren't. Red Bull were crying about it so FIA issued the warning to Mercs.
Tim Dev
Tim Dev 15 dager siden
Shame they did it after 30 laps of shameless corner cutting
truthordarequestions 15 dager siden
Mercedes have dominated F1 for the past 7 years, yep, and F1 racing has been quite boring and defunct for the past 5. Hopefully F1 Brass Pay to Win Rules that enabled Mercedes dominance have finally come to an end.
Paul_Sleeping 14 dager siden
It is so much sweeter to read hate comments when Mercedes and Lewis keep winning. Always bring a smile to my face.
Bill Martin
Bill Martin 15 dager siden
Does ANYONE really believe Mercedes isn't sandbagging? REALLY? Give me a break. There's nothing to recover from. When you establish rules with the purpose of perpetuating the same old thing . . . you get more of the same old thing. Mercedes is the 2021 World Champion.
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Pople BackyardFarm 15 dager siden
keeping a eye on Mercedes
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I’m in love with this channel
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Glatze Metzger 15 dager siden
Hamilton ...already whining
Arsh X
Arsh X 15 dager siden
You’re better. no, you are. Oh no please we’re horrible compared to you can’t you see? C’mon, you’re the most dominant team in f1; we can’t possibly compete with you. Get a room😂
Jerico Manaloto
Jerico Manaloto 15 dager siden
Man this sandbagging is very realistic Mercedes are taking it to a whole other level ;)
Bill Martin
Bill Martin 15 dager siden
Really? Does anyone find it convincing? Anyone who isn't desperate to keep more fans from leaving F1?
onesoloving1 15 dager siden
How has Wolff not received a lifetime ban? Twice caught cheating with Pirelli, undermined the Russell win, bribe FIA to change the engine format where they had a 10 years development advantage and God only knows what else.
Dennis Saputra
Dennis Saputra 15 dager siden
Please provide here the citations of all of your statements.
Eruptic 15 dager siden
Back in 2010s F1 was trying to stop RB dominance after they won 2 in a row and Adrian Newey had to come up with innovative ideas to keep winning. Mercedes haven't had an setbacks from FIA regulations after 7 years and I think it was time.
Jamie Savelson
Jamie Savelson 15 dager siden
Gotta love tsunoda. Especially when he's usually saying stuff like that
anydaynow 14 dager siden
Yeah what he did in his very first race against some really good midfield talent is amazing, hopefully he's able to keep his head down and continue improving.
Sharl Leglerg
Sharl Leglerg 15 dager siden
You know the title race is serious when Horner isn't overhyping red bull
Barcelona Golden state
Barcelona Golden state 15 dager siden
2:45 even hamilton needs a stable car
AndyHack 15 dager siden
Sandbagging as usual 😂
Tim Dev
Tim Dev 15 dager siden
Ah I see you've stopped with all the quotation marks. Nice.
Fast H Racing
Fast H Racing 15 dager siden
The total amount of things Toto has ever said that I believe is contained in the following brackets ( )
Ravakeksis 15 dager siden
"Ferrari is faster on the straights"
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys 15 dager siden
that Honda engine will just fail Max as usual
anydaynow 14 dager siden
Yeah something is telling me they are going for broke with this one. I guess we will find out in a few races time how they are holding together.
Nicola Fox
Nicola Fox 15 dager siden
Hi and thanks Dillon 😊 counting down to race start 🙂 Max P1 🙌😎👏i think yes Mercedes struggling a little also Red Bull and Max improving think it's finally going to be a good fight up front 🤞🤞😀
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Dont even Start 15 dager siden
So, Did Lewis just won again? 🤣
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Suganya Sathees 15 dager siden
1000th viewer !
김준영 15 dager siden
So the FIA seems to have finally pulled a weakened ferrari 2005 card. But, let's just hope that the mercs don't get on their feet too quickly. Red bull dominating at first, and the mercs to catch up in the later season to have a close fight would be a joy to watch, even if hamilton does clinch another title.
김준영 12 dager siden
@Rifat Islam yeah lmao;;; it was a surprise that schumi ended 3rd in the standings with that car.... the mercs are still mighty strong
Rifat Islam
Rifat Islam 12 dager siden
2005 ferrari were no where this year yet mercedes won the first race 😑
김준영 15 dager siden
@Infinity4074 yeah niki called that car 'the diva', but they still pulled everything out of that car to beat vettel. Would be a fun season for once
Infinity4074 15 dager siden
This season is like 2017 with Merc being fast but having a car which is hard to handle but still a top 2 car
Irgendein Name
Irgendein Name 15 dager siden
At least Ham and Bot are almost similar pace but Ver and Perez .....
Irgendein Name
Irgendein Name 13 dager siden
@Sanat Kapur just imagine Perez can't get anything this year than it's facts Redbull will get Yuki
Sanat Kapur
Sanat Kapur 14 dager siden
So who do you want in that second seat?
anydaynow 14 dager siden
You mean the guy who fought back from last in the field and was given an experimental pit strategy to test tires for Max, he did awesome considering the circumstances.
Ravakeksis 15 dager siden
Perez will be fine. He's better racer than qualifier anyway. Hope they dont race him too hard
Edwin Rajeev
Edwin Rajeev 15 dager siden
FIA is literally handing the championship over to Redbull this year using regulations.
anydaynow 14 dager siden
@orio_ Actually Renault was screaming for the hybrid engine 2014 regulation changes. Unfortunately for them Mercedes has a near bottomless wealth of knowledge when it comes to making a turbo engine last, so the joke was on Renault in the end.
Alex 15 dager siden
Everyone was saying the low rake cars were gonna do better through the rule change this year and red bull was gonna suffer. Now that red bull looks good these rules were designed to benefit them?? Just admit red bull adapted better
Dave Bechtum
Dave Bechtum 15 dager siden
The simple frontwing made it easy for Mercedes too... that's just how it goes with regulation changes. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It has been like that for decades...
orio_ 15 dager siden
that's what regulations have always done. 2014 handed it to Mercedes.
Berke Türer
Berke Türer 15 dager siden
i can't stop myself from thinking they are still sandbagging
A. I.
A. I. 15 dager siden
The regulation change and the core concept of mercedes' car don't go well together, and with only 2 tokens there was not much they could do
Berke Türer
Berke Türer 15 dager siden
@orio_ i know they would not, but its hard to believe this situation still
orio_ 15 dager siden
why would they sandbag into qualifying
Kris Davis
Kris Davis 15 dager siden
I love the flood of F1 content again. Makes me tingle.
Neorai 11 dager siden
Yup F1's back
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Another great video! Thanks Dillon !
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when you see the poll before the video
Eren Basement
Eren Basement 15 dager siden
I feel like Mercedes will recover after a few races. Either that or they're throwing everything at 2022 regulation changes.
Piotr Łopata
Piotr Łopata 10 dager siden
@Jackson Davies Well, its first time since Mercedes is that much behind red bull at the beginning of the season. We don't know how mercedes handle this kind of situation. The only think we know is that Red Bull was usually the best team in terms of car development and they were able to reduce 1s gap to Merc last year.
Jackson Davies
Jackson Davies 10 dager siden
They might appear a dinghy right now but they'll be a cigar boat in a few races, it's just how Mercedes roll.
Berkay T
Berkay T 15 dager siden
@Piotr Łopata I'm curios how merc will balance their focus on this and the next season
Piotr Łopata
Piotr Łopata 15 dager siden
@Berkay T That's a possibility, but they're extremely focused to get that championship finally
Mothi Chandar
Mothi Chandar 15 dager siden
Anyone remember 2017 season? Mercedes suffered with excess tyre wear and ferrari was winning in races but then rule change allowed mercs to catch up and beat ferrari. I think ferrari were much faster in 2017 and 2018 season and bottled during mid season. Let's hope that's not the case with redbull
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