Marko Drops Big Hint About Future F1 Engine

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Red Bull will find themselves at a crucial juncture soon when they will have to decide the direction they will be taking with their future engines. Following Honda’s exit from F1 at the end of 2021, Red Bull are expected to take over Honda’s current engine program but this is only supposed to be a temporary solution. Eventually a totally new engine regulation will be introduced and with no new engine suppliers on the horizon, Red Bull’s options seem limited. Team advisor Helmut Marko has discussed this with Motorsport Total.
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0:00 - Marko Drops Big Hint About Future F1 Engine
1:45 - Fast Feed
Marko began by divulging where they will maintain the Honda engines after 2021
“Our plans are to carry out engine maintenance on our existing Red Bull campus and to adapt a hall for it”
He then discussed why they want to go with the option of taking over Honda’s engine operations instead of going with one of the other three suppliers despite the former option being more expensive
“Of course, this option is more expensive. But first of all, we get the engine, which, in coordination with the chassis department, promises the best outcome in terms of performance. In the medium term, I believe that these investments can be made again”
He then speculated on the brand-new engine regulations that will be eventually introduced in F1
“If the indications become true that the new engine is much simpler to build, that the MGU-H will no longer be needed, that it still remains innovative, but the annual cost limit is somewhere around 50 million, then that's no longer as complex a topic as the current engine”
He then pointed out how such an engine would be something they can develop and produce themselves
“That means that we could then use the facilities that we will have in Milton Keynes to do the development for such an engine. Whether alone or in cooperation, that is then a matter of negotiation, I would say”

Fast Feed
Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc feels that 2020 was his “best season personally in Formula 1” and he thinks that with what he has “shown on track” he’s “very happy”
He also suggested that Ferrari have made “small steps in the right direction and this is not always a given in Formula 1”
Red Bull’s Max Verstappen thinks that his new teammate Sergio Perez does “very well in the races. Aggressive, yet controlled. He does that well”
1997 world champion Damon Hill has advised Red Bull by saying that “they have to listen to what” Sergio Perez “says, because he has a lot of experience”, “more than Verstappen has”
He further elaborated that “sometimes someone has so much talent that he can go fast even with a bad car but that doesn't mean that they are going in the right direction with the car”
Haas’ 2020 stand-in driver Pietro Fittipaldi has “been trying to get back in IndyCar ever since the 2018 season finished, just because” he loves that “style of racing”
Team boss of the Mercedes Formula E team Ian James feels that “FE as a series, is getting to a point now where” they’re “going to see the flow in both directions” with F1 as far as personnel and drivers are concerned
Williams’ George Russell has admitted that his “driving style at Williams was disadvantageous at Mercedes”
4-time world champion and non-executive director at Renault, Alain Prost has confirmed that they “did not expect to be so good” in 2020
He added that “it is especially interesting to see that so many little things on the car worked so well. This is good” as it allows them “to make a plan for 2021 and also for 2022”
McLaren CEO Zak Brown has reiterated that “it's just a customer relationship” and that “the team is really looking forward to working with Mercedes”
He also added that what he’s “heard so far shows how well-prepared Mercedes is to work with their customers. Their communication, their timing is just a big well-oiled machine”
He further confirmed that he is “only getting feedback from the technical team that the cooperation is going well and smoothly and that they are extremely happy”

Was 2020 Charles Leclerc’s best season in F1 so far?

Formula World
Formula World 3 måneder siden
At 2:08 I incorrectly mention Damon Hill as the 1997 World Champion, he in fact won it in 1996. Thanks to those who pointed that out to me. *Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgxyxveFJ3YcafxfXlt4AaABCQ 0:00 - Marko Drops Big Hint About Future F1 Engine 1:45 - Fast Feed
Green uGly
Green uGly 2 måneder siden
Pip 3 måneder siden
Is Marko in charge of Red Bull ?
Anthony Martino
Anthony Martino 3 måneder siden
love to see you gaining traction man, keep it up we appreciate you!
ppn 3 måneder siden
@Agapito Reyes Should have been really if Frank hadn't let him go. Frank had a habit of jettisoning champions after winning WDC...
Kelly Oubre Jr.
Kelly Oubre Jr. 3 måneder siden
It happens man. Thanks for the consistent content 🙌🏻
formulafan 2 måneder siden
Had a hard week and this was just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better . Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
Fraser Cameron
Fraser Cameron 2 måneder siden
The uproar of 1997 champ.. lol. Great vid again. Great to just get the straight info.
Skipping Baboon
Skipping Baboon 2 måneder siden
What does Helmut actually do at Red Bull? Always been a little confused about what he actually does. Half the time he just seems to be there to make boomer comments and slag off the drivers of other teams.
Kaustav Kapur
Kaustav Kapur 2 måneder siden
2030, 1mL displacement 1 cylinder engine
Basti EiseNKrafT
Basti EiseNKrafT 2 måneder siden
Red Bull: We'll build it ourself out of our old cans
JLC 2 måneder siden
Checo F1 World Champion 2021
King Fernando
King Fernando 2 måneder siden
Porsche PLZ
Bob Marshall
Bob Marshall 2 måneder siden
Time to ditch F1 and archaic internal combustion engines altogether. ELECTRIC is the only progressive way to go!!!!
powdergangster83 2 måneder siden
Unless substantial changes are made to the engine formula for 2022, it will just be more of the same Mercedes race domination. Mercedes have been ahead of the game since these vacuum/hybrid engines were introduced. I really don't see how that changes unless the whole formula is changed.
Web crawler
Web crawler 2 måneder siden
McLaren is changing their engine suppliers more often than it's raining in England
MrNinjaFish 2 måneder siden
So we ARE getting 2 stroke engines after all!
R R 2 måneder siden
Eva lovia
Allen mccarthy
Allen mccarthy 2 måneder siden
RedBull Cosworth maybe, the factories are quite close....
Joe Felony
Joe Felony 2 måneder siden
Scrolling this comment-section makes me want RBR to be world champion in 2022 even more. The amount of bias is unreal.
Joe Felony
Joe Felony 2 måneder siden
Oh look, it’s the famous Verstappen-hater Damon Hill🤦🏼
Paul7mac 2 måneder siden
Yes the F1 rejects will go to formula e if they can't get a job at Tesco's.
Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson 2 måneder siden
If they are going to have a complex hybrid F1 engine, why not get the grunt from batteries and a high revving sound from the petrol engine?
Nelius Smit
Nelius Smit 2 måneder siden
Just look how they successfully realigned the Mini brand from a city car to a off road hard as hell small SUV.
Nelius Smit
Nelius Smit 2 måneder siden
Strategically BMW has to consider a reentry into F1
DelphiPascal 2 måneder siden
They might be able to do this due to the cost caps. They probably have a large spare budget.
M0nTyKe 2 måneder siden
Helmut is more like a Team Dictator rather than Team Adviser
Jordan H
Jordan H 2 måneder siden
Honda was the only engine to not receive grid penalties
Dar Shell
Dar Shell 2 måneder siden
@dillion I am also a shelley, daryl is my name from Dublin, any family from Ireland 🇮🇪
Big Phat Walrus
Big Phat Walrus 2 måneder siden
no analysis or discussion, just a monotonous reading of quotes over stock images. top entertainment lads
Nelius Smit
Nelius Smit 2 måneder siden
I certainly hope BMW links up with Red Bull
Hartwig Flögh
Hartwig Flögh 2 måneder siden
It would cost them a lot money, but not give so much in return.
Nomad Jedi
Nomad Jedi 2 måneder siden
I really like that this channel gives the news without messing around. Short and concise.
United Kempo Martial Arts Academy
United Kempo Martial Arts Academy 2 måneder siden
Charles was definitely impressive but even more so that his car wasn't impressive. Best season hard to say.
carl de wet
carl de wet 2 måneder siden
LeClerc has Impressed in F1 Since his Arrival but 2020 was by Far his Best Showing. I'm Not Really a Supporter but he's gonna Go Right to the Top of the Sport.
James Edwards
James Edwards 2 måneder siden
It's crazy that 2020 was only Charles' third season in F1 considering he was dragging that dog of a Ferrari to some unbelievable results like a veteran! Shades of 2012 Alonso and 1996 Schumacher.
Rod Espinoza
Rod Espinoza 2 måneder siden
I’ll start watching F1 again when Hamilton leaves and comparing him to one of the all time greats because Mercedes are years ahead of any other team.
Vorgaloth 2 måneder siden
"Bring back the fucking V12's" as Vettel said. You can also include the V8s and V10s. 17-20k rpms. A diversity of the greatest racing engine music in the world. Until then, R.I.P F1
Gautaman S
Gautaman S 2 måneder siden
Cars are getting heavier, yet faster! Current engines at its pinnacle will be misssed too when its chopping time
Hiden Biden
Hiden Biden 2 måneder siden
They should go to cosworth and get them to build a race version of the v12 they made for the T.50 and tell F1 that they can take it or leave it. Start a new series if they must. They don't have to stick around while F1 keeps coming up with ways to kill the sport. I barely watch it anymore. Even my younger son who bleeds F1 isn't even watching anymore. I would run, not walk to see cars like that battling it full tilt. No conserving this, efficiency that, sustainable this crap. Balls out racing with screaming snarling monsters. That eco friendly, sustainably,etc can take that tree hugging sjw crap and shove it up their ass. Go watch Fe if you are so into it and let the rest of us have the real cars back. Red Bull PLEASE! we will follow guaranteed. Hire Bernie to manage the league, bring back grid girls. Firing women doing a job they love and work hard at in some misguided public virtue signal on behalf of women is one of the dumbest things ever. If you are a guy and you supported that, I am sure that right after your soy latte, you called your pharmacy and canceled your testosterone supplements to avoid toxic masculinity and posted pro abortion your body your choice comments and liking posts that say no vagina no say. Right before you argued that, despite the your body your choice crap, you proceeded to tell a bunch of women they couldn't do something with their bodies. Form a new formula, with the less is more idea. Fewer regulations. No more flappy paddle gear boxes. Sure if you are staring at a stop watch they save time, but they are massive driver aid that took an enormous amount of skill compared to the glorified automatics they have now. (Google senna footwork and tell me that most of the drivers on the grid could do that like he did). Ban batteries and electric power. It is heavy, expensive and boring, not to mention Fe already has them. Let them enjoy fan boost, slow cars, fake aero and cars that can't even finish a race. They earned it. Kill 90% of the Aero. All we here about is that the sport is too expensive, but they insist on letting the teams go nuts with the aero. It is insanely expensive and is largely responsible for the inability of current cars to go wheel to wheel or pass. It makes no sense. You aren't going to use all of those eye sore winglets and pieces on road cars, so they only reduce lap times which is entirely irrelevant to exciting racing. You can't visibly discern a second or two a lap, but you can see that there is little to no overtaking. So why do it? Let the tire companies lose. This multiple tire choice, short life tires is just another stupid measure to make up for other problems you created. Sure we have our favorite drivers, but nobody wants to see their win or loss due to some forced problem. Once again, why? DRS. I don't care if it stays or goes, but if it stays, drop the rules. Drivers can use it solely at their discretion. They have to manually open and close it and it is available any time from lights out to the checkered flag. Penalties and number of engine /components rules are gone. Once again, no one wants to win or lose due to a stupid penalty. The restrictions are another self defeating "cost saving" idea. Developing these expensive/complex monstrosities is very expensive, making them last a third of the season is even more expensive. Teams with lower budgets won't be able to make something competitive and bulletproof, so they won't be getting championship points because they can't compete on lower, so they lose money. To boot, you are forced to the back of the grid ensuring even less points and less money. Also at the end of the day they still had to buy/build a 4th or a 5th engine anyway, so once again, what is the point? Make the cars smaller again. The historic track should be able to stay and not just for the worlds most expensive parade. There is plenty more, but I am tired of typing and you probably didn't read down this far. Lol But seriously, this shit isn't rocket science. It is obvious, just do it.
savethemanual 2 måneder siden
No video on the Melbourne GP postponement?
superfast30 2 måneder siden
If the engines aren't naturally aspirated and rev out to 19k RPM or are absolute fire breathers like the turbo engines from the 80's, I am not interested.
Rolando Tillit
Rolando Tillit 2 måneder siden
Damon Hill's comment is very interesting. I disagree, the car is fast enough.
fred thompson
fred thompson 2 måneder siden
Marko says, blah blah blah, stop listening to the silly old dinosaur. Or not whatevers lol
Valentin Popescu
Valentin Popescu 2 måneder siden
Your channel took off alright. Nice content
ChumpyChicken2 2 måneder siden
FFS! Take a photo without the Mask on you idiots F1.
Justus 2 måneder siden
Back to the V12🙏🏻
swag josif
swag josif 3 måneder siden
Quick reminder: this is helmut Belive at your own risk
Kubondro Berk
Kubondro Berk 3 måneder siden
Robin S
Robin S 3 måneder siden
Personally, I'd like to see a RB partnership with Cosworth where they take over the engine development and we get the Cosworth name back into F1.
Robert Hamilton
Robert Hamilton 3 måneder siden
Thanks for the video 👍
cicci0salsicci0 3 måneder siden
It's going to be MUGEN.
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 3 måneder siden
Ferrari and Mercedes have no spare engine supply capacity. Renault were previously rubbished by Red Bull, so if required to supply engines again to Red Bull would be a big risk. Red Bull has no choice than to build their own !!
milkshakemuncher 3 måneder siden
Damon Hill was 1996 World Champion. It was Jacques Villeneuve who won the 1997 championship
George Van Der Togt
George Van Der Togt 3 måneder siden
Big hint about future engine is ? No hint
Stanley O'Reilly
Stanley O'Reilly 3 måneder siden
Charles did very bad 2020
aneesh89 3 måneder siden
I hate the current v6 going electric would kill the sport
Matthew Gwynne
Matthew Gwynne 3 måneder siden
Does anyone genuinely care about innovation and nerdy energy electrifcation systems in F1, manufactures dont really use it and the general f1 fan doesnt care...
TheKingkingg 3 måneder siden
Red bull Honda makes most sense not only because one gives you wings but other already have wings. But Honda is top manufacturer in variety of race series.
Parag Naik
Parag Naik 3 måneder siden
Renault option is open now.
Key West Chris Rehm
Key West Chris Rehm 3 måneder siden
Lets get serious here. The reason Red Bull will not get a Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, or Renault engine, is because they will not give them one! Marko, Horner, and Mannishitz burnt their bridge with all three of them long ago.
AfraidRacer 3 måneder siden
Hey Dillon, have you considered making this into a blog? I really enjoy your videos too, but I usually scroll down to the description and read it. I would gladly subscribe to a blog with the same content.
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 3 måneder siden
Who is censoring us the people?? why doesnt president Trump not have any power, its an american right to have freedom of speech who is taking away our freedom without announcing anything??????????
Tuomas Holo
Tuomas Holo 3 måneder siden
Max is not staying at RBR when they don’t even have a long term plan for a PU.
Michael Ferguson
Michael Ferguson 3 måneder siden
They should partner with Porsche,
Alun Fennell
Alun Fennell 3 måneder siden
Cyril A. Gone from Renault / Alpine ... Red bull will sign a deal with Renault & perhaps share the Honda tech ... which could be better than the current Renault engine ....
Valerie Rodger
Valerie Rodger 3 måneder siden
I'm really surprised that there haven't been more people talking about the point that Hill made. Red Bull saw Verstappen's raw talent, and have fallen over themselves praising him ever since - and he's a great driver, to be sure, but I raised an eyebrow the first time I heard them (I believe it was Marko) praise him for leading the team forward. Leaving aside that is just one more sign that they have a warped concept of leadership at Red Bull, how, exactly, has the team been led forward? If anything, the car seems to be getting worse, especially if you look at what the second drivers are able to do. Where is Max's experience and track record in helping a team to develop a car? It's definitely going to be interesting at Red Bull next year, for so many reasons!
Robin Lortie
Robin Lortie 3 måneder siden
Since Cyril is gone... Rbr going back to Renault? 👀
Jordan Canning
Jordan Canning 3 måneder siden
I think so
Mark Sawyer
Mark Sawyer 3 måneder siden
Leclare drove a shit Ferrari above where it was. Last year he won in a Ferrari that was not legal and they cheated!! The car was shit and he drove the wheels off it this year. He’s a champ in the making!! Him and max along with Russell fighting it out. Come on,how cool 😎 would that be. LEWIS RETIREMENT and let the kids race. That’s what I want to see, along with V10s and nothing else. We got Formula E for the electric ⚡️ why use both in 2sports , makes no sense. MAKE F1 LOUD AND PROUD!!!!!!
yianijh 3 måneder siden
I thought Helmut Marko was just the young driver development guy... Has Red Bull’s team principal ever really been Christian Horny?
Zishan Syed
Zishan Syed 3 måneder siden
ljac 3 måneder siden
LEC drove that ferrari like a beast
SD Alexander
SD Alexander 3 måneder siden
Oh snap, Dillion! Damon Hill was world champion in 1996 not '97. Good video though!!
Vinnie Murk
Vinnie Murk 3 måneder siden
Red bull porsche 2022
Richard Condon
Richard Condon 3 måneder siden
Jacques Villeneuve is the 1997 F1 Drivers World Champion, hill was 96. JV also known in F1 games as the Canadian & Williams Number 1.
Eric Blankenship
Eric Blankenship 3 måneder siden
It was his best Legal Season yes but 2019 was best in my opinion.
Alexandre Arquembourg
Alexandre Arquembourg 3 måneder siden
About Charles Leclerc. Yes, 100% best season. Even though the results didn't reflect it, he put that Ferrari where it had no business being. His performance in Turkey was incredible. Everybody on track was watching what he was doing and doing the same. If he hadn't make a small mistake at the very end he would have gotten a third podium., which in that car is just incredible.
Louis Imp
Louis Imp 3 måneder siden
The amount of times I have heard Dillon say “team advisor Helmut Marko” this year is scary lol
Joe Felony
Joe Felony 2 måneder siden
David-Ian Dawson
David-Ian Dawson 3 måneder siden
I can feel a vote coming our way...
Ninja Tortoise
Ninja Tortoise 3 måneder siden
Reporting on anything Marko says is useless.
William Healy
William Healy 3 måneder siden
This is good, the fact that they are pretty much becoming a works team should bring them closer to Mercedes
Rukiyati Kuebler
Rukiyati Kuebler 3 måneder siden
Yahia Moussa
Yahia Moussa 3 måneder siden
Ferrari has the S🅱️irit
Rypsolisti 3 måneder siden
What Damon Hill said there I totally agree with. Verstappen's blinding speed can hide some of the problems with the car and those problems have arose with Gasly and Albon.
Nicola Fox
Nicola Fox 3 måneder siden
Hi and thanks Dillon 😀, 😎👍
Peter Goyer
Peter Goyer 3 måneder siden
Am I’m the only one that think grandad helmet needs to go. Red bull needs a new team and a new driver
yes D
yes D 3 måneder siden
1:54 Istanbul flashbacks
Tec Designs
Tec Designs 3 måneder siden
Just heard mclaren signed an option to join FE
Danny Boy
Danny Boy 3 måneder siden
2:34 Would love to see Pietro back in Indy car. Good move for him if he can
Sriram G
Sriram G 3 måneder siden
I doubt I'll start watching FE until they have a majority of circuit races. I know the cars probably aren't designed for that, but for me street races are and should be a breath of fresh air from circuit races, not the other way around. Just my 2 cents on that
Tasio Cia Fancelli
Tasio Cia Fancelli 3 måneder siden
Petronas being flattered when Zak says Mercedes are a well oiled machine 🥰
Meikel Wupp
Meikel Wupp 2 måneder siden
Mawile #303
Mawile #303 3 måneder siden
Didn't I say they needed Checo for Honda IP
George ALmojera
George ALmojera 3 måneder siden
Marco should retire and he is one of the reasons why Albon was out of red bull. He is old and his decision making make no sense to the team anymore.
allan hughes
allan hughes 3 måneder siden
Really good to see that British engines are so saught after sorry forgot we have no engines infact is there anything we have not given away yes a misserable old man having seen all our experteeese been passed to others chassis yep wemight still be in the hunt but for how long ??????????? We can always blame covid I guess !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabriel 3 måneder siden
This is good to see, the new engine regs will make or break the future of F1. Hopefully the teams will stand up to Ferrari who will enviably advocate for something like what we have no which will be regressive and expensive in order to keep themselves near the top, F1 should stop listening to them and they can piss off from the sport if they don’t like it as far as I’m concerned.
Matteo 3 måneder siden
This time around it may be different though. With the cost cap, Ferrari won't have the luxury of just throwing extra money like in the past.
Honda Civic
Honda Civic 3 måneder siden
Cyril is gone
MemeKid 3 måneder siden
If it's BMW then Red Bull scored themselves a big steal. BMW was such a solid engine supplier in the mid 2000's
SpaceManJoe 3 måneder siden
Jeff De Vos
Jeff De Vos 3 måneder siden
I would really like a lamborghini engine in f1 and that is a dream for me and i think everyone has thought about it
Alain Mare
Alain Mare 2 måneder siden
Jeff De Vos Lamborghini engine would not be any more competitive in F1. It is an old technology if you compare with last development of the Mercedes engine in 2020/21. Lamborghini had a good 12 cylinders which makes it very heavy and guzzling against the hybrid V6 turbo. But the Lamborghini has the advantage of a enchanting noise which make it a would have, no question !
Lazarus Hernandez
Lazarus Hernandez 3 måneder siden
@i_Yagera Honestly this time around they are under the VW/Audi umbrella, how much 'Lamborghini' would their engine be these days? That being said Audi was most recently in LeMans, they could probably get into F1 and be competitive within a few seasons.
i_Yagera 3 måneder siden
They were already in f1 in the early 90s for like 2 years I think but they had a unreliable engine and marketing wise it probably wouldn’t look good if Ferrari beats them
Vick 3 måneder siden
They were in f1 back in the 90s as an engine supplier I think but didn’t perform that well
BeeCee 3 måneder siden
Damon hill talking bullshit.
BeyerT1 3 måneder siden
Great, more simplification and dumbing down in F1. Let's make simpler and cheaper engines, because that's totally the spirit of F1. It's not like F1 has always been about pushing the engineering and creating the best possible performance. I feel like current F1 owners are trying to turn F1 into a budget sport that's gonna be tailored purely around being as profitable as possible, and they don't care at all about the spirit of the sport and what F1 should represent.
ALV 3 måneder siden
Well "the spirit of F1" is one of the reasons we are down to 3 engine suppliers. And the point of F1 is also to develop technologies that are later used in commercial cars. As the MGU-H looks really unfeasible, why keep it? F1 needs to attract at least 1 or 2 extra engine manufactures in 2026 or it will be in a bad position after that. And making the engine specs something that a manufacturer can later use is the best solution for making it attractive.
Daryl August
Daryl August 3 måneder siden
Can't wait to see a Red Bull-Lamborghini partnership someday. 2 distinct bulls and technologies that for sure will dominate the F1.
William Tynan
William Tynan 3 måneder siden
RB has $$$ and will need all the $$ to keep building the Honda Motor
DHL mao
DHL mao 3 måneder siden
But hey, Cyril Abiteboul is out of Renault so.....
savethemanual 2 måneder siden
Did he bite off more than he could chew?
Mr. Doctor Professor
Mr. Doctor Professor 3 måneder siden
I’m sure that will be in his next vid was well
RATHI GAMING 3 måneder siden
Well....BTW 🏎️🌍 ( Formula world ) was 1996 World champion !!! Love from India ❤️❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳
Adithya 3 måneder siden
Lol I'll never take FE seriously until they move out of their awful stupid parking lot slalom courses they call race tracks and move into actual circuits. That's one of the main reasons why FE remains as an ex F1 driver's retirement plan or a F1 reject's plan B.
MassLuca007 3 måneder siden
if Alpha tauri and Racing Point can win a race in 2020, McLaren will win in 2021! they just gotta pick up the Mercedes pieces
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