Why McLaren Are Confident They Will Be Back As A “Big Team” in F1

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McLaren are one of the most successful teams in F1 history but it has been more than a decade since they were involved in a championship fight. This year, they equaled their best finish of the last decade in the championship table with a third-place finish. With a slew of changes in the upcoming season, McLaren’s CEO Zak Brown feels that they now have everything in place to take it to the next level
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0:00 - McLaren Will Be Back As A “Big Team”
1:17 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
McLaren Will Be Back As A “Big Team”
Brown began by praising team principal Andreas Seidl while acknowledging that it will take time to get back to the top
“I think we do have everything that we need. It'll take time. Andreas Seidl has done an unbelievable job leading the Formula 1 team”
He then pointed out all the positive aspects of the McLaren team
“We've got two great drivers. We've got the Mercedes power unit. We've got fantastic men and women at the racetrack and back at the factory all building towards this race car to make it go as fast as possible”
He further added that they finally have everything they need
“So, I think we need some time for it all to come together, but I don't think there are any pieces to the puzzle missing now. We've just got to put the puzzle together”
Brown summed up his words by explaining why they can regain their status as one of the top teams in F1
“We'll run at the cost cap now, so I think we'll be back being one of the 'big' teams”

Fast Feed
2020 world champion Lewis Hamilton thinks that “the respect between” drivers, “the FIA and the stewards has grown - and so has the understanding
He also added that “they won't catch” him for an illegal practice start “again” as he has “learned from it and it won't happen again”
FIA president Jean Todt is of the opinion that “the supremacy, the dominance of Mercedes and Lewis [Hamilton] is bigger than the one” they “had at the time, with Ferrari and Michael [Schumacher]”
Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko finds it “difficult to say whether McLaren, Aston Martin or Ferrari will be the most dangerous opponent”
However, he is “convinced that” they “will be driving together with Mercedes at the front”
He further feels that “the others will be a little behind, but” they “are certainly not afraid of them”
He also suggested that their new driver Sergio Perez “will allow” them “to diversify” their strategies
James Vowles, Mercedes' chief strategist has pointed out that the red star dedicated to the late Niki Lauda is “still on the bodywork, just in a slightly different position”
Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has revealed that his “father was very strict when it came to racing” as Max “had to be serious about it, otherwise” his father wanted him “to quit”
As such, Max “had to give it” his “all, while other kids were playing but, in the end,”, he’s “glad that” his father “was so strict with” him
Red Bull co-owner Dietrich Mateschitz feels that “Max lost a lot of points due to breakdowns, otherwise he would have easily finished second” in 2020
He suggested that they’re “getting closer to Mercedes, but behind” them “they're coming too. The competition behind Mercedes is very intense”
He therefore thinks that they “need two strong drivers next year and Perez is the best in that respect”
Dutch Grand Prix Sporting Director, Jan Lammers doesn’t think Red Bull’s new driver Sergio Perez “is actually the miracle solution that people often suggest he is”
He further feels that Perez “will just be fourth or fifth” at Red Bull “because only if two Mercedes, Verstappen and Leclerc fail, he wins the race”
Will McLaren soon be back as one of the ‘big’ teams in F1?

Formula World
Formula World 3 måneder siden
*Link to poll:* nopost.infoUgyoaP1MuqcCrHdqWa14AaABCQ 0:00 - McLaren Will Be Back As A “Big Team” 1:17 - Fast Feed
finton mainz
finton mainz 2 måneder siden
Judging by all the hype: All 10 teams will be in the top 3.
MusicMaïstro_97 2 måneder siden
*Laughing Red Bull fans*
Leslie George
Leslie George 2 måneder siden
Brown must be dreaming when they were using Mercedes engine in the 2007/8/9 years they managed to win the title with Hamilton thanks to Ferrari who wanted to make Massa champion now he thinks he can repeat that no way in this current management
Martin Boulden
Martin Boulden 2 måneder siden
Let’s really hope so.
11 yy2525
11 yy2525 2 måneder siden
I hope they can win races next year Wanna see Lando jump into the Mclaren lake
Rahul Karmakar
Rahul Karmakar 3 måneder siden
How lec in winning position with that shitty car 😂😂😂
Norfolk Steam
Norfolk Steam 3 måneder siden
Surly this year McLaren will go backwards. There car is designed around the Renault engine, and 2021 cars are only allowed to be a development of the 2020 car.
broccoliaugratin 3 måneder siden
Sounds like what Brown is saying that with the cost cap, they're all going to be "big teams" since you won't have a Mercedes, Ferrari, and RedBull spending way more than the other teams.
nvr2serious cc
nvr2serious cc 3 måneder siden
McLaren is financially in trouble, just a name now after selling its soul
Mo Baas
Mo Baas 3 måneder siden
For your info ... Jan Lammers is also former F1 driver.
Ryan Cuda
Ryan Cuda 3 måneder siden
seb will challenge lewis next season. daniel will be after max. kimi will be hunting ice cream. poor russell rest is meh lando is cool though. mazepin wont make to summer. gene will put kmag back in. leclerc who ?
Pierre Gasly
Pierre Gasly 3 måneder siden
Ithats it. 'm forcing s move to McLaren
Drew Bury
Drew Bury 3 måneder siden
I appreciate the time, but some of the quotes you post arent really relevant. Also i would rather hear them actually say the quote rather than you say it
Tom Palmer
Tom Palmer 3 måneder siden
The best they can hope for is second place as a customer team. They left Mercedes years ago to become a works team. If they want to be the best in the sport again they'd be better off developing their own engine and be patient with that. Taking this quick and easy route with Mercedes will give them some success but as long as Mercedes have their own team in the sport they will not be champions.
tulpjeeen 3 måneder siden
A river dirchy!
Deniz Erdener
Deniz Erdener 3 måneder siden
2:46 stupid statement
Brayden Brayden
Brayden Brayden 3 måneder siden
fuck helmut marko is so naive every damn year
Molly L. Wiltshire
Molly L. Wiltshire 3 måneder siden
Strong words from Lammer.
Lokeshkumar N
Lokeshkumar N 3 måneder siden
whatever Jan lammers told is correct
Oniel James
Oniel James 3 måneder siden
"Driving together, not racing".... Keywords.
Adam Leake
Adam Leake 3 måneder siden
i’m so happy that mclaren will come back to the top in 2021/2
Frank 3 måneder siden
Dont be an Idiot, there are no "Big" teams in F1.. there is a cap... it is a contradiction in terms. there are winning and losing teams.. but everyone is equal now. Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari were big teams. they are now limited "more than the FIA have done in the last 20 years" now its just advertising revenue and luck..
Sumit Kapur
Sumit Kapur 3 måneder siden
guys stop cheering for McLaren, ok you are forgetting the budget cap next year, racing point will win easily win 3rd in constructors. nvm I might be wrong SPINaston vettel might screw them up.
Jayed AL Sabit
Jayed AL Sabit 2 måneder siden
Dude! U are the one who's forgetting that McLaren will gain the most in the budget cap! They have the best driver line up and bring consistent points! And if Vettel is given a good car, he will make the best out of that! Problem is Stroll and their shitty reliability!
Kryptosso X
Kryptosso X 3 måneder siden
Jan Lammers will eat his own words back 🙄
Gouthaman Guna
Gouthaman Guna 3 måneder siden
Let's go guys...let's f...... Go...
Curious Pug
Curious Pug 3 måneder siden
as a mclaren fan since 1999 when mika hakkinen win the world champion with them i do really hope they will comeback to fight at the front again in 2021, at least for a podium and if they can snatch a couple of race win will be fantastic. it's a long overdue for this legendary team
Saman Khaledian
Saman Khaledian 3 måneder siden
This Dutch GP sporting directer should learn to talk less, Max is not the God they built. We don't know who is British, German or Italian GP sporting director, how has he all of sudden thought he can talk about everything?
bonovento 3 måneder siden
If you do the maths if Max had a bit more luck he could have challenged Hamilton for the tittle.Sakhir a race he could have won DNF.Imola a race he could have won if Hamilton wasn't that lucky and he didn't have a tyre failiure.Mugello, Red bull had great race pace and he had a great start until he had his engine problem.Italy, i am glad he didn't win but with a bit more luck he could have been on the podium(That one was a bit extreme)Austria he was on mediums while Bottas was on softs and with that many safety cars he could have a shot.That means 329 points.Hamilton had 347 that would have make 2020 season even better.
massy 3 måneder siden
I'm now a Ferrari and McLaren fan.
Mitch From The Internet
Mitch From The Internet 3 måneder siden
Jan Lammers comment regarding Perez - how the hell does he know what the performance of the Ferrari will be in 2021 to say Charles will be ahead?! Prat.
Muneiro Valibas
Muneiro Valibas 3 måneder siden
@Mitch From The Internet except its not my opinion, its Jan Lammers, former F1 driver, former Team Principal, winner of Le Mans and now Dutch Racing Sporting Director. Take it up with him LOL
Mitch From The Internet
Mitch From The Internet 3 måneder siden
@Muneiro Valibas you opinions end where my facts begin buddy. 🤷‍♂️
Muneiro Valibas
Muneiro Valibas 3 måneder siden
@Mitch From The Internet Its just his opinion, he doesnt have to care whether it makes people like you upset. Or even Perez. Hes not entirely wrong, Charles is a much faster driver. As horner once said, its a big boys sport, they are not necessarily polite. And being dutch they tend to get very pointed when they want to get their message across.
Mitch From The Internet
Mitch From The Internet 3 måneder siden
@Muneiro Valibas wow, you’re a mong. He’s categorically saying Charles will have Perez over, he cannot qualify that statement as he doesn’t know the relative performance of the Ferrari compared to the RedBull, case closed. 🙄
Muneiro Valibas
Muneiro Valibas 3 måneder siden
@Mitch From The Internet Oh you mean to say you know better than Jan, a former F1 driver and a team principal, who also happened to once won a Le Mans? Ferrari has a decent chassis, they just need a competitive PU which is the biggest bane of their 2020 season. Do you know Ferrari is a very accomplished F1 team with a very long history and great amount of success? I'm sure that history, culture and experience would benefit them in some way. Welcome to *Motor*Sports. btw always refreshing to see young fans.
Leslie George
Leslie George 3 måneder siden
McLaren will not be in the top four teams cause their chassis will not suit the Mercedes power unit
Mandy B
Mandy B 3 måneder siden
There's no reason why McLaren shouldn't make it back up the top. They have a terrific team boss in Brown and Seidl is one of the best in the business. Great drivers and fine engineering staff, coupled with the best engine on the grid should help. Every team has its ups and downs - even Williams should make it back up to the top again. Everything books down to getting the right people in the right positions, and having a bit of luck doesn't hurt. Were I a team boss, however, I'd be trying desperately to get Lena Gade as chief engineer. She's got a ton of experience in many formulas, and I reckon that she'd be a championship winner before long in F1. I know that she's highly respected by the opposition in every formula she's worked in, so I doubt it would take her long to adapt to another new formula (to her). She'd be top of my list of staff I'd want if I was an F1 boss seriously wanting to get to the front of the grid.
Josephine Leyden
Josephine Leyden 3 måneder siden
McLaren is a sexy, premium brand that Zac is damn proud to Lead. He invests in people and will not let his drivers sit waiting for tyres or give Box Now past the exit... McLaren has drivers who are capable but likeable too so this added bonus is much needed after the horror of 2020. Good will and fun in a ruthless sport will only bring in interest, popularity is currency and this will be reflected in sales. So looking forward to the jousting that Daniel and Lando will bring, the magic of athletes giving it a red hot go. Go you good things.
Dan Strommer
Dan Strommer 3 måneder siden
I think they will be getting some podiums in ‘21 and will be right in the fight for a championship in the years following
mircea miclos
mircea miclos 3 måneder siden
Aston Martin will be way ahead next year . They are allowed to take Mercedes rear suspension this year without spending tokens. Basically is Mercedes B team own by Mercedes and Toto almost 50%.
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen 3 måneder siden
Jan Lammers would be right if Ferrari will be back in the top 3 teams this year, but I highly doubt they can close that gap. I wouldn't be surprised if McLaren will be closer to Red Bull this coming season. And with Norris and Ricciardo, Perez could indeed be fighting for fifth, but not because of Leclerc, but because of Norris and Ricciardo. And with a little luck the top 5 teams could be fighting eachother every race. Well...., with a lot of luck probably. And this would only be truely interesting if Mercedes won't be as dominant as they have been for the last 7 years. Unfortunately I find that hard to believe. A man can dream.
Gumnaam Aadmi
Gumnaam Aadmi 3 måneder siden
Did Sergio drink Lammers’ chocolate milkshake or something? Really? Sergio finishing behind Leclerc?
Scott Hoang
Scott Hoang 3 måneder siden
McLaren: "We will be big boi next year"
Akram Anwar
Akram Anwar 3 måneder siden
Sir Lewis Hamilton *
Just A Whisper In The Universe
Just A Whisper In The Universe 3 måneder siden
RE: the last part of the video... RB aren't bringing Perez in to finish second. They're hoping for support and podiums. Top 4 or 5 finish. But, the comment was beyond disrespectful.
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen 3 måneder siden
Why do you think it was disrespectful?
Wayne Petrevan
Wayne Petrevan 3 måneder siden
I failed to hear any convincing comments in the video that explain "Why McLaren Are Confident They Will Be Back As A “Big Team” in F1" or is it just me?
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen 3 måneder siden
I'm not an expert, but as you know they finished third last season and I think they have a lot of confidence in the new Mercedes engine. It should be an improvement over the Renault engine. And then there's Norris who's had another year of experience and who's a very decent driver (to put it mildly) and off course Ricciardo. So yeah, I can see them competing Red Bull if they get the car right. Why not?
TFEC Ranmo
TFEC Ranmo 3 måneder siden
I can see what Jan is seeing
Raghavendra Padmanabha Rao
Raghavendra Padmanabha Rao 3 måneder siden
But why did Carlos leave even though it has a bright future?
Roy McDre
Roy McDre 3 måneder siden
Perez 5th behind Leclerc? Wtf maybe Ricciardo sometimes but definitely not that Red tractor lol
DM 2MW 3 måneder siden
The ones to watch out for are the upcoming new rookies. Media would most definitely go after Haas and their 2 new rookie drivers', same goes with Alpha Tauri. Red Bull looking to be the strongest competitor to Mercedes-AMG with either McLaren or Alpine/Renault a very very close second. Read Alex Albon will race for the DTM Series.
heretustay 3 måneder siden
well that was nice of Jan to say about Leclerc, but i doubt it lol
Ryan Jensen
Ryan Jensen 3 måneder siden
I'm excited for many teams this year. McLaren has Ricciardo and a Mercedes Unit. William's and Alpine has new funding-Alpine has Alonso. Aston Martin has Vettle+funding. RBR has Sergio. It's a mixup and seeing each of these teams near the top of the field on different occasions last year makes it that much more exciting! Goodluck to each of them.
JKIM GT 3 måneder siden
Cameron 3 måneder siden
honestly, perez arriving at the team will be the driver to answer the question, is it the driver error or is the car not actually all that good, and is verstappen just carrying the car beyond its limits
The Tigeroza
The Tigeroza 3 måneder siden
Perez wasn’t a miracle solution that’s for sure but in this situation he was definitely the best possible solution.
Ryan Dalziel
Ryan Dalziel 3 måneder siden
High chance Perez will make him eat thoes words. I think Red Bull realize they need 2 cars to compete and he will have support.
The Tigeroza
The Tigeroza 3 måneder siden
@Alek Vassinskiy I don’t know tbh we’ll see it’s racing and anything can happen. Perez is a driver who rarely disappoints. Maybe his experiences will come in handy, as he has more of them than Verstappen.
Alan Corcoran
Alan Corcoran 3 måneder siden
Absolutely... you need to remember that Perez was driving a Mercedes mark 2 last season, and the Red bull car is built solely for Max. I don't think hes going to be this magic bullet, fighting for the championship, at best he will there to support Max, and I'm not sure how someone like Perez is going to deal with that, weekend after weekend.
Alek Vassinskiy
Alek Vassinskiy 3 måneder siden
People are talking this right now while they dont know anything about the future and im pretty sure if perez ends up being bad or even worse at red bull yall gonna stay quiet
Dimz2814 3 måneder siden
Hey boys does anybody know the launch dates? Where the teams debut their new cars ?
Dimz2814 3 måneder siden
I hope Dani does well there I just want Dani to be happy
EliteSupps Wagga
EliteSupps Wagga 3 måneder siden
With Daniel driving for them it certainly is a bright future
DharK-NataL 3 måneder siden
I have my hopes for you McLaren team 😀
Juan Pablo Rivera
Juan Pablo Rivera 3 måneder siden
Can't wait for Lewis to win his 8th title and finally put an end to this damn Mercedes reign of terror. F1 needs to stop setting itself up for a monopoly.
Cause 3 måneder siden
I think McLaren are looking really strong for this upcoming season
Andrew Metcalfe
Andrew Metcalfe 3 måneder siden
Nobody is saying Perez will be a miracle worker. That’s just Lammers creating a straw man argument. What people expect is that Perez will be within 0.2 seconds of Max, not trailing 0.6 behind like Albon. They also expect that Perez will bring his decade of experience to bear so as to not make the type of poor mistakes that Albon made when the pressure was really on this year. These are not just hopes without evidence. Any analysis of Perez’s performances in 2020 illustrate that these expectations are legitimate.
C S 3 måneder siden
Taking 3rd place takes a lot a confidence, plus
Marcell Gyurkac
Marcell Gyurkac 3 måneder siden
They will
Aj Cubillejo
Aj Cubillejo 3 måneder siden
They have to keep the seidl guy he's the one who made McLaren 4th and 3rd in the constructors championship in 2019 and 2020
Toomuchdebt 3 måneder siden
Hint hint get a longer chassis.
Mike J VEVO 3 måneder siden
can't wait for the same news for williams
KAMiKAZOW 3 måneder siden
Perez driving a cool headed race when Bottas's and Verstappen's emotions run high is precisely why he has a real chance of good championship results. Obviously the RB is a new car for him and Verstappen knows it inside out, so Verstappen better be faster on average. Anything else would be embarrassing.
Skela 3 måneder siden
The stars are fucking aligned for Mclarens 2021 season, this one is gonna be awesome.
stevejh69 3 måneder siden
Zack Brown really annoys the heck out of us. He is living on the name of McLaren, a truly great team. But NO-one and I mean no-one wants to hear from you Zack.
Plazus 3 måneder siden
I have mad respect for Zak
John Underwood
John Underwood 3 måneder siden
Please no pics of Stroll, he doesn't belong
Pend0 3 måneder siden
2:50 still slot better than what albon has done
Jose Portillo
Jose Portillo 3 måneder siden
Well their team environment is one of the best at the moment, drivers feel at home and everyone is like a big family... unlike Ferrari
Molla 3 måneder siden
Unlike Redbull
Redskies453 3 måneder siden
Nervous Sainz noises..
Horacio Estrada
Horacio Estrada 3 måneder siden
Mclaren is going to be good
Gábor Králik
Gábor Králik 3 måneder siden
That Jan Lammers comment makes no sense.
diesel 3 måneder siden
Well how can it ..hes an idiot
Mads Juul
Mads Juul 3 måneder siden
Dream on Bruce Mclaren has been and will continue to roll in his grave
BMW M2 3 måneder siden
Hopefully back to good old days with the MB power plant. Two great drivers still in place and decent management. Budget restrictions couple place them on a more level playing field with MB, RB and Ferrari.
TGrassF1 3 måneder siden
I cant wait to see Ricciardo in the Merc powered Mclaren! (RIP scenario 7) Perhaps an unpopular opinion but i think the off track antics will get old fast especially if the Mclaren marketing team lean into it too much. I'm curious to see how Norris manages against him cuz Sainz is good and they basically tied last year but Danny Ric is better.
Timothy Wilson
Timothy Wilson 3 måneder siden
I am so frustrated with the change in drivers. I may follow Perez to Red Bull this year.
Michael LaMonica
Michael LaMonica 3 måneder siden
Jan Lammers was very insightful with his take that Perez will finish 4th or 5th behind the 2 Mercedes & Max. Really, you think. In other breaking news the sun will come up tomorrow.
Theo Ashley-Hacker
Theo Ashley-Hacker 3 måneder siden
sir** lewis hamilton
Harley 3 måneder siden
As much as I would like to see Mclaren back at the front, it will not happen with a customer engine from Mercedes. The idea that Mercedes would give another team the same engine as its works team is living in cuckoo land. The customer engine may help them to pick up some bigger points which increases revenue for the team.
Rukiyati Kuebler
Rukiyati Kuebler 3 måneder siden
THE Riften Guard
THE Riften Guard 3 måneder siden
2:07 he said that like a month ago
xTootis1 3 måneder siden
8 years in the making! Finally a comeback!
OfF1ce 3 måneder siden
The next video is a albono to dtm
Neer SG
Neer SG 3 måneder siden
Waiting with baited breath for mclaren emerging again
joe neuwerth
joe neuwerth 3 måneder siden
Zero Ninety
Zero Ninety 3 måneder siden
I'm no Perez fanboy but Lammers is talking utter shite.
Rahul Guha
Rahul Guha 3 måneder siden
Lando and Ricciardo will definitely make this dream tru
aljaca98 3 måneder siden
Sainz shouldn't have signed for Ferrari, i think he will be out soon if Mick performs well
Brian M.
Brian M. 3 måneder siden
Jan Lammers speaking a lot of shi for someone with no WDC, grand prix wins, podiums, or even points in F1..
Thomas Autengruber
Thomas Autengruber 3 måneder siden
Hopefully we‘ll have 5-6 Top Teams and the rest in the Midfield.
Frank Torre
Frank Torre 3 måneder siden
Honestly believe McLaren will be competing with Red Bull for 2nd in the constructors championship.
Nithin Prasannan
Nithin Prasannan 3 måneder siden
mr jan lammers never ever underestimate any drivers ..🤦
Anirudh jilla
Anirudh jilla 3 måneder siden
Let's be honest guys this guy who ever it is the Dutch GP sporting director talks complete bs. He is like a dumb chicken which crocks even if the light is on insted of sun😂
Alessandro Trezzi
Alessandro Trezzi 3 måneder siden
Lammers is totally right, Perez won't challenge Max and he'll always get 4th place
Bat Guano
Bat Guano 3 måneder siden
Jan Lammers the former world champion... Jan Lammers the former race winner... Jan Lammers the former F1 ace... Jan Lammers the former F1 driver who achieved very little gives his expert opinions about drivers who have achieved far more than he did once again! 😆
diesel 3 måneder siden
He’s on crack
Andrea Brambati
Andrea Brambati 3 måneder siden
We'll be back
Mido Suleiman
Mido Suleiman 3 måneder siden
leclerc is overrated
Ed Fong
Ed Fong 3 måneder siden
With Mercedes engine? RB will be happy to even have 4th finishes
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen 3 måneder siden
Don't forget that the gap between RBR and McLaren was huge. The Mercedes PU should be an improvement, but this is not the key to success per se. Remember Williams use a Mercedes PU as well.
slim jim87
slim jim87 3 måneder siden
its good to see Mclaren in good form they had a great 2020 season despite all there troubles in the past
twinkmaster2 3 måneder siden
People seem to forget that perez used to be a pay driver🤷🏼‍♀️
Damien 3 måneder siden
What does that have to do with anything? He has proven his skill far beyond an entry level pay driver.
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