Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson 5 timer siden
Bring back the V10's.
F.G.H 5 timer siden
You guys making videos like these need to view your own impact on the sport and public opionion, alt media is growing in influence and publishing stuff like this so early could create unwarrented criticism for Vettel, when he just left the gates of hell and wandered back to Shire. Give the man a break.
The Butcher
The Butcher 6 timer siden
Alex Albon’s career was ruined by Redbull.
Peter Husband
Peter Husband 6 timer siden
Alec Hinshaw
Alec Hinshaw 6 timer siden
No, because it was just one race and they will try again. If things still go bad for him for the rest of the year, the 22 regs might fix everything for our boy. If the regs don’t help either and he struggles just as much, then I might have stop to having so much faith in my favorite driver. I just hope everything gets fixed for him.
SufferingAddict 7 timer siden
It really wasn't the start to his career with Aston that Seb needed. Testing went just horrible, I really think Otmar and Seb both very much understate just how bad testing really went. Then qualy went the way it went and then I really thought he was doing well in the first half of the race... I do worry that this might have been enough already to let him spiral down, but we'll see. Just hope Imola will be better.
Eko Wahyu Hidayat
Eko Wahyu Hidayat 7 timer siden
He is 4-time champion, give him more time.
Gautham Shanbhogue
Gautham Shanbhogue 8 timer siden
Not a big fan of Sebastian Vettel, but come on, it's a completely different car from what he's been driving at Ferrari for the past 6 years! Give him some time! #Vettel #F1 #IAMF1
Rutwik Gulakala
Rutwik Gulakala 8 timer siden
People who understand F1 and are true fans of F1 will never make such assumptions after just one race. Ofcourse his performance was bad compared to Leclarc with ferrari but you never know what can happen in this season.
StefkeZ 8 timer siden
MazesBin ruined Seb's race Use me as I agree button
Normal Guy
Normal Guy 8 timer siden
Bruh in testing and FP,the car is stiff as fuck and the speed is only decent like its have the same downforce as Renault 2019,Seb need to break way early if he need to make a perfect corner (his fight with Alonso and Sainz prove why)i still have faith and still believe he still have somthing to offer omthe grid and not passed like Kimi
s4060 8 timer siden
Hahhaa FAIL. Vettel has gone shut since he married
Falk H
Falk H 9 timer siden
*Does Aston Martin...
Henrik 9 timer siden
Yeah okay I am unsubbing now 😂
Xenon Entity
Xenon Entity 9 timer siden
That's too early to make any judgements...........give him some time to settle in the team and new car.
Jeff Keith
Jeff Keith 9 timer siden
In the big picture it keeps VET out of a truly competitive car anyway.
skyadsAu 9 timer siden
Will Aston regret having Seb - why do you think they signed the Hulk.... Hulk say I hope they have an uninterrupted season...... LOL yer right, I bet he is hoping for another drive.
Marco 9 timer siden
He got penalty, the car is a disaster, his first year. Fucking chill out guys
MrSausage 10 timer siden
remember . its only 1 race.
Dion Oliveira
Dion Oliveira 10 timer siden
Premature and frankly just click bait
VICKY SANDHU 11 timer siden
I'm not a vettel fan but I still think its too early to make judgements give him some time
Daksh 11 timer siden
Too much free time for the journalists and yt channels bringing just anything in name of updates. Just one race and they will even declare the winner if they could
andy chung
andy chung 11 timer siden
people are too quick to judge
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 12 timer siden
I totally get that a new car and new team will be tricky to get to grips with. However, just consider Hamilton's debut race in F1 with new everything - he finished on the podium. And has Hulkenberg been lined up as a replacement for Vettel, if things don't improve?
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 11 timer siden
@Benn87 Not comparing the cars, just comparing the driver adaptability to a completely new and different situation.
Benn87 11 timer siden
But you don't seriously want to compare a 2007 McLaren with the 2021 Aston Martin? The McLaren was a world champion car back then. Only because Hamilton and Alonso fought like toddlers did they lose the title...
Muthukumaran V
Muthukumaran V 12 timer siden
For all the guys pls tell any one in the current era who is competetive against Mercedes..... Sebastian vettel shut the fuck up guysss.
COSMOS TREK 12 timer siden
yes they have, charles sent him to his retirement at aston martin. he collecting the 20 million a year.
Whiffy Wave
Whiffy Wave 12 timer siden
Vettel in a new car on his first race: Rear ends Ocon Hulkenburg on his debut in a racing point after taking a whole year off: In the points
Kushagra Chaturvedy
Kushagra Chaturvedy 12 timer siden
Seb didn't get a good amount of time during testing so he is still getting used to the car
Jonathan Ross
Jonathan Ross 13 timer siden
all you saying it’s way to early🤡
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba 13 timer siden
I for one don't like Vettel but even I can see that car is no where near what it was last year. The rake issue won't just be fixed through the season. I expect them to be lower half of the table. We can reevaluate in 2022. To sum up its not just Vettel that car is garbage at the moment.
Quirki Gaming
Quirki Gaming 13 timer siden
Give the guy a chance it has literally been 1 race. Judge him after 5-7 races if he hasn't done anything within the time period then yeah maybe he should stop.
pottsman420 13 timer siden
One bad race means nothing, he will rebound massively in the coming races.
steven simpson
steven simpson 14 timer siden
Outlooks change when you have a wife n children have a lot more at stake as to being single. Look at lewis hamilton no outside stress to hinder he's racing that's why he is 7time champ single still hungry for racing
SteamyEngine 14 timer siden
Well that move on Ocon has nothing to do with his time on the car but more on his driving experience .... but yeah its still one race on a new team
thejonathanrath 14 timer siden
Give the man a minute! Yes, it's been a tough few years, but he deserves a fresh chance with AM.
audigex 14 timer siden
Judging anyone on the first race or two with a new team is silly